March 31, 2014

Rephasing Time

Monday morning metaphysics dives into fractal geometry. The ninety minute conversation took off to some new ground in the application of matrix algebra to group theory.  Ground floats.  The  density of the solid phase is generally higher than that of liquid or gas phases.  Not here on the cutting edge of the fifth dimension.  Harmony and trust abounding.

Group size was eight - somewhat manageable in that it is a self selected group seeking ascertainment.  To see the weigh is different, yet to measure is to find it the same.  Western science has an absolute observer to satisfy, eastern mysticism has an aura to maintain.  Fractal geometry bridges that gap and has the ability to describe nature in good sense.

In a number sense, the strength of a number has to do with the degree of the group that it empowers.  The one is the first arising from nothing, and most times it returns to zero.  Sometimes one is stable and it moves on to be one again.  That one is different from one is an illusion and also a reality.  We are all one, we are each one.  When we regroup, more than one of us can come together as one and that is what fractals do - they reset the group back to one.

We are together not separate.  By regrouping to one, we can interact in context.  The point group symmetry is such that each atom represents itself as a unit in space.  The eight can be looked at as vertices of a cube - the corners where six sides of a dice meet.   A geometric form that is readily reproducible and easily cross-linked.  Each role can have one of six outcomes.   The pair of dice give 36 unique rolls - permutations of six taken two at a time.  Each part of one.

Now we have a lattice structure where we can account for probability.  That means that when we accumulate statistics, we can start seeing the picture of how those rolls of the dice add up.  When the game is backgammon - knowing how to account for the likelihood of each die cast allows for better play and more frequency of winning.  Thus backgammon is an emergent fractal of a pair of dice.  The game has 30 chits on a 24 line rectangular board.

Games enable the learning experience.  If you can play on fairly equivalent terms to other players, games give a reasonable indicator of future performance.  The surface of the game is the primary rule set and the next layer is the mechanical function.  Each position requires a different skill set; there is room for multiple player types.  The game is to create performance measures based upon the skills demonstrated by the players performing within their roles.

Unity is an emergent form of media.  As a blogger - i stand alone with displaying my personal opinion on a lot of topical subjects.  I have responsibility for my words and know that if i misspeak, the knowledge that people take away will be off-kilter.  If i am misinterpreted, then i was not clear in my choice of words, and elegance is to embed multiple meanings into a single diction set.  Words mean too many things - any impression can be misconveyed by a poor choice of spoken phrase.

Personal interactive media is the direction of flow powering today.  The Treei calendar begins with mass massing and flows through void voiding in permutations of eight in pairs yielding a sixty-four grid.  Tracking time on a new calendar is a game - another topic for another blog.

Namaste' ... doc

March 30, 2014

Baseball Zone Coverage

Opening Day of baseball season and the Padres and Dodgers are scoreless early.  The season starts in full tomorrow and our fake baseball team is selected and ready.  Lemme's fake basketball team is in the semi-finals and will know if it plays for a championship later tonight.   We have a 6-3 lead and reasonably strong position, but stranger things have happened to me.

The wind is howling and several times the trailer has shaken on its foundation.  The weather energy is a symptom of the cumulative feelings of those collectively in the surroundings.  The earth changes are compounded by the geo-engineering - Gaian metabolism is not currently operating at peak performance.

If we live in a holographic universe and can change the state of being by using our intuition and our imagination, then by all means the collective voice of the people should rise to action.  To attain outer peace is first to attain inner peace, then give up the pieces that no longer serve our purpose. To be is to do as one should think to do.  Just consider all those other peeps.

The March Madness is down to the final four with Kentucky as the people's favorite, while Connecticut has something to prove.  Florida is the prohibitive favorite, so I'll have to root with Scotty for his Wisconsin Badgers - the team that everybody forgets about.  My pool pick was Arizona - the showed well in their loss.

Just wish to put the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) on notice that this blog covers baseball and I plan full season, wire to wire coverage of doc's perception of the National and American League pennant races - i will expect my all-star ballot five years hence.  I vote for Pete Rose, Roger Clemons,  Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Bud Harrelson.  Or is that Woody Harrelson?

Namaste' ...  doc lemme

March 29, 2014

Combustion II : Fractal Chemisociology

Lets take a molecular journey this morning, into an area of abstract delight.  As we delve deeper into the combustion process, we find that the water released transforms itself back into the aitch-two-oh form upon the effect of heat breaking the molecular bonds of the sugar lattice of the plant material.  The sweep of the form is to go from green herb to water and carbon dioxide in a ten second period. Some chemicals are volatilized as the breaking of the sugar bonds releases heat into a localized area.

