November 30, 2004

Last blog of the month of November. Let's hope December brings a better climate.


Money grubbing liars
Shuffle hands in MY pocket
Start of a revolution
Civil disobediance
Hardly civil
Definitely disobedient
Private protection
Mafia gubbermint
Inflate away
Decadent lifestyles
Patience, persistence
Humility, diplomacy
First the lawyers
Then the medix
Once Franklin claimed
Value is earned
Just a shoot em up society
Living at the point of a gun

(c) 2004 lemme howdt

November 27, 2004


There is another there out there
and i can get there
Again, i think ...
i was out there
wandering in the garden
where all things made sense
the economic free world.
but you reeled me back,
placed my thoughts
on mundane matters.
take care of my needs
and i'll slip away
to bring back riches
from Columbus' orient.
but only when you unshackle
the chains and the burdens
of artificial reality
now imposed.
(c) 2004 lemme howdt

November 23, 2004

Learning to learn

Spent time yesterday out on the river, taking home-schooled children to the river to observe the Fall Chinook spawning. Five adult vols with the North Umpqua Foundation and several moms* joined 17 youth aged 4 to 14 relating water quality, bugs, fish and riparian area (the land adjacent to the river) to life. The site was Cow Creek in the South Umpqua - getting kids used to the idea that rotting fish carcasses carry nutrients to the landscape is just part of the overall process of learning about our natural resources. We also visited the site of a train derailment that spilled 4500 gallons of diesel into the river, along with several railcars of lumber.

The kids had some really good questions. Like how much diesel do the booms actually catch? Or what happens to all that wood lying by the stream? Who owns the wood - will it wash down Cow Creek when it starts to rain? (It always rains good in Oregon - November through June) Hope the DEQ and the railroad can provide the public with some answers.

Redile - research directed learning environments - allow youth to enter into learning at their current level of ability. Somewhere between 5th and 8th grade, children lose their natural curiosity and become convinced that science is difficult. We must stop this. Science is an approach to life, not a topic. Never stop asking the questions if you are not satisfied with the answers that you receive.

* Dads - you don't know what you are missing by not taking the time off from work to do things with your children. The kids are where it's at - much more worthy of your time and effort than a boss and a cubicle. Family leave is for building the future - use it and get in touch with your family.


People bonding parellels chemical bonding
The depth of mutual attraction
Accomodating personal interest
Covalency to share images
Of a future yet to be created
Free thinking, free radical
Learning to promote integrity
Aligning support with the mission
That people shall reap what they sow
By mimicking the process of life
In context of educating thinkers
To redile Pandora's box of value
Back to truthful reality
At every level transparency
Activation energy supplied internally
By people bonding with people

(c) 2004 lemme howdt

November 20, 2004

Fight Club

Before we see the NBAs response to the unacceptible performance in Detroit last night, I guarentee that they will fine and suspend the wrong perpetrators in the brawl. Artest is a flake, but paying $ to see an event does not entitle the fanatic to become part of the action. Ever ! $ cause tension. big $ cause big tension, especially when $ are tight. Oh, excuse me - the economy is good. Yeah, right. It is good for NBA athletes. And fan's lawyers.
My question is - Can people work out there differences in a controlled violent forum that allows the pressure venting in a societally acceptible form? Most people like violence - allowing the politically correct to ban violence just makes the violence criminal. If physical violence were at least tolerated, people would learn to protect themselves better. Maybe we need to re-invent personal boxing - as a relief valve. (It might have the side effect of creating more wit, if what you say can get your clock cleaned for saying it.)

November 18, 2004


The use of different medias to convey a single message to multiple groups of people should be harnessed for learning community development. The Zone will identify opportunities to embed concepts into various forms of information exchange, so that a consistent picture is developed in all forms of expression.

