December 29, 2009

We have the power

There are many things that work together to build a coherent picture of our world. The synchronicites that occur are based on the sharing of common thought - the transport of ideas and issues across the mindset of many different individuals. The more people thinking on the same wavelength, the more power to the thoughts that we manifest.

The reality is that we all live in our own fiction. What we believe works for us in the first person, or else we wouldn't believe it. We come together to share meals, space and time - interacting in a way that edifies our individual intentions - while building understanding that leads to a more fulfilling community. The cognitive dissonance of the current society prevent resonance of our cognizant ability to change the way we perceive things.

The time has come to move from being buffetted by the winds of fortune toward taking control of individual destiny. Watch carefully what happens as we work from our individual power, rather than listening to the voices of modern communication. Our web network works to convey images, pictures and accounts around the world, while remaining in our own private locations. We can share ideas halfway around the world as easily as across the street. Be where you need to be, do what you wish to do, and know that everything you do is right, because it is what you do. Keep your eyes open - we are the change we wish to see. Blessings!

December 28, 2009

Adventures without Cyberspace

As i began to plan for a few days out of town, my laptop decided it no longer wished to recognize the power cord. By the time i realized that i wasn't charging, i was down below 20% reserve. So I left the computer home and adventured into life untethered. I have now rediscovered why i do not watch television, especially newscasts. The amount of nonsense is compounded by the terror, terror, terrror push to keep us in fear. Let's just say no!

Imagine if everybody took the entire January of from all commerce. Of course, we cannot do that - we have to eat and pay rent and go places. Really? And when we fly we must remove our shoes. The system is already collapsed and we are just going thru the motions. Stopping now and giving up will allow everybody to reconfigure and start again, locally. Yes - i have quite the imagination...

So i have some big screen time rather than all little screens. Avatar in 3-D was worth the effort, Sherlock Holmes is on the docket for later today. It's time to create our own movies of the world - where we are all actors: the lead in our own movie and bit players in almost everybody else's movie. Everything can be captured on film - maybe the almighty has a projection source that when he finds something entertaining, he spins out a lot more of it. You cannot hide from yourself.

I am travelling for the time being and blogging will be sporatic. Dr. Lenny is looking to settle in a new location before spring planting season - we have lots of seeds of various squash type plants, plus some other good fodder. This summer should see a flurry of intentional activity at the community level - moreso if the economy gives up the ghost. Enjoy the New Year. (BTW, my treei 64 day year started the day after Xmas.)

Last item - happy birthday to anonymous!

December 22, 2009

Climate Science

Dr. Lenny has been ranting about the failures of the climatologists to prove global warming and the number of red herrings thrown around to convince the people of the truth. I have problems with data from ice sheet thickness - doesn't the ice melt more in some years and less in others? Tree ring data seem better - but that is short term.

This morning i found an article by another left-leaning scientist, David Crowe - a non climate person, who reviews the state of the art as he sees the issues. I share his thoughts in a number of areas, including the futility of peer review. If this triggers further questions, feel free to ask away.

December 19, 2009

Another Attack on Science

Too much reading for a saturday morning. The Brits have always been on the forefront of everything - they are currently refocusing the direction of academic science. The comments are as interesting as the article.

Expecting academics to be the primary ice-cutters of the new and innovative is completely foolish. The education system as it stands now trains robots to think within certain borders. The dominance of result over integrity of method has led to a complete confusion of the terms science and technology. The revision in our means of thought will come from a different direction than mainstream education. College is a waste of time and money, unless you are interested in a body of specific knowledge in a field from the POV of a specific individual. Choose your mentor wisely, as they serve as self-appointed gate-keepers of importance in their fields. Note the possessive tense.

Be ready to learn from a completely different source - ourselves. The information is howdt there to be put together in different ways. What is coming depends on perspective. This long article demonstrates the dangers in listening to official sources rather than assessing the validity of tidbits on our own. Note that the source is itself questionable. When rolling through the aethers of the web, i constantly search for validation from multiple trusted sources. My advice - grow a crop of something for trade-able seed this spring.

