November 27, 2014

Ground States

Continuing with our theme of chemico-sociology - applying the lessons of chemistry to the social challenges of today. The game is moving toward a high energy frenzy and we have already talked about transition states and free radicals. Chemistry is a theory where reactants combine to make products. If there is not enough energy around, the reactants can set together without reacting: all sorts of specific conditions are necessary to make molecules reactive.

Energy can be fed into a system all at once or very slowly. Some people look at the big pot and gradually ramp up the heat, raising temperatures gradually such that the frogs don't jump right out of the pot. Others start incendiary timbers burning, then lob Molotov cocktails to gather attention. If you want to flow with the changes and not catch the heat, you have to be very observant and avoid trouble.

Sometimes trouble comes calling. The zen of detachment for an individual water molecule is being alone or being surrounded by other water molecules in the ground state sea of normal water. Molecules have charges based on the distribution of electrons and proton within the molecule. Water has two hydrogen and one oxygen framed in a bent lattice with a sharing mechanism called hydrogen bonding. Like attracts like and love is shared in a way that everybody in the drop shares intimate contact with the whole and yet remains self too. All water is attracted to charge.

There is no longer a ground state available to people who believe in the current economic and political system that has operated since i was born in 1958. I learned culture in front of a television, when tv was brand new and nobody had a thought about the overall impact. I shouldn't say nobody - 1984 by George Orwell - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Jules Verne - Victor Schauberger, Nikolai Tesla, many others, written out of the idea stream of what is taught as the common basis of the current is.

As an academic, i always wondered about why they kept changing text books in fields like chemistry where the initial knowledge is rote. The first three years of a university chemistry degree is a walk on the path of reinforcement of how we know what we think we know. At least it was when i was learning, and i believe i am always learning, because we can never stop. Nor can we unlearn.

I use a concept called the flux box to keep areas that i currently question away from the depth of the hierarchical thinking that i do. I turned from vertical hierarchies to horizontal ones, because nature doesn't operate by one tree saying i'm the baddest motherf*cker in the forest, so you all have to listen to me. (Altho - give a listen to this song by Rush) 

The idea is that constant exchange of values is going on in a constant transition state. If a tree needs nutrients, a fungus in its root system is ready and able to trade for sugar - which the tree manufactures as cellulose. The symbiotic network of all nature operates 24/7 in two distinct cycles, which we call Day and Night.

Gaia, is a living, breathing, cognizant creature who has decided to ascend and has taken us along for the ride. According to the Mayan calendar cycles, this can happen once every 26,000 years - see David Wilcock and his works for elaboration of this theoretical timeline. As a scientist, a theory is defined as a current working hypothesis that cannot yet be proven or disproven. The question must remain falsifiable - a state where there is a valid answer. Anything that involves Schroedinger and his cat must work around that precious puddy-tat which always knows when it is alive.

When i need to ground - if it is warm and daytime, i take to earthing. I stand barefoot on the surface of the planet and feel the emanation of light down into the heart of the planet and up to the great central sun somewhere else in the universe. I don't have to see to believe, i just know and follow the imagery that arises when the light contacts various ports in the storms. There is no storm on the cosmic surfboard on top of the wave; to get there, you must detach from caring in both heart and mind - and visit that place where the soul resides.

It is the place you are destined to be - because you have to get there to rise your personal vibrations above the chatter of the imaginary matrix alluded to. We all are Neo. Which color pill did you choose? Go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall.   

Sorry, if i lost you there for a moment with my oblique Airplane reference. It's just that the wave cycle seems to run in seven year increments on top of 40 year inversions. The numbers register as a sine wave - the peak up rising is 28 years from the next peak up rising. The same events take place in quadrants of four - rotating in permutations of two, so that they don't look the same at all, from an embedded point of view. But standing howdtside looking in ...

This theory also seems to explain why my father and son can get along famously - they each see the world in the same black and white context, only exact mirror reflections of the points of view. But - the genetics carries forth, such that when the symmetry is not broken, the facets look exactly the same. Just like any perfectly cut gemstone. The context that carries all this through is love, in the chemical bonding between water molecules and the genetic connection of individual families.

Enjoy Thanksgiving and be grounded with your family.  Namaste' ... lemme and doc

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