June 30, 2012

Time Travel - 1

   I see that they are messing with time again : tonight, a leap second will be added to the world to make offset. Note from the link url that this is what passes for finance news these days.  Shake your head, whinny and take another sippa joe.  The only way that things can drastically change is by adopting a new calendar (or a very old calendar, one with baktuns).
   It is alternate reality day today - nothing is ever as it seems.  The distant roll of tires and the dog barking got the roomie up, but there was no there there, no people.  The black kitty came and provided purr therapy, my third session today - i am blessed.
   Every human person should have a familiar, an animal person that shares space and time.  Aligning interspecial frequency allows us to grok personality and allow knowledge transfer - water provides the pathway through essence.  Molecules of essence are called pheromones and they serve as neuro-transmitters to pass along structural information.
   Peace is a transition state - a stage of higher resonant frequency that allows for heavier distraction to be left off the brain-map.  I have an allegory - two twice is four.  Four by four is sixteen whereas another four makes our grid number - 64.  'When i get older, losing my hair, many years from now' is today.  Not quite for me, closer for you.  Or further for you.  Age carries us to different portals.  Time is a GPS point on the map of eternal life.
   Sixty-four by four again is 256 and this is where i see signs of same : a fractal image that appears the same as it ever was, but on a different order of magnitude.  If you have a lattice system of 255 areas (256-1) and allow only a connect maximum of three 'hops' per channel - how long before you have information on the lay of the land?  Start alone and each area has a random connect number to adjacent areas that are interlocked fractally, but not sequential.
   Okay - i know that i may have lost you.  The funny thing is - i only worked the four math jumps by power of two - a simple lattice.  If there are 15 start positions on the 255 area map - it takes all the players together four turns to have the map produced.  If you understand symmetry, each individual player can project the map on his own by taking his home area and spinning out duplicate projections - but the individual connect numbers will be unknown until seen by being there.
   If this numerology is interesting to you - i need some fresh eyes to rework old concepts, that no longer grok as they had flowed - and have me in a pickle because i hold no perspective outside this supra-mathic universe.  I am attempting to drop the ball; but it never reaches the floor by increments of half and half again.
   Namaste'   doc

June 29, 2012

winning the twit race

   Sometimes, the light come on.  I was thinking about lattice energy and the random walk theory and all of a sudden the implication of the Ministry of Silly Walks struck me and Monty Python reared it's multi-head.  I always favored Eric Idle - John Cleese got the meatiest roles.  I'm a lumberjack and i'm okay. (assist to the arch-druid's comments on black nights)
   So, for the time being, i have a mission that requires me to gain and lose time coordinates.  The grand experiment will let me know about some of the theories that i believe hold water, so to speak.  Once you look at the size grid, you start to realize how ubiquitous water really is.  It is small, and thus present in great numbers.  But we can easily get lost in the numbers as we struggle to get the math.
   i am stuck upon renumeration.  How do we attain just compensation for effort, when the results are what really matter.  If you break things down, quantum reality eventually conscripts itself, but as you build things up, you find that there is true insanity in infinity.  The concept is as broken as any word has ever been.  If you say infinity, everybody conjures up a different image.
   really, it starts with the same symbol.  My editor here is not going to let me draw the infinity symbol, but we know the double loop well, an eight on its side.  If you twist that in the middle, then you can envision a path along the inside that is different from the path on the inside, but has the same contour and virtual dimension - the difference being the thickness of the line.
   the time being is restoring order from chaos by realigning the frequencies based on the spectrum of the prism.  the resonance plateau that we inhabit carries the symbol of adjacent places - the one we came from and the one that we are headed to -  imagine the distribution as a bell shaped curve.  If you are still with me - take your bell from two dimensions to three dimensions - and now ask what the bell shape would do when it captures a frequency - especially if is is a harmonic of the bell itself.
   so, the apparent question appears to be, why does hot water freeze quicker than colder water.  The answer is worth a thousand pounds to one of the british tabloids.  If you claim the prize with this solution, be nice and split it with me.  the answer is trans-positional lattice energy.  Water has a strange property in that it has it's smallest volume at 4 degrees C.  
   As the individual water atoms orient to each other, then comes a point where it requires a bump in energy to orient the freezing process.  Once this happens and the ice crystals start forming in all directions, once they have a point of nucleation and the crystal lattice forms.  Energy is released, which is then used by other water molecules to rotate to their most suitable alignment.  The slower this happens, the more perfect the crystal.
   so approaching from the hot direction, there is some energy that is given as motion and this provides enough oomph to create the points of nucleation and form the crystal, as opposed to the cold system; which can be looked upon as supersaturated until the change inducing event suddenly occurs. So the translation energy required for alignment of each water molecule with the next is a geometry problem that depends on the speed of approach, in temperature terms where speed is the measure of decrease or increase of temperature.
   of course, nobody thinks much on these terms any longer, but in truth - it pays to think differently than the main water carriers.  since sociology is a fractal of chemistry, we may be in the supersaturation phase ourselves, waiting for drake's tale to turn out long or short.  The ice freezes just the same, it is just a change in a rate - a function of time, thus the domain of the time being.  And she is a happy camper today.
   Namaste'   doc

