November 30, 2005

Tanks : A Bio-oil revolution begins

We were able to acquire large tanks to store bio-oil. The logistics of getting them loaded on to trailer and hauled to our facility were entertaining. We appeciate the help from a number of different parties in making all the pieces come together. Now we need to create the filling for the tanks.

EH - 49 Grass Roots Education

Yeah, right - like such a thing exists. Lynn Stuter gives a fanciful point of view on how your tax dollars are leveraged, to provide education services that are 'necessary'?

November 29, 2005

Suspicious ?

Since conspiracy theories are again filling the airwaves, i would like to point howdt that Steve Jackson Games Illuminati is a tongue in cheek look at the world through the perspective of the Orbital Mind Control Lasers, who control the mad scientists that are helping big media with the aid of the mafia taking over the international communist conspiracy. All for a dice-roll under ten. Fnord.

At one point in time Flying Buffalo Inc. , a play-by-mail game company had a version of Illuminati where players could turn in their move every other week and wreak havoc on twenty-three anonymous other players. Great fun. Watch out for the Boy Sprouts, especially if they try to control the CFL-AIO.

November 28, 2005

EH - 48 signal to noise

"The news is a measurement of history where the frequency of sampling the signal is at such a high frequency as only to perceive the noise."

When Katz praises Bonner in on today's morning paper : : He drifts into Dr. Lenny's field of measurement. Engineering and science are intermixed to produce technology, but basic science is pure noise - the signal died. There is perhaps the ability to resusitate pulse, but not in the real world of value defined by the current state of the art. There is no money in developing theory, when it cannot be placed into immediate practice. There is no patience to develop things of worth, when people are looking to spend the value of anything generated for immediate consumption.

So - if we pull the plug on this v43.2 of amerikkan history - where shall we reboot to? 1913? 1777? Zero? Can we have a meritocracy instead of a aristocracy of barristers and their cronies? Ben Franklins's words " if you can keep it " continually spring to mind. Time to figure howdt a new gameplan.

November 27, 2005

one-way relationship

down, down
down off a duck
a feather pillow
sneezes meezes
down, down
she forgot
who knows
who cares
not the same
standing by... ...
no one home
quick disconnect
away we go... ...
to la la land
surrounding self
with delusion
to believe
her to be
she is not

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

November 26, 2005

politics as unusual

When the Reform Party came back to Oregon in 1996, there was a mixture of adherents of the Perot ’92 campaign and a group of people who had spent time building the American Party. When the Perotistas left in 1992, there were the by-laws battles and a senate campaign and a lot of grass roots effort. The Eugene liberals and the dissatisfied Constitutional constituency fell out over campaign strategy, so by the time Varney arrived to organize the national Reform Party, the influx of people was sorely needed.

Well, the 1996 election campaign had none of the vim and vigor of the 1992 campaign. The perot gang had it howdt for dick lamm and jesse ventura, the new rising stars of the political movement. The grass roots versus texas organization internal battle came to a head in dearborn michigan in 1998, and the gargan revolution might have worked if the mini-dictator in charge had not tried to use ross’s bully pulpit to beat up the perot faction. But to go from one ram-rod to another was disheartening, the buchanan influence alighted and the grass roots scorched rather than being told what to do.

The other momentum that overcame this action was the amount of free work required from the dedicated volunteers to organize politically rather than to discuss and debate issues. As an elected party officer, I must have spent a thousand hours doing the bidding of the Oregon secretary of state, jumping thought the hoops of ever changing ballot access laws and interpretations. Richard Winger, editor of Ballot Access News, has described in detail over the years the play of this shifting field of quicksand. As long as the state can float the rules, all the people with fiduciary responsibility for the organization can be distracted from the real work of people building.

So, after reading Jim Wilson’s blog today about his frustration with the mechanism of defending Libertarianism instead of defining libertarianism, I decided to commiserate with the idea of forming the Party Party. The official meetings are at 4:20 daily and can be held by any number of people who are temporary officers for the duration of the meeting. At the end of the party, the Party folds, to be started at the next time that people need to party. Unofficial meeting can be held whenever, and the bylaws are that the people at the Party Party meeting must talk about getting the immediate party started and getting Party Party elected and the state off our backs.