December 18, 2009

Crop Circles - The true cause - BBC

They have it down. The BBC has figured it howdt. Snicker.

Fried Dei

Had to take a brief walk howdtside before setting down to compose this post. The universe works in active possibilities and enjoying a breathe of fresh air in a country setting is one of the truly good things in life. After freezing most of last week, the climate has changed to warmth - already over fifty degrees and it's not quite noon.

The vibratory sensation are unique - the individual time constant skewed such that i have no life in the body much past eight at nite - but i'm up to no good at six - before the light. Then again, mebbe it's just a temporary attunement for solstice. sparks are twinkling...

right now, my attunement is saying void massing : come together. Eight days left in the calendar that revolves around the egocentric limbic me-i - similar in depth to tree-i - a model of a model of a model. some things just have to be demonstrated before they can be accepted. Expect all sorts. It is time to develop the avatar and learn to fly again.

December 17, 2009


A short documentary on spiders.

go back to sleep?

it is way too early to be up for the day, yet my mechanism says good morning. life has taken too many twisty turns and there is much going on subtly behind the scenes. today promises a bit of adventure and a lot of gab - people are starting to align themselves with our new reality. slowly, we will learn to produce goods and services once again.

December 16, 2009

2009 Entertainment Lemme

I spend my time dealing with lots of philosophical issues that go into reworking the patterns of thought. I have learned to sense when i have tred too deep and back off by instinct rather than thoughtful process. I tend to use game theory to evaluate the 'fairness' quotient - some games are rigged and not fair, but that doesn't mean that we get to choose not to play. In fact - being able to evaluate on a relative sense tells you whether you are better than other players in the same situation. The game is fair by having the same challenges for each player.

So i tend to play the same games over and over to assess the likelihood that a movement of skill provides an increase in value or rating. Chess has it's own unique system of ratings - when you sit down to play an over the board, tournament game, you know what you are getting into. The net has allowed a chess player to play in the dark with respect to an opponents position - you only get to see squares that your pieces can see. This provides an aspect of real life - you might not see the force coming - you have to sense it.

Games are great models for real life. So, I would like to present the 2009 entertainment lemme to Austin Lockwood and the Scheming Mind Game Community. I have spent hours playing non-chess games that stress my ability to imagine. From two board Alice Chess to the changing of color in Benedicts Chess to the subtlety of Lao Tzu Chess, there is a model game for every situation. Plus a true international community of players, with tournaments and pyramids. A true sanity stoker.

The conversations during the game are often as good as the games themselves, plus there are forums to sound-off on. With all the fanfare of modern social networks, this is a sort of secret place where you can hang with the geeks as we parlay our time into gainful attacks and parried defenses. Plus - the new blood needs more new blood to learn from (with).

December 15, 2009

Social Network Lemme

Social Networking is a new phenomena to this site in 2009. After two years off line, it was the dominant in your face thing to do on the web when i got back. I am scared to death of facebook and twitter (not really - fear is the mind-blower), but have gotten used to the concept of local information sites. I am strongly thinking of changing my profile picture to a quaint bucolic scene and getting me physically off the pages of the global spynet. But then again, i have a yahoo account and what can be less private?

So running through the maze has allowed me to assess some different forums. My Existence site is a personal endeavor into role playing the earth changes before they happen, so that we have a virtual community model for real community. The host network is called Trunity - a functionary of the digital universe. Get connect and join the free will. The winner of the 2009 Lemme for most interesting social network is the Peace Portal - a worthy adventure in reminding us what it is all about.