Ocean's aweigh B reel

   There are way more information streams than there are information rivers.  The information ocean contains all the information that is out there - we just have to sift through the material and evaluate the wheat from the chaff.  Unfortunately - it is all chaff.  The wheat was stolen ages ago and the fox have been tending the hen houses rather well until recently the card foundation turned up.  We noticed.
   I can feel information flow through me like a gravitational filter.  The solvent carries knowledge forth and the framework of personal architecture segregates what i wish to believe from what is out there in the information streams.  I can look at the source, then look at how the information was passed forth from that source.  If i know the level that the information comes from, i can later glean the same information off a different level and gather the amount of spin that is between the two levels.
   Each playing field is a different level - the information in one field is a fractal of the next field: the fields do not merge unless specifically intermingled.  Thus this blog serves as an information filter for you, because you get my spin and then can go and evaluate my sources.  Since i go retro and dive back into my own mind (along with my copious notebooks), I can see the development of personal thought through several iterations of the same ideas.  I swim in the waves of this ocean.
   Complexity is a function of order, not a function of chaos.  Chaos is rather simple - deriving order from the chaos is time-consuming, but you can put in your time whenever it is available.  You can only put in as much time as you have.  You control your own time.  If you sell that time for income in order to live, then you are missing the whole boat of the next game in town.
   Imagination and vision are two contexts that can be brought together, when you have the time to think.  If you are harried by the way of life; change the way you weigh things.  Do the things that have personal value to you as the priority items that you have to accomplish.  Live vicariously through your own life, seeing with two eyes and hearing with two ears - but speaking with one voice in many tongues.  (Note that talking is half as important as listening: one mouth, two ears)
   Peace involves losing track of some of the items that other people feel that you should keep track of.  Guess what?  We do not live for other people.  You have made some deep soul commitments to share time on an interpersonal level, while that time lasts - enjoy it, but do not become attached.  The surf's up on the info ocean, which is about to hit free fall stage.  Keep your bearings and watch (preferably from the ground (or atop the cosmic surfboard riding the crest)).  Or both, at the same time.
   Depends on ground, the peaks and the valleys : what you value, what you have and what you want.  As a thespian - it says film thyme:  'B' Reel.  Interested wyck?
   Be real   Namaste'    doc

June 28, 2012

Math phobia

   I like math.  Some other people don't like math.  I can figure things out based on how the math would have to work.  Some other people will never figure things out.  Maybe that's okay, because we all were not meant to figure things out or know everything.  Or know anything.
   Much of our problems stem from the missed application of mathematics.  NASA once crashed a vehicle on Mars, because of a math error (not cross checking that everybody was using the same measurement system).  Why are there multiple measurement systems like metric and english and polar coordinate? Because some people do not trust other people's measurements.  I sure don't.
   We badly need to stop doing math.  i plan to look at numerology for the sake of numbers.  The numbers actually mean something - you wouldn't know it by the mass appeal.  To close shop on math and only look at the numbers can only work in an illusionary world - My world, Welcome to it.  Thank William Windom for the title.
   My book has diverged already and i have to stop writing to recollect.  There are things that are said to be funny and there are things said to develop grokking capability.  If i use then together, i get confused.  When i am confused, my funny is not funny and my sense makes few cents.  The reason to write books is to inform and to entertain.  Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?
   Immersion involves an all or nothing approach.  You cannot take a half a hit of LSD - you're either there for the full trip, or you didn't get to the threshold level.  Life works like that too - once you get to freefall, there is no turning back and no changing your mind.  You let go and trust that the net will be there to catch you when you fall - only you know there is no net.  That's gross.
   The few weeks spent off the net while moving are now buried in the flow of the past - i changed, but came back and the change here was infinitesimal - like a second on a day clock.  The concept of time is now back allowed, but the form that i set up my experiment will depend on the concept of 'real' time.  If i grok what i have been saying, then the very long term and the very short term are fractals of each other with borders adjacent.  Thus, manifestation is cooperative (the interference is constructive rather than destructive). 
   Music is a different form of mathematics and poetry can be considered a corollary to music.  lemme got a note about poetry in his last post - each time it is read, it conveys new meaning.  I think we already knew stuff that we now conveniently no longer know.  How do i know?  I do not know - i only think about things.  When i close up shop today, i do not know when the next time i will cross the path of normality - because the book project is going to take on a different form, a flow form, in free-fall.
   Namaste'   doc
Note Added:  Spirituality, artificial intelligence and math?!

June 27, 2012


   To take things as they are, at face value, is impossible without interpretation.  Once you say something to another person beyond yourself, that reality of you is transmitted to the core time being who places the increment onto your permanent record.  We work hard to think our thoughts, but action on those thoughts is the beginning of a sequence of events.
   Intention is important in action.  Sometimes it is nice to shift to inaction as the default parameter - but letting life zip you along rather than the converse leads to an awful rocky road.  I prefer the chocolate type of rocky road, with marshmallows and nuts and i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.  Is it just me who longs for the Good Humor man?
   As i get older, i get younger in my outlook - i want to treat every new personal discovery with a sense of awe.  There is a strong undertow to take the results of the pablum fed by the media and have them churn it, churn us, to come to a conclusion that bears no relation to the relativity of the situation.  There is much to see - it involves sacred geometry and numeracy rather than science and mathematics.  Oh, we need those too; we have to suspend disbelief in order to grok the current chaos.
   Some things are very stable, while others fluctuate extremely fast.  Higher frequency means more repetitions per second, but how do we attune ourselves to new shift parameters?  This is the topic of a book i am currently writing - which means that speculation here at the blog may change in perspective, a wee bit.  I am :  because i am; then, you are, too.  You and I can be together and apart at the same time.  We can hold contrary thoughts - but when the though must coalesce, it does.
   Let go of assumptions.  Look at things and measure them accurately.  Write down what you wish to recall.  Open your eyes, as though for the first time, as though for the last time - each time, time after time.  When you vibrate at a high enough frequency, the time being starts to take shape from infinite dimension.  
   Cognitive dissonance fades and the context of truth becomes clearer.  The ground is.  I feel the earth move under my feet - guess that happens occasionally when you live in an earthquake subduction zone.
   Shake it baby.   Namaste'   doc