Just think of the different POV that we can add to the game by having people change their voter registration to the Party party. At first, they will shove us into the "I" category and take away the right to play in the primaries. But – when Dr. Lenny wants to run as an "I" for commissioner, the state rules will not allow him to even begin to collect ballot access signatures until after the game is played out in the over-hyped major party primary to decide the two republican lemmings (one in democratic coveralls) that will square off in the officially sanctioned November farce. So rather than focus on candidates - let's have the Party Party open the big political hog trough to everyone, rather than just the elected leaders in washington DC. Which of course will end the party at taxpayer expense!

Running Howdt of Thyme

With the current meltdown progressing abnormally fast and still knot being noticed, i am tempted to have doctor lenny howdt run for US senate or congress instead of the county commission circus. But politics needs to be local and dismantling the system is the only reason to go to DC - one term cut and run! Of course, seniority will not allow that to happen, but electing someone new in 2006 while electing everyone new in 2008 may really get quick leadership change in the house done fast. one trick might be to create campaign literature in the form of a serial mystery novel, with a recap and new evidence being released on a monthly timeline directed at magnifying howdt the candidate's name just at the key time - November 1st, 2006.

But dr. lenny should not be a candidate for anything - he doesn't have the patience or the aptitude to deal with people he doesn't like full time and besides, he lives in his own cloud. But in 1994, in a special election to replace a certain disgraced senator, the victor democrat ron wyden beat the republican gordon smith, with a third party candidate from the American Party - Karen Shilling - drawing enough voters to affect the race.

Perhaps karen was 12 - 14 years too early, but there might be a lesson for libertarian type political candidates that wish to roll up there sleeves and slog through the mud. karen was included in debates on the coattails of the perot '92 campaign, but without any perotquism due to the abruptness of the formation of the anti-political united we stand group - which suddenly repoliticized in time to defeat dick lamm in the '96 election.

EH - 47 : Payola

'... I still feel that I am living in a country gone mad that allows and encourages these games to be played. The results of 50 years of laws like this are chaos, rancor, absurdity, phoniness, resentment, and nonsense. '

Mike Rozeff goes deep into the psyche that creates laws to enforce laws that enforce laws, for our own good and somebody else's political agenda.

November 25, 2005


Tarri, Zina and Diesel from the Great Cats World Park in Cave Junction, OR. These are for the benefit of the new Chess Ant - TheTiger ! Come to Scheming Mind to find out more about chess variants, tigers and international relations . Tarri is a white tiger, while Zina and Diesel are both Siberian Tiger Cubs. Grrr.

mixed chocolate and nuts?

Our household consists of chocoholics. age brings a distinct fondness for challenging tastes buds. i have been on a quest for the best dark chocolates marketed with social conscience. the current bar is Dagoba Conacado 73% - fair trade certified from forest grown organic cacao in the Dominican Republic. my favorite at the moment is the Endangered Species Chocolates Bat Bar. found bulk almond bark for the holidays. if transportation ever really goes stagnant, trade for coffee and chocolate will be just as high as that for cigarettes, pot or alcohol.

Concerning fair trade certified - i have a problem with what is called free trade and fair trade. The free trade agreements - things like nafta and gatt are hideous abominations of the term free - we should call them the north amerikan corporate protection racket na-cpr. the organizations that certify things like organic tend to be anally retentive rule making bodies that discourage people from taking life into their own hands. Anyone spouting off the precautionary principle without demonstrating where research is on-going in the field of endeavor is off base IMHO. people don't need rules so much as guidelines.

