July 11, 2008

Re - again

Have been howdt of town during this week - trying to reconnect with nature, amongst other things. The rapid changes in life are forcing a re-thinking about how things get done, or don't get done. It is time to drop some of the old assumptions and re-investigate the mechanisms of life, the universe and everything. Keeping a positive attitude is of great importance in dealing in the world of today.

The march of conversion into monetary units has become insane. Finding a new education strategy and re-educating ourselves based on what is real seems to be the only way to continue - we will likely be stranded where ever we are when the gas crunch hits - going along to get along is not an option. Being pro-active and doing something that provides value is the only means of remaining connected.

I wonder if ...

It seems that things are not what they seem. Pushing forward in the money chase only prolongs the disaster - world events are a distraction. I have seen too much TV and MOvies in the past three days - it tells me how many people are not all here. I know that i am not all here, but i do not know quite what to do about it. So, I'll just keep blogging.

July 05, 2008


Sometimes it requires outrage in order to get over the energy barrier and past the inertia. The activation energy helps move us past the hump to where we manifest a new reality with respect to the same old problems. Identifying too much with material possessions keeps us sticking to old, outdated concepts of what to do with our time. Focusing on the work that we feel is really important - like dr. lenny continuing writing despite the dearth of payment - will whet the skill such that when the next outlet arrives, the preparation will meet the opportunity, resulting in good luck. Let's look at alternative currencies, like love and time, rather than dwelling on the monetary aspects alone. We can become more of a community by listening, rather than by everyone talking at once.

July 02, 2008

message to self

Who are you? What are you? What were you? What will you be? Anticipate how it was when and will be again. Listen to self. Walk away with thought of where to go - light and incredulous. Seek healing and reverberate at an acceptible frequency. Engage in an estimate of self-reliance and get over the identification phase. From the other end, you will be glad you did.

The plan of life goes how it is supposed to go. Frame of mind dictates form and function. This website can be considered the diary of the strange. Counting gets one into trouble, real numbers are used to represent things as they are not. Our models are only models, not the real thing. If you can remember yourself and your experiences, you already know how things are. Get it together now, because by the end of the month, opportunity will be gone. Provide a service on the scale that you can handle - connect to the network of life in your own weigh, on your own path.

You are just another water droplet in the ocean of life.

I missed this place

Back again - the site has been down for a few days. Seems like years have passed. Much going on - will have to deal with some issues and then get down to brass tacks. Or phosphate tacks as the case may be.