June 30, 2006

Checkin Howdt

My computer is doing funny things and i am leaving for an elongated holiday weekend. I have chocolates and clothing and will get together the other gear that i need to escape. Back sometime after the fourth. aloha


Wierd. As Hunter S. Thompson once said, When the going gets wierd, the wierd turn pro. The government spying on American's phone conversations and bank accounts is the tip of the iceberg. Seems that now they have the ability to render judgement and just take via garnishment of anything that has a title, if you do not wish to play their game. The tightening of the screws within the political establishment was reenforced by letting folks know what it was that they had on them, thus creating a new kowtow climate change where those on-board can be physically, mentally and unconventionally harassed into shutting down their communication systems. Sneaky how now that we know wiretaps are apparent, that there are more buzzes and beeps in our phone conversations.
But as a luddite, only the technologies that are immediately useful hold my attention for very long. If the conputer wasn't necessary for the business that i'm in, i doubt that I'd spend the time on it. But since i have to, i might as well make it work to achieve the goals that i have set forth, one of which is to excel to the best of my ability in anything worth going for. I spend a lot of time thinking before i jump off the high dive - but i do jump and never attempt to climb back up onto the pinnacle. I think that i can disoperate mechanical equipment - either that or build in obsolescence was set to strike our house all at once. Wierd.

June 28, 2006

Lost Bliss

jump me, beat me up
it is all my fault
never let me forget
if i was not here then
who would you blame
everything works out
perfect in a perfect world
so the illusion of life
gives everything
while taking nothing
provides bounty forever
until awakening acumen
says dreams no longer true
bubbles burst when
perspective changes
cause the there there
is there no more, no more
reality develops microscale
fractures as life tumbles
into mass conflict between
immobile force and
inanimate solid object
i would be your knight
jump me, beat me up
yet i cannot restore
shattered illusions

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

June 27, 2006

the way you live your life

if you had more money
would it affect the way
you live your life?
or would it just empower
more of the same
to a grander effect
what would/could you do
that you can't do now
virtual minimization of
personal space
enhanced acquisition of stuff
investment in personal appearance
ego satiate pallative to hide
empty bitter longing for acceptance
substituted for by too much stuff
listen ~ no hugs ~ no joy ~ no peace
reduce consumptive degradation
via abandonment of pursuit
of money instead of wisdom
of money instead of love
of money instead of peace
look at doing by doing
invest in mental sanity
minimize to maximize
let the footprints
remain on the sands of time
watch, create what is desired
one step at a time
do to do, appreciate to love
the drum beats beat
march or listen, lead or follow
but remain out of the way
as the devolution of value
reconfiguaration occurs
if you have less money
would it affect the way
you live your life?

(c) 2006 vemora spardu

Gnus of the Dei

First - Oregon State Beavers defeat North Carolina 3-2 to win the college World Series. As a Beaver alum and a baseball fan - having the Orange and Black hoist a national championship banner is enough to encourage a budding left-handed pitcher. At eleven, i thinks he's more Phil Mikkelson type, but sports will not be an avenue to wealth and fame by the time he grows up. Not that wealth and fame are terribly important in a world where we need peace, love and harmony.

Second - Oliphant hits a nail on the irrellevance of debate in a world without freedom of speech and diversity of thought. We can still say the unpopular, but it has become an identifiable risk to speak your thoughts honestly. Wisdom and compassion both need truth to provide a cornerstone - but how much of what we know can we take at face value? As we investigate approximation, we learn that most any statistic can be placed out of context - especially since the conditions of assumption are never really discussed. And that's the news.

In science, the ability to discuss work has been sidelined by profit motives - you never wish to spill the beans on somethings that you can patent and profit from. Yet that patent gets purchased by a multinational company and set on the shelf until the system is milked to dryness, then we the heifers are rendered, to become feed for another different living system. Independence is thinking something other than what the telly tells you to think. The stories that make the movies have to be entertaining, but they don't have to be moral, because they are fiction. But the way we think is cultured by that fiction.

