July 25, 2011

fires of life

The blue flames set
amidst orange glow
a mini scene emits
as though from Dante's hell
where Plato's cave beckons
perception to the forefront

The sky brightens
another day as no other
unique as time passes
another set of experience alive
and i think to myself
what a wonderful world

Louie crones in the background
all is not as it seems
the colors belie earth tones
change evolves to flow with time
never hinting that we reach
our breaking point

divisional cluster emissions
apparent harmony of recognition
fictions melt upon discernment
to reveal naked truth

light rhythm illuminates
as far as the eye can see
behind the illusion - the void

we fill the void with chatter
instead of linking hearts
instead of linking minds
instead of linking fates

2011 lemme howdt

July 19, 2011

The Journey

The Journey is an adventure back through time as the forward change approaches. The game is set in a space where working together hands-on to create community is modeled in virtual space with a youth created media. The setting is Gaia Village and the game takes the sequence of building instant community via a camping out experience.

Students are asked to resolve nearly-impossible dilemmas by thinking outside the box. The group will be reinventing technologies without the aid of modern electromagnetic fields - the power required is a dynamic product of the bio-system assembled. Each village becomes a micro-community with the potential of buying items like domes, wool blankets, fine wine and other items carried in the company stores - based on the cottage industries that our players develop.

The journey will start on Labor Day, all the active players of the Hedron Game and Project Restoration are grandfathered in. If you have never met Dr. Lenny in person, you are welcome to take on a role as a non-player character or we can arrange a meeting. My domain is the state of jefferson, but i can make it to the bay area or portland if the costs of ther trip can be defrayed.

If you would like to come out and visit - the Peace Village event in Ashland on August 19-21 is a huge feature in the structure of the next sovereign game. the scaffolding is being assembled - please visit existence and envision the world as you would like it to be.

Many facets of the game are developing rapidly - come and visit existence for more insight.