September 30, 2006

history lesson from a non-historian

I wonder if history's pendulum runs in the same tempered medium or whether the length of the swing is equal and matched only per each cycle. Seems to me that the cycles of what happens are mirror images with every other generation or about 40 years for a regular one way swing. Growing up in the late sixties and early seventies is like a bizarro mirror of what my grandparents must have faced growing up in the between area of change from 1913 through 1929, when it all fell apart.

Reading Gary North this morning makes me wonder who are going to be cast as the McCarthy, the Nixon, the Hiss and the Chambers - or the Woodward, the Erlichman, the John Dean of the spectacle of imploding presidency. Can we avoid this path altogether and just hold everybody accountable for everything that they do, under the same rules as everyone plays by. With howdt the nagging nanny state.

Remember the game of LIFE with the spinners and the plastic pegs for adding kids into your six hole car. (good cereal too) With Art Linkletter's picture on the million dollar bill. If the game were reinvented to today's life, the farm (China?) would be a lot more populated than Millionaire Acres (Amerikan Dream?) Looking from the rest of the whirled perspective, i think we had best take stock of our values now and not let the entertainment of the political circus distract us from doing the things we know we have to do. If the new game rules were readily understood, people would not need to be represented in court, the would appear sui juris, since they really are themselves.

Accountability in a poker game is entirely in the hands of the dealer. If you know the dealer is crooked, why would you choose to sit at that table. If thinking people withdraw their support for the whole mess and be accountable unto themselves, we'll make it through the crises and end up mating donkeys on the other side of fiscal political meltdown insanity.

September 29, 2006

A Call for Sanity

Uniforms scare me
they take people
and conform them
into dictators
give a cop a rule
and watch the breadth
he takes to regulate
other people's lives

dottering fools
turning people
into lawbreakers
rules are thinking stops
places to look ahead
for trouble
yield signs on the road
of life, not stop signs
STOP prevents all progress
STOP ruins mental imagery
STOP breaks momentum
STOP beats people up
STOP beats people down
STOP is violence enforced
STOP telling me what to do

amazing how jurisdiction
ultimately lies within people
government overlays are callous
equally looting bread from tables
while providing circus distractions
to feed a churning prophet machine
currently on autopilot abandoned
to the drones of bureaucracy
and their STOP signs

lemme howdt (c) 2004 !!!

September 28, 2006

Starrett for Governator

I have kept track of Sardi's Knowledge for Health for a good time, so i was surprise to see his lew rockwell piece on Oregon politics. As an independent former state officer of a political party, i can vouch for the extra amount of work her team has to do to jump through all the niggles that the Secretary of State's office has placed in their path. I wonder what the state treasurers for the dems and reps make - third parties use volunteers in these offices. Fellow Oreganos - Look at Starrett on her merits and don't allow the media to hide her from us.

September 27, 2006


The sunrise was awesome the other day - this is the kitchen window view. I welcome visitors who wish to play in the woods and creeks of the Umpqua basin while learning how to cultivate the natural resource. As soon as the rains begin, we will be out shrooming, and collecting fungi, lichen and moss; seeking things of high value, low impact harvest. We shall attempt to share our knowledge of resources on-line, but you really have to get your hands mucky to produce the knowledge of stream and duff inhabitants. Being curious, and diligent in discovery are the only qualifications. I might even be able to put up with an apprentice, if i met somebody of the proper temprement. Welcome to my whirled howdtdoors, which are open to questers of knowledge and its applications. This is the view from a hillside where chantrelles can be found.

Distillin Ethanol

Old wine is 12-15% Ethanol. Ethanol is a solvent that can be used for other purposes. Collecting parameters on wine making and disposing of the refuse is a matter of collecting the ethanol and composting the residue. Current limiting factor is the size of the boiling flask - but scale up should allow better recovery. This ethanol will be used as a preservative for macro-invertebrates. When we get beyond the bench scale process, then we will have solvent for the production of bio-diesel. If you are interested in creating your own fuel source, keep an eye on the tailings from this blog site...