June 26, 2012

Revisionist History

   When the old story breaks down, get out the pens and change what really happens to what you want people to believe happened.  The game is to keep some facts straight while turning others upside down on their head.  Anything that can be forced into the memory hole is, and wallah - we have the liberals worshiping Jimmy Carter and the days of double digit inflation.  Just another story of the imperial presidency, which now exists but didn't back then.  But those who weren't alive at the time, wouldn't know any better, so ...
   I listen, but need to turn down the sound.  Yesterday, i listened to speakers in the summer of peace and birth 2012.  One speaker, James O'Dea mentioned justice as a term with peace and love - it struck me that there was a moment of wisdom here - amongst the noise. Any system that we adopt will have to look at social justice from the standpoint of right and wrong, not right and left.  
   Prayer for peace in Paraguay.  There is a problem between legal and moral and the game is being swept away by force.  The rule of law is the rule of the gun - the law is that of what is said, not that of what is or what should be.  There is no rule of law, just rule making for the benefit of keeping the existing is going - this is not what is.  Prayer for Peace.
   I have some objections with the Peace movement.  How can people who are not at peace with themselves be considered leaders of bringing peace to the world?  When people link to a world vision that aggrandizes their individual role and thus exempts them from the rest of the us, then there is not the social justice that we mean to achieve.  The kitty hears my crying voice, mentally screaming that freedom requires that all thought be allowed, no matter how much we may disagree; he agitates with me.
   Justice is not created by a few people of means having a party to celebrate while everyone else struggles to get by.  The need to purchase things to keep the system going in perpetuity begs the question - why do we want to keep the system going?  It doesn't work and economics has turned into a Ponzi scheme - unlawful at the very elite levels, where exemption from the law of gravity is enforced.  Guess what - all thing return to ground - sometimes like a house of cards.  Hmmm.
    We are defined by what we measure and how we go about taking that measurement.  We are inundated with numbers that can be expressed in ways to give us images of very small .0000001 or very big 1000000 just by shifting where we put our point.  But the mathematics hide another grok of numbers - numerology - which unfortunately has been shuttled aside by the linking of science with mathematics in an oppressive tandem that beats information into us according to the pattern, the same pattern used to build the house of cards.
   We get to start anew - with a clean piece of parchment and an understanding, no a comprehension that anything that we believe must be justified against this new mural of an empty peace vessel - sailing on a stream of love - seeking justice and liberty for all.  Back to square one basis - i have justified time so i have a coordinate system that can be used - my toughest task will be to do it - without broadcasting what i think, because what i think here doesn't matter, not at all.
   Imagination is more important than knowledge, Uncle Albert once said - now imagination used to further knowledge was the game he played, and played well.  Some people laugh when they vision the cart standing before the horse - staring at the horse the cart says - no you put the yoke on voluntarily and pull me around - no pushing required.  Time to take the harness off - economics can no longer be accepted as the basis for a system of justice - the recreation of life as we grok it, has only just begun.
   Namaste'   doc

June 25, 2012

Fibonacci Peace Poetry

The gurus and the masters
are charlatans and fools
parading themselves around
a mutual admiration society
groups can never work
until individuals can work
when being circulates
within self-admiration
we learn together
co-creative from source
costumed out with
training tools to surf
the waves of peace...

one first is self,
one second is whole
then we can speak of two
the you and the me
as we become us
when our one individual
coincides mutually
perhaps we can consider three...

not us and they - us and we
transformation of self-evolution
platitudes a'plenty
show and tell never worked
to grok, one must immerse...

it is just people
talking at people
about being people...

people, people who need people,
need us to agree with them, with us...

so they can find their one...

so we can find our one...

2012  lemme howdt 

World View: Water

   sometimes we lose track of what is important.  The water is the source of life on earth, it is consciousness implied through a state of being.  The lattice water comes attached - quite a bit different than the working water.  Funny, how if you substitute the word people for the word water, life becomes highly egocentric.  I think i grok the time - so now i have to explain it in terms that others can grok also.
   the medium is the material that flow flows through.  Different media have different rates of passage - light travels slower through water than it flows through air.  We have three accepted common phases - gas, liquid and solid: plasma and aether should be added to this group - there are property differences.  If a solid material is looked at on a smaller and smaller scale, it would eventually have to have space between the atoms that is not part of any atom itself.  This void is a phase too - the terminology is specifically designed to calibrate the thinker away from paths that our gatekeepers don't want you thinking about.
   if we take time to zero - it would be like taking temperature to absolute zero - we get to the theoretical stopping point of all motion.  It is here that each wavelength would be frozen in space - at a place where no frequency can exist.  Fortunately, dead stop is not achievable in any mental configuration, so we always pass through this point without stopping there to have a grok of the universe from that perspective.
   the time has come to stop talking, the isolated presence of the all is set forth on a plane - the grid of sixty-four with six directions - orientations of north or south, east or west, up or down.  Your frequency will determine your cosmic geometry - time becomes a GPS point that leaves you here, now.  There is no other way, you are here, now.  What you believe was here is the sum of its parts that got you here, plus the added spark of life - the degree of magic that allows us from this world, to hold a glimpse into other worlds. 
   I love you, unconditionally.  It does not mean that i like you or your behavior or what you do to me when you make me feel the way i do when i think of you.  The mores that hold forth in common fields of people are not acceptable to the field of comprehension that i perceive through the eyes of a water molecule.  My image of here has different coordinates, a scale that comes about from natural rather than artificial means. 
   i hated to let go, because when i returned, i suffered greatly from not being aware of how the shift had played with the mass of acceptable behavior.  We should not expect - but we all do.  We can be disappointed if we place too much of our feelings into the groove: when if you play with fire, you have to accept that one outcome is to get burned.  Same as traveling twice the speed of sound...

namaste'    doc

June 24, 2012

Cryptic Spoken Here

Just another portion of a conversation, edited for clarity and to remain anon.  CZ Yutzman was once a freefall associate.

