November 29, 2014

Feline Appreciation

To read the energy meter, watch a cat. Cats have a sense for when to be somewhere. No matter when I cook, if i have meat in the meal, the calico is there underfoot.

She came with the house rental. Sweet older kitty that has a zen to her - quietly moves about and is there, right when she needs to be. All calico's are female - a quirk of the genetics. It also appears that calico's understand human - and are masters of purr therapy. The prior calico in my life was also a thespian - she play-acted an entire hunting story when a cougar thinned our group from three cats to two.

namaste' ... lemme

November 27, 2014

Ground States

Continuing with our theme of chemico-sociology - applying the lessons of chemistry to the social challenges of today. The game is moving toward a high energy frenzy and we have already talked about transition states and free radicals. Chemistry is a theory where reactants combine to make products. If there is not enough energy around, the reactants can set together without reacting: all sorts of specific conditions are necessary to make molecules reactive.

Energy can be fed into a system all at once or very slowly. Some people look at the big pot and gradually ramp up the heat, raising temperatures gradually such that the frogs don't jump right out of the pot. Others start incendiary timbers burning, then lob Molotov cocktails to gather attention. If you want to flow with the changes and not catch the heat, you have to be very observant and avoid trouble.

Sometimes trouble comes calling. The zen of detachment for an individual water molecule is being alone or being surrounded by other water molecules in the ground state sea of normal water. Molecules have charges based on the distribution of electrons and proton within the molecule. Water has two hydrogen and one oxygen framed in a bent lattice with a sharing mechanism called hydrogen bonding. Like attracts like and love is shared in a way that everybody in the drop shares intimate contact with the whole and yet remains self too. All water is attracted to charge.

There is no longer a ground state available to people who believe in the current economic and political system that has operated since i was born in 1958. I learned culture in front of a television, when tv was brand new and nobody had a thought about the overall impact. I shouldn't say nobody - 1984 by George Orwell - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Jules Verne - Victor Schauberger, Nikolai Tesla, many others, written out of the idea stream of what is taught as the common basis of the current is.

As an academic, i always wondered about why they kept changing text books in fields like chemistry where the initial knowledge is rote. The first three years of a university chemistry degree is a walk on the path of reinforcement of how we know what we think we know. At least it was when i was learning, and i believe i am always learning, because we can never stop. Nor can we unlearn.

I use a concept called the flux box to keep areas that i currently question away from the depth of the hierarchical thinking that i do. I turned from vertical hierarchies to horizontal ones, because nature doesn't operate by one tree saying i'm the baddest motherf*cker in the forest, so you all have to listen to me. (Altho - give a listen to this song by Rush) 

The idea is that constant exchange of values is going on in a constant transition state. If a tree needs nutrients, a fungus in its root system is ready and able to trade for sugar - which the tree manufactures as cellulose. The symbiotic network of all nature operates 24/7 in two distinct cycles, which we call Day and Night.

Gaia, is a living, breathing, cognizant creature who has decided to ascend and has taken us along for the ride. According to the Mayan calendar cycles, this can happen once every 26,000 years - see David Wilcock and his works for elaboration of this theoretical timeline. As a scientist, a theory is defined as a current working hypothesis that cannot yet be proven or disproven. The question must remain falsifiable - a state where there is a valid answer. Anything that involves Schroedinger and his cat must work around that precious puddy-tat which always knows when it is alive.

When i need to ground - if it is warm and daytime, i take to earthing. I stand barefoot on the surface of the planet and feel the emanation of light down into the heart of the planet and up to the great central sun somewhere else in the universe. I don't have to see to believe, i just know and follow the imagery that arises when the light contacts various ports in the storms. There is no storm on the cosmic surfboard on top of the wave; to get there, you must detach from caring in both heart and mind - and visit that place where the soul resides.

It is the place you are destined to be - because you have to get there to rise your personal vibrations above the chatter of the imaginary matrix alluded to. We all are Neo. Which color pill did you choose? Go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall.   