Myriad of Rainbows

Water Spray Stream Supplies Sprinkles
Twinkling Thru a Myriad of Rainbows
Backlit Sunshine Providing Grace
Lawn Greening, Grinning Appreciation
Life Converges Upon the Golden Mean
As Misaligned System Return to Norm
Status Quo Will Never Be Quite the Same
Void is Self - Prisms Integrate Thought
Sentient Water in Crystalline Lattice
Resonates Healing Frequency Distribution
Carbon Framework Modulates Flow
Electron Streams Supply Sprinkles
Twinkling Thru a Myriad of Rainbows

2009 lemme howdt

December 13, 2009

Alternate Crystalline Reality

Setting by the window gazing, i took note of a large quartz crystal setting on the cabinet. A flurry of rainbow activity caught my eye as i noticed a fracture in the center of a bisecting plane. The color of the fracture changes with the angle of incidence of the light. The fissure is shaped like the entrance to a cave - and my spirit was just ready to climb inside: now there are several other paths taking shape and my day will allow itself to transition into night.

Change is what you accept it to be. We all are drifting in and out of several space-time continuums depending on the depth of cosmos that we are paying attention to focus upon. The depth of two is easy and comforting, but the real game contains so many players and so many different levels that sometimes it becomes difficult to know who you are playing with. The support structures are fraying because everybody attempts to play the game from the sky, but as above, so below. There is no difference in venue from anywhere in the game - you see it thru your eyes only.

So the ground levels are fairly empty and there is a lot of latitude. Nature plays a dominant role in the daily trials and tribulations - the awkward state of observing is a necessity for dealing with altering circumstance. The time for the rabbit hole is long past - we are now in a position to do whatever it is that we can do - just decide to do it and watch the change occur.

Gaia breathes, lives, changes and mellows - relieving stress by blowing off steam - earth changes occur in conjunction with these belches and farts; earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanoes. Have a lava lamp? Time to meditate in the knowledge that patience is a virtue and wisdom to react with real effect in real time will come - not the whimsical picture of climate currently falling howdt from COP15.

December 11, 2009

When it doesn't add up

How do we correct bad information? We all add up the pieces and draw our individual conclusions, then share the proceeds of our discovery with others. We learn by doing and by sifting through information that supports our conclusions. When the data turns out to be bad - do we reject the conclusions that were based on that data. If so, can we still draw the same conclusion using other data? Somehow - methinks we know quite a bit more than we really know.

So now stress dominates over half the month. The fiscal bells and whistles of the household started blustering their december tune the day after Thanksgiving and finally resolved themselves yesterday. No wonder nobody wishes to play the role of fiscal officer. People spend more time contemplating cents than the time is worth.

The household is a fractal of the greater society. I remember having similar stress dealing with the secretary of state as the treasurer of the reform party of oregon, as i have dealing with the landlord - those who 'own' the land lord of it with their own rules. Kinda feudal. So i become skeptical of everybody with any financial interests - is this any way to run a society? Banksters, guns and money. Egads.

December 10, 2009

The 2009 Eco-Lemmes

The lemme awards in the field of economics is divided into two spin states. The first spin state is positive - ushering in means of developing new approaches to the economic burdens that we face. The second spin state is negative - letting us know what the PTB are doing as we the lemmings allow it. The two eco-lemmes rotate around each other and provide a complementary picture of where we were and where we are going.

The interesting thing is that due to quantum mechanics, these lemme's flip back and forth in spin state. The winning website of the Posit-Eco-Lemme is Urban Survival. George Ure is very good at pointing out paths into the future. The Negit-Eco-Lemme is awarded to the Daily Reckoning. Bill Bonner reports on the howdtlook from Europe, and continually plugs investment advice into metal - mostly gold and silver. Often - you get the early warnings of economic tidings on both sites - DR has a team of observers where US has george - take him of leave him. Oh - and the half-past human language reports.

Go visit both sites - they make a whole that can fill the coming hole. And they switch focus regularly - the positive and negative balance between both sites is a yin/yang feature of the award. After all - economics is not as volatile as climate. (Red alert : false statement)

December 09, 2009

The lemme award for truth speaking

When it comes to reality programming, most people think about who should be voted off the island. In the context of lemme space - we wish to promote people and thoughts that we wish to be on our island - for the outlook is positive and the point is well taken. The idea of what is, is what we make of it. Our programmers forgot to work on the basis of truth and the current world debacle called COP15 is just another power grab by the elite - but this time we all caught on. Action is a balance of introducing chaos with the right amount of order to induce freedom.

