February 13, 2008

life in tents

train wreck coming
all aboard is status quo
hidden people between slats
with no where to go
once boards are consumed
engine chugging on
combustible air emitted
as our voters within us
are handed another favor
when there is no push
to combat another shove
the song ends suddenly
with uneven notes
pray we get it together
a long cold winter unleashes fury
and i cry while maintaining
as cassandra on a pedestal
no ear for the support
a mechanical walk through life.

(c) 2008 lemme howdt

February 05, 2008


sailed off into
the edge of white
tumbled in darkness
floating images recur
cold illumination
of a future not to be
keeping faith
the answer to a question
to strive to do right
as everything points left
pick up the broken pieces
move on to the next phase
the edge of black and white
is a figmentary place
people grow up, move on
while the earth waits,