An example - people that collect their news from the internet, assume that everybody is connected to the internet, and fail to deliver their message to non-internet users. Some don't care, but they miss the opportunity to collect information from the non-connected luddites (who are the people that actually do things with their time other than blog on the computer). <thanks lemme>

One thing that people expect is consistency of character - if you develop a role, separate yourself from that role and then see if you can keep the character of the role consistent. Your roles {like writer, data collector, actor, and equipment keeper} can all be different consistent persona, but you the individual do not have to believe all the framework that the characters maintain - except specifically when in that role. Between characters there can be differing opinions. You as individuals have to resolve reality for yourself.

November 17, 2004

Prelim News - the mahatma spake

Ghandi was right - First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. But do the games ever stop, even after you win? Can you ever get back to paying attention to the things that are really important, rather than just defending turf? Inquiring minds want to know.

In 7th grade, Mr. Passaro said - A philosophy is to a person as a rudder is to a boat. Current philosophy doesn't allow an individual to focus on his task to the exclusion of the public interface. Performers on stage with the public have a game face that meets public expectation - but it comes off at private times surrounded by friends and family. Invasion of that space is an invasion of property rights. Yet more public institutions demand that time from real people, who don't have the clout of the name recognition of actors and athletes.

People need latitude to succeed. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. When those factors come together to create new modes of thinking, we will have progress in the state of the world. We must stop looking for help from outside and look inward.

November 16, 2004


How do we know
If what we know
Is what there is to know?
We build constructs
Based on theories
That reality exists
A certain way,
But if that shape
And form differs
Then by what means
Can we pull the plug?
Drain the solvent
Restore the chaos
Permit a novel daily order
Different from
The marching order
Beating the drum
To destroy the muslim faith
Solely because it is different
From the construct
We call home.
How do we know
That what they told us
In school, back when
Is truth enough
To base a belief system
On something so obtuse
As Orwell’s 1984 reality?

(c) 2004 lemme howdt

November 14, 2004

Sports and science

Entered into a conversation with Robert Leroy Wilson on his blog site Independent Country He made a comment about Roger Clemens and sustained career performance. The follow-up got me thinking on sports and science again, but I felt my rant should be on my own site.

Einstein talked about relativity and moving the frame of reference. Our current system lets us leisurely watch sporting games, between well tuned gladiators with scorekeeping and records providing the history of context. As a baseball fanatic, I grew up on a never ending stream of sports information.

At one point in my career, I was at Washington and Jefferson College broadcasting college football over WJCR, the college radio station. I had bagged pre-med because I didn't like the other people in my classes and had to decide between sports and science for a career path. This was Curt Flood era. Who knew that sports would hit the big time and science would lose all respect, including self-respect?

Now, the society is in trouble, because the box we build around us is based on unproductive leisure like sports. However, if we can keep our sports models and apply them in other areas, science, politics, civics ; we can get people thinking again in a novel framework that opens up unlimited options. Cooperative competitions at a community level. Have schools measuring and weighing and comparing options on all sorts of frame of reference.

Werk howdtside da baax! Collect information, sort it and count it. Live it for a few moments and before too long, curiosity becomes a habit. explore Cause and Effect. but don't forget Alice's little white rabbit.

dr lenny

November 11, 2004

shifting time

morning excitement
the great wallet/key search
ever notice how little light
coverage in the early morning
days just prior to time change ...

{ time change, a novel concept -
play with people's internal clock
pretend to shift an hour of daylight
from morning to afternoon (vv)
where it will be appreciated
or depreciated - one or the other.
tell my animals on the farm
that time has changed
they look at you funny
and still expect to be fed }

... daylight savings time
what a silly urban concept.

(c) 2004 lemme howdt

the Mollek Hugh

There are limits to our ability to influence other people's thought. Science, which employs reason, should be useful to people in their day-to-day operations. But because it is sold as being difficult and requires (gasp) abstract thought, most people refuse to attempt science. Instead they write it off as another religion that they don't understand.