Irrellevance has always been an interesting entertainment forte. From the subtle insanity of Monte Python (not), to Terry Gilliam's Brazil, George Carlin as the priest in Dogma, the ensemble in Hudson Hawk, some movies hit subtle truths about the hypocracy and perpetuation of the current system, which nobody seems to like, but never seems to change. Some of the futuristic fantasy that has been replayed retells ancient stories - reading mythology of the ancients or in depth religious verse tells the same stories from different frames of reference. As Lennon said - Let It Be. Try to change the pace, slow down, ya move too fast, we've got to make the morning last, just kicking round the cobblestones... What is a cobblestone to a kid that has everything and yet understands nothing?

Oops - too wierd - that musta been lemme talking. Big smile. Enjoy the day.

June 26, 2006

Hither and Yon

Greetings – Doctor Lenny here

Today is the beginning of the summer science zone program. I expect to be kit building for the next month and adding on beta testers for both the kits and the on-line school. If you would like to help test the Redile (Research Directed Learning Environments) system in practice this summer – please enroll as a student at www.yourclassroom.com in either the school of ONRRI or Howdtside Grammar School and send me a message.

The Nature of the Chemical Bond, featuring the Mollec Hues will be available thru the ONRRI on-line school. This will be a weekly lecture series, beginning after independence day. The door to Dr. Lenny's on-line office is thru the hot key title of this post - it will open at 6 am PST for at least an hour each day - correct timing once we develop a sense of daily routine and learn proper pace. Not too fast, not too slow. Freeform.

My triangle field envelope contains love, peace and harmony, wisdom, compassion and truth. This chosen anagram is vemora spardu - developed in two letter jumble lots from each key word. Finding the path is following the clues to insight. The path less traveled, but equivalently spaced, still leads to the proper place - acceptance of what we can do not as a limitation, but as a beginning. In that sense, Vemora Spardu is like Hakuna Matata. Insight is fun. May Earth and Sun fields bring you joy this day.

June 25, 2006

We, the regular people

we who are us don't like labels,
we are what we need us to be
ghouls beneath the surface
engaging people on quality grubmint
quantity being omnipresent, not well done
expertise wasted following political goals
now empower us to act as agents to engage,
insert sanity amongst the boondoggle
of wasted effort, different is not bad
it is simply different ...
undermine political resolve
with rehabilitated grubmint
tapped into the keg of the people
which allows creative solutions
to ever-present problems that
we are willing to begin to address

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

Look Howdt - Dr. Lenny's on a Mission

The message is clear - we americans are tired of having limited voice while watching our alledged leadership screw up time and time again. It's not about wanting a new political party - it's about changing the dynamics of the current system to make it responsive to good suggestions and honest response. There is no instant political movement - this is a calculated well planned effort to empower everybody to take life into their own hands. On July 4th - the website http://www.independentvoting.org will be live and active.

I will attempt to be on-line in my office at 6:00 am Pacific for an hour each weekday to organize the scholastic effort. This summer will be spent test driving the components of the on-line classroom, due to relaunch on October 1st. If any readers would like to become beta testers, sign up at http://www.yourclassroom.com in the Howdtdoor Classroom or in ONRRI. This site is old and clunky, but learning to use it now will help you master the slick redesigned vertion coming this fall. For now, science and math only.