A sugar molecule has the generalized formula of C6H12O6 . This equates to six carbon atoms, twelve hydrogen atoms and six oxygen atoms.  The total group has 24 total atoms.  The formula weight of the individual sugar atom is 180 mass units.  The sugar unit as a whole has a six member ring structure of carbons with a hydrogen and a hydroxide attached to each carbon.  Hydroxide has an oxygen-hydrogen unit oxygen bonded to the carbon.  Sugar is a fractal set above water and carbon dioxide in complexity.

The plant structure is made of chains of sugars that form into the cell structure.  Roughly 15% of the volume of a plant cell (by weight) is made of organic carbon compounds - the rest is water.  Of the solid structural framework, there are also proteins and enzymes, lipids and other carbon frameworks.  The cells are filled with water and also made with water as a component of the structure.  Combustion ruins the structure indiscriminately - when it burns, it only has to exceed a threshold of energy to return to carbon dioxide and water.

So chemistry is about breaking and making bonds by interaction of physical forces.  It has a directionality in space - the direction that you approach the molecule is a significant factor in the specific mechanism of energy discharge.  The flame causes volatile structures to cleave from the structure and be carried off in a stream mix of air, water, and carbon dioxide - with perhaps a few intermediate unstable forms that are buffeted by the currents.  Chemical bonds can be visioned as love between atoms.  The stable form to come back to is water.

Biology, biochemistry, chemistry and physics are all fractals in their relationship to each other, as sciences.  Each one is a smaller simplification that feeds from the larger system - we as humans are very good at breaking things down.  That nature operates in all these fields with total continuity is a given - that our explanations of similar phenomena differ so much in each field is the basis for much debate over reality.  Gaia doesn't care about creating the ecosystem, she just does it.

Weather is the experience of local metabolism of the Gaian eco-sphere.  That the minions are playing with the weather as part of the maintenance of the cognitive dissonant state of disharmony is a given - the corporate devour form thrives on the chaos of the 3-D whirled.  To be at peace, in a state of observation without attachment, allows a different focus from the current lame stream media boutique.

The parallels between the soft sciences of human interest and the hard sciences listed above are in harmonic phase with each other in the fractal accounting system.  Thus - chemosociology and sociochemistry are similar fields approached from opposite directions, that should provide a mirror image of the facets of symmetry that they eventually evolve into.  This crossed scientific approach is required to divorce the innate fraud of the medical establishment in the hijacking of health for profit in a diseased whirled.  Let it go!

Our pursuit of knowledge will take different forms, as the flow of fractal dimension is applied as a function of the mathematics of sacred geometry.  To undertake this study of form and flow requires a step back from the big picture into smaller scenario - to generate a new idea from a point source and watch the expansion, rather than dissecting the scenario to bits before it evolves.  Thus, as above, so below can be verified on several non-adjacent fractal scales, with a shift of form expected because self-similarity is only required in adjacent fractals.

The group of 24 sugar atoms reacts with another group of twelve;  from the six oxygen molecules required to balance the atom count, the stoichiometry.  In other words - to make six carbon dioxide and twelve water products - we need to account for 32 individual atoms.  This is a 9th level ChemFib system - our Unity group is an 8th level HumFib system.  Very close for model purposes.  I hope we appreciate ourselves and don't combust too rapidly - but that is also part of the learning (and tracking the learning) experience.  

Catch you again along the weigh.  Namaste' ... doc

March 27, 2014


Baby come and light my fire.  Jim Morrison and the Doors.   

The process of lighting the fire takes three factors - the fuel, the oxidant and the flame.  The fuel might be propane, the flame a magnesium striker and the oxidant the 20% oxygen in the ambient air.  The heat of the flame causes the bonds to break - creating two compounds - carbon dioxide and water.

Take an ordinary piece of carbonaceous plant matter and remove the seeds and stems.  Break apart the tidbits from the base stalk and convey them into a vessel of choice.  Fire aforementioned lighter and place flame over bowl, while drawing air and moderating flow with the carburetor.  Inhale deeply, without straining your lung capacity.

As you draw in with a deep breath, you can watch the glow of ember, as radiant heat flows through the bed of organic matter.  The sugars are converted into six molecules of carbon dioxide and six molecules of water.  The more complex organic chemicals are refined in their ring structures and volatilized in a form where the decomposition to basics does not take place.  Instead, you absorb this plant medicine.