September 26, 2006

Chemistry Fish and Fishy Chemistry

The fish chemical detector is biological. Signal to noise is collected by observation - if the fish stresses, the water is contaminated. How many chemicals, pharmaceutical and filler are designed to dissolve, act and run-off back into the system. Note they don't have fish in both the influent and effluent streams. But - it is a good idea and a novel application headed in the right direction of biological use on the use/abuse axis. Lichen can serve a similar task for certain air pollutants. My guess is that as we look closer, the more biological indicators we will find. Thanks to Chemical Ali for the heads up. As Vache Folle noted, we miss your voice in our weblog chorus.

As a graduate student, i was busy making models of natural biologic systems to verify the chemistry pathway could exist. Elements can not be altered into other elements, but by changing their local environment, you could make them do things to think they were somebody else. Form and function matters to matter. Nature builds pathways to do the improbable only after years of not getting things done by probable methods. When we contain energy with no outlet, it builds up in very little volume (space) until released at once. Evening distribution, by using a biling chip, prevents a big bang that splashes distillate by giving a point of nucleation for smaller bubbles to form.

At any rate, i could alter the images of the geometry next to the metal element of interest and have it take different behavior, all by looking at the theoretical flow of electron density. Soft polarizable elements withdraw electrons. We made a single compound that contained iron in both +2 and +3 oxidation states, Fe(Fe(SN)3)2 where SN is a bidentate ligand. Bi dentate means having two bites - connections back to the internal molecule. I note this because in recent science mags i have read about great advances that were common knowledge in my field over 20 years ago. Real science is buried in patent law and edu/corp mumbo jumbo, so old stuff that nobody cared about is being pawned off as new and innovative. It is PR - public reliations. The media lying to you again. Or speaking half-truth.

Dr. Lenny will announce when his internet chemistry classes will be active for real gelt. Tonight we will try to use a new rev. of an old program . Chemistry for the Average Joe I or Chemistry for Teens II. No currency exchanges tonight - just sit in comment and absorb a bit on basic matter and energy featuring, hydrogen, oxygen and water.

September 25, 2006

place your bets

The buzz topic of conversation today was when the dirty bomb will throw the country into civil disorder - before or after the election. Normal philosophy might be inclined to believe that there is no winner when you go nuke, but nowadays nothing philosophical passes for normal. The PTB are chomping at the bit for another war. I wonder which elements act as neutron absorbers - might place a totally different meaning to jason's technicolor coat.

September 23, 2006

Best Kept Secret

Agriculture is sure a mess. There is so much bureaucracy involved in agriculture and land management that it seems to be the number one growth industry in rural counties. The Oregon Association of Resource, Conservation and Development Districts met in Klamath Falls the past two days to discuss the success and future of the program. Staffed by the National Resources Conservation Service in the US Department of Agriculture, the RC&Ds function to provide logistics for locally originated land use projects. Dr. Lenny participates, because it is a mechanism to replace dollars to his community while the timber beasts are grappling with the enviro beasts.

The projects span from small diameter wood utilization to EWEB water sharings programs to just simply connecting people. RC&D are non-profits with local boards - they can be partners, fiscal agents or facilitators. The featured speakers at the meeting were a green development company and an architect discussing sustainable development. Understanding urban issues is highly important for rural communities, because empathy will be necessary as we watch them starve. These were good discussions by active people - RC&D will soon offer a mechanism of delivery for farm energy audits, a requirement for future federal ag grants.