Organic in chemistry and organic in agriculture are vastly different terms. Organic Chemistry needs a new name. The leading sub-branch of organic chemistry is Natural Products chemistry, which is building in a laboratory the molecules that nature creates. This term too has a distinctly different implied connotation due to pharma marketing schemes. Co-opting the language is a form of cheating, but now that terms have been altered, science professionals cannot afford to keep up confusing terminology when lay people need to understand what the scientists are speaking about whenever they do decide to listen.

fungi and lichen and moss - oh my

fungi1 fungi2

Now that we are getting down to looking, we are finding howdt more about the symbiotic structure that nature uses to get tasks done. These two article links on fungus from the national geographic society, open up whole new questions for conservation biologists as to what is going on when ‘foreign’ particulate reach ‘natural’ surroundings. Perhaps we should stop playing war with biology and drop the term invasion from couple with biology. There is no choice, you deal with a problem by inclusion or exclusion and relying solely on exclusion just isn’t good common sense.

November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

In a no coercion world
People work
XXXbecause they wish
People play
XXXbecause they can
People learn
XXXbecause they do better
People be
XXXbecause they are

projects of interest
ask queer queries
that pertain knot
to major accomplishment
weaving subtle intricacy
of peripheral endeavor
coaxing behavioral insight
beyond surface depths
mining intelligence
from behind dimmed eyelids
currently bored to tears
on nonpliable nonresinous
junk - clutter of hours
nasty video radio audio
induce life with greedy
gimme, gotcha coercion

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

November 23, 2005

Get Howdt got howdt

Decided to take down the political blog site - took too much time to cover and the information just isn't there to keep it going fresh. I'll make a decision on the race for county commissioner in May, once the primaries have been sorted howdt and we can determine the level of effort versus the benefit of winning equation. In the mean time - tread water. or buy gold.

Insight Howdt

Cause all the people who i talk to here think the same, in either red or blue flavor. Very little green and no purple, except the haze. 'lemme howdt' in discussion with 'tree' in UK

People come in colors and flavors, but rarely with the depth of shades or tastes necessary to interact in a worldly(?!) fashion. The amerikan tower of babel is not only in our language culture, but also in our community isolation. Urban dialect is completely lost on rural folk, while urban/urban and rural/rural can be like fanatical/fanatical in scope. Suburban is a completely different culture entirely. When we think in black/white terms, we miss the broad spectrum of color that waves display throughout our universe. Essence of being is in the moment, yet it is carried through history, even though history is not carried through time. The things that stand the measure of time, that really mean something in the descendence of human spirit - that is what truth seek is about and why it is necessary!

As this current thought paradigm cracks, opportunity and misery dual in tight quarters. Reevaluation of the base assumptions - the very base assumptions - on energy, matter and forces that alter the distribution between them is worth significant attention. Unraveling string theory applicatively up through quarks, protons, nucleii, elements, chemical bonds and life may hold some immediate promise for new principles within which to rebuild a disintegrated society.

November 22, 2005

EH-46 : Internet

The internet is here to stay - Eric Garris is a webmaster who is starting to speak up after listening and rubbing elbows with some of the current on-line heroes of the net. For access to the other extending horizon series articles - visit Howdt-landish News - an occasional bi-monthly at .

November 21, 2005

What - Me Worry?

I always enjoy what Steven Yates has to say, and Saturday's post from the Reader's Digest (of all places) is eyes wide open material. I have seen the schools in operation first hand over the past five years and we have met the enemy - he is us. The whole system stinks and rewards the wrong values. Read this and think - science is based on strong protocol discipline, good information validity and free dialog exchange. Ahem. Yes Alfred, you worry.
It's Happening Here: America’s Brain Drain Crisis: Why Our Best Scientists are Disappearing, and What’s Really at Stake By Kathryn Wallace: December 2005 issue of Readers Digest

Personal Rock Speak

Morrison, Hendrix and I
experience alive, she cried
wailing steel guitar
electrically banging
Hodgson, Fagan and I
had a dream cannonball
that a nightfly aja
wandered musically forever
McLean, Chapin and I
long ago the music died
amerikan pie dissolved
cats cradled time forever
Mitchell, Joel and I
woodstock twisted
fires we didn't start
but still had to put out
Lennon, Ghandi and I
imagine a world
of peaceful coexistence
with music and life
Madonna, Garcia and I
cherish the vogue truckin
as the Dead play on forever
as the dead play on forever

