January 31, 2014


     Love is an ever present, everywhere phenomena.  Love is, and that is what love is.  To love Eros is different than to love agape and there are likely two dozen shades of grey in between.  To make our love fit others, we must learn to go deep and love ourselves.  I love me in all forms - i love my parents for generating my mass - i love the flow in connection to nature, i love the personal power to create change.

     Love is always considered a virtue.  We start as babies with a sense of pure love perspective - a telepathic awe that allows us to envision things very different from the form we started, as embryos formed in a sea of amniotic water connected to a separate creature - MotherGod.  To look at the form of love between a mom and her children is quite different than the love with her spouse.  Which weighs more, you might ask?  Use your own intuition, to watch a given situation, to answer the question for yourself.

     I love different items that bring me joy; there is no attachment connected to that form of love.  It just becomes an expression of personal value, that is sometimes used as a hint to others about what the things of value are to you.  I love music - voices like Stevie Nicks, Annie Lennox send me one weigh and voices like Dylan and Rod Stewart have a totally different mode of love.  The music tells a lot of stories and you can tell when the singer creates from their heart.

    At this point, i think that we have to look at the love that we have for this planet - Gaia.  It seems that some people who are corporate in nature are using a scorched earth policy to make messes and not clean them up.  We can lovingly remove these non-persons from power positions by removing acknowledgement of the power structure that they have established.  We really need to stop the movie of generating more pollution and allow Gaia to metabolize for a while and process off the materials that are already overwhelmingly scattered amongst the surface and ground waters of this living earth.  

    Love is a feeling, a presence, a perspective.  All actions should come from love - love for self, love for all, love for each other - with due respect for every other person.   We now are defined by our straw-man - in the new earth community, we will be defined by our integrity, as evidenced by our actions taken from love.  We cannot allow mean people to despoil our integrity and we have to encourage each other - no matter what we believe, we have to express the words with kindness.  Show all the love in your heart - wear it as a smile.

     Love is the chemical attraction between molecules.  Like attracts like in a dimensional array that groups water molecules as a whole entity in communication with all other life.  When as below, so above - love is the attractant between peeps of all sorts - your cats have the ability to change the mood with a purrfect love announcement, right?  Love conquers species differential - it can change the world when we embrace it and surrender to love.

     I can go on and on, but i'll allow love to say it all.  I love you.  Take good care of yourself and find the roles that turns you on, such that you can love being you and share the wealth of the common community.

    Namaste' ...  lemme   ( love is not a doc topic )

A Query

January 30, 2014


Once mass is formed to flow, the next stage is giving it some juice - power.  Whether we are talking physical motors or an electrical plug, power is the device that allows impact.  To power down is to turn off your engine and let your hair out of the bun.  The motive force present depends on the horsepower - a form of language not taught in school measurements.  How many people today have encountered a real live horse?  Blessings to Chantilly - my silver friend that made it 17 years after we rescued her as an old mare.  

Animals carry power in their presence.  The larger the animal, the quicker time moves for them, in a bodily sense.  Learning to control time has a unique power - turn off money and the power grows exponentially.   In the current illusion of power, time is money and assembling money gives one power to live above the rules.  Fortunately this illusion will not hold much longer - you get what you believe you will get : the old Chinese curse is may we live in interesting times.

Power to the People! was a slogan of the 1960's.  We live in the image of power to the corporation;  then again according to our supreme court of the land, corporations are people too.  Doctor Rich called us peepholes.  That is a powerful image that allows me to include everything with senses as people - the animals, plants and crystals all hold power, in their own weigh.

Power vs Force is an interesting conceptual diversion.  When Luke used the force, he had all the power of the galaxy in his hands - but power in this sense is quite illusionary.   His mind gave him the power - along with the confidence built in the hours of time improving the skill set for further use.  

Imagination is power - the ability to leave oneself and create in a new image is a freedom that only takes isolation.  We have been taught to equate isolation with loneliness and tend to not appreciate time alone to ourselves, until after we have kids.  The ability to work alone comes from hours of practice;  you have to put in those hours to develop power in your knowledge of how your point of focus works.

Power over you is given by you with consent or taken by force.  When the time is well spent, it seems to evaporate before you even notice that you were there, spending the time.  That is true power - when you can control your own time.  Then the focus becomes, how you use that power of time.  

Making certain that power is shared with other folks in your bubble of trust is one weigh to measure how far along you are coming.  Our enlightenment here is a learned weigh - just as the Tao is a learned way.  There are many different weighs and many different aspects - neither good nor bad - just there waiting to be evaluated by accurate measurement on a scale that we can function upon. 

Keep your head down and watch what happens without attachment as the current system dissolves away.  Know that the scope of change depends upon what you are willing to believe - everything has to build to a proper crescendo and then it happens - the game changes and we are where we believe we are - here in the now.  Write your own ticket - you have that power, but realize that all we do is being watched by each and every one of us.  We are acting out history - the tales we tell will be priceless, powerful human drama of epic proportion, if you buy into the hero's journey rather than the we are all one, we are each one future.  You have to learn yourself first.

You have the power to find the place where your heart sings;  you have to have the power to go into yourself and believe what you believe based on the knowledge that you have.  Seek a truth that makes sense by your perspective.  Question the source of all knowledge, even here, and do not accept truths unless you truly believe them to be true.  That is how knowledge can give you power, especially when you figure howdt whom you can trust.

May the power be with you, as the force is with Luke.   

Namaste' ...  Doc Hari'

January 29, 2014

Return of doc

Thank you Hari' for minding the store while doc took some R&R.  The views from there are quite different than the views from here.  I heard many stories and think that we collectively need to torture every shrink.  But then again, if they would listen ...

January 28, 2014

Er, surprise :

I wonder how long the scientists can play games with life forms before we finally pull the plug.  In a 'new' revellation, scientists have discovered that DNA also controls gene expression in addition to protein coding.  Here is a quote.