There were also some very pointed comments. Trying to keep people on time was like loading jack-rabbits onto a flatbed. Talking to the legislators about rural issues is important because if you're not at the table, you're part of the menu. I kinda think we the people have been the entree, main course and desert for quite a while. The RC&D budget has been underfunded by about $20M in the 2007 Farm Bill, pending further DC shinanegans. Dr. lenny pointed out that this was hardly incentive for communities to work harder to chase fewer dollars. It also requires major league homework. When the government (and the govt. schools) want we the people and our kids to do more and more for less and less - isn't it time to start not taking their money or their guff and doing things an alternative way.

i expect all infrastructure money will be gone shortly after this election season and jomama's the only one with a donkey ready. dr. lenny is working to get his area ready - tap into your local RC&D and find out what you can do to help in your community. Let's redile the world portrait.

September 20, 2006

Under Bridge

This happens to be where Mill Creek reaches the Umpqua River. I was reviewing photos and this one struck me as a different perspective. Very green.

Odd shot

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow here is Roseburg High School. If you are a high school football fan, this is the powerhouse that you match your team up against to see if their any good. One of the former players, Joe Newton, is now the tight end for the Oregon State Beavers football team. This is an urban high school in a rural area - the big fish in the little pond.

Thymes Change

The morning read brought this diatribe at LRC - the author has a serious bone to pick over funding NASA. Dr. Lenny worked in a lab researching water recovery for the lunar/Mars missions for a 3rd level NASA company. That is this company worked for a company that worked for Boeing on NASA contracts. Think of the typical skim for pass through. At one point, Dr. Lenny and his 'boss' (a one year, in and out engineer) completed a proposal on a Boeing RFP - request for proposal - to clean Heathrow Airport water, which was causing scale in airline engine cooling systems. Once the response was received, Boeing cancelled the RFP and built our system using their engineers. Part of the game for awarding us the NASA contract.

It struck me when reading this; we could substitute any agency of the federal or state level into this piece and make a just case. Think education - and what a huge waste of dollars this current system is, passing students through each year that have demonstrably less skills that the students of the previous year. When you have your own school age kids, you find that they have more than enough homework from school to keep them occupied, but no interest in the application of the concepts - why bother sending homework? To get people used to taking their work home with them after their 9:00-5:00. The middle management snooker - be responsible for the work of other people, but chase the carrot of potential to upper management, when the compensation and stakes are higher. Sounds more like a TV game show than a life. Perhaps for most people, that is what life is, a rigged game they are destined to lose.

The way howdt of course is to take control of our own frames of mind. When I control my center, then my actions add effort to the things i need to do. Life is filled with animosity, anger and rage - we need our whole range of emotions to be human - but they should be tempered with love, harmony and compassion using peace, wisdom and most of all truth. Temper tantrums are the first tool we can use to get our way as a child, and the last that we pull out as an adult, when we can see we are going to fail to get that way. Getting the kid to just shut up and go away is often the easier solution - so temper tantrums win their share of fights. But we adults lose these battles in the end, with loss of respect for the tantree and ourselves when we cater to such nonsense.

The government at all levels is on a temper tantrum spending spree because the US cannot have it's way in the world. State politicians aspiring to federal election and/or looting the coffers for the 'benefit of their district' have placed people at continuous odds with each other for their share of the bread and circus. Is this any way to run a country? How do we vote no at the next congressional election?

September 19, 2006

The Sting of Ignorance

The harvard professor/author of this truthout piece lives in his own little world of shoulds. He does seem correct in his assumption that people who have doctors and the pharma industry take care of every sniffle have no knowledge whatsoever of the mechanism of action to affect the problem. The use of observation to tell if something works is too often sacrificed for the words written on the label. The experts in the field, the MDs, treat their patients like cattle and are about as learned as their last visit with the sales rep - who was likely a weeded out pre-med student.

Once you've suffered the sling or arrow of outrageous fortune, you deal with it. Not taking out the stinger first is bragging about how much of a dolt a harvard professor can be - nothing more. A yellow jacket sting works the same way. People build up images in their mind that are quite far from having a basis in our reality - but realize it is very real in their reality. Mocking beliefs only draws scorn. But if the first med that anybody took was always a placebo - i bet real pharma drug use would diminish by about 80%.