June 24, 2006

Vacating Time

lemme is as lemme does
so lemme introduce to you
a new d'light, a poetwrite
my friend - Vemora Spardu

Vacating Time

southern hospitality
pecan pie, shrimp creole
patented southern belle smile
pairs of people wandering
empty city streets within
this sunny sunday morn
slip back in time, imagine
horses pulling carts along
with parasols and sparkle
pace of life evolved slow
mapping harmony, love and peace
virtual contrast of here and now
flying, driving, running, bushed
falling behind on squirrel wheels
rushing to chaotic end of order
for no apparent reason at all
rather than cooling jets
lying low, laid back, away
weighless floating above our
excessive pace of life today

(c) 2006 Vemora Spardu

June 23, 2006

Return of the Zone

Doctor Lenny would like to express the warmest regards and a deep thank you to the people of the deep south in Savannah Georgia, for all the hospitality rendered during the past week. Savannah hosted the National Resource Conservation and Development Council meeting - attended by 1500 folks. The topic was leadership and the keynote speaker one day was Teddy Roosevelt (excellent historical reenactment). I will likely spend the weekend blogging notes from the trip - and talking about some of the incredible oddness of being

This note covers the important stuff - the food. Shrimp Creole was dinner day one, and blackened mahi-mahi was served for day two. There were buffalo wings in a sports bar and a nice large steak at one of savannah's finer steak-houses. Conferees sampled southern Barbeque Beef, Georgia peaches in season (and mouthwatering peach cookies), pecans, peanut brittle, yum. Both key lime pie and pecan pie were treats. My body is tired of restaurant food, but my taste buds and saliva glands are very happy for the experience.

I also got to meet some good down to earth people from all over the county. People share a common ground, and the RC&D conference took a look at many different difficult situations and blended success stories from a variety of regions. The breakout sessions were worth attending and the education philosophy that i brought to contribute was well received. I'll tease yawl with a photo today - the boat that lugged us back and forth over the river during the conference. I promise, more to come.

June 16, 2006


Being here as being
A little lettuce lattice
Sandwiched scaffolding
Deeper than the Pool of Life
Melting away unbridled
Toward deep shallow currents
From waves of light and dark
to Waves of dark and light

(c) 2006


"I've been told, someone in the know can be sure to have good luck and it's no lie, all you really need is a dollar folded in the shape of the pyramid thats printed on the back." Pyramania : Alan Parsons Project 1978

Recent readings in egyptology and sacred geometry have led me to investigate my Mer-Ka-Ba field. I have decided that the jury is still howdt on the whole field of fields, but i have not found any inherent contradictions between what i have read and what i already seem to know from a scientific basis. In that respect, some puzzles have been explained, but others created. I think we do that to ourselves, no matter what, so it doesn't bother me at this point.

Karma is being able to know which path you belong on and ethics is staying on that path despite other temptations. Being on a path is a matter of setting goals, but leaving enough flexibility in the mechanisms to approach the product on many simultaneous pathways. Learning which ones work becomes a matter of experience, so maximizing experience should be what it is all about.

But we as people develop comfort in a routine. We develop a self-burrowed energy well and plant ourselves like good couch potatoes. The soil is not fertile, so plan to die an unpleasant monetary death. But since you can't take it with you, there must be something else, mustn't there? So i will tread lightly with my light spirit until convinced of either fact or fiction.

BTW - i may be off-line for the next week. Depends on comfuser access in an unpredetermined surrounding. Get to listen alot and talk a little. Hopefully, not talk to much - flapping jaw is a hideous disease.

June 15, 2006

Another Thread

Let me be so bold as to reconfigure the Periodic Table. Take a moment to look at the form of the table, with two pillar columns on the ends, a deeper space in the middle and some interesting diagonal divisions between elements. Note especially the line dividing the metals and the metalloids, a conflict which exists because these elements are in areas where electronic structure makes them inconvenient to be mined and used stablely.

First draw a line through Silicon, Arsenic, Tellurium and Astatine. Now draw a line diagonal through Aluminum, Zinc, Silver and Platinum, and then extend it into the actinide and lanthanide series, it points to Erbium and Einsteinium. But when you realize that the inset is one row up, then it corrects to Terbium and Curium. Now draw a third diagonal from Lithium through Magnesium, Scantium and Zirconium, which extends through Neodymium and Neptunium. I find it interesting that this coupling groups Uranium in with alkali and alkali earth metals - it makes sense that Uranium should have a cationic migratory complex - a prediction of the theory that would be verifyable. Do we have uranium salts?