This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to frequency. While western researchers cut single genes from the DNA strands and insert them elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastically worked on devices that can influence the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies and thus repair genetic defects.

Not a mention about how cellular water is the likely regulator of frequency - that will be a discovery to be rolled out in the future.  Can we please get away from this corporate Monsantrosity and pull the plug on all manifestations of genetic engineering until we have a real clue about the mechanism life uses to create life?  Unless of course you'ld like a side of radiation to go with those GMO corn chips your crunching on.

January 27, 2014


Flow signals movement - as we see that Mass has been established and Form has been taken.  The flow may describe a path of water or a path of time - it is the action that establishes continuity.  When things flow smoothly, everything seems to work out well.  We tell people to go with the flow when we want them to stop complaining and just catch the ride.

Most peeps do not really take the time to consider flow.  Sure, they turn on the faucet and expect the water to flow.  But do they grok what it takes to get that water to them.  The miles of plumbing and the energy required for pumps - maybe indoor plumbing was never a good idea. The water of earth is precious and we use it to harbor waste.  Think of the critters that would object to that use - they are more in the flow of nature than humans are.

In fact - humans are not what we seem to be.  We think we are so smart because we communicate by voice in language.  Creatures have two eyes, two nostrils, two ears and only one mouth.  Perhaps we should talk less and develop our other senses.  Seeing what is real rather than what is reel.  Smelling and appreciating aromatic effervescence.  Listening and really hearing the other being,   Talking with rather than talking at.

When the flow is flowing, the words just slip off the tongue and creativity is a guide to create whatever we can imagine - with forethought and history combining in tandem to create a perspective from the now.  Today is my personal Flow Loving - Monday Morning Metaphysics is the reward for finishing this post.  This takes place today in the GFP chatroom : a center pavilion in Loveland.  The place where flow is the focus has yet to be determined, as the interest of the population is required to determine the force of the flow.

Victor Schauberger created a natural Flowform - a shaped pathway that spun water in a spiral form that cleansed the area for the community where he lived.  He had a sequence of bent path forms  that carried the water to a state where it freely mixed with other living beings in large pools, before cascading the flow down to the next construct.  The Peace Fountain will be a central form of flow as we envision community - it wills be a gathering place to honor all the water of the peeps : life itself.  If this is an interest area - the Schauberger group i belong to has many good deep discussions on aspect of physics - perhaps in Flow Minding with a direct connect to ONRRI.

What Hari' is doing is parceling out the sections of his chaotic mind into a new pattern of order.  The Flow area is difficult, yet needs to be established third, as Maslow's hierarchy of being does not allow for growth until the foundation of the pattern has been set.  Chrystallographic evidence in chemistry demonstrates that bonds have their regular angles in common structures - the movement outside the lowest energy field creates asymmetry - a breaking of the rules, so to speak.  In sociochemistry - the flow is from sociology to chemistry.  In chemosociology - the flow is from chemistry to sociology. 

These are conventions - the convention is reversible in the immediate now.  If you take a step forward, your next step may be forward or back for any step.  If you take a tangent, you go off on an adventure and you come back to the original curve changed.  There are two features of every first journey - charmed and strange.  Once you know which one you are in, you get half the picture through your fractal visioning.  The other is yet to come.  If something seems odd - then you might detect strange and go with that flow.  Do not try to prove the point - wait for another run and get the charmed version.  

How you work in the flow dictates how effective you are.  Are you with the flow or swimming alone against the flow?  Or is that beautiful witch Flo from the insurance company trying to get into your pocketbook?  Let her go - along with the ads that she offers - a fictitious product in a fictional empire whirled.  

We are defining the basis of words - they all mean specific things.  We want to group in small groups where we speak common words and share different experiences.  It is a new weigh of working - we have to define what we want in terms that we can all agree that we want it - from our own perspective, and then create the flow of the vision, from the mass and form.  Then on to different things.

Namaste' ...  Hari'

January 26, 2014

We, the people

People attempt to rationalize individual actions within the framework of their personal belief system.  As the current system fails, it is interesting to hear the stories that people are sharing, because most people have access only to the mass media and the lame stream is very off page to the world circumstance of what is going on.  Common sense is not common to all the folks and the difference between those who paid attention to school and those who paid attention to life have had vastly different experiences to draw from.  

To not comprehend is not a crime.  It is not stupidity and has nothing to do with actual value, yet everything to do with self-esteem.  To break down somebody else who doesn't get it your way is not a victory - it is a loss for all.   Some things do need to be broken down in order to reassemble them into another different picture that explains the weigh it is, to people who have lost their way.  We can break things down deeper and deeper, but we cannot reassemble them back up - we have no essence of emergent behavior.

Now let's first define we - most people use we to include themselves within a common viewpoint.  I used the global we to include humanity's leadership - because i have assumed responsibility for being who I am.  I have many roles and people have expectations of the image in those roles. 

The time has come to step back and analyze the roles we play and what our own individual expectations are within these roles.  The rules we play by are enforced without our true understanding - we have to realize that we don't have to stand under those rules - they do not apply, yet they are enforced. Why?  Because we have a common system that supports them - the Law.  Go read Bastiat sometime when you have a few hours.

Do not take any action that you wouldn't undertake anyway.  Look at the actions that you do take and ask yourself - to whose benefit is this action that i take?  As a person, you tend to look at people as, well, people.  The legal system looks at corporations as people.  I look at pets, dogs and cats as people, because they look at themselves as people and consider their actions.  Plants have a life, as do crystals, and so many things grow well inside other things.  Things have presence, a morphogenic field, that creates the substance of a thing that began as an idea on some other scale, somewhere in this galaxy.

Things happen for reasons, and cause precedes effect.  When time runs forward, we see this as so; if time is not unidirectional but reversible, then sometimes we can take tangents that are outside of time.  These near death experiences or vision quests happen for real in the emotional and figurative state that we happen to be in at that moment of time.  They provide us with a wake-up call and a grand learning experience.  