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

November 20, 2005

My Table "Rosencrantz"

suburbia persons

dancing around
sans application
wishing well
coin toss hope
please go away
space - no substance
reason base, if in fact
absent without leave
work for nuthin
nuthin for work
humourless ghetto
monotone kulture
collapsible economy
quicker the better

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

EH - 45 Economic Commons

Given the volume of ships that cross our seas, it is quite amazing that this doesn't happen more often. Or maybe it does and they just don't tell us about it. A few years back, a ship broke up here on the coast of Oregon - I have seen photos of that clean-up. Dan Wright describes why we all need to be ecologists and populists in addition to economists - all three facets balance and when one aspect screws up, the other two pay.

November 19, 2005

The adult-youth interface

In working with youth, i have found that most youth don't want to be told what to do, but gladly take instruction. When they see the adults giving them a task and then disappearing from sight, or even worse, hanging out and being non-attentive, the youth tend to shut down completely. When privilege is earned, youth have no problem following the leaders, but cronyism and brown-nosed promotion bring automatic resentment.

When groups are assembled, the hierarchy depends on the valued participation of each member, and clearly defined roles help immesely. Rolling up your sleeves and doing the work without the bitching and complaining, with a smile on your face and an attitude of accomplishment also goes a long way. Providing quality listening time, without being judgmental builds trust in the students abilities to make their own judgments. Setting achievable targets and placing rewards that develop value appreciation drive youth toward participation. Authority misplaced breeds contempt.

November 18, 2005

White Phosphorus

In keeping with the major theme of chemical information - first Fluorine, then Mercury - now Phosphorus. Realize soaps and detergents all rely on phosphorus, which happens to be the limiting agent in metabolic nature. Credit to Mike Donnelly @ Counterpunch

What is white phosphorus?
White phosphorus is a solid, waxy man-made chemical which ignites spontaneously at about 30C and produces an intense heat, bright light and thick pillars of smoke. It continues to burn until deprived of oxygen and, if extinguished with water, can later reignite if the particles dry out and are exposed again to the air. Also known by the military as WP or Willy Pete, white phosphorus is used in munitions, to mark enemy targets and to produce smoke for concealing troop movements. It can also be used as an incendiary device to firebomb enemy positions.
What are its effects?
If particles of ignited white phosphorus land on a person's skin, they can continue to burn right through flesh to the bone. Toxic phosphoric acid can also be released into wounds, risking phosphorus poisoning. Skin burns must be immersed in water or covered with wet cloths to prevent re-combustion until the particles can be removed. Exposure to white phosphorus smoke in the air can also cause liver, kidney, heart, lung or bone damage and even death. A former US soldier who served in Iraq says breathing in smoke close to a shell caused the throat and lungs to blister until the victim suffocated, with the phosphorus continuing to burn them from the inside. Long-term exposure to lesser concentrations over several months or years may lead to a condition called "phossy jaw", where mouth wounds are caused that fail to heal and the jawbone eventually breaks down. SOURCE: BBC

November 17, 2005


Doctor Lenny is a character that is meant for amusement, but the ideals that he seeks are the base values that people of substance should have. At least in the mind of doctor lenny. If the character gets preachy, it is because the person behind the facade has been preached at a lot lately.

Value systems only work if they work for you all the time - they can't shift or move suddenly to accommodate situational ethics. Or can they? You have to decide for you and i have to decide for me. And we can argue, bitch, complain, moan and groan, but when it comes down to it - we don't have to agree to do anything that we do not wish to agree to do. But once you've given your word to do something and been taken at face value, then you have to decide to do that action or not. And suffer the gain or loss of stature from the action.

People need to be allowed to make mistakes and shift values to accept new thoughts and feelings, new facts and judgements. And we need the latitude of time to adjust to the current reality and verify for ourselves that the new paradigms are working before we invest all our effort in changing our ways.