  • Dr. Lenny:there is also bad blood floating in other circles - if you lie down with dogs then you wake up with fleas.
  • cz:yes it seemed a bit mysterious etc
  • Dr. Lenny:i have a theory, that fulford's arrests have already started at low levels and the sweep may pick up some interesting surprises.
  • Dr. Lenny:if you resonate at a higher frequency, then there is more time within time to react.
  • cz:a great reckoning i suppose as the books get squared
  • Dr. Lenny:be like a duck and let things flow off your back like water, watch, but stay unattached to the outcomes - just know they are light and good.
  • Dr. Lenny:john lennon songs seem appropriate - both instant karma and mind games come to the fore.
  • Dr. Lenny:and of course harrison - all things must pass
  • Dr. Lenny:guess i should include mccartney too, but i've had enough of silly love songs.
  • Dr. Lenny:rotfl
  • cz:oowley a bit somber
  • Dr. Lenny:the window closed tonight - and another door will open. interesting dude, that nostredamus fellow ...
  • Dr. Lenny:wasn't it owsley that inhabited lucy's sky?
  • cz:Hmm got into a lot of literature, but not much Harry potter lol
  • cz:The black nobility seem all to real
  • Dr. Lenny:if my prism theory is correct - the people will be segregated in time at the dec 21 event - your consciousness will only allow you to interact with people that have nearly matching frequencies.
  • cz:You are instinctively astute
  • cz:don't know the break points but the shadows are a falling Wattson
  • Dr. Lenny:the allegory story is the towel of babel - we have achieved the wreckoning point
  • Dr. Lenny:also known as the bindu point in the ancient vaastu
  • Dr. Lenny:the place where infinity folds over itself - the 25,800 yrs is only half the cycle - we had the as above, next we get the so below.  A fractal of 256.
  • cz:the behold the beast website has some interesting 2,525 cycles, maybe 3 abominations of desolations would do the trick
  • Dr. Lenny:i wonder how to tease out each strand of the spaghetti monster - to know the interconnections between the neuron analogies at each level of the scale.

June 23, 2012

A path between two points in Browserville

   Trust and Change are integrally related - you know that you have to change when you lose trust.  The world is a smaller place as the lifestyle contracts - the whirled is a larger place when you are left outside the circle of contraction.  Choose where you wish to be and get there before the changes become more difficult to negotiate.  The old game is over - you cannot play it and win, unless you cheat and if you cheat, you still can't win.  Random chaos overpowers super-tight order - do the yin-yang math.
   I had a major computer meltdown yesterday.  If i read the tea leaves correctly, many people will experience the same challenge, so allow me to explain.
   I clicked on the Adobe flash player update icon flashing in the lower right corner of my screen.  I do this because i trust adobe products and i have done this before with no major ramifications.  The reader is absolutely necessary for pdf file use and acrobat is a useful program.  Even luddites use some technology - used to be certain brand names implied quality - now only the last four letters function - lied.
   Okay, download, reboot, go play on the internet - something feels different.  I like to listen to Pandora - there is a problem hooking up my player.  Please wait.  I left the window open, got distracted, didn't think about it.  Later, i just clicked it closed - it never linked.  
   I decided to shift out to see what was new at the network site - no videos.  The player was there, the background was blank.  Went to you-tube and every link was the same - some missed connection.  I rebooted the machine and still no player interaction.  But i did notice that my anti-virus had gone red instead of the usual green.  Okay - run it and get an error message.
  Hmmm - well, i scan often and realized that the adobe player that i loaded in the morning might be the problem, so i went back to a previously saved copy of my op system/hard drive.  Took a little while, but this is a good thing to do every so often - especially if you have to update your virus protection anyway.  So i walked away and allowed the computer to do its thing and after a couple of hours, the 150 MB of downloads and upgrades were in the machine and all was well.
   Well, well, well, my cat fell in the well ... all was not well.  I opened the firefox browser to check on things and no flash connections.  I opened the chrome browser and all the music, videos and files were totally acceptable.  Okay - remove firefox, reboot, reinstall firefox, problem fixed.  Only as soon as the computer went off - there was microsh*t with their 15 upgrades that will happen.  If you turn your computer off, you break your operating system and ray guns come out to flash light in your eyes and they call in the drones because you messed with a microsh*t product.  Almost worse than Monstroscity, the ag firm.
   So 45 minutes later, I reinstall firefox and no fix.  I am now a chrome user.  It appears that google has taken over yet again, by working with Adobe to slip a mickey to the firefox browser.  If flash does run - the browser will be history rather quickly.  Of course, this is all speculation on my part and i have no grok of what is going on in the background.  I know, i just wanted access to my computer and the fox wasn't guarding the henhouse.  Industrial Disease.
   Namaste'   doc