This form of journey is for you as one, and when you have had one, you know what i speak of.  If you have had more than one, then you know that each is different and you change vastly, immediately instead of finishing your current journey.  The cast of characters remains the same and the universe for you is a fractal of what it happened to be.

Everybody will have to walk that path individually - as ego dissolves into alter egos that compete for attention within rather than without.  The words we use to describe concepts fail to express properly and cause each of us to believe we are alone - we are not, we are just lonely.  We are not really in tune with our self and when we find ourselves with time on our hands, we need reassurance from somebody else that we belong in their cast, in the role that they wish us to play, to gain their acceptance.  We have to detach, to see things through lenses without attachment to the events.  

To see the view from the perspective of change is to use your vision to create - first decide what it is you wish to create, then do your homework, your self-work, with Gaia as perspective #2.  Because she is changing and it's gonna be a wild ride.

And when we dissolves into I, and Gaia as one and one, we can attach to another soul and make two.  We have to first experience both sides of the coin - the yin and yang - and then see that we are all water.  The water gives life and we need light and love as the bonding agents for humanity to reconnect with all of life that we call nature.  We have to pull the plug on technology awry, but we do not have a collective sense strong enough to call we, we.  I must pull the plug for me, on my own terms.  You must pull the plug for you, on your own terms.  Then together, you and I can build the dream that we envision, together as one, and change the linear dynamics of a dysfunctional society.

Namaste' ...  Hari'

January 25, 2014


Please fill out this form is a common corporate greeting.  The information requested by the form is personal and unilateral - you have no information about what you are getting into, but if you are applying for something, they are soliciting information - In form Nation - could be the empire's slogan.  Try to stop giving them information on their forms and they start making your computer run slow, or hijack it into the cloud when you upgrade.  This is the form of life we begat in the information age.

We are changing the movie and need to look at the form that new should take, now that we have achieved the mass of thought that we can imagine a new movie.  As lead character in your own movie - you wish to form a goal - but remember the goal of the movie is to bring a new form to the operating system on planet earth - Gaia - mother.  The earth grid is 64 places - each created in the game space-time as an experiment in learning.  

Since doc is studying emergent behavior - his form will live in the Mind Minding MM space and all of conventional science and mathematics will be assigned to this space on the grid.  Games Theory as applied to Group Theory in sociochemistry - ONRRI and Scheming Mind will be housed in the MM construct.  The form within the MM space will be standard academic - all Mind groups M will develop into a league for discovery on each apparent task*.

Note how the form can take shape even before the M province is created.  The form of expression here in the blog that uses doc will be from the M space.  Note that the grid of 64 is two dimensional while the application layer will be on a third axis.  Hari' has created the grid based on a simple doubling function and it expands based on level - which is a function of phi, the golden mean ratio.  The treei concepts form the initial 64 grid - for now, consider your introduction day as your mass massing - if you have not met the real me - then you have not been introduced to the game yet.  Grandfather date zero is 011914 : starting date is today 012514.  If you wish to play - i will explain the form of calculation from your birthdate when we have a group discussion to define interaction between fields.  This number will be important, but for now we are just populating worlds with what will be the non-player characters in other forms of games and experiments.

Learning through games is just one perspective.  The form of the game does not have to be fair to the character - but it better be fair to the player.  This is a sense of fairness changing as a function of level.  Remember - this is a virtual landscape that we are shaping the form of the setting - it has the feel of a write your own ending book - the kind where child you on your hero's journey meets the cast and chooses the page to turn to next.  We are not heroes - heroes are a form of sandwich.  I'll have a Philly Cheesesteak hero from J's any day.

To illustrate an fair, unfair game - let me use Benedict Chess from Scheming Mind - an internet form of chess site.  When your white chess piece attacks another black chess piece on the board, the attacked piece pulls a Benedict Arnold and switches polarity and becomes a white piece.  Then black moves and pulls a back attack and turns the pieces black.   White has a supreme advantage to move first, but black wins a good proportion of games, especially once the traps are worked out.  The game takes another form when it goes to Benedict 960 and the back rank pieces are scrambled.

After 480 scrambled symmetric and 960 scramble assymetric were started - white had less advantage over black.  For a while - i worked for the site crunching statistics and writing articles - it is a fun weigh to meet people all over the world and a reasonable place to hold a private conversation.  There are about 30 different chess variants available, including standard chess.  You do not have to know how to play chess to learn some of the variants - other variants are mind freak games and the level of competition is akin to swimming in shark infested waters.  Schemingmind.com  $25 annual membership.  Based in Britain - other currency arrangements available.  You may play welcome games before you choose to join.

The form of advertising will need to be changed within our movie - each one of us will develop our own interests in a form where we can express those interests with like minded peeps in smaller bubbles that eventually grow up together to become a beverage.  A new form of model - the water is the solvent and we are all water.  Dare to think in a different form and one of our 64 groups should fit your intention.  Use imagination - Verify knowledge.

Namaste' ...  Hari'

January 24, 2014

You on Gaia - Our New Earth - ONE to one

      On another note - how is Gaia?  I feel that she is less spun than before, but she really has problems correlating the duality of reality in the world that used to exist, with the dreams she has for where she is today.  Too big a saddle in the old whirled - the new world requires losing all the baggage on the journey.  Are you taking good care of you?  Treat yourself as though you are taking care of your own child - your inner child.  Let's play!

       Imagine that you can create your own system by taking any book, movie or other image and creating your personal reality around the theme.  As the author or director - you get to choose the cast and also the amount of time spent on screen.  Is your movie a drama or a comedy?  Is there adventure and romance?  Are you the heroine?  You have roles to play in other people's movies, but then they are the director.  

       Can you be a star in multiple people's realities?  Is the story always a hero's journey?  Can we change the story to show how cooperation wins, love wins ?  Are we anonymous only because we are scared of the image of personal destruction, so firmly planted in the existing media?