Sorry, if i lost you there for a moment with my oblique Airplane reference. It's just that the wave cycle seems to run in seven year increments on top of 40 year inversions. The numbers register as a sine wave - the peak up rising is 28 years from the next peak up rising. The same events take place in quadrants of four - rotating in permutations of two, so that they don't look the same at all, from an embedded point of view. But standing howdtside looking in ...

This theory also seems to explain why my father and son can get along famously - they each see the world in the same black and white context, only exact mirror reflections of the points of view. But - the genetics carries forth, such that when the symmetry is not broken, the facets look exactly the same. Just like any perfectly cut gemstone. The context that carries all this through is love, in the chemical bonding between water molecules and the genetic connection of individual families.

Enjoy Thanksgiving and be grounded with your family.  Namaste' ... lemme and doc

November 25, 2014

Free Radicals

The last discussion left off with a concept of free radicals that needs to be fleshed out in further depth. The concept of breaking apart a pair of electrons to leave them both loose as a singular entity requires lots of energy. Energy is stored in chemical bonds and when bonds are broken, the loose energy goes into whatever happens to be in the way to absorb it. We work with free radical generators like hydrogen peroxide and ozone regularly - when the population of radicals is large enough where they are constantly meeting each other, then they cancel themselves out by pairing.

The mechanism by which plastics are formed is called a free radical polymerization. A single entity called a monomer is the basic unit of a plastic. In polyethylene, ethylene is the monomer; in polyurethane, urethane is the monomer. A free radical initiator is added as a catalyst in small amount and each place where a reaction is started. The monomer reacts with the initiator and becomes a radical. It finds a neighbor molecule and adds it to create a dimer radical. This finds a either a new monomer, another dimer or an initiator, but based on who is around, the next monomer wins for quite a while. It depends totally on proximity of who is hanging around the site where the action is happening.  Can you say Ferguson?

As the system continues to react, eventually there are more free radical chains than monomers and dimers and larger chains make larger chains and soon, every monomer is part of the great linked polymer. That is how plastic world works on a molecular formative basis. The analogy to social transformation can be used to indicate progress, or digress, which may be necessary first.

Now, first, each of us as an individual is involved in many concurrent relationships. We generally have one favored squeeze, but love includes children and parents, friends and colleagues, even speakers that we haven't met but whom we know from familiarity on some sort of stage. The fact that now, everybody has the stage available, seems to have slipped past us in that desire to conform and be accepted. You can no longer do that here, because here we do not accept the common assumption of life in the USSA.

I used the word catalyst earlier and i want to clarify the term. A catalyst is a chemical that lowers an energy barrier to allow a reaction that would not happen if the energy barrier remained high. There are many 'normal' reactions that take place without the generation of any radicals - however, the mechanisms of chemistry vary because every element has unique form. Each holds a different place in the relationship of all things - chemistry is human consciousness on a molecular level where the bonds between elements are made of love.

Love is not just sex, though sex can be nice. If a new world is going to be based in love, then it requires that we, as humans, redefine the concept in terms that we all can accept, in as many forms as there are chemical reactions. Doc is here thinking as lemme is feeling and the grounding emotions are helping us deal with the high energy of the current solar system, an astrological fractal of the same sort of thing.

On another note entirely, this will be the first blog to be rebroadcast at the Galactic Free Press using a bot. I encourage everyone to keep up with the world of the new by linking to places that resonate with their personal beings. The free press is a secondary source that rebroadcasts a lot of information from places like Waking Times. Thyme's like times, even if time is an illusion.

Namaste' ... doc and lemme

November 23, 2014

Electron Pair Repulsion Theory

Chemistry and sociology run in parallel to each other as hard and soft science. This implies that they share a fractal dimension where the actions of the individuals within groups act similar on each scale. The basis for the water molecule and the basis for the individual human been are similar and if we invoke biomimicry, we find that nature (Gaia) already knows this.

In chemistry, it requires energy to get to the point where the transition state occurs.  When the transition state happens, at the maximum energy required, some bonds break and new bonds forms, and then energy is released and the ride is all downhill from there.  Two choices - fall to the bottom hard, or ride the wave on your cosmic surfboard. Guess which I choose?