No question, morphine works for pain, but how many other ingredients do they slip in on you that causes a dependence on some other drug. Drugs treat symptoms, they rarely affect the process. How does it all work? Pay attention and keep a consistent point of view - if things don't work, work them until they fit or can be rejected. You know true and false in relation to your reality. Attempts to conform to other people's reality get you coincidental for a time - but the non-linearity of time and its single direction nature assure that any two people will have a different set of experiences; each must be fit into their sense based reality separately. Fortuately, we do learn.

September 18, 2006

Boxes Made of Memes : Insight ?

This link is a response to Vache Folle at St. George Blog

i owe, i owe

it's off to work i go...

when we attempt to be what somebody else wishes us to be in the role they have defined for us, we tend to comfortable slip into that role for their benefit to keep up with the illusion. it is not difficult at all, because everybody can be comfortable within their own mirage.

but just try to not be the whiney child when dealing with your parent, no matter what your age, and your acceptance level from that parent goes down drastically. rejection on a personal level comes directly from stepping out of the annointed role. it makes us all actors, and bad actors at that. To redefine self helps the mental picture, but you really never can redefine self within your community because the people already know you and you have no say to redefine that role - other people will only see you on the basis they have only seen you on. it is one of the reasons why meeting a friend out of context, their name will sometimes slip past your recall.

i believe you are correct - that these boxes limit us severely. but they are so engrained that people now take academic courses only for credit and reject knowledge provided cheaply as cheap knowledge not worth having. little do they realize the discovery in life is free and only the amerikan attitude that we are not happy unless you are spending money (preferrably somebody else's) is a hopeless little box to attempt to crawl out of.

the cynic might say you can't, but ghandi proved to me that i can do anything if i don't listen to the nay-sayers and their artificial consequence. people tend to be resistent to have to's, but eventually every one of us realizes what we 'have to' do to get our world the way we wish it to be. relativity is a much greater concept than people imagine - but it is graspable because Einstein could resolve it into concrete terms. Perhaps we need to decide whether there is an amerikan dream - i think there is one for each amerikan, but we can only reach it if we allow ourselves to dream. The PTB, aware of this, keep our plates full with busywork.

i owe, i owe,
its off to work i go...

September 16, 2006

Opine about Time

Internal Peace is an awfully hard state to obtain. You almost have to be indifferent about everything anybody says, because opinions are fighting words that we use to needle our way into conversations about things. Once you start to speak and others join in, it becomes a game of one-upmanship to see whose opinion can accumulate the most value. Shoot down somebody else's thought at your own peril, because they see you as the enemy from there on out, rather than as another resource with a different opinion.

In fact, having your own opinion these days can be hazardous to your health, if it isn't the proper opinion as expressed by the powers that be. But those powers be at every level of the ever shrinking/growing accordian that opens time when you have room to expand and narrows it down when an incumbent deadline awaits. Somehow, the idea that time is linear seem to be an artificial constuct - one that is forced upon people to make it more efficient to work together - as though we actually are capable of such a thing. Better get back to real work - i could get in trouble for blogging too much when there are other things on the agenda for the day...

September 15, 2006

Now what?

So what are the alternatives? Base what you do on how much your piece of the pie weights, or work to bake more pie while watching others feast on the dough while your cutting the filling. Bread and circus for everybody, except for bakers and clowns. But how can you do it different if all channels are set to block change? Roll up your sleeves and figure it howdt. Or hitch a ride on Jomama's donkey.

Teddy suggested speaking softly and carrying a big stick. The whipping post is ready - but how do you know where you stand in the food chain. You don't. You are not in the food chain unless you wish to be and you make it happen. Do not expect anyone to be capable of providing anything for you and you will find that somebody (you) has taken care of your needs. It comes back to what you value and who you can trust. But trust without a base truth to base it on is prayer. What is truth? Happy seeking?