       I imagine Eve and Adam being the parents of a new form of expression, a garden based instant communication media that supports artists in all phases of creating the history of the future - keeping the records straight from our new earth perspective.  My personal journey into a new earth is now complete - the 45 days that i spent on the road since December has become the final scene in the seven year reality switch from when i found myself alone without the world that i had built with my family - which somehow still isn't quite real, the journey whirled seems surreal. 

       Let me know a bit more about you - we only connect briefly as you read, but i feel a real connection - a different sort of bond, as though we share a vision that is different than most.  I know that i have changed paths through this juncture and i am learning again for the first time on a new fractal level.  My blog tells the history of this journey - over 2222 posts : there is some order beneath its chaos, if we can do the proper data mining.  The story is not a heroes journey, it has been a learning curve about natural resource reality from Gaia's perspective.

      Imagination is the glue between thought and reality.  Nothing has ever been created before it has been imagined.  The Fibonacci sequence of the phi ratio describes nature's wiggle room in an easy to grok format - it identifies the pieces of the next system - the scale is measured in many different weighs on many different scales.  Kinda deep for a blog, but we need to use the tools that are available.  I hope there are other people creating other systems, the more the merrier.

      Know that you, unique you, your inner child is receiving a gift from my inner child that it wishes to co-create a grand movie of epic proportion - based on the combined movies of all peeps, alone and in pairings of twin flames and companions - with love as the amorphous glue that holds the bonding of atoms together.  Atoms are people, like attracts like, opposites repel and water is both our key and our model.

      I love you and I love you.  Two ones - both sides of yin and yang.  Love on the opposite side of the coin of love - not fear.  Now, m'love - tell your story ... not to me but to yourself - in preparation for the casting call.

Namaste  -  Hari'

Inspiration from Lisa and also Libra - thank you

January 23, 2014


Thyme for mass - the Rev Dr. Hari* at the helm of the Space ship streaming through the time void oblivia.  We conduct mass for the masses as mass is massing - the change we are seeing is from the chaotic nature of our current reality vision.  When a chemist says mass - he is talking about matter.  Wassa matta u? was the catch line for Chico Marx to get Groucho going.  So let's talk about the concept of Mass.

In order for the individual to be, there is a critical mass of event that must take place - to make you who you are.  You are human by the grace of a system that creates life forms of different entities - the mass that reads this text is a person.  If you treat other persons as you wish to be treated, then your mass is comfortable in other contextual weighs that existence just seems to flow.  There is a sense of mass that is due to bulk and another sense of mass that is due to texture.  When things appear massive - we think of bulk and of weight.  

Our measurement device for mass is the scale - the method of Mass is the Weigh.  There are many ways of walking the weigh and each area to be measured is responsible for determining the standards of measure.  The population of beings includes many more living entities than humans - our weigh must consider the mass of those entities in looking through their perspective when they cannot talk to us in words.  As we change the parameter of scale, we will have to look at the changes from the quantum perspective of mass shift.

If you are an individual focused on mass - you can have the choice of many groups to work within.  Groups based solely on mass are in the domain of Mass Massing - the first thing that must be done in any system. Analyze the frequency of what is coming together for the first time by taking measure of the assembly.  To learn to count in non-linear terms is a step in learning how to apply this new system.  Make today your new birthday and make it your personal mass massing day.

Today is my personal Flow Massing day.  This refers to the Treei calendar - which requires for you to search this blogsite.  Fortunately, computers make this task very easy - in fact  you can take your real birthday and calculate your real treei configuration.  I will have a class on this topic at a future date, after a bit more of the Mass has massed for the ONE - One New Earth Network.  This new form of media is massing on a planetary scale - the people involved have stepped beyond the previous system and are co-creating a system within their own image.  

I am using treei as a specific image to honor Armando and Libby and Ingrid and the time we spent together developing the thought that we can base a fractal resonance frequency upon.  It comes to me to just be and do - when i calculate my annual treei place from my real birthday - i am in Mind Minding space or therabouts.  I have seen the changes from a different fractal perspective and the layers of the patterns when crossed provide the archetype for a new space.  We get what we think about and our water is a conveyor, a solvent for allowing love to flow between people as chemical bonding works in nature.  This thought is neither right nor wrong, it just is and by following the thread without taking other perspectives, we can work at a depth level that resonates the frequency in a different order.

One weigh is to use the sound of music to play a background theme that sets the mood for the participants.  Soul connections based on chemical principles can fit into two cosmic arenas - sociochemistry and chemisociology.  The pairings are similar to what Asimov coined as Psychohistory in his Foundation novels - hence we are now in the Rahiji movie.  In this movie - all the Doc and lemme roles that have been created are dissolving within a grandfather clause and no new greeting are made within these characters.  Thus - only family (which includes all heart-bound friends) are available as 3D portals and the 3D reality otherwise doesn't exist.  

The mass that is massing does not recognize the limits and boundaries of the current system illusion delusion.  Other systems may not cross into this system - it is already fixed and the measurement system developed in the last fractal will be the new weigh for the next fractal, until we refine the measurements when we know what we should be tracking.  For the moment - time and people count.  Maybe measure the max and min temperatures of the day.  As the fields morphologically develop we will need to track in similar forms - such that the weigh weighs apples to apples and not pears to bananas.

Eat well, keep hydrated, drink at least two glasses of water today - structured if possible.

Namaste' ...  Rahiji  (pronounced as Harry or Hari')

*  Believe it or not, my real persona is a Doctor of Divinity and Doctorate of Philosophy : Universal Sovereign of a Living Earth and Oregon State University : so if knowledge or reverence is your criteria - maybe this is a different path that makes sense.

January 22, 2014

Entering the Storm

Too many inputs - but this one is well worth the read.  love 2 libra

A movie change - from V for Vendetta - to ???

The fibonacci sequence works in many different functions for nature - there is something going on and the pattern that i see is quite different in a subtle weigh from the way that most people see.