So, an individual water molecule, like an individual person or an individual electron, has an identity that allows it to keep a separate memory of itself that is different from the group memory of the whole. What happens on its journeys is that it finds a comfortable place to remain and stays there until the transition state forces a change to occur. Gaia is in full transition state and the new moon energies last night were the peak energy, enough to dislodge some tether that weren't 'supposed to be' broken and creating an interesting ride forward.

Water has four electron pairs on the individual molecule. They fall into two sets, the A set that it a bonding pair and the B set that is the non bonding pair. Four pairs equals eight individual electrons - set off into groups that can 'mix and match' with the non-bonding pairs becoming semi-bonded pairs with the next water molecule, a well known phenomena in water known as hydrogen bonding. This is responsible for the high melting and boiling points for water that all phase change at active Gaia temperatures.

The two bonded pairs on water have a known regular geometry angle of 109.3 in both air alone and in an EZ water solution away from the contact surfaces. When this water 'free water' becomes part of a biochemical structure - all bets on a normal existence for that particular water molecule are off - the geometry is fixed by the bonding with the new system and other sacred geometries on bigger scale which uses the water to be the lattice for the lego, to hold pieces together for a bigger next fractal up scale structure. The memory of that is what the individual water molecule 'knows' and tries to retain after it gets replaced, when it goes back into the ocean of water molecules.

In this new setting, the bonded pairs of electrons of an individual water molecule retain their constancy and the non-bonded pairs do all the experiencing and twist the fabric of the water molecule's reality. The energy of the full moon last night blew apart a great bit of 'human' water continuity and the degrees of freedom allowed this morning far exceed the bound structure of the prior time. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

I have been there before and done this wrong and gotten into a worse off situation. When yesterday's horoscope had the words vision quest embedded into the review, it kicked off a DMT reaction that set me into a zen mode. The disreality of the scene was so comic, that i instantly knew that this altered state was a learning test and it was up to me to take the action that was right. By walking the talk and talking the walk, i have personally integrated the new weigh of doing and left the old system - and physically watched the energy move as the weight of the false reality system collapsed like a multi-deck house of cards.

There is another concept in chemistry called a free radical. Free radicals are initiators for chain reactions, like the polymerase chain reaction PCR necessary for DNA amplification. Spreading the weigh with a free radical initiator is like exposing hydrogen peroxide to a wound. It stings like hell when it happens, but the healing ability of the system is enhanced greatly, after the change. Remember the Beatles for this next little trine - Nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about, SFF. Best thing is, two new radicals are started at the breaking of each pair -and they head off in different direction, as catalysts for change.

Namaste' ... doc

November 22, 2014

Quantum Jump Thyme

Misunderstandings occur because words mean what we say, not what we think they say. Once a thought is stated and not controlled, it takes on a life of its own and sometimes there is no going back. Mean spirited peeps are all over the whirled right now because we live in crazy time when things no longer are what they seem. When you can't let go of expectations based upon old values, the world will seem like a rather harsh place.

Love works in mysterious ways. I sent my shaman friend a copy of Matt Kahn's discussion on how, when things go seemingly bad for us, we need more love and not less. Somehow, he couldn't get it open and proceeded to miss the message and have a very bad day. If you are spiritually connected, your guides really shouldn't let you down like that; however, we make the bed we lie in. We have arbiters on Gaia to resolve disputes - unilateral judgment requires some other methods.

Breathe. The deal changes when your guides decide that you have learned the lesson that you were set up to learn. As an Asbergers person, my coping mechanism has been to crawl deeper down the rabbit hole and go off on a tangent that has me lost in space. In the new weigh, disappearing happens because a quantum jump is taking effect and free fall always involves a change in both real and perceived status. Ready and able.

Of course, now what? is always a good question. We will see what each day brings while holding back on the sharp tongue approach, because enough bridges were burned by not being clear with words. We each interpret the things that others say from the perspective that we bring. We can all act when somebody points out something differently, but in ignorance of challenge, it becomes difficult to address that challenge in the least. It is why there are feedback loops. When the feedback doesn't keep consistent with the reasoning, it generally implies that the reasoning is flawed, thyme to go back and check premises.