September 14, 2006


Stranger is an odd word that has many connotations and implications. It is a much stranger word than we originally thought. What could be stranger than meeting a stranger and finding that you both believe in the stranger than reality things that you believe. Morrison said people are strange when you're the stranger, but nobody is stranger than Dr. Lenny, except mebbe his alter ego Lemme. Strange Attractor is a local band and also a type of sub-atomic particle called the quark.

The questions now arise - should we persecute the strange? Tell me the modern crowd wouldn't have had Edgar Allen Poe locked away well before he could publish The Telltale Heart or the Pit and the Pendulum. Especially if he was still in high school. Tolerance is a demonstration of wisdom through harmony and compassion. Let's face the world with our best face and prove that we can be stranger then whatever it throws at us.

I met this stranger in Kanipe Park this past sunday.

Say hello to tootsie

boxers life
grunts n puffs
wag a stubby tail

makes you wonder

if they understand
what you say when

you talk at them

tip an ear
lick a face

paw up on a lap

friend forever there

makes you wonder

how they understand

what you mean when

you talk with them

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

September 12, 2006

Surviving the Crash

As everybody who plays this incessant game of type type type knows, the worst feeling in the game is when your system locks up and you get that blue screen that says fatal error (CE091106) in the middle of your boot. You scramble through the pile of disks looking for the one that says recovery, but it is not where you thought it was squirrelled away. OpSys reload time. When was the last time you backed up important files and how much work did you really lose? Was that character in the game that your son invested 15o hours that important to him? you know, the son generally attached to the video game, who thinks using the computer productively is that particular game. How many websites did you have collected in favorites for future reference that will never be visited again? And what about figuring howdt all the url's for the regular blog gang?

Yes - it did crash yesterday - the black screen that says your system has been contaminate with a virus and the aforementioned blue screen was fortunately not on the first morning use, when real productivity occurs. Dr. Lenny stores important files on the server, not at home and doing financial records by hand keeps one's math in practice. Trusting a computer to pay bills is like, well, trusting a government to protect your interests. Not a good idea.

The net effect is that i lost a lot of things that i didn't need and maybe a month or six weeks worth of personal photos. Muchly ones that were not good enough for web use. Having found a better center, i didn't let it bother me, as it would have a few months ago. But for the record - it never hurts to be anal about backing things up. I'll miss my moria game - it was an old, old version i have on floppy with no disk reader and the new stuff off the net plays slightly differently, but i hadn't seen my character in weeks. Crash go the chariots - sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

After all, the next xrash you hear may be the entire amerikun conomy.

September 10, 2006

Peace or ?

Ghandhi said - be the change you wish to see in the world. One question - why should we identify with the artificial concept of nation/state as a protector, when all the evidence demonstrates that it is a controller and not a controllee. Nobody alive ever voter for this republic form of government, we inherited it from people long dead. We now need Solomon's to deliver justice, but they will not come from the pool of judges vetted by the amerikan bar assoc.

Most thinking people have no confidence in either political party - therefore we should undertake a new form of government, and it will not be easy to establish. But, life is never easy. If we the people are willing to receive learning for application rather than 'credit', people will be able to teach subjects to people that wish to learn. These classes are a shell if only left as on-line learning, the other half is to do. The root of knowledge is in its application, we don't store our books on shelves because they look pretty.

Dr. Lenny is current reading three books - Be Here Now by Baba Ram Dass, the Bhagavad Gita and the God Code by Greg Braden. Integrating science and religion should defuse artificially induced conflict. I have a feeling that the time is near when action rather than words will be necessary. Just be the change you expect to see.

September 09, 2006

Second Friday Field Day @ ACCF

Measuring is a great learning tool for youngsters doing math and science. Yesterday was the first second Friday of the school year at the Alder Creek Children's Forest. The students did a mortality survey on white oaks that were planted last year. Looks like close to 95% survival. Here's some pix of the fun, featuring forestry mentors Alan Baumann and Jim Long.