We do see the guy faux mask in the center of the illusion.  we are anonymous - or so they want us to believe.  It is important that you believe what you believe and not what somebody else wants you to believe - hence the cognitive dissonance in the media.  There is strength in numbers - we are not anonymous, we are one.  We are each one and we are all one and we are pissed.  We communicate.

World View

By Lemme Howdt

So many things to do
So many ways to turn
One project melts into another
Avoidance mode kicks in
Nevertheless, the diligent persevere
With underlying goals in sight
\An organic computer lens
Absorbing information in disrelated bits
Deciding inputs and outflows
Grounded in a basis set
Thinking about the future
In terms generations from the past
\Whirled views morph into small science goals
The scale is orders of magnitude
Significance in the big picture
The probability of sentient life remaining
In lieu of the support system
Graciously provided courtesy of gaia

The world is strange and the whirled is charmed.  Chaos arises out of order and the wilder the chaos, the more apparent the order.  I am studying emergent behavior and have gained an insight level that i now need to work out in solitude..  I have time to read and edit  - though i greatly appreciate being able to work flexibly with you as we walk through our co-creation of space/time.  It requires truth, not payment.

As i work to develop how people act like atoms in molecules - I find that chemistry is all inclusive and yet each atom works alone.  I changed the movie - I now play the role of Hari Seldon in Asimov's Foundation series.  In Doc's movie.  In other people's movies, my role hasn't changed - only the amount of screen time has changed.  I want to use your movie in the basis set for the Game/experiment/movie change such that we are creating a weigh to change the media.  Sort of a 'Stop the Whirled I want to get off' scenario.  The cognitive dissonance of the 70's (60s thru 80s) has all the verbiage - we just have to alter the spin - that is the One New Earth concept.

Give love and light to everybody that you deal with.  The numbers have meaning in a fibonacci sense - and you are always in control of the size of groups in your movie.  Let's start thinking about screenplay as we create a whole new movie out of the remnants of all the old movies.

Namaste' ...  Hari ...  Doc

January 21, 2014

Unity Community

The Unity Community is a group of connected souls that have gone through a collective reality experience together, such that there is a bond that is different from the normal interactive bonding in the world today.  The group had its beginning a few days before Doc started the next fractal of his experiment and hence lemme howdt s a player in that community by virtue of the common experience.  In theory - love provides the glue to form chemical bonds - it is the attraction between elements - like attracts like.  The mass realm thinks opposites attract and their glue is fear - the other side of the love coin. 

Yesterday - there were seven beings engaged in the chatroom in the early hours of the Mountain USA time morning.  The concepts were driven by Kris' statement I am dead - there is no love.  The group of love beings present distinctly changed the vibe and brought love and peace both to the forefront. As lemme howdt, I participated with a service of raising the consciousness level - as one part of a group set at Fibonacci 5 and working on real life problems.

A system is only as good as the prior system that it was built upon.  The house of cards of current reality is such that we now are each responsible for our own life style and for all of us on this planet.  Who are we now that we are one?  [i][quote]I am you and you are me and we are all together.  See how we run from pigs with a gun, see how we run.[/quote][/i]  Not any longer>

To get the operating system correct and not contaminated by the one that we left - I choose to invent an experimental system to attempt to include every being - self thinking entity on Gaia.  The new movie Ender's Game will have a sequel - Speaker for the Dead - that represents a change of theory for our young hero Ender.  We are at a point where we can create something new, but only if we each tell our own story and listen to others as they tell theirs.  We are co-creating the history of us for future generations - think about how you wish to be perceived in your actions today.

Rahiji is part of One New Earth Network - the ONE.  Rahiji is Dr. Lenny is lemmehowdt is doc is ... - we are all characters in our own Truman show movie - stop the presses, change the movie - Make it the book Foundation by Isaac Asimov and Doc is Hari Seldon.  Since we are also all characters in each other's movies - we get to play our roles without rewriting the script. I can be me in your movie and you can be you in my movie.  Sui Juris.

If you wish to join the experiment and play this game - read about bubbles on my blog at howdt.blogspot.com and contribute to this thread.  We are developing a new media form and each of our likes and dislikes have to be considered right now, before the form grows beyond control.  This is libra's bubble - thank you dear sister, my love - for being at the stage personally to step forth and do. 

Each of us here have proved to each other that we are trustworthy - call yourself on it if you are not.  We need to see how high the fractal bar can be shifted and we have some good organic growth models to work with.  We are cocreating our own common reality - treat yourself as well as you treat the other beings here and i'll catch you in the chatroom next Monday morning.

Dr. Lenny has a new experiment that he is calling a game.  Rahiji is the new name for the teacher and learner of the game We Remain that directs the course of the experiment - when Rahiji is the character - neither Dr. Lenny nor lemme howdt are allowed in the system - unless grandfathered in before the conception date.  Therefore by the luck of the draw, dear Paige, i love you and will remain in touch by the same rules that govern the transformation of past to future via the present.  What we believe in ONE is not what everybody else believes as individuals - there is no common ground.  We share what we are by hanging with beings that appreciate us as part of their tribes - you in my tribe, me in your tribe.  

Respect the fractal size of your tribe and the difference in the tribes of those you include on the scale that you function upon.  If you truly wish to learn what i just said , i have decided to take on a small number of apprentices.  There is a large falloff with virtual and real distance - we all have to be who we are and play roles for the expectation of others that have not made it this far, yet.  Appreciate the journey - it has different pathweighs that arrive to the same place - use love and light in your movie.

Namaste' ...  Rahiji

January 20, 2014

Monday Morning Metaphysics

Deep inside the cave - the hermit awakens.  The screen calls even before the lights go on and the instant prayer develops - awareness of self - awareness of all - begin.  To chat, to listen to be with other enlightened beings - the group is small.  The one is up to two when hermit makes three and the size rises to a peak of seven - then simmers there as the dynamic takes the static into holographic and morphogenic fields born in by the stage of development that integrates the quality and quantity of numbers.  