I feel sad, in a weigh, but more for losing the comfort of having a place to plant in called home in a way where the bottom was completely jerked out without consideration or discussion, over an issue that should really be a non-issue. But lemme doesn't think the way that other people think and the illusion of comfort was just that, a pleasant illusion. Lemme was trying a game out whereby he had to have a subservient role and so being released means that the 'i am' is now once again a free agent on the market - plus we have apprenticed another complete different skill set. The time has come where individual skills will be very useful. 

Contact lemme if you wish to bid for doc's professional services.

Namaste'... lemme

November 20, 2014

How I Take Care of Me

This album is one of my favorites - it really describes the current status quo of the whirled. The old game has ended; the new game has yet to begin. When I consider my personal health, i only take materials in that I feel i can trust. I drink lots of structured water, and also coffee and kombucha. The latter is fermented and a natural digestive aid. I have one script, for albuterol, which is a broncho dilator - it helps me breathe if i have an asthma attack or COPD. I take copious amounts of vitamin C, when a cold seems to be near. Never mix the C with coffee - on those days i switch to feel good tea.

I take some specialty minerals on occasion, like calcium, boron and potassium. Co-enzyme Q-10 and vitamin D are mainstays also - both heavy anti-oxidants. Plus, cordycept mushrooms - as a specific brain enhancer. For external healing, I use Ormus gold and for internal healing, a small dose of theraputic grade hash oil, twice a day. I eat well, avoiding GMO products of all sorts. I also avoid sea-food, both for nuclear reasons and to protest over harvest from the ocean.

Meat products have been a quandary. I raised meat rabbits for 20 years on a small farm and always had ducks, chickens, cattle and various exotic pets. While i believe in animal souls, i also believe that there is no malice in the predator-prey relationship all throughout nature. I have cut back substantially on both meat and dairy; yet i will always appreciate the delicacies of a full palate. Still, developing a relationship with our food first hand is an essential part of my new lifestyle.

Everything gives you cancer. Hash Oil cures cancer, with a combination of love, prayer and a mechanism that enables healing. The idea of healing is a personal quest - you have to put your mind to curing yourself and take full responsibility for your thoughts. Actions that sabotage your peace of mind allow a mechanism for lower vibrations to bring you back into the dis ease and illness. The necessity of 'going it alone' in a 'me vs everybody else' world is over - we are all either moving to a higher vibratory frequency or ... well, y'know life is really not an either/or proposition. Nothing gives you cancer, if you don't allow the cancer. You can cure you. doc mebbe can help.

Our current mental status is blurry right now, with the CMEs throwing a bunch of high energy muons at us. And that's just the sun - doesn't include the HARRP stuff nor the constant chemtrails. Really - i lost interest in the current political agenda, but what gives with poisoning the water and fouling the air of out Gaian nest? May we please abolish all economics and find a different basis for a society? I'm guessing it should be easy, as long as we have the latitude to try many things within our separate communities. 

So, in the absence of foreknowledge of the coming situation, i have minimized my impact and footprint on the earth. I still carry way more than i really need; we have been taught to acquire and honor books - still I have trouble reading on a puter screen for very long. Recently, the major amount of time spent here is working on a theory of how to introduce new games that allow people to grasp concepts that would otherwise be foreign. Somehow, we can adapt to anything flying at us on a video screen, so why don't we find games that whet our appetite for inquiry. If a game works, it can serve as a useful model in other areas.

Games can be designed to develop specific skills, or general abilities. The game does not have to be real, but it should have a real lesson of some sort associated with the practice of getting good at the game. After all, if as above, then so below ; life has many parallels found in diverse areas. The segment of brainwash on how to approach a task is enormous - play us a slow song and we seem to follow into infinity. Sometimes, the void is not a bad thing.

So the album is over and several lyrics made their weigh into today's blog. Thanks for being.