September 07, 2006

life never stops changing

sometimes in the weigh
gravity appears incongruent
as though a yo-yo on a string
in pendulmatic sway
emotions live on the sleeve
as offense given is defense taken
evaluating at face value through
a dozen bends, forks in the road
when the meal in front is soup
being here, now, living in the moment
thoughtfully choosing pathways
illuminated in spiral light
where phi begets pi despite psi
liquid crystal imagination
buried beneath a mushroom skullcap
striated in color patterns
of blue, gold and marshmallow
sweep internal homestead
creating a solitary zone of sanity
while hiding from the fates
while hiding from the dates
when reality buries fiction
forever until infinity mates
with null in the kingdom of love.

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

Food, Fuel and Economy

Assessing the value of things is usually very easy - see how much it costs and go from there. The current price, in theory, is a reflection of supply and demand in the marketplace. However, the costs of operation in the way we do business today is greatly lessened by externalized costs - letting others take on the cost of road building, cleaning pollution, fighting energy wars, etc. The attached article discusses 'innovative' farming techniques, but it seems to be hot air - the farm as we know it traditionally is leaving town in the face of reduced internal costs of factory farms, which have the leverage to change the law as to not break it. The system is so badly rigged, that we now consider it an advantage to turn foodstocks like corn into biofuel, a much lesser use than food - even lesser than animal food.

If you don't think that this energy game will drive up the costs of beef, pork and other meats that are derived from corn feed, then you aren't paying attention to the circular way things work. It appears to me that the federal putsch toward ethanol is a response to not cleaning up the Mississippi River after the Katrina disaster. There are no cheap barges hauling large amounts of grain from the midwest. Instead of facing high cost truck and rail shipping of low cost grains, the plan appears to be to federally fund R&D to allow ADM to convert their apparent loss into a big gain, at the cost of major hunger a few years down the road. As you look at alternative energies, there is no reason for us to be still shackled to organic fuels of any type - the product carbon dioxide is the same no matter what the source.

Carbon Dioxide is only a proxy of the problem, not the real problem. But this society is hell bent on avoiding the real problems until they smack us over the head with a two-by-four. Consider ourselves smacked. And smacked again and again. Think we'll learn? Stop the world, it's time to get off.

September 05, 2006

we're so sorry, Uncle Albert

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

Morning Philosophy

Baba Ram Dass has similar things to say as Mathatma Ghandi. When truth is desired, it must be accepted as found. As free will is as powerful a force as known to man, when used for force rather than peace, it is ineffective and holds no power. The best we can do is the best we can do, but anything short of the best is all that we can do at that point. Intent is understanding that there is a reason for action. Use conservation of energy, by having the ability to wait to accomplish a task a the right moment in time such that it leverages other energy, rather than occupying existing already produced energy. Where the energy comes from is a big issue - we seem to waste a lot of energy trying to accomplish things that can never or will never get done under the given circumstances. The reasons are not sufficient to provide enough energy to accomplish the task.

From rolling coins, Yu suggests that it furthers to install helpers and set armies marching. Changing thought to peace - Ghandi's satyagraha - takes willfulness without personal purpose. Confucious said - 'He who could wholly comprehend this sacrifice could rule the world as though it were spinning on his hand.' Charted courses through history reveal that those who had the charts didn't ever have to follow the course - other people were there later to suffer from serious indescretion or gain from prior 'set-up' work. The time to set up the future system has passed, as the one we have today crumbles while we read. My meditations say the time has come to become selfless, but the mechanism to be able to do that is a one way ticket and the world will not allow backtracking once that course is set in motion. Ghandi knew that, as others have.