Each one brings a story that requires attention of others - a place of common coexistence that defines a perspective - their perspective.  By being in a one that is greater than a single one - the fractal of size change resonates the quality of the fibonacci number that defines the group.  Group theory in chemistry and group theory in sociology follow the same mathematical patterns as develop within game theory.  If we wish to resonate in a world of love and have fun, we have to be willing to play thought games that take us out of our comfort zone and allow us to rationalize from other points of view.  Games are a mental construct - if i called the game an experiment, a whole different group of people would understand the concept i was talking about in a completely different weigh.

By different weigh, i mean that the construct of the group of college educated america has a completely different belief system than the construct of the layman educated at the school of hard knocks.  Those who learn that things other than keys open doors at an early age get characterized and educated to belief exactly what their programmers wished them to believe.  Who are these programmers.  Well, your grandparents.  And they were doing it out of complete love for you, because you are the offspring that matters most to them.   You perpetuated their genetics when the goals were shaped by Charles Darwin. 

My views were shaped by Linus Pauling and Albert Einstein.  And television.  The baby sitter that had this five year old watching both JFK and LHO get shot live on national TV.  As my parents each had their hands full with what they were doing to raise a family in the best Brady Bunch, Father Knows Best style - i watched the myth of the 60's through the eyes of one of the first kids exploded out into his own in the nuclear age family - the precursor to beginning to stand under life differently at an early age.  Jeopardy was fodder - who, what or where was easy when you read the world book encyclopoedia to find howdt what they didn't tell you in school.

I didn't ever realize that the classes of two that i had in elementary school taught me a completely different world perspective than my classmates.  I was buttonholed into a pigeon coop of believing everybody was sharing my individual experience where common sense was not even a concept until i read Thomas Payne - in middle school!  Now - we are beginning to see with transparency some of the things that i saw young and couldn't believe were not common experience, because i see the world through my own eyes.   When i get tense, i always go back to a space where i am alone with me.  I am comfortable there and have lived in my space forever.

You have your space that you know where you are and can be you at times when only you need to be there for yourself.  The level of intrusion allowed when you need your personal time is a function of the size of the group that you call one.  Your personal quantum beginning.  You have grown up and now are an adult, or you are learning every day and you are a child.  We all are both adults and children at all times.  Treat every being with respect, most important treat yourself with respectThyme Howdt for prayer and greeting ...

Home has a new cat that didn't live at the place where i was staying in the prior fractal here in my immediate now.   We have to build a trust relationship between beings and i have given this cat more information than he can integrate in the time frame of cat - which operates at speeds much faster than most humans can conceptualize.  In other words - respect for all beings.  Diligence.  Remaining in the now, while traveling within imagination to conceive of thought that changes the way it is to the weigh we wish it to be.  We have to see to be in our mind's eye to create the paradise that we strive to achieve.  

And that story is fostered in the need to protect our children from ourselves after we rebelled against our parents and then started seeing the light beyond the light.  We all know in our hearts that our parents love us deeply in all situations with a connection that is stronger than the will of the other parent in most cases.  They never made the love bond connection with each other that should have been required before they made you.  (** is this really a true concept or is this a myth that we carry?  How can we tell?)  

What's love got to do with it Tina?, what's love but a second hand emotion - no, we don't think so.  But thinking is believing at a different level than what you might think.  Stay Loony Tuned, Bugs and Marvin.

Namaste'  ...  Rahiji

January 19, 2014


Sanskrit notation : Rahiji : we remain
After the fact - no matter what happens
Our mass forms flow by power of love
Sound in Mind empties : Void the fear
After - We remain - Rahiji - honoring
Our teacher guru by learning skills
How to do in a world of much to do
Simple and elegant, to remain free ...

2014 cc lemme howdt nee Rahiji

January 15, 2014

Bubble Game #1 : Linear Dymanics and Fibonacci

     Thyme to play with Bubbles.  Most people live inside their own social bubble to the degree that they really care about what other people think of them.  To that end, what they think of themselves becomes the grandstand of importance and they set up their system in a very logical structure way.  If A happens, then B will follow, when B happens, then C will be the result and after C, then D, E, F and G ...  .  This is what we are calling linear dynamics and it is the weigh people see the whirled from their television/internet/system perspective.  Rules are made to enforce constancy and one size fits all - more, bigger, better, best.

    Science, rigidly enforced by mathematics, is extremely distinct in linear dynamics.  There is one correct way to describe things and everything must be bullied into the universally accepted perspective until the one singular innovation comes along and changes everything.  The current corporate uberstructure with the worship of money to the final end of an apocalyptic crash into a hard surface is a linear dynamic myth that has taken hold of the psyches of the mindless numbered masses as they pass from cubicle to television screen with a quick pit stop at Mickey dees.

     Act local, think global is a backwards concept - act global, think local appears to be in our better interest.  The fabrication of what we call real depends on a common mindset to hold together the illusion - we all live in our own little bubbles and have to learn to count all over again.  The linear base ten system has been superseded by binary and hexadecimal - base ten linear is passe'.   When it comes to the point of dissolving the common accepted reality - we find that this has already taken place.  The Bubbles game is an experiment - you are invited to play.

    As above, so below.  Harmony is embedded in the spheres.  Drs. Pollack and Ho have described water way beyond the image of current scientific acceptance - we are out in the rainbow clouds investigating new relationships.  If this, then that leap is not as much a leap as a roller coaster thrill ride in a virtual amusement park - at the end of the ride, do you ask for more?   The concept of one, the self, the quantum, is one that each of us has to set for ourself.  Thank you Dr. Emoto for the images.

    To do this - let us change the definition of what we call self.  At this point, each of you reading this through your own eyes is a self - a being, a person - a self-recognizing distinct entity.  If you have pets, these animals see themselves in this same way that you do - always acknowledge them and they will convey the same mirror treatment to you.  Of course, you already knew that and act accordingly.  Plants and crystals also deserve ultimate respect, as does anything that contains a substantial amount of water.