At any rate, the latter two diagonal lines give you a very interesting inverted pyramid in the middle. The large pyramid on the right reaches a peak at carbon and contains gold at the foot. But the inverted pyramid in the middle contains all the catalytic transition metals that function in biological and chemical systems to allow the carbon transformation to take place. This hidden pyramid has an eye - Technitiun is a listed element that really doesn't exist. It also contains the actinides and lanthanides Gadolinium, Europium, Samarium, Plutonium and Americium, but only when you insert the f-shell properly into the table in the sixth row, not as a below cut-out.

I wonder if the elements that are bisected by the lines of the pyramids have some special significance? I must admit that i have been reading on Egypotology and Sacred Geometry - the flower of life stuff. I have also been exploring Eastern thought via the I Ching as a specific attempt to control emotions like anger and frustration with apparently mundane trivialities that bother my physical existance. That is if i decide to beleive any of this after i've worked my way through bith the philosophy and the mathematics. But - for now, i cannot disprove, and the periodic table insight is astonishing spooky for the correctness of things that i know only because of my advanced training, not due to my general knowledge.

Depth and Breadth are simultaneously important - the door can only be seen with a mastery of both. The door leads to a third dimension, wisdom - which i hope to gather for application on this endeavor. The pointer to Einsteinium as a false indicator confirms to me a notion that i had that c, the speed of light is not a constant, as has been assumed. But to hunt further, I need to clean up some of the open ends of life, and set up physical existence on a more stable basis. Spending time developing the mechanism to get to where we are going, the proper form and function of conveyance, will be where my head is at.

Odd distraction for a Thursday morning, but you go with the flow when you think.

EH - 114 : Bullies

there usually are a few fights in the life of young males, but, for most males, fights are mostly avoided because one knows he lacks the power to be continuously successful, or maybe even infrequently successful.

Lawrence Velvel applies the lawyers eyes worst case scenario view to modern ignorance of recent history. The conclusion call for a change of application - let's envision the best case scenarios and work our best to get to those simultaneous with avoiding the results of the worst case scenarios. This would involve inverting the tetrahedron rather than cleaving the pyramid at its based. Having a tiered lifestyle, where the base can go in the opposite direction just as easily as the current direction would give momentum in two directions and contribute strength to resist the current actions in a more balance form.

Now i know that i am too deep in theory here to make complete sense, but if the limits of geometry are from tetrahedral to octahedral, would a pentagon be in the middle, or would it be rejected by the system? Is there a regular seven or thirteen sided shape? Is there a religious significance to fractal patterns? We know something is wrong, but not what. Perhaps our science is misdirected by the fact that we have left the path of symmetry and function without our right handed analogues being allowed along - thus we lose access to the yang and go deeper off than if we maintained balance. I'll continue in another thread.

June 13, 2006

Another Way Howdt there place


Jeff Wells has been disrupting lemming reality from a blog called Rigorous Intuition. He was slipped a Mickey by the anti-blogging police and is now transmitting through alternate channels. In order to make certain that everybody gets there - i have placed the new sitr moniker in large red letters. What you don't know, can bite!

June 12, 2006

Seems and Is

Something seems different and all is not quite kosher. The happenings of the last week ran counter to my expectation values and the coincidental additional distress in most daily affairs was noted and logged. Simple tasks like being connected to e-mail the yellow microsoft network via Internet Explorer - the one you can't get rid of - and now it doesn't connect, bypassing itself? Certain internet sites have the same look, but not the same feel. I made a comment to one blogger as an off-hand, went to a different blog and virtually read the gist my own comment. The owls are not what they seem - but we currently seem to be mentally telepathic in creating synergistic ideas. Perhaps the 100th monkey finally arrived. I've got to go - hope i make it back intact. My is is calling and all the seems in the world don't make the ises go away.