Math does not have to be confusing. Even though math is the discretionary language of science, the ideas still have to fit conceptually. Balls and stick models provide a distorted image of chemistry, in that they neglect the wave in favor of an all particle model.

- scientific gibberish -

{ One can assimilate the flow of electrons using onomonopoeia, the assigning of human intent, to explain the concept of an orbital shell dictating the molecular chemistry. Understanding the difference between ionic interactions of electrostatic, non-energy bearing association and covalent sharing of electon pairs for mutual molecular satisfaction is the key to relating spacial biochemistry. }

A cartoon featuring the mollek Hugh will introduce basic concepts of chemistry. Hugh will be a regular contributor to the howdtfield. Hugh will appear in many forms - size will be important, as well as facial form. Unfortunately, the blog site does not have a convenient drawing program, so you will have to wait to be pleased to meet Hugh.

November 09, 2004

Wierd alphabetedness

Sometimes i wonder how much truth there is to bumper sticker sayings. Like - whoever dies with the most toys wins. Perhaps people should not be so afraid of confronting their own mortality. everybody dies - get used to it. Let's stop throwing money at doctors that simply prolong life without restoring the quality.

Create new spellings of words - every letter that has an alternate pronunciation gets changed - complexities may be shortened to phonic - original letters replaced for emphasis.

through = thru
metrix = metrics
howdt = out
qophy = coffee

some letters have no alternatives - el, ar, en, em

try this one : zkul luvard knox

Stop stop

Uniforms scare me
They take people
And conform them
Into dictators
Give a cop a rule
And watch the breadth
He takes to regulate
Other people’s lives

Lawmakers are dottering fools
Turn people into law breakers
Rules are thinking stops
Places to look ahead for trouble
Yield signs on the road of life
Not stop signs
Stop prevents all progress
Stop ruins mental imagry
Stop breaks momentum
Stop beats people up
Stop is violence enforced
Stop telling me what to do!

Amazing how jurisdiction
Ultimately lies with the people
The government overlay is callous
Equally looting bread from our tables
To feed a profit machine
Run currently on autopilot
By the drone of bureaucrats
And their stop signs

(c) 2004 lemme howdt

November 06, 2004


De View
Repose S

(c) 2004 lemme howdt

November 05, 2004

Battling the System

Schizophrenic world
Overfocused on consumption
We go, we stop: we go, we stop
Chugging along at crawl pace
Because sprinting cannot be sustained
Yet followers slowly appear
Drift off again until infrastructure
Is built on more than shifting sand
Walls made of more than playing cards
Games people play to feel
Self-important – when, really,
They don’t have very much of a clue
Yet perseverance
Adherence toward the goal
Mischievous desire
To empower a muscle
The brain
… do not drain your brain
by believing the pap smeared
by the media across the mind numbed
faces of the supposed adult population …
Spirits soar when the challenge
Of meeting the unknown is entertained,
Yet battling external demons in human form
Is enough to suck the livelihood from a vampire

(c) 2004 lemme howdt

November 02, 2004

A fitting poem for election day

Election prediction - every sitting congressman running for reelection wins. The rules are set by the sharks, so that only sharks can play. Franking privilege alone is huge. Oink.

Locally - Akse nearly pulls off an upset. Every point she gets over 38% is backlash and over 45% is campaign. Awesome run local campaign - made a race out of a May walkover. - Note - prelim results have Kittleman 56%-44%

Novel Concept

The ground
Opens up
And swallows
As a whole.
In the wake
Of absence
Reaches out.
Must fend
For themselves.
Local entities
For control.
Handed to those
Willing to do.
Both moral
And ethical
Come to those
With patience
2 Persevere
4 Right (as concept)
Fixed by
Natural law.
As energy,
Motive Power,
Amongst the hands
Of a populace
Rolling up
Toward restoring
Mass Balance

(c) 2004 lemme howdt

Last note - anyone have anything that really works on migrane headaches?