     If you have a full-time life partner, the entity of you and your partner together should be considered as a unit of one that subsumes the two individuals when together in a common bond.  This means that each person sees the pair of two as an entity - like a Hydrogen molecule H2 - that is not breakable into separate stable components.  This, in contrast to a water molecule H2O - which has three atoms, can be viewed as a single symmetric species and each person assumes the value of zero while together as the one.  Since there is always a minimum of plus or minus one in any measurement, that two can be one is on the limit of measurement accuracy.

     Thus now - we have bubbles that are quantized at a unit of one for several different scales - we have the concept of the first four fibonacci levels of zero, one, one and two all being able to be measured with a unit scale of one.  This is an incredibly complex feat that we have now accomplished - we can see how one can be all and all can be one, without disrupting our personal individual will, except by 'common' agreement.  This is the basis of sovereignty a complex different discussion.

    Once a bubble has been launched at the size of one - the relationship takes on different dynamics as a function of the number of peeps in participation.  For humans sake, we only count peeps as humans, but realize that nature determines peeps as life forms, so our counting is an arbitrary setting of a scale of one and in reality contains very many more scales both larger and smaller.  For convenience - i have my personal illusion scale currently set between a grid of 64 and a grid of 144 - about 1.61 of the way abridged by a third coin flip mechanism for the introduction of multiple dimensions.  But my grid is designed for mapping me - not you and i am the most complex person that i know intimately.

   These 98 levels form a mobius strip that is a two sided journey in a space without time.  That i can go inside myself to realms of small or outside the whole to realms of huge is a function of the accordion of my imagination - my Road to Tabithia, so to speak.  Our personal illusion is as real as we make it, subject to the laws of physics if we feel bound by them.  Chemical bonding and interpersonal bonding have many parallels, we are just beginning to explore the interrelationships of diverse fields of interest.  Locate your own field and dive deep, or dive wide - you need breadth and depth and width to see through the 3D experience.  You can only do this in a bubble of one.

    Size is an organic function of form.  As form takes place in biology, there is symbiosis between many different components that are related to each other, but not with each other.  To know is to see the relationship of the one to the whole one - the two ones of the fibonacci quartet of the first four levels.  While each of us works to self-contain our whole, the thing that we can track is how many peeps are in the entity that we track as our linear time.  If you set your one properly, and we each agree on the 24 hour day, then the number of peeps in the room is a measure of the scale that you find yourself working on.  Work is another concept for a different day.

     In fact, the Zone is approaching both 2200 posts and 50,000 pageviews, since blogger began counting.  In fibonacci levels - both are in high enough numbers that level is out there - the demonstration of being has been achieved - thank you for taking a time out with Thyme Howdt.  For those wondering about Fibonacci - the golden mean ratio - take the first number zero and add it to the next number one and generate the next number in the sequence.  zero plus one is one.  one plus one is two.  one plus two is three.  two plus three is five.  five plus three is eight.  0 1 1 2 3 5 8 - eight is the seventh level of number.  13 21 34 55 89 144 - the thirteenth level is 144.  233 377 610 987 1597 - the Zone would currently be an 18th level news enterprise.  You can see how to measure level - this is the Weigh. 

     Each field holds its own standard of measure.  What is a field - Rupert Sheldrake - morphogenic field or Richard Alan Miller's holographic field or just, the aether.  A field is an area that has a form of measurement - something that is common across many fields can compare to other fields on an apples to apples basis.  As we go deeper, we tend to be less broad and our three dimensional space requires more subsets of direction.  To keep simple - narrow down your fields to two - one being your training perspective.  We are going to question all knowledge two fields at a time - by sorting things into categories and shuffling the deck for many new game resets. 

     To play this game - track your time each day as a function of peeps in your space.  Humans only for this one.  Hold the data for a month, then reset to a different page and track the same data for another month in a form that makes more logical sense to you.  Do not go back to the original data - just put that sheet into an envelop and be ready to mail it somewhere.  End date with be time change day in 2014.

Namaste ...  doc

January 14, 2014

How to Change the Movie

   If you made it through the last post, you will note that doc is saturated with the business of dealing with people.  As a hermit, one appreciates the down time where reflection is allowed to precipitate thought.  When the interaction is constant, the need to be always on limits the down time to - what can i do that needs to be done in this window of time?  The pile stacks as less gets done and more piles up.

    Multi-tasking is not a valid solution.  Nor is microsh*t's one experience for everything.  Whoever thought that one up deserves to be stuffed with code and beaten like a pinata.  Each of us has a means by which we work best and we know how to do the work that we do efficiently.  When they change the color of the backdrop or make a shortcut - it disrupts the expectation pattern and slows down the process.  I can see many jumps in context based on parallel lines - but only if i have the time to look.

    Life cannot be done from rote response. By working with people and community, i have to remove myself from the personal line of interest and hope that other people can take care of my personal well-being.  Since i do not accept pay for work, i have to find other schemes to have income to do the work.  When i spend time with people - i learn their motivations and goals and can accurately access the value of their work - on the scale that they are working.  I can only compare it to what i know when i work with me.

     I have not worked on me very much this past 6 weeks and i have grown tired of the rat race of travel and up-keep with a different place in space and time every few days.  The structure is erratic and the need to pay attention to things that were off my radar screen has heightened my awareness of how insane the current movie has become.  I will write fiction - i can see the stories unfold - but you cannot get there from here.  Only I can and i am not sure that i want to.

     Y'see - the common illusion is breaking down and i believe this is a very good thing.  Rule of force and power over is not a paradigm that has long term sustenance.  To really develop community properly on an organic basis, we have to get it right at the simple number levels - it has to work for the one, before it can work for the two.  At the stage where two become one - i.e. twin flame - the two entity and the two one entities still retain their original form.  We always operate as one - when we partner - how often are we subsumed into the two without being able to retain our unique one.  At scale - when do we start a new quantum level?