As 20th century history has been completely re-written three or four times - selective memory becomes the dominant fact and our post-boomer memories were shaped by a media that was so vindictively coercive, that now we have to challenge all the facts of all the stories that we know in light of the new hidden information springing forth. Unless of course we allow the powers that be to keep changing the rules and burying secret abuses of power deeper into the historical abyss.

November 16, 2005

Howdt Landish News

In the morning when you drink your hot Qophy, do you like to read the newspaper? Doctor Lenny now has a two-column opinion section at the parent site - get howdt by the hot key link.

Mindsense - A scientist speaks about intelligent design with science.

2005 howdt standing thought provoking article awards nominees.

Information Exchange - why , Yes!!

This act is why i like Dr. Ron Paul - representative from Texas. He brings up a very very good point, how can bureaucrats be allowed to suppress information, even above a court order to cease and desist. We must hold everybody accountable to the same law or else law has no meaning. In this article, the Food and Drug administration, which serves no legitimate function, requires an act of congress to 'allow' people first amendment freedoms.

Two lips of nature

opening flower
gathers light
from a crude
morning dawn
petal symmetry
tipt toward
razing rising sun
as below ground
roots tangle
loam rich soil
drawing nutrient
fungal exchange
snail worm slug
bug paradise
minimal penetration
of oxygenated air
drawn from
depthful wells of
intelligent design
of chemical paths
that opens life
via flowers

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

November 15, 2005

EH - 44 College

Gary North asks about the value of tolerating boredom. Why would anybody be bored with their imagination? But he has a point and would be a likely adherent to the redile system. It all comes down to what you value - make an investment in yourself and you will not be sorry.

If you feel like you may wish to apprentice in a science field - take Dr. Lenny's measurement course at YC.C and see if it is something that you like. We seek people with the ability to gather good clean information from routine sources, so that we know what the real playing field is by virtue of playing on it. How to count, measuring area, volume, weight, etc.

Dr. Lenny's interest field is resources, both natural and artificial. Specific interests include degradative restoration of raw material (composting), relative rates of inorganic biological chemistry reactions and factors that affect them (metal catalysis), distribution of materials throughhowdt the food chain - interactions between animal species and entomology, mycology and lichenology within forest and stream habitats. The holy grail is the unexplained source of energy that converts thought to action - what is it, where does it come from.

Theoretical physics will need experimentalists attuned to measuring forces that are current unknown, we had better get started looking at the forces that we do know better. gravity - electro-magnetism - weak - strong. Strings or Quarks or some other vague satire of some model we have built and discarded in the past. Think about it. Or go watch TV.

November 14, 2005

Sylvan Leef

If you wish to do something, you can still roll up your sleeves and get something done. My friends Lee and Jeff run a non-profit Sylvan Leef that features geoponics education. Lee is disabled and is slowly turning their land into a handicapped accessible tree zoo. Jeff and Lee are collecting one of every different type of conifer she can find. She already has a humongous Live Oak on the tour. And many other classic stories
Now they are having international student visitors. They have had folks from India and Italy. Dr. Lenny collects international friends; anyone that would like to share time learning agricultural forestry is welcome to schedule a visit. I'll have more information on how forthcoming in a later post.

Sky Silhouette over Dr. Lenny's barn - Aug 2005

November 13, 2005


the Buddha: "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."

November 12, 2005


Rabbits are cool critters. I raise a breed called Satins, that have a nice shiny coat and provide good meat - a full sized satin runs about 10 pounds. We prefer copper and broken colored rabbits, but recently we have been keeping blue and lilac dows. I would love to have a chocolate satin, so our reds might also have potential as keepers. If i breed a blue buck to a red broken doe, will a throw an american flag tri (red,white and blue)?
This is Zawitch - one of my hunny bunny does (really good moms).