Perhaps science is just a fad religion, but it appears to apply reason in the direction of self assurance. But the high costs today are artificial, because science itself is the ability to ask questions and search for answers that keep common sense with the way things are built to work. or not to work. it requires simple tests to verify concepts that any child can do. now i must get to work. Fortunately, my paid work right now is seeking and sharing enlightenment and i can appreciate it accordingly. Spreading the word requires a network, building networks is interpersonal communications and that is what being people is all about. Dancing with devils and angels alike, without requiring either to change her nature. Just apply a scientific method to describe what is.

September 04, 2006

Milking Science

A recent article in Science magazine (08/18/06:p898) suggests congress is crafting a bill to keep the US lead in Science and Engineering. Dr. Lenny believes the problem is endemic to the system.

Science requires a knowledge base that is factual. Currently, there is too much embedded falsehood in the explanations of process, such that the common knowledge is fallatious when applied in specific. Basic information necessary to manipulate form and substance (in chemistry; an example from one of my fields of interest) is systematically removed from the curricula because 1) the students are not taught the fundamentals properly to comprehend the requirement for esoteric knowledge 2) college professors in collusion with industrial colleagues for profit have declined to discuss cutting edge science with their students, potential competitors and 3) the current 'necessities' of military secrecy and homeland security (since WWII).

Edisonian energy technology could be supplemented by Teslaesque concepts, but information in areas like eutectics and fused salts is difficult for professionals to unearth. Plus, the materials are impossible to acquire on a private, cost effective basis. How many innovations are trapped between archaic patent laws and intellectual propriety on the one hand and mounds of corporate propaganda for the chosen 'profitable' process on the other. Corporations are not people, they have no personal morals or ethics. Thus they should not be indemnified by any political or legal system. Congress working on competitive science is a misappropriate use of time, when the federal school system is on life support from internal administrative abuse.

September 03, 2006

Carlin comedy - 2 reel

warning: the link uses offensive language (well what did you expect from George Carlin?) Kudos to Edgar @ for the link.

quest chun every ting

wise to ask whys
n whosen whuts
list n care flee
4 D ant sirs
questing weather
tall makes cents
makin motion til
our 64th connex
2 figger tall howdt
dig nit tee, free dumb
walk on slip ree rox
of kombined social
response ability 2 D
err responts sieve
Carlin the wise nose
sees funkyman few char
phonely lenny bruce
lived 2 speek 2 ...

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

September 02, 2006

working for wages and the taxman

My business concerns keep taking me away from home at the wrong times. I hate having to work for wages - it's a form of prostitution - and rape when they take their cut before you get it. If the taxpayers had to write checks to pay their taxes, we would have quite a different amerika. And a lot less stress in our daily lives.
But next week, it California here we come for lemme and crew. Gotta do things that keep the taxman from the door. To paraphrase the Beatles - if (3)5% should feel be small, be happy they dont take it all.

September 01, 2006

Fried Daze Knight

Well - survived the day with much cleaning, sorting, collecting things together and setting at the computer. Once everybody left, lemme was able to fuss and foam alone, and gradually got the kinks worked howdt and back onto the normal mellow existence. Peace and Love are back within partitions, although there may be more confrontations to come as things work themselves back into a more stable state. The transition state was initiated with enough energy to get a new feng shui level - this will not hold, but for the next 24 hours, i can hold it together on the strength of not recognizing disturbance. Who knows where, who knows when, but at least i have it together to minimize and dissipate on a moments notice. Woof over head is nice, but necessity is the mother of invention.

eyes wide open now

i got levelled today with brutal truth. I guess i already knew the score, but after a few conversations, the handwriting is on the wall. Next week, i have to travel and will make myself scarce by doing so - how i feel once i get back will be in a completely different mindset than the current one. For most school people, summer is a break. Being an ex-pat to the education system, i will avoid the chaos of the first few weeks and then get back into the swing of things. The on-line chemistry courses should keep me tethered somewhat. For a while, i plan to be treading ocean water - which is only good for a very short while.