June 11, 2006

feline pursuasion

phase shifting with grey kitty
she seems to have run off (again) ...
cats with sense of pretense know
when their presence is desired
busts moreso than booms
intangible living in purr-fect
harmony - london kitty knows
london kitty cares...
london's britches falling down
this cat's in the cradle,
kitty's allright tonight
knows we be well til morn

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

June 10, 2006


Fodders Day tomorrow and the family brought home a Pomeranian puppy - which promptly became dr. lenny sidekick. We formerly used th Monty Python philosopher's rule - No Poofters! - but this one made the name seem right at home.

Just slightly bigger than a handful

Nature of the Chemical Bond IV : Bond Strength

Interpersonal relationships operate based on overlap of mutual trust, where partners in a transaction come together for mutual benefit and share in the entity produced by the combination of labours. You make deals with people and then stick to the deal as long as it is mutually beneficial to keep the deal going. Such is the nature of chemistry too - the strength of the partnership is termed the bond order.

There are two forms of chemical bonds - ionic and covalent. The topic was covered in a previous column - to summarize, ionic bonds are exclusive one element takes electrons, one element gives electrons and they stick together based on the positive negative charge interaction. I'd like to define this as Bond Order Zero - nothing between the nuclei. In human terms, think of it as casual sex.

The other type, the covalent chemical bond involves a sharing of the electrons by both partners elevating their control status to eight by pairing otherwise unshared electrons into hybridized overlapping orbitals. Say that again in english, dr. lenny.

Elements will share electrons in orbitals (regions of space that hold electrons) that overlap. Since elements have the same shapes of orbital in their outer configuration, this sharing drives the chemistry that allows transfer of these electrons. Half the chemistry that you can see involves passing electrons like dollars - somebody gives, somebody gets and everybody is happy. When nitrogen atoms team up, the nitrogen nitrogen bond is as strong a bond as any uin chemisty. Entu N2 : each nitrogen brings five electrons to the partners and shares three of the other nitrogen to give the grand total of eight. So the bond order for nitrogen is three. The orbitals are like banks, they tell you where you can keep your money.

By the way - atoms of elements used here will ignore isotopes for the time being. The time being is a physical creature who hangs onto realities that we have to return to and conceptualize later - so isotopes and their significance or insignificance is a must return subject. The time being dislikes the incestual nature of interpersonal triple bonds - they have such high maintenance energy that they are worth considering briefly, then ignoring, unless armed with a chemical like molybdenum or sulfur which make mockeries of multiple bonds.

Back to our story - Normal carbon - carbon organic bonds have a bond order of one. If you recall HONC-1234 - carbon prefers four single shared bonds. When it pairs to make carbon-carbon double bonds with bond order two, the second overlapping bond turns up in an antibonding orbital causing high reactivity. Say whut , dr . lenny? Orbital for the carbon-carbon double bond are somewhat different from the orbital for the oxygen-oxygen double bond.

Even though both oxygen and carbon are sharing four electrons mutually, the oxygen team of self is a much more accomodating set internally - much like a family unit. The carbon picture has each double bonded carbon with two other partners pulling away its attention frequency - more like a limited liability company type six partner business. If the latter business model could be tured from a double bond to a conjugated ring - lowering the bond order from two to one and one-half, the company might get better effort from the currently peripheral partners. This would be an application of Redile in action.

And with that, i must progress with day. NCB3

EH - 113 : The Commons

Mr. Nobody discusses the philosophy of giving children one milkshake and three straws versus three milkshakes of 1/3 size. The fallacy of the argument of course is the giving and taking part - but the question of who watches the watchers has only one solution - you are responsible to watch for yourself. Given that, sit back and watch the spectacle - and make comment on it because you are free to use speech to comment on things. The senate may decide otherwise at a future point in time, but do you think you really influence the senate? So why let them influence you?