June 22, 2012

Losin my Religion

    Good Morning - insight enables me.  I found the above cartoon at a website that i failed to bookmark, but i will find it because 786 planets are out there waiting.  I have a much greater appreciation of Garbo and what she must have been going through, we need an on/off switch to turn off the cacaphony - i am so glad i found that switch - like searching for a needle in a haystack - being there and back again.
   I connected the light vision episode yesterday to the solstice and the Cancer moon.  My friends N and NA helped interpret the visions that were dancing in my brain - they still remain within the sounds, the sounds ...  One of the neat things was a picture of me - shown below.  Of course, I'm just a bit heavier and less buff...   In looking at the picture, I have to contemplate restoring an old title.  Since i am a certified minister in the United Church of the Living Earth (a WI based org) - i can veritably use the term Father.  I played with some odd phonetic poetry way back as Father Gaia when i was in one of my pissy stage, but if i take on the moniker now, why that would make me Father Lenny Thyme or just Father Thyme.
Or is that just a bit too presumptuous.  I like Doc.  no lenny, no time - just doc.  Hi Ho,   Namaste'

    the Reverend Doctor Leonard J. (Justin) Thyme, PhD    he he

June 21, 2012

The Prism Model

   I have a new theory on the radiance of life.  The higher vibrational frequency that you resonate at, the slower time actually flows.  Thus people who are meditative and under control of themselves pass through ground with a much greater alacrity than those who are moped by current events and negative thinking.
   I had another light episode today.  Something caught me, a sun flash in a mirror, and the point of light was set into my vision sphere.  As it grew, i could see the prisms emanating out in all directions, forming crystals when nucleated at a point source of broken symmetry.
   Since i was riding in a motor vehicle and not driving, i could open and close my eyes and look at where the incidence of light was framing itself - it grew consistently over roughly half and hour until it dissolved back into the big picture and left me back here in reality.
    It appears to me that Gaia is birthing and each of us will have a choice of the type of earth in which we choose to live.  The Fibonacci sequence reveals thirteen Gaia entities that rotate in a pattern of one central, six surround, six surround.  Each pair of sixes was interchangeable between the inner and outer sphere, but none was the central Gaia in the middle.  Such a strange constellation.  The exact form of a merkaba field!

Mind Games

   Life is a joy.  One of the cats came in through the window and startled me.  He dropped a leaf and looked at me waiting for response.  Then the leaf moved and i saw that it was a lizard.  And the cat picked it right back up and took it into the next room.  It is now 10 minutes later and the cat is still toying with the lizard.  Slow moving and tail-less, my guess is that the lizard will escape as the cat is playing, not hunting and the dog has awaken to become a distraction.  Life is a joy to watch.
   Life has become a difficult game to play.  It used to be that you could put your pink and blue plastic pegs in the back of the station wagon and head off to the promised land, spinning the spinner and sometimes taking large jumps of real estate.  Now Twister is a more realistic game.
   I like to play chess.  Actually, I like to play with chess pieces - there are many other games than chess that use a grid of 64 and a white versus black motif.  The internet has allowed a whole genre of chess games where light and dark is part of the context - you can't not see the pieces when the other player is in the same room across the table from you.
   Scheming Mind is an internet chess game site, that sets a time limit and allows players to move at their leisure.  There are nearly 500 paid members that have multiple games going on-line as a background context to their life.  Since most of these games are fairly new, there is not a lot of opening theory or extra homework - you just play other players one on one and earn a rating.  At the beginning of each month, the ratings are updated based on games ending during the prior month.
   I also like the conversation between people on distant turfs - everywhere in the world.  I can ask questions and get the answer from another culture, where people do not think mono-chromatically like here.  Here is an excerpt from a conversation that i had with a friend from England.  The game we were playing is called Alice Chess 1 - you make a move and your piece phase changes onto a second chess-board.  The next time you move that piece, it returns to the first chess board.  The king may not move into check on either board.

lemme howdt: good game - sometimes in alice, i can't tell and end up hanging pieces, because i think they are protected and i'm on the wrong boardIucounu: Good win. It's a pity there isn't a board that shows the location of all the pieces, perhaps with the pieces on the "B" board 'translucent'. It can be hard (for me anyway) to grasp that there is really only one board and that the pieces 'phase' from one 'frequency' to another when they move... I hope that wasn't too incoherent! ;)lemme howdt: it seems like how life works sometimesIucounu: Life seems to be quite similar to Stanley Random Chess! ;)lemme howdt: i think its more like lao tzu chess - in the dark and dealing with all sorts of flying shitIucounu: Perhaps it's the misbegotten lovechild of Stanley and Alice; in the dark dealing with unexpected nastiness and then having your hands tied behind your back at inopportune moments... ;)----- Iucounu: The trouble with the variants is that most of the people who want to play them have been playing them long enough to be much stronger!lemme howdt: yes - that is a human trait - first come, well served.lemme howdt: that's why some people are good at taking risks - but some games just take time. I work with concepts like group theory and symmetry, so alice really is my kind of game - but i too often make the move fast and then regret that i didn't look at the position better. Lao forces you to take your time - but time isn't what we think it is.        If you wish to have a new distraction because life has become rhythmic (same old television, same old ballgames, same old kids, same old life - you know the drill), come pay a $25 dollar annual membership and start thinking about nothing in particular while you learn a new game with social interaction all over the world.namaste'   doc

June 20, 2012


May this solstice day bring peace and clarity into the world.  As Queen said ' Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see '.  Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.  See things through your own eyes, as though for the very first time. 
 Pax Namaste'     doc