November 11, 2005

Random Morning Thoughts

What is the prize for being on the Republicans 10,000 person hit list? If they don't have the goods on you, will they just make it up? Are there bonus points involved if you are also on the democrats 10,000 enemies list? And the pork keeps rolling, no matter what the status of the current crisis.

I see they've named a lemur after the Monty Python actor John Cleese. Does that make him a monkey's uncle? What is that spark that makes our inTellergents greater than a gibbon's in terms of reality? After all - i haven't ever seen an ape construct a fawlty tower, yet give a child two decks of cards and a six story mission...

Time to find the Higgs' Boson. Anything that massive has to be hiding in plane sight. String vibratory interactions must be non-linear, with some sort of particle emission - perhaps a sound byte in addition to a sound wave. Odd - theoretical physicists should be in their heyday, and yet the one thing missing from science today is the deep investigation into what we really don't know. Our applied engineering gives us RFIDs and fictional light sabres, but won't build a non-combustive engine. Pulling the plug on the SSC was very unwise and will set the race back in the course of history. But ... we will still complete the race and continue on the Frosty path taken.

November 10, 2005

EH - 43 - Reality?

James L. Wilson summarizes the year in review a bit before X-mas, missing the next surprise. The system feeds on itself, so we will now get to stand back and watch howdt. The venue of life's work takes place irrespective of time, but yet changes happen so fast that it seems like history occurred in the time frame we were born. Paybacks are hell, but Jose has met Franz ... Pogo wisdom rocks
As outlying qualities are suppressed, the inner reality unravels. What happens when you play with the pace that the electron zips around the nuclei? - Can it break howdt of its defined orbital shell? Depends on the jurisdictiction of who defined the shell, right? Of course, not! Look howdt - when voices of possibility are silenced, then probability suggests that only the roar of silence can be heard.

November 09, 2005

odd times

ephemerally slow
life dawdles along
at breakneck pace
without wasting
the time it takes
to smell roses or
hike a waterfall or
say hello to a child
to wit ... in
talking with strangers
(who stranger than i)
currently frowning
social proboscis
wielding political might
weed bee better off
might knot; eh, mate
alter fascist perceptions
one french muslim
at a time when chaos
dwells on the border
of random order
floodgates separate
wheat from chaff
wheat from chaff

lemme howdt

EH - 42 Studies

Tibor Machan takes the higher education system to task with universities pretending to do research, while churning opinion. We could elaborate further, but reality and competitiveness applied in a cooperative fashion are mutually exclusive concepts today. We can study things to death, but what we read in journals has little basis in reality in the actual field, when (if) you get there.

Logistics dictate that education will become remote. Connecting in to a support group for transportation, equipment, lodging and in-depth training will depend on whether the free market supports a free internet, or the regulatory state takes control.

The question really become - who are you competing against? If you are competing against yourself, you can never win. You can't even break even, because you can always beat yourself up. Stop doing that. Work to support your friendzteammatespartnerz and have them work to support you. Mutual benefit societies formed because of ... mutual benefit. Build on your knowledge base and eventually reality will seize hold through the effects of natural law, because it is really really really tough to get away with breaking natural law time and time again without consequence. Ask my sisters, Rita and Katrina.

November 08, 2005

Music Rockin Howdt Query

Just a song before i go
A lesson to be learned
Traveling twice the speed of sound
It's easy to get burned ...
Crosby, Stills and Nash - Dark Star

Dr. Lenny used to dj. When i heard Tesla doing Signs, i couldn't think of who did the original. The Five Man Electrical Band was the answer - but i seem to recall somebody else doing it also. Perhaps it was a bootleg version - somebody suggested the dudes up above, but i don't think so. credence, or joe cocker, or somebody in that era of that ilk. Does anyone know who the five men were in the five man electical band? (or were they like the traveling wilbury's)

And the sign said you have to have a membership card to get inside...