As you exhale the carbon dioxide, the newly formed water and the plant alkaloids are now part of your system.  Feel the waves of moderation mitigate the tense endings on the previously frazzled nerves.  The newly formed water was once water in a different form, inside the biological entity that was the herb that you smoked.  It is now part of you.  Most of that water will be urinated out, but a few thousand molecules will become attached to create parts of your structural integrity.

Those water molecules have memory and they have communications ability.  They resonate at various frequencies in different spectrum.  The 428 nm and 528 nm resonances are most noted - but there are so many scales of emission that we barely sense the average until we tease out the specifics.

These signals are weighted averages of the individual frequencies caused by different functional groups interacting and transforming.  The specific frequencies are used to derive like to like interactions, such that a group gets replenished with nutrients before there is a dire need for them.  Nature can substitute what is there and functional for what is best, but optimum efficiency uses what is best and there both.

As we relearn about natural and artificial, let us celebrate the combustion process for what it is - renewal.  It is the regeneration of water molecules in their quest for unlimited experience at the water molecule scale.  Just as we engage in our quest for unlimited experience at the human light-worker scale.   Burn baby, burn.

Namaste' ... doc

March 26, 2014

The Weigh to Change

When you step away from the attachment and observe the situation from a detached point of view, you find that the current civil panic is completely driven by the media.  The lame stream contingent of the merikan press has decided that its opinionated world view is true and the rest of the world is false.  Since this media is owned and operated by the corporatocracy - obviously our problems are cause by our laziness and slothfulness - us not keeping up with the wealth.  Raz today popps some quotes from these octogenarian worldbridgers - who live in their own world !

Now, Let it all go.  That game ended - the whole economy is over.  The idea that we must pay to live is over.  The idea of individual ownership - well that one is going to play itself out over time - with many different attempts to change the parameters.  The new game picks up on the playing field of the old :  how much of that turf is chewed is not yet determined.  At the moment - use an image of an hourglass - the sand has run completely to the bottom and the inversion has not yet taken place.

Let us assess the natural resources.  Do we have water?  Food?  Shelter?  Light?  Clothing?  Access?  If we suddenly had to come to grips with absolutely no electrical grid - is there any plan?  So as we slowly work into the next mode of existence, perhaps we can work through some of the mechanisms of bootstrapping our system back up to something that is workable.

This depends entirely on scale.  The scale depends on how people congregate and the mixture of people has not at all been determined at this point.  Perspective holds many of the cards - the push and shove of impatience will guide the specific path that each one of us walks, alone, until we congregate.  If it comes down to the moment of action - are you prepared to take individual action?

Something is not stacked properly in the house of cards and the vision has suddenly clarified to make sense to those who can open their eyes.  The change is already begun;  the ecktomorphing of the holographic reality gives the image of false expectation.  To create, we first must vision.  To vision real, we must first eliminate the false.  How does one tell true from false?

Here is the weigh.  Validate the first assumption.  I am.  How do you know you are?  I am.  We are part and parcel of the same entirety.  You are because I am.  You and me make we by definition.  I know what i know and you know what you know.  We do not know the same things, so we are not in conflict until we disagree.  

Each of us has our own basis set of truth, as we see it.  An alteration of the truth, the realization of false in a thinking mode, requires due diligence to work through the thinking to make it back to a concrete whole once again.  Each whole is another fractal dimension where the agreement of perspective holds until the ratio changes.

Think of numbers.  Big numbers tend to leave us with an imaginary upper limit.  If i say a trillion dollars - we all think of US governmental budget scale.   Hardly any of us can count that high - nor do we realize that the ratio of very big numbers can be small.  We are so stuck on numbers being amounts, that we forget about the quality of numbers - there is sacred geometry that flows throughout nature encompassing all scales.  We just need to ease into some new thought patterns.

Become a seed.  For a moment, think about your future germination.  Once you get damp, you will sprout and grow roots - and start the nutrient exchange with the air around you.  You acquire carbon dioxide and water from various sources and put them together to make sugars.  These sugars are the stabilization of the physical structure that creates more cells.  

You trade sugars for metal ions with the fungi in the soils.  These metals serve as catalysts to increase the rate of growth of leaves - your eventual solar collector.  Once you have the process of growth down, your development into a plant comes quickly - the plant has many things to learn that the seed did not have to think about.  This is how we change our fractal reality as a function of scale.

Now, how many atoms of water are in our original seed?  If you guessed a trillion, then you are in the proper ballpark of order of magnitude.  Maybe.  We may be underestimating.  If we think of the number of digits in the number as a synopsis of the order of magnitude - we are probably dealing about a hundred numbers in our mobius strip.  The mobius strip has a front and a back and ties together with a twist, such that every pathway is unique until the loop restarts.