June 19, 2012


   How many types of Bugs are there in the world?  I have a poster on my wall that has pictures of flies, bees, beetles, dragonflies and other traditional biological bugs.  I take lots of photos - i especially like flowers and they are filled with bugs.  The photos of the bugs rarely come out - because the motion of keeping the bug in flight doesn't allow the camera optics to focus.  Imagine a fly trying to use a camera.
   Sometimes it bugs me to watch people squash bugs.  I mean, i'm the type of person who would sit there and watch the spider build his web, and then thank him for his service before removing the web when cleaning the house.  I honor all living things and have a pet spider that likes my vibes, sitting just to the left of my mouse.  I remember making torches from sticks and webs as a kid - spiders clean up a lot of small dendritus.
   Sometimes, i think that we get reincarnated as bugs as an intermediate level on our journey between human and human.  But because of the size difference, i think that a bugs life period probably averages 60 - 80 bug years, which may be a week or two of our time.  That would place bugs two orders of magnitude down from us - so figure about a hundredfold difference.  This is an example of a fractal - the bug view of gaia, versus the human view of Gaia.
   Now certain Bugs at this point might say 'Eh, What's up doc? : bugs don't think about the world in terms of physics and math.  How would anybody that's human know what a bugs thinks?'  Mebbe by watching behavior, but we are too busy swatting at them.  Sure - dead meat draws flies and that can be annoying, but when you look at the interpersonal relationship that bugs must have with Gaia - heck how many bugs are in a tablespoon of dirt.
    Wait - now that's a different bug - microbes.  Nasty bugs (or so we have had drilled into us by the brainwashing medical profession that wants everything sterile - absolutely no bugs.)  Except they create staff and other real nasties, by not allowing the beneficial bugs in where they belong.  Toxins act indiscriminately on all bugs and kill the good with the bad.  Hmmm - sounds like a human philosophy - all bugs are evil and bad and need to be pesticided.
    A few years back i worked with 9th and 10th grade high school students in a program that we called Bug Zone - in fact i may have been doing Bug Zone work when i first started blogging.  Bug Zone was a five week course on aquatic macroinvertebrates - the nymphs in the streams and rivers that turn into the butterflies and dragonflies that we all love every summer.  
   Bug Zone was sponsored by the BLM, as a math and science learning program.  We hired a professional etymologist to come in and talk at the zoo every Saturday morning in May - five weeks.  He showed photos of bugs, demonstrated how tools for magnification and identification worked, talked about stream habitat and water chemistry and biology and all the eewie gooey stuff that we kids like.  Then we went out and caught the bugs in nets, following specific protocols.
   We had several volunteers from the community, like Donna and Claude, who were adult conduits to real knowledge.  These folks were recently retired from professions like accounting and had no knowledge of bugs at all on a formal level; these docents had the interest and the time to spare - plus they liked youth.  The kids were self-selected from area high schools - there was a physical limit of 24 persons in the group.  I recently found the video camera films of the event - we documented things well.
   So, i forgot where i was going with the post - but here i am now, in the moment and i guess i kinda like bugs.  Perhaps we can rethink our attitudes toward these little critters and watch them as they deal with life on a different fractal scale than the one we look at things from.  We need peace, or the bugs will inherit the earth, just like the mammals inherited the earth from the dinosaurs.  Ain't fiction grand?  Eh. What's up, doc?

June 18, 2012

Like a Watercolor in the Rain

  I always look forward to the Monday morning bloggosphere because that is when all the re-action of the past week is interprets though the filters of our blogs.  When the essayists are in good form, the comments on the pages provide jumping off points for grokking the change that is subtly taking place.  I have trouble with the grand illusion, but Al Stewart's words from year of the cat remind me that taken out of context, anything can be used as a diversion.
  I have often agreed with Albert Einstein on the topic of God not rolling dice.  I joke that i saw him at the roulette table, but in fact, the creator is the casino owner.  The vibrational frequency of what we bring to the table is modified by the reflections given off by the surroundings - the battle of nature vs nurture is enabled by genetics as a starting point, but the yang of nurture seems much greater.  In fact, that reversal of direction is what i see as the current tipping point on the cosmic scale. 
  We are at the peak of a wave; for those of us carrying our cosmic surfboards and towels - this is an exciting time to be.  The fate of the drachma is keeping most of the whirled busy, while subtle forces are changing the continuity of life's prism - the sorting process always works itself out.  That history repeats is a given, but the flavors are as different as the types and styles of ice cream.
  Life comes to us in a form that we recognize.  We have an expectation value that assume; when we don't get our rock and roll, we can 'blame it on the bluegrass'.  As we accept all music from Bach and Beethoven to the Clash and Talking Heads - we find that the messages embedded in the bottle are fairly consistent in supporting us to think however we wish to think.  We are one and we are all individual and this is not! a conflict, it is a blessing.
  Words mean exactly what i say they mean, the Red Queen once said to Alice.  Illusions can give us insight into the nature of reality; i am ready for another personal rendition of the Year of the Cat.  As i have shifted my thinking to align with other people that are ready to drop the pretense, i find that the rock and roll songs that we grew up with here in America spew forth the fundamental philosophical under-pinning for the do as i say, not as i do crowd.  If you don't wish to walk the walk, then quit talking the talk.
  Aerosmith had an excellent song that speaks to this point.  Somehow, i like Steven Tyler much better when he sings than when he tries to be funny.  The current message is the sex sells and it provides a distraction that can keep us from realizing that change is what we make of it.  You-tube videos give us the ability to enjoy musical sex in all forms as a substitution for our current isolation from the real thing.  When we find a partner, we dance - but we know that as the great Harrison says, All things must Pass - even if we don't want them to.
  Firefall sang - just remember i love you, and it will be all right.  Namaste'   doc

June 16, 2012

Snowball RIP 2011-2012

  Cute kitties that know they are cute are always fun to play with.  When you live in a remote area and have to watch for bears, bobcats and cougars, cute isn't a very safe lifestyle.  We knew the risks, but this one was not feral enough to know how to take care of himself.  So: Roses in memory and a short blog today.