June 09, 2006

Mellowing with Age

Today was a day well spent - working at the Alder Creek Children's Forest with a group of students and free-lance educators giving kids a chance to learn about how not to do forestry. There is a section of the property known as the beetle kill area that was due to be cut this past fall. As things would have it, a paying job overran its time and the faller was not available on schedule. So they 'hired' (all donated time) another faller who came in with a cat and really tore up the land. He left enough large holes that there was significant blow-down this winter, so more wood had to be taken out than originally planned. Good for teaching chain-saw, not as good for selective logging practice. But, this is student managed land and everything can be made into a practical learning experience.

The project today was to protect white oak sapling from deer and elk graze, by putting in plastic tubes and stakes. Cody, Jesse, Dave, and Daniel scalped the land to remove competition grasses and then staked a plastic wrapper down and covered the ground with newsprint. Not that many elk eat oak, in preference to other things, but it is good experience for our middle school students to go through to learn. The Wolf Creek Job Corps Crew showed up to introduce some folks to the forest - these guys were more prepared to work and made cedar stake 'on the fly'.

Rather than recap and summarize my history, as Ali's post implies, I am launching new chapters in the game of lenny's life. Just barely past 48, that means that at the ripe age of 96 dr. lenny will stop kicking. That leaves plenty of time for memoirs later. For now - let's keep learning and using what we learn. And - enjoying gorgeous weather days howdtside - check howdt these photos.

June 08, 2006

A Rose is a rose is ...

It is the time of year to appreciate the roses in the garden.

June 07, 2006

EH - 112 : Climate Change

"What will be lacking is hard science because by virtue of being hard it is not very popular and is not conducive to simplification, does not provide vivid gut-wrenching imagery and is veiled in difficult mathematical formulas, concepts and reams of numerical data."

George Giles takes the global warming folks and Al Gore to task. Dr. Lenny tends to agree with most of his prose, but the idea of writing off science because of funding sources is absurd, as fedgov is the only game in town. Everything that is called science can only be written off in a process of checking and cross-checking that is designed to reproduce known facts and eliminate results which are not duplicatible. By constraining variable, we can isolate one area from other and look to see whether the desired effects are reproduced (or obtained, if you are on the cutting edge).

But current science funding is a reward system for doctrine and if an honest scientist follows the doctrine, he can do very valid work with-in the system in the narrow focus of his own field. The problem comes from the failure to reel most scientists back in and make them deal with the validity of their assumptions, especially across fields. Reread the opening paragraph - the quoted one. Notice the emphasis on the word hard and the image of gut-wrenching that it takes to understand this system. Now ask a four year old why the wind blows. I bet the four year old has a better answer than most climate change scientists. Science is easy - it is propaganda that makes the sheeple think it is hard.

Chemistry with doctor lenny is an easy science - the molecules are mostly dumb and do what they are expected to do. If you use a critical eye to ask yourself - what is happening that i can explain by using the 'most excited element will react first theory' , then you can suggest a formula that changes the form of the element in question. If changing the form provides the required function, then the chemistry reaction has succeeded. Easy. Now go use chemistry, by unstopping a drain or killing an evil refrigerator smell. That's enough 'hard' science for the time being.

June 06, 2006


life knows
what is instore
for those of us
that discover
pleasure in beauty
nature surrounds

please stop stomping
the garden of life
finite concentrations
ebb and flow together
creating kaleidoscopic
patterns weigning
heavy in our lives
heavy in our hearts

dispersion feeds chemicals
onto newly available path
catalyzing life frenzy
to another nth degree
sentient biomassholes
control directional flow
function over form
as resource piles called waste
rekindlable spiritually
trapped off loop from
current reality life
knows what is in store

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

Vote Howdt Politicians

If you are a normal(?) individualist who is frustrated with the way things are, and you suddenly find yourself with time on your hands, why not advocate to elect howdt politicians. If you fit the general style and support platforms that dr. lenny and lemme can support (like reducing taxes and unwarrented services) - we can designate you one of our howdt politicians and you can use the title slogan. If you can't qualify for the ballot because of restrictive laws, then you can also use the slogan write in howdt. The key for this to work is to get everyone you know to start spelling out howdt and make it something that garners 100 monkeys.
How do you garner 100 monkeys? Bananas! Howdt side there is a dog and pony show waiting to be put to good use. The great Howdt doors beckons - people have to get howdt more. There is howdt of bounds, howdt of control, howdt standing. Maybe the idea is howdt to lunch, but we might as well roll it howdt while we can. With howdt a doubt - vote howdt politicians.