Namaste' ... lemme

November 19, 2014

A Mechanism of Healing

So many theories of healing are out there, that it seems to me like everybody should be well. Unfortunately, disease is built into the current system and stress levels are embedded within the lifestyle. To be well, you have to feel well and that requires being in tune with your physical body. It really helps to be able to ignore the dis ease of the current society - that takes changing thought patterns and lifestyles, which will come with time. Today, I would like to help you feel better.

Realize, this is not med dikkle advice. The folks that bring you the dikkle want you to remain ill and continue to pay the costs of their system. The only thing you really need to make you feel good is marihuana. If you live in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska or the captive District of Rome on the Potomac, it is now easier to toke.  For others - look into hemp oil - a helpful curative that mixes with coconut oil to be a topical agent in addition to being internally remediative.

The concept of healing involves the movement of water in the body. Water comes in different local concentration - the blood stream has different solutes than the inside of a cell and the brain has even more unique architecture. The idea of healing is to enable your water to mitigate any problems by solvating the area where the discomfort arises. The mechanism of the endo-cannibanoid system within your body has receptors that respond to THC, CBD and other alkaloids contained in the whole plant. Each has a role, smoking is the preferred method.

The molecules plug in to you and resonate with the proteins and enzymes within your body. They attract water which helps to dampen the frequency of intense vibration. The more water that is within the system, the more degrees of freedom. Whereas most treatments address the symptoms, hydration addresses the mechanism directly. Drinking water and smoking a joint will kick you back.

The concept of the healing has to do with the layering affects of water. The water at an irritated surface is very mixed up and confused, in local chaos. The symptoms of pain include heat, from the friction of molecules rubbing against each other. The oils help the surface structure the water by smoothing over the rough spots, lubricating the vibrating area. Low frequency sound and light also provide this grounding based healing; the tones seem to pace the waves emanating from the area of concern.

Dampening vibration also serves to lower blood pressure. A low theraputic dose of hemp oil twice per day seems to have a similar effect to eating an apple - it keeps the doctors away. Since the leading cause of death in merika is the med dikkle profession, we all become better off by being advocates of free herb.  After all, marihuana grows as a weed.

Namaste' ... lemme

November 18, 2014

Honoring Water

My water body sensed that perhaps today would be better spent in deep thought, rather than visiting the great water pool pictured yesterday. Water connects to other water - in the air: water vapor connects to provide enough of a lattice, that allow aetheric communication, even when it isn't raining outside. 

Brain fog coalesces when our water is too constricted; the means of keeping a good flow going is to drink a couple of glasses of just plain water every day. If you have the benefit of being able to structure your water, then drinking structured water puts you way ahead of the game. Wu Wei is our weigh.

Ormus Gold also acts as a water structure agent, but is quite different from, say, the EZ water state described by Pollack. You can order Ormus online from Mystic Earth - link from the cross lynx on the upper right side of the blog. Tell em Doc sent you (and check out all their other neat stuff)!

To heal the waters of Gaia, my friend Bridgette will be holding ceremony in the Reno, Nevada area. on December 6th/7th.

Allow me to introduce Bridgette and let her taken on the rest of today's blog.

Namaste' ... lemme

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff (she walks among stars) is the Minister of the Ministry Of Consciousness & Shaman for the Snake Clan. Bridgette works in 64 dimensions and specializes in her own formats, structures, practices in Shamanism utilizing Fire & Snake Medicine and Transmutation. Her Shamanism work also involves energy grid adjustments, altars, medicine bundles, coaching, screening, event looping, generating power, recapitulation, prayer, spiritual commitment ceremonies, plugging & unplugging sessions. Bridgette is also a sustainable Biodynamic farmer educating about our spiritual return back to Earth. She brings insights on how to work with the medicine of earth in systems of recovery and restoration for the health of our bodies, soil, water, air, plants life and animals.