June 15, 2012

Fractals in Everything

    I like the mandlebrot set and the implications of fractal geometry.  It often comes about in odd places, all over the science world, fractals are found.  The lesson is that a single mathematics can give very different looking results, but after you dig deeper, you find that it really is the same.
    The world obeys a fractal structure.  Here is a short economic piece that demonstrates fractals in action at the very top of the social structure.  Realize that there are many ways of viewing life and this particular view is foreign to how i personally believe things are.  But then again, i've never been invited to Davos.
    If the author wasn't a media celebrity, i would consider reading his book about meritocracy.  But i am convinced that we cannot get there from here without a total rebuild of the system on terms that use economics as a tool, not as a basis set.  The fact that our mathematics can greatly mislead us is a complication based on the way we have learned math.
    There is another way to look at numbers.  There is total symmetry in the universe and the pattern of numbers can fall into that symmetry.  I have agreed to undertake a project to explain the work of a person who saw the vision, but i neglected to negotiate arrangements for payment at the time.  Thus, there has been no movement, because i put in many hours of time without compensation before i decided that i could not afford to gift my time. Then i abandoned the concept of time.  Now that time is recovered, perhaps i'll get in touch with the issue and see if i can arrange something that works for all parties.
    I really dislike the current economic system, because when i do do the work, somebody else will be happy to relieve me of a great portion of my take.  The country, the state and the local grubbermints are all broke and scrounging badly.  I think we should all come to a dead work stop until a system of merit can be defined and enacted, otherwise, the banksters win every time.  The system is rigged - he who prints the money, rules the day.  How silly.
    Namaste'     doc

June 14, 2012

Monochromatic Resolution: Resurrection of Time

   The conversion between matter and anti-matter occurs so fast that we are given an illusion of continuity.  In all the science i have been through, i have always been told that the ground state is the lowest energy level.  After thinking about the problem with time, i have concluded that this is false - the ground state is not the lowest energy state available.  I am well grounded - this ground is the midpoint where it takes the same amount of time to flip from one state to the other as it does to flip back.  How fast this happens is called frequency and consciousness is related directly to frequency by Planck's constant.
   Low frequency and high frequency are both apex and nadir - neither can be the ground.  Ground is a temporary phenomenon and gives the illusion of no motion.  This is because the back equals the forth.  At all other points in the spectrum (other than ground) the yin/yang is not split in half - we are out of balance - either coming or going but not at the state where we could go either way with equal opportunity.
   This is why we need sleep - theoretically if our lives were in perfect balance, we would sleep on a twelve hours on/twelve hours off basis.  Since time is not allowed here - lets kick off the hour requirement as being relative - not constant.  That is, as long as sleep balances with awake, then we are grounded.
   There is always a dynamic flux - in and out;  breathing is an example of how there would be no life without this exchange.  Take any heisenberg type relationship and it works in this fashion.  Thus, by defining the ground as the balance between the two states, we can see that ground is neither a limit, nor an endpoint.  It is the place where the geometric mean meets the median - a place of total symmetry.  A person who is well grounded would have equal access to both hemispheres of the brain.
   Now we can rescue time from the flux box and define it in terms relative to consciousness.  To do this, we could change the calendar, to equalize the 'harm' to everyone while hitting an absolute reset button on economy.  Time travel can provide a dispersion mechanism - because at ground at time zero - the vector of space and time are both zero - we can end up anywhere.  This could be nature's way of fixing the vurrent tower of babel - by sorting people to different frequencies by aligned world view, then giving each group exactly what it expects.  This would be my interpretation of the 'many worlds' POV - but it could be couched in equivalent language for any individual to grok.
   Zero, then becomes a bridge between plus and minus, matter and anti-matter.  It is crossed at will with the frequency of crossing causing the vibration defined by your personal time arrow.  There is a convergence of belief because that is what the frequency can handle - i believe that both higher and lower frequencies have limits that are governed by symmetry and pace.
   These crossings happen all the time, but the time units we use here are all relative to this particular consciousness.  When we sleep, we travel to another scale and do all the things incumbent upon us - then we wake up recharged and handle out work in this realm.  This happens all the time, very fast because of our size - heavier people seem to experience time slower - but we equilibrate everybody by using the same clocks.  (People includes all alive entities).
   Look at it like this is a projection of the three dimensional clock back into two dimensions - you get a line with a definite period of oscillation.  In a different sense - the math is the same as the projections of the planets rotating around the sun, when all are hurling through space at some outrageous speed - just to maintain Einstein's relativity and get the corrections to fit our time and size scale.  So really, 'as above, so below' and what comes around, goes around are fractals of each other and eventually (every 25,900 yrs or so) we do get back to here again.  But while we are here, let's all Be Here, Now.
   Peter Frampton had lyric do what you want to do, be what you want to be, but be who you are ... the strong give up and move on, but the weak give up and stay.  It is a matter of frequency, determined by consciousness, that sets your time period.  It is a function of your weight, size and proportions as to how many flips you as an individual get during each second, but the error bars on trillions are in the billions, so there is a lot of room for many simultaneous frequencies at the level that we exist today.
   And with that - i have now justified time in terms that i can grok and will now allow myself to look at the clock - the one in the bathroom is frozen at 11:11.   The mental gymnastics are over and now the clean-up phase can begin - refining the story such that others can grok this event and use the force behind it.