EH - 111 : Statistics

Bill Sardi crunches through numbers to discuss the true numbers represented by pharma-statistics - those folks selling everybody little red, white and blue pills in happy, happy talk that neglects to tell you what the little purple bugger is actually for. Dr. Lenny will occaisionally drop a tylenol, but that is the extent of the big pharma connection. Home naturopathy - self medicating with traditional herbal teas and fresh garden greens in season. Special micro-nutrient enhanced compost is one of dr. lenny's research projects - all hail the giant legume(?!)
Anyway, if you do the math to check what the press says, then Sardi's column will yank your chain like it did mine. Now i'm off to deal in offal.

June 05, 2006

what a fool? believes

summa ewe bumpkins
betta git offya assets
wakup tuda danjers
ova nukular winta whirld
blasta via pastor
proper gates shun manifest
heepa peepa creepa
botz snotz n tots
lukhowdt mamma
trayn aleevin gnaauw
allah bored
desti nation wherevah
steppn offda traaka
ketchup tuya gulchin
yall dun combak nau y'heah

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

June 04, 2006

Hiding Space

where does time go
there must be a place
long hidden recess
back behind the outhouse
laughing hysterically
at the way people waste
a commodity unreplacible
that continues non-stop
for eternity evermore

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

DaVinci Code - which way?

Went to see The DaVinci Code this afternoon - i don't understand the controversy over the supposed heresy. I felt the movie did a reasonable job of portraying DaVinci's artistry and i think the Newtonian spin is a bit absurd. At least they didn't try to make a case that Adam Weishapt was Sir Isaac Newton. The icon imagery was exactly what i would expect of a movie with significant religious overtones, but it doesn't border the significance of other movie heresies. Then again, i ROTFL every time i watch Dogma.

More telling though is the interpersonal relationships in the movie. Jean Reno did a wonderful job of playing the police - hard to make that sort of role believable. All in all, I'd say going to a $5 matinee was worthwhile - but i'll have to wait until some of the vids of the other options come out to determine whether MI3 or X-Men might have been the better choice.

People not only need to follow what they believe in, but also to question that belief system in order to strengthen the tether upon finding that the way is the way. Whatever that weigh shall be. I'll take my whey with curds that you. Where there is will, there is away. Weigh, Whey, Way Howdt there.

June 03, 2006

Shuffle and Deal

The New York Times needs to quit reflecting on its belly button. The referenced article whines about the fact that new york politicians aren't up to snuff when it comes to getting their piece of the pork. I suppose New York should get levee funds ahead of New Orleans too. Just look at who your senators are - Shumer and Hilary. They are too busy grandstanding to actually do any real work. But real work is not the role of congress - the role of congress is to oppose progress.

The Senate has no credibility - why are we still pretending they mean something? Time to fold the hand - toss it in and deal again. You can call it anything you like when your hand consists of five wild cards. Five card stud, jokers wild, deuces wild, suicide kings, one eyed jacks also wild. Yeah, right - the Joker is in charge - time for the royal flush.
(Ross's giant sucking sound)

June 02, 2006


Much thanks to Tom Chastain and OSU for a rousing seminar on winter Canola as a rotation crop in grass seed land. Seems as though it should fit the Williamette Valley rather well.

The seminar was well attended. Several speakers talked about the mechanism for turning seeds into oil - something dr. lenny did not really grok.
The local poor mans crop here is Scotch Broom - a notorious 'noxious weed' that 'must' be eradicated. The local rich mans crop might work as well.