Water Wheel Ceremony
December 7th @ Pyramid Lake, Nevada the site of the Mother and her basket stone, on the pyramid side of the lake, east end. Ceremony will start promptly @ 11 am. In the Tradition Of Marshall Jack. Please visit his websites for more information where he is going to be in the future: ~ or follow him on face book:

What is a Water Wheel? How Does it Work?
A Water Wheel is the sacred geometry design you see above. It is based on a Native American medicine wheel. Its purpose is to energize, celebrate, and honor water. It is also a place to deepen our relationship with the spirit of water.
A Water Wheel can be a personal altar in your home (Water Wheel Kit), or the design can be laid on the earth like a medicine wheel using corn meal, flowers, or stones. Seven clear quartz crystals activate six points around the circle and the center and transmit healing energy to and from the wheel.
Water Wheels are activated by our thoughts, intentions, and clear quartz crystals to create an energy field, or vortex of consciousness, for energizing water. Water Wheels get our thoughts of love, gratitude, and appreciation, which have been scientifically proven to transform the very structure of water, flowing to water. The more love and energy the Water Wheel receives from us, the more energy goes out to help our source waters… from which all living things are fed.
Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff under the Ministry Of Consciousness will be creating a Water Wheel Ceremony for all those that wish to attend to support and heal Our Water in Northern Nevada. This ceremony will also be assisting, connecting and aligning with and international Water Wheel Ceremonies that are taking place on December 6th. Bridgette will be doing prayer work at Pyramid Lake to support Marshall on December 6th at the reactivation of a Water Wheel in Texas that is connected to other international Water Wheels. She intends to start prayer work and preparation arriving at the lake on the 6th and staying overnight completing the Water wheel on Sunday. 
We are asking for a $25 donation for the Ministry and if you feel guided to leave a separate donation for Marshall please let me know and I will get it to him or feel free to donate on his sites above. You can support this wheel even if you are not coming in person and helping Bridgette carry out all of the earth healing work she is doing by donation at

Items to bring for ceremony/group: white and yellow corn flour/meal, flowers, crystals clear or rose quartz stones for the alter and to share (need 2 large rose quartz stones for the middle and we need smaller quartz and rose quartz for the 6 nations/directions on the outer part of the wheel that will be covered and left at the site), pipe and loose leaf tobacco, sage loose or sticks and sweet grass.

Items to bring for ceremony/personally: If you are encouraged to Camp out with Bridgette please bring the proper gear as it may be very cold, dress for the weather, bring a small jar in which to receive healing water after the ceremony for your own needs, pack yourself a lunch and fresh water, you can bring items to be blessed on the alter that you may take home with you after, please bring a clear quartz or rose quartz crystal for a personal Water pray flag (size of a quarter all the way around or smaller), please remember to pay the fees required of the people of the Lake which means if you are camping pay for the overnight camping and day fee for Sunday December 6th or we will be trespassing and we wish that all the medicine that goes into this Water Wheel is good, right and with respect of all involved. 
This is a participatory event. For more information Please contact Bridgette @ 775.624.7862 or

November 17, 2014

How to Be Your Water

Vibrations arise from the interaction of molecules, that act in resonance from their nearby neighbors. The structural geometry follows between tetrahedral and octahedral arrangements, depending on the coordination number of the central atom. Size matters, and heavier atoms hold more weight, and therefore have a deeper vibration. Sailing takes me away from where i'm going.

Water is an essential ingredient in everything. When we talk about molecules, which are combinations of atoms of elements, we are looking at ninety nine of every hundred molecules on Gaia being water molecules. By number, not by weight, as almost every molecule weighs significantly more than water. We are all made of water - and bone dry still has embedded structural water present. The fact is that everything alive has water solvency as the basis for that life.

It makes sense on a fractal level that water is the essence of consciousness. Within beings, water acts as a carrier of charge and the aether of all that is present. Imagine yourself as Nemo, a clown fish, swimming about and ask - would you even detect water as a substance (do we detect air)? Imagination is highly important in setting yourself straight in a crooked whirled - imagine clean water.

Hot Springs water has all sorts of minerals and 'psychoactive' water substituents. Water holds memory and because each water molecule is sentient, the thoughts that we generate at this scale are somehow related to what is happening to water on a micro-scale. Gaia is a being like you or me, with water as the base level of a conscious existence. Love works as a tether through changing scales, as the nature of the chemical bond shared between co-habitating water molecules. The vibrational frequency of resonating love can be reached by all rational beings made up essentially of water. How water holds that information is a function of its spacial arrangement. The nearer to a non-water atom a water atom is, the more distorted the geometry. 