Normally, i would consider myself a member of gang-green when it comes to environmental concerns. I also am a realist and look at the primary data - my conclusion was that climate is not a response to CO2 level - and there are many more weighted factors, primary being water vapor. One non-scientist writer seems to understand this better than most - today's read on Increasing your carbon footprint! is so right on that we award the 2009 lemme for truth perspective to Butler Shaffer who publishes at .

More lemme's to be announced throughout the month. The lemme awards are provided for entertainment purposes and carry an award of one acceptance post. More awards to follow.

Critter Alert

From Annette via Larry

just a reminder about the unusual cold and critters.

* Wild birds need open water to fight hypothermia, consider some pans of warm water a few times a day, they'll be so grateful! I also put out bits of apple, raisins, etc., for the thrush type birds (robins, etc) that didn't leave our area. Studies show how due to climate change, migration patterns are becoming more mixed up, birds possibly confused into staying when normally they might have left...

* Dogs kept outside need a shelter not much larger than their own bodies, because when dog houses are too big, they cannot hold much heat. Consider some additional bedding, alfalfa hay works better than straw, as it doesn't flatten as much. Please consider bringing dogs and cats in, especially at night.

* Studies show that 80% of colic in horses in winter is cause they don't like drinking the cold water. I fill plastic jugs with hot water from tap and pour it over their water. (And during cold snap, this is done after first removing the ice.)

The critters will appreciate the effort !

December 08, 2009

Ice Royalty

It's cold howdtside - the deer on the lawn are all fluffed up to protect their bodies from the frost. The creek in front offers several winter recollections including the photo taken last winter. One of my favorites. The Ashland crowd is all abuzz over the Holiday Gift Market today and tomorrow afternoon at the Ashland Springs Hotel. Lots of cool stuff - if you believe in gift giving.

The conversation has turned to what is coming in the future. Is wireless electrical energy ready for prime time yet? Just think about what it would be like if we didn't have to trip over cords. Bye-bye outlets (but not howdtlets) I think we need a completely new economic model - with cooperation and competitions working together rather than pitted as opposites. Sounds like Get Zooks!

December 06, 2009

stream of dissonance

energy field unstable - pain accessible from multiple locations - turn off the resistance - accommodate and decelerate - tune everything howdt - shutting down for reboot - 3..2..1..

good afternoon - welcome back - the challenge is to see how much here is still there. look around and make your assessments - you can start doing whenever you feel ready to do. i am here to assist - anything your heart desires that rings true. - 1..1..2..3..5..8..13..21

hola - como estas? y tu, tambien. gracias. vamos a mis amigos casa para el fiesta. de nada. 2..4..8..16

over the river and thru the woods to grandmothers house we go. The horse knows the weigh to carry the sleigh = my little horse must think its queer to stop without a farmhouse near = he gives his harness bells a shake to ask if there is some mistake = 3..6..9 the goose drank wine, the monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line = memories, times we had with one another = i'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore = have become comfortably numb 3..2..1

y'say y'want a revolution. and where do we go from here, Which is the way that’s clear? Still lookin’ for that Blue Jean Baby Queen. Prettiest girl I ever seen - #9

allow yourself to drift wherever the stream of consciousness takes you. Do not attempt to control the flow, let it go and resonate with what collects from the recesses of your mind. The time for change is upon on - get grounded on the path that you intend to walk. hold my hand as we walk together. 1..2..3..4

i wish to thank the academy for this great honor. The issue is existence and the task ahead is to sort through the fog. My brain hertz - the frequency allows time space shifting to set right the asymmetry - the event horizon is with us here and now. are we there yet? 1..1..2..3..5..8..13

December 04, 2009

Falling Up and Growing Down

I am here in essence being - a place where we have tread all our lives, but yet we have never tread here before. Some of the assumptions need to be challenged. Like earn a living. Why? To keep up with the rat race - i don't think so. Look around - what do you see? Are you aware of your surroundings or only when something changes? Consciousness without awareness is futility.