Namaste'     doc

Time 4 Change

   We are all one - the symmetry of the universe is apparent from the tenor of the discourse.  Reality and illusion are conveniently confused and the fact that yin is tied to yang rarely enters the picture for the not-so-observant.  Thus, i grin, because some truths of the world that were in my cognizance, yet not recognized by others, have been proven to be true - my big picture has met some realism.  Of course - this could still be part of the grand illusion that Styx so aptly named, but the posts by the three other authors noted on Tuesday were also right on to the point.  
   Anything that we watch can justify our way of thinking about things.  When you go to places where nobody else is and watch the things that happen, you realize that there is multiple presence, even though there are no human people.  I struggle sometimes mentally, when i have adopted a way that seems natural and find ostracism from the group for the behavior expressed.  It seems easy to slip into the role of victim in this society - so easy that everyone else seems to expect you to do it, and encourages it.
   I will make a detailed post on the topic later, but i have come up with a new grok of the concept of time, one that may rescue the topic from the flux box and bring back some of the abandoned order within my structures.  There are some parts of this new concept that i have to think through, so i will hold off on the piece that i have written to see how it holds up when i am in a different frame of mind.
   Part of our problem is the ground state.  We somehow have arbitrarily set ground at zero and started forward from there.  The arch druid speaks often of randomly generated settings that fix people's beliefs; the idea that everything stops at zero is terribly ingrained - and very likely false.  But logic requires falsifiability and by the custom of setting zero as the beginning or the end - this absolute limit has set our mind set to something that provides constant cognitive dissonance.
   I sure like word smything - it make me feel like i am saying something different when preaching to the choir.  I have been thinking about plasma phases and mixing coefficients, consciousness from a chemical basis and how the waveforms are generated, how they collapse.  This is where i now find new ground - on that is a balance point between yin and yang, when the tip can go either way and the probability is 50%:50%.  This is ground - the conscious point - the place where resonance is turned off and field effects are due solely to the nature of the field.  No time, no space.  Happens oh - 3 billion times per second.
   That type of number scares me - 3,000,000,000.  It is a large number that as a mathematician is hard for me to grok.  When i express it as an exponential - 3 x 10 to the power of ten, it gives me a handle that is more reasonable.  To me - the proportion here is 10/64 - which provides a separation of 2.5 to 3 orders of visibility.  This is far enough away fractally to allow the mathematics of reality to have totally different physical expression.
   If we accept quantum theory, the notion that there is an absolute smallest unit that cannot be further broken, then we have to give up the mobius strip of 'as above, so below', because there is a stopping point.  When we correlate relativity with quantum theory - as done by Athene in his theory of everything - we now have some new imagery to work out.  If i am right about ground, then it is a bindu point between matter and antimatter and we function perfectly normal in multiple spaces and times at once.  This fits the many worlds hypothesis and tells me that certain authors have better access to reality than others.
   I will spend more time thinking about this whole thing - as long as i am allowed the illusion of personal freedom to think.  There is major denial that has become oppressive; life is crashing through one of these bindu points on a much large scale than our current dimensionality allows us to see - once again, perspective of insight is everything.  I think i will change scale and remote view a few things, before i write too much more.  If you want to grok what i just said - go to my friend Roger's website.
   Namaste      doc

June 13, 2012

Let's Sing

Super Fragile Cabalistic Government is Falling - i think you know the tune.  It is from the movie Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke.  Not quite as good as Thoroughly Modern Millie, but it does seem to be familiar, four decades later.

June 12, 2012

Just people, with things to say

   Post mortem time for traditional media - it is over.  Each different media website has it's own troll method of attempting to hook the reader, but we have no need to pay for their services for deceiving us.  Espn wants me to be an insider, but i write better copy that any of their authors.  Yayhoo wants me to take another survey and The New York Crimes wants me to register.  For what, the draft?
   Top cookie now is oogle, which attempted to switch me into ooglenet when i hit a website that was showing a gif file that will only run in explorer on chrome.  I wonder if microshit paid for that service.  You can always go to the Western Farm Press and get the latest pro-agriculture chemical information - even when Monstrocity does the research.  Hopeless on all accounts.
   So what can you believe?  Start building from the ground up, with information that can be verified by multiple sources.  No matter how much you trust your source, if there is information that is generated only in that source's pathway, watch the threads and verify the information.  Turn out that both the far left and the far right have good websites for complaining against the obvious, so when they agree (like on the pat riot act), you know that something big is in the loop.
   I am not in the big loop, by choice.  That is why you can somewhat trust the material here - i have no reason to not speak my personal truth - i, like Elvis, have left the building, the foundation was not sound.  My counters have been screwed up, because i haven't been on time for a while.  I don't even make appointments because i have no follow up method to say when except intuition and the location of sol against my constant backdrop.
   There are some internal clocks in the new media that help me state my case.  For instance, JHK always posts early Monday morning - which means that most people are starting a new week.  I tried to shift my week to enjoy my tuesdays and wednesdays off ( i worked weekends), but my coworkers wouldn't play along - always having decision making meetings in my prime off-time - a casual means of exclusion - what your don't know first hand ...
   So i think now like a feline or other four-legger and do what has to be done when the call comes up - i plan for things that i know are going to come about, but i do not worry at all about the time frame - i know it is skewed.  Super long periods of time are very short in duration for the participants who are so well engaged, that they don't realize the happenings are.  What i am is what i am; it is not defined by a media or a political persuasion or even a sports event.
   Kudos to George at Urban Survival for attempting to explain mean and median in terms that non math geeks can understand.  Add the concept mode - the most frequent number generated - all those people weighing down the low end of the scale with their one dollar incomes - if the mode is on the extreme, so is the society.
  More kudos to Barb.   Keeping information current when the other players are out to get you is difficult at best and the POV at Farm Wars is necessary to counter the lame stream propaganda.  I don't even have to register at her site to read it - it strikes the chords of what i already know from my business in the business, if y'know what i mean.
   Last kudos to the arch druid, who seems to have completed a cycle on history and is a master of telling the tale - not too long, serial clif-hangers and a comment - followed by the discussion section where he responds.  Nothing like having the person behind the site standing by his words. 
   Welcome to the new free media - just people with things to say.
   Namaste'  doc