Enjoy a hot shower, especially if you do not have access to a hot spring. If you can structure the water that you use,you can make it more efficient in communicating to your inner self. The idea of being a water being takes some getting used to - but it looks like we will have plenty of time and limited mobility, so looking closer at what we have in hand will be well worth the effort. The orchestral dynamics of nature relies on symbiotic systems that are related through the transfer mechanism of water. 

Namaste'... lemme

November 14, 2014


Asleep again with your head in the clouds
Reigning on the parades of all around

Creating fictions from known facts
Inebriating others with tales to astound

Activating space in ritualistic grid
Aether net of eccentricity abounds

Still believing in the lies of others
While ignoring truths of the world aground

2014 (cc) lemme howdt

November 10, 2014

Stay Calm in the Sh*tstorm

Now, when they go crazy on you - you gotta learn how to shrug it off and not let it matter. Our weigh of life has to be different than what we have learned, so acting different in response to the illusion is the first start. Calm yourself by taking a deep breath and then focusing on the light - what color does the image appear to be?

To escape that non reality, we should stop using either/or. There are many different options to consider, not just two. Nothing is black and white, there are shades of gray. Nothing is simple light or dark; we of the light catch ourselves drifting dark and change the vibration - to pure love. Love is a radiance, a brilliancy, a point of light after a tunnel of dark. To grasp love, well - say Hello to Arica.

There seems to be a question of time within chemistry. The transition state of a chemical reaction consists of a build-up into a geometric form that allows a change in bonding. Chemical bonding is the love shared between two electrons that become one in a mated pair - and hold other entities (atoms) together with that love. All of physical chemistry involves the study of how this space is arranged - to show how the vibrations are elicited from the partnerships between like and unlike pairs.

Chemistry is always dynamic: the options at any given instant are to remain in the same place, to go forward or to go backward. After each step, the calculation takes place again and the options are the same. The result does not have to be the same; when the forward and backward balance each other, the status is called rest and acts the same as no change over the longer haul. On a human scale, we have been in no change land for every minute of our collective lifetimes, with few exceptions. A 230-year form of governance is at an end.

Consciousness is not a human trait. It is what it is and everything is conscious, to some extent. That chemistry has not studied consciousness is deliberate - the myth of status quo kept them from teaching you things that you absolutely should know, but refuse to believe. You have to suspend you belief in the way you were taught to think and expand you avenues outside of the narrow box that you currently behold. To do that, you have to let go of some 'true' belief.

How do we know what true is? Well, for one, true resonates. When somebody tells you something that you know is true, then little bells and whistles go off in the high pitch areas of your acumen and say, y'know, that's right and we might need to rethink some other things. If you wish to make God laugh, tell him what you already know. Or better yet, set new plans. You are God, but each of us must step into our divinity and accept that role to become the I AM of who we all are. It requires presence and can open some new doors; however once the threshold is crossed, you can never go back again.

And so it is at the transition state of a chemical reaction, that the choice to move forward puts you over the hill as far as the energy consumption is concerned. The option of going back will consume way more time and energy than the momentum of moving forward. At this point, there is only one option and until the entire event has been tarried forth, you can only go forward to the next stable state, there is no option of return. The balance is between thermodynamics - temperature, entropy, enthalpy and the like with kinetics - the setting of the stage where the participants move into play in their proper geometry. This is not duality - what is the third weight factor?

I believe that that factor is intent. If you take action in a form where you set a desired goal from the action, and vision through the process from start to finish, and factor in the acceptability of unique action by other participants, then you can change the course of the illusion and become a master of the game.

Thought pattern broke - allow me to give an example of different types of thought. What if we replace the total waste of water called toilets with something akin to a kitty litter box? How could this be done in a way that recovers useful materials into fertilizer and other subsystems that address the loss of topsoil on the planet?