Water Resources

It rained twice in the past week, so that the flow at Cow Creek where Dr. Lenny did the Salmon Watch with the North Umpqua Foundation increased by an order of magnitude. From when the homeschoolers were at the site and the level was down to 100 cu ft per sec, to the Glide High class last Friday - where reservoir spill from Galesville doubled flow with Fish Release Water (1987 water right). The carcasses that we saw providing bug food and nutrients were likely all swept back downstream into other places. Makes you wonder about some of the scientific theories espoused in the conservation biology world - assumptions that are not borne out by observing reality seem to be the basis for conservation decisions inside the Beltway. Don't they take belts away from criminals before they lock them up in the cell for the first time?

November 06, 2005

Patriot Act pandemonia

This is a very odd article - long with lots of lines between the lines. At the end it claims that they respond to complaints, but there aren't many of them. Well - if the secret part of the secret means anything, then most people don't even know that they are being looked at, until a request comes for records that are not general access. Plus, today's society plays pop-up gopher with anybody that is not playing lemming. Speak howdt - don't let the politically correct shut the rest of us up. Knowledge is potent when applied properly. Get howdt and apply some knowledge.

November 03, 2005

EH - 41 Big Bro

I don't really, mean ta scare ya, but my bunkmate has malaria Alan Sherman - Camp Grenada

This is scary - scarier than bird flu. Who checks the info for accuracy? The Get Howdt of Here solutions are to get yourself an RFID reader and start following every politician, every bureaucrat and every person who gets the information from these chips and publicize their personal collected information. Can we invent an RFID squeal that wipes out the adjacent frequencies or perhaps invent RFID frequency modulators to wear.(Aluminum Foil Pyramid Hats)

Lately i have been hearing noises, especially radio music when none is on. I wonder if maybe RFIDs channels can provide subliminal audio messages.

Paging Dr. Kafka, Dr. Orwell, Dr. Stolzenitszen, Dr. Pauling, Dr. Howdt

November 02, 2005

EH - 40 : Social Contract

Jim Davies uses the math of probability and statistics to deflate the idea that laws are beneficial to anyone except rulers. We need no rulers - but we must have the discipline to rule ourselves. I wish people had the latitude to enforce a simple contract.

Strike the Root is an awesomely informative website for alternate POVs. Any Thoreau afficcionado will instantly recognize the reference in the site title and the sentiments expressed.

Resistance is not futile - civil disobedience is peaceful and specific. But choose the battle wisely, because there is neither time, nor energy to waste. We already been there and done that.

Western Civ : Artwerk by lemme howdt

November 01, 2005

deeper truth

petty frustrations
au jus that -- petty
deeper relationships
set aside trivial warrent
work thru irritation
now let it go, let it go
what to do is what to do
therz more than meets the eye
enjoy da best, tolerate da rest
open hearted civic wisdom
valuing physical labour
more than current value nil
yet the resource home
as rural poor struggle
beyond ignorance
hope leveling value
as da whirled changes
willingly on its own
not too long irreversibly
weather out the somber
approaching storm

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

chekked howdt

The miasma of life deals a strange poker hand to those who bluff their way through. After running a salinity zone on the coast on saturday, i stayed over and listened to a gathering of voices in the lutheran church on sunday. Grandma treetoad was my hostess, and she introduced me to several different members of the Reedsport community. Patrick, the principal played guitar and many people demonstrated musical abilities. Then we had desert.

So i gathered my broom and left for a doctor appointment, which mushroomed into three to five doctor appointments as bureaucratic hoops become more imposing. In order to properly document medical necessity, i must visit my personal physician on a regular basis. My original migrane diagnosis was from the mid 70s - and the gamut of pharmacopea - ergot, perkodan, caffeine and various other pretenders never really helped. So to self grow and medicate, i must pay extra tax over and above the processing costs because the state of oregon sees money in the hand as revenue rather than rightfully returning the excess as the original legislation advocates.

Blood pressure is borderline - but given advancing age, my health was reasonable. Getting to know the doc is going to be necessary in order to attune my perception to the actual reality that regulation is now a mainstay of permission - whether i like it or knot. personally, anarchy has much more allure, but most people would deem chaotic to be evil. taint necessarily so.

where is the shadow when we need him?