     So - to Change the Movie - one starts by changing the perspective of self.  Take a chance to identify yourself from outside your current entity.  My friend watches hummingbirds and can be at one with the birds without fear, as long as she can control movement.  The birds can perch on a stick floating on water to take a bath - and the stick interacts with the bird just as the human observer interacts with the bird.  The bird and stick and observer all cooperate - though we do not assign the stick consciousness due to our bias.  Yet wasn't the tree once alive?

     Life is water.  If it has water, it holds consciousness.  Wow.  Parameter changing event - water of life - water of love - water of rain - water thinks it is a person - how much water is there in the world.  To change to looking at the world from the scale of water - well that can be a different prospect for the imagination.  The scale - how deep, how wide, how long, how many quantity, how clean quality (even what does clean mean?).  And this is just one of the many things we can think about if we give ourselves the time to think.  About water.  only.

     The trick may be to consider everything as people instead of just people as people.   Every self-thinking entity considers itself as its own basis set of one - we need to include their perspective in our new world-view.  From the scale of the smallest cognizant entity - the water molecule.

     Hmm - more later ... Namaste'  ...  doc

January 13, 2014

Game Theory: 1) What is a bubble ?

Nothing is even what it seems and always just what it is.  As things go wonky on the grand scale, the perfect place to be is in your own micro-universe, taking care of the one thing you know you can count on - you.  As everybody currently is anybody, the whirled turns to conjecture in the absence of knowledge - i think perhaps time has come to rearrange the deck chairs once again?

How do we really know what we know and which parts of this are just made up out of the plasma of theory with no actual practice?  A model is an abstract image that we can use to see the working dynamics of other pieces that are in play - yet we forget that the models are just models and not the pieces or images themselves.  How do we hold context?  What is bubble gum?

One of the first things to do is to explore other options.  The cognitive dissonance of egregious illusion is portrayed in the video and audio discourse of our time.  When doc speaks, it becomes of our Thyme.  If time is a consistent illusion and can be encompassed in a different concept of size and space, then maybe some of the time dependent functions of life can be uncoupled from their sequences and studied as an entire whole unto themself, as opposed to a component of a larger entity? How does it stick together?

We are all one and we are each one.  At every scale, there is a new base entity one that is different from the prior entity one.  In science, we call the one a quantum.  When the quantum one is the smallest one possible, it means that we no longer can break down the entity into another set of sub-components.  Yet we continually go down smaller and redefine the basis set of the model system we call one, then forget that the previous one was indeed the limit to the size of the entity in the first place.  This argument flips as a converse - substitute the yin smaller with the yang larger and the sentence still works - it has the symmetry of form that groks the concept of the very large and the very small being the very same one.  As above, so below

I now have the form for a new game.  Games do not have to be fair or balanced in any terms other than the rules of the game must be followed - cheating to win a game may be acceptable in real life, but it begs the question of the ultimate purpose of the game.  We play the game to win.  If the word game is carried through the semantic meat-grinder - a scientist might call his experiment a game - especially if it needs to be repeated with a frequency to develop statistical significance.  Once you have set the game in motion, the rules become fixed by the level of play - the rules developed at one level become fundamental to the understanding of the concept of the game at the higher levels.  You always are in your own bubble.

So - every individual has their own personal bubble games that they play with themselves at all times - to test the waters of reality to see if what they know indeed holds up to what they know.  The game is as simple as cross-checking the facts or passing a judgment - later in time (the non-concept), the truth is revealed and we correct the thinking and move on to other games, other tests, other playful inquiries into the depth and breadth of an item, a theory, a relationship, a system.  Chew gum, blow bubbles, pop bubbles, report and score.

Chess is a complex game built on a gridboard of 64 squares.  The genetic code and the I-Ching also share this grid of 64 - as do many other concepts distributed amongst various scales of embedded information.  If we wish to question all knowledge and get valid answers to these queries, then we must be able to discriminate truth from fiction - at least in terms of consistency of thought.  The idea that we all have an individual perspective and a common perspective both, that are different but simultaneously in place together is the key to being able to play in doc's new game.  It requires a third basis set in addition to the two - you have to figure out how to erect the third set from the union of the other two sets.  Define your bubble in terms of two opposed concepts.

The game changes at every other scale - a sense of continuity is reached when the common scale is set to zero and the personal scale is set to one - or the common scale is set to one and the personal scale is set to zero.  You win the game when each scale is set to 1/2 - one half - which happens to be a measured value of spin in commonly accepted science.  Now how many of you think you are lost?  What did doc just say?  In very basic terms - what sort of game are we playing here?  Bubble making and popping bubbles.

You think you know what you have been taught to know.  You know some of what you know is pure BS, but there are some things that you know you know because they work as expected every time that you use them.  You don't talk about them much to other folk because they wont believe you and want to argue that it doesn't happen, and if they convince you that it doesnt happen that way, your thing that worked no longer works - because you no longer believe.  Illusion is when you believe something that isn't true, but it works as long as you keep the though stream going and truly believe in your imagination that you can make it work.  You can, if you do not allow me, doc, to burst your bubble.  Or anybody else.  Just you burst your own bubble, first.

Because all bubbles do pop, that is what they do.  Our economy has been likened to a series of bubbles - the housing bubble, the high tech bubble, the student loan bubble.  Bubbles pop.  Perhaps we need badly to pop all our common bubbles and reach a new standard of common thought where the basic pretense set is common and the though bubbles are unique - but alas, that model is not how the bubbles actually work in the real world - we never know when they are going to pop, they just do, all of a sudden.  So maybe, just maybe, we can start working outside the current system building some alternative knew systems that we can try howdt some different ideas without concepts like time or money that create fear, panic or inequity?  Oh - those are deep concepts not in doc's game world ... yet.  Doc is off in his own bubble.

Namaste' ...  doc