Namaste' ... lemme

November 06, 2014

Walking the Walk

Greetings - whirled has become a bit chaotic and doc just doesn't wish to post any news commentary. He is working diligently on another different approach to chemystery, since the current one has people spinning in a chaos that they don't grok at all.  However, it has got electrolytes.

Thyme to remove another layer of the illusion - to let go of all the political rhetoric that matters to no one who is I AM. The only weigh to walk this path is by walking this path. The current illusion demands that you follow the Idiocracy, no matter how mind dumbing and soul numbing it professes to be. Letting go requires a leap of faith - you have to know that you will be okay even if you don't pay attention to it.

The system that is coming has a horizontal hierarchy. The decision is deferred to the person best equipped to make a proper decision. The order requires transparency - everybody who is involved need to be able to follow the logic loop though they don't have to understand all the details. The decision maker has access to everybody's first hand knowledge and expertise within the group. The ability to make good decisions is a function of the ability of the entire group.

Seems that dominant peeps wish to have everybody share equally in all endeavors of each group. This is mind numbing poppycock. If somebody does not relate to plants, i do not want them anywhere near my growing food supply. People without kitchen sense are not supposed to be in the kitchen, even if the rotation says they have to cook their 'fair' share. Anyone talking about what other people are supposed to do are suspect in my community.

We are each individual and we are all collective - both are one. The Fibonacci sequence starts off at zero, one, one. You can always pass forth on the bridge from you as an individual one to wherever you select to be, but to go from the all back to any individual one is like finding a needle in a haystack. The Ormus provides an electrical conduit for a single electron - there is an entirety in every single electron at every level because they, too, are all one.

Two is one and one. You cannot get to two without mastery of both one and one. When you have two, each one is an individual that cedes some areas of concern to the second of the two. This exchange needs to be equitable, but not even. There is a natural incentive for self-preservation based on three dee whirled experience that cannot be transferred to our new conception of society - our deals should always favor the other person in the exchange. If both parties wish to see the other benefit by the deal, then we have the system that we desire to live with.

Your word is bond, yet bond is mitigated by circumstance. The idea of bonding in the financial sense overwhelmed what bonding is really supposed to be about - chemistry. When Linus Pauling wrote the nature of the chemical bond, he was creating a summary of how these things called atoms and molecules work. These are abstractions ! Everything we know is made up to fit a series of measurements, that were taken at a time when science was assumed to be all that there was. We now grok spirituality as a metaphor of change via intent - the observer always affects the system observed.

So - let's take a leap to connect science and spirituality via vectors. A vector is a mathematical construct that consists of an arrow that has magnitude and direction. A long arrow ------> has a greater amplitude of vibration than a short arrow -->. Direction can be circular like a clock face, but mush consider three spacial regions - length, width and height. Let's set as parallels that logic is electric and feelings are magnetic. ( a Jim Self concept).  In vector space - electricity and magnetism are at right angles to each other - a situation known as orthogonal. There is a third orthogonal direction to both of the other two - look at a cube from the corner inward and you can see what i mean.

This space has no definition in the current reality, yet it has to be there. All that we believe has been taught to us by a school system that was flawed by design from the outset. To make the leap in quantum reality requires an understanding of the physics of quarks - the quirky particles that sub-atomically make up the protons, neutrons and electrons. The names of the quarks are : Top and Bottom, Up and Down, Charmed and Strange. In a topsy-turvy place, when we cannot tell up from down, our grounding allows us to know the top from the bottom. If it starts charmed, the next variant can be either charmed or strange. If it is charmed again, we think we know. Try flipping a coin ten times and see if you can get two in a row. How much more difficult would three in a row be?

You get the picture - thyme to hit the reset button and think it all through from scratch, once again. We set some definitions here today that will serve as the basis set for translating the lingo - if you want to follow along, watch the trolls mistake the use of language as the story develops.  Matter consists of solids, liquids and gases - a gross simplification that most knowledgeable people will argue til they are blue in the face, only they are wrong. Pollack's work needs to be worked through fractally into other areas of concern, to get a better picture of what we are about.

Oh, by the weigh ... doc says namaste' ... and lemme loves you.  more soon