We are addicted to our comforts - the little things that we have grown so used to having, our stuff. The forms and patterns that we grasp are set forth for us to grasp - sometimes to lead us away from the bigger picture. Our science models are couched in versions of reality that do not hold up to specific scrutiny. They are just test cases - science is about discovery - it doesn't operate well when we think we know all there is to know. There is so much more that we don't know than we do know.

No wonder how i get so confused. Things that we are not aware about play a key role in our destiny. We attempt to build ourselves up by breaking each other down. Why tell somebody that it can't work, unless you've been there and tried to make that model fit. Models are only simulations. They take factors and controls into account and allow you to run with an idea. You build it into something that can be grasped - but these efforts get canniballized in the race for the funds - we shouldn't have to sell ourselves to produce the capital - especially not to the banksters, lawbots and raqueteers. The angel model works well: but then again, it's only a model.

Gaia works in mysterious ways. It was lucidly clear yesterday - today it's just a jumble of non-symmetric form. I trust the universe to allow me to stay away from the entanglements of the spaghetti. The inner edge and the outer edge - away from the muddle in the middle. The form will change several times - the function of being of essence is to sense the vibration - either in harmony or completely howdt marching to the beat of a different drummer. There are parallels in all frames and forms, at all scales and sizes.

Come howdt, come howdt wherever you are
Life works as a heart that beats regularly
Except when it doesn't, the mythos sold
Accept only what rings harmonically true

A solo tone is completely symmetric

If honest, then truth shall take form
Alignment and attunement are facets
Of the same focus group - engaged

2009 lemme howdt

December 02, 2009

whirlwind again

wow - life rambles and things happen, then things happen and life rambles. people are people. we should know better than to believe ourselves. if we set forth intention, then do the best that we can for our own personal development, perhaps we can stabilize our frequencies and be in a position to deal with what is coming down. Everything.

so now there are five of us bantering at the homestead. turn around and they're there. visionaries are the people who do what they do without worrying about what other people think about what they're doing. you tread into an investigative field and get immersed, then slowly observe the details of how the leaves intertwine. suddenly an aha moment occurs and it all changes - its all okay.

now, is the time to sort howdt the details of life, the universe and everything. the physical constants appear to be changing, nothing is ever as it seems.

December 01, 2009


From george at urban survival:

Don't know if you have noticed the same disturbing trend I have, but when one sits back on a cool morning with no work to think about and reflect over a hot cuppa joe, I get a growing sense that less and less of what's being 'piped' into human melodramatic consciousness can be trusted. It starts as a feeling, but when I started start to add up all the Big Lies of the past few years, the number became impressive; 9/11, the supposed naturally occurring flu, the 'need to war', and more recently, climategate.

As a fellow data cruncher - i have noticed. As a chemist, i tend to look at numbers and sort through patterns seeking truth, for its own sake. Many recent exposed facets display a mismatch in symmetry that makes them less believable and more contrived. But when we realize that history is written by the victors, we begin to wonder about all anecdotal evidence. Yet science excludes anything that does not have a congruence to already established science story-line. Climategate is a snapshot of what happens behind the curtains - the little old man makes it up as he goes. It rings funny with the truth detector.

I have also been struggling with an inebriation of my personal vibration frequency. I can get excited by drawing parallels between the way chemistry works and the mechanisms that we have created to describe how the molecules work. If a cell acts like a really big city ... The images that i have been creating have a flow and form that imply naturalness as a function of symmetry. A balance between sound and mind. People have been played off against each other for power versus love, led astray without the belief that love is power - a yin/yang that is both sides of the same coin. There is no love in our system - only power. This system has degenerated beyond workability.

So now is the time to change. To not give in to the power of brute force, but to work out a new system that values the contributions that we all can make. It means stepping howdt - away from the debt controlled establishment and on to different things. Not better, not worse - different. A whole new experience. Something that doesn't exist as far as the mainstream comprehends.