No matter where you start in the loop - water is a given constant.  There will always be water and it should always be flowing, although that is a function of temperature - beyond the scope of discussion as to the effect on this level of scale.  There are so many more water atoms than anything else that water really has to be the seat of consciousness - the frame that holds the holograph together.  

We need badly to know what really is at the next scale up - not in the rocks and stars sense but in the continuity of organic life.  Start with 'What is life between human and Gaia scale'?  What is the form beyond Gaia in large?  Very small has been the focus of science - very large the focus of philosophy.

Thyme to integrate socio-chemistry with water bodies at all scales.  

Namaste' ... doc

March 25, 2014

Group Theory VI: Niche and Nuance (Game #146)

Each of us is a unique individual that is living through a common process as a human here on Earth.  We are part and parcel of a universal intelligence, called Gaia, that operates at a planetary scale and governs the natural order of things.  That Gaia is a part of a greater universal consciousness at a higher scale is not a question, but a statement of fractal reality.  

For all the scales of depth there are between super strings and humans, there are as many scales of depth in larger form.  It all mirrors itself using forms of symmetry which are universal and invisible, until symmetry is broken by the addition or subtraction of a single unit of one.  That one can be you or me or any individual - but everything always begins on a scale of one.

If every scale is harmonic within the superstructure of all the fractals in the mobius strip of life, then every single individual of every sort has their very own scale of one to begin from.  The larger scales appear to be there; it is our holograph of the collective imagination that creates the structure.  The niche that we each create for ourselves falls within the framework of the society that we have been presented.  To change is to do something different - to accept a different set of limits within the structures.  

Your niche is on a different scale than your being.  A niche is a breaking of the symmetry by you the individual in conjunction with a limited amount of other individuals.  It might form a world perspective, or it might just be a job.  The concept of work in physics is different from the concept of work in sociology and as a scientist, i am only familiar with the physics terminology.

The nuance that you apply to your niche is what makes you uniquely you.  Once you grok a concept to the point where you know exactly which reference to find the information that you seek, you have developed a mastery that allows you to continue to educate yourself by enveloping other fields that do not have current insight from your perspective.  This is where each of us should try be, a cutting edge of developing action from thought, at a specific degree of scale.

Niche and nuance dance with self-confidence and allow each of us to hold our own self-value, no matter what the system of accounting worth.  As we come together with different peeps on different scales, we should each have a gathering point that forms a connectivity group into the loving atmosphere that we can call home.  Home on a personal scale, community on a next fractal up scale.  

Everybody has a value; we will be assorting into new and novel group forms.  Each one will have the same basic tasks to accomplish, with their own unique sense of how to accomplish them.  As we develop a sense of the New Earth Nation media - we find that we are the media and how we create ourselves will reflect in the images shown to others.  Operations must function at every smaller scale and build into emergent behavior to fit into the next scale.  The Weigh measures fractal growth.

Gaia is a continuum - a common image that we create as a basis set for grouping ourselves as one on a planetary scale.  We need to open our range well beyond human in our forms of groupings - how to do that would be perscriptive and is not allowed here.  This media is a reflection of what is being done - with the voices of each group ringing harmonically at their own level of scale.

Unity Community is now consistently 6th level and has reached 8th level in certain metrics.  If the community is treated as a single character in a multi-level role-play game, the growth rate can be monitored by a single baseline measurement count taken every two weeks.  The options will be grow, shrink or maintain and the count will be taken by lemme as a grab sample every cosmic day.  Calendars act like gears - the Mayan Tzolkin will track this cosmic (XIII) period as Game # 146.  Unity Community is Love Sounding : Today is Form Sounding on Doc's Treei 64 Tree Day Grid.

If you wish to count and track your own parellel community, under a different game number, you may have as much technical support as you can handle.  I have the account style mastered for my own experimentation, but each of the individual metrics are necessarily different for each case.  Collect data that makes sense and in a later iteration, we can come together and sort out the forms necessary to collect data universally over each and every group at any given scale.  With tact and nuance for each niche.

Namaste' ...  hari'

March 23, 2014

Resonant Frequency

As we shift, our resonant frequencies are moving to higher energy.  We are becoming emotive and can feel each other through our senses, rather than just talking at and listening to.  Yesterday, i had light constructs in my vision pathway - this has happened before and is just another form of download.  No pain, but i did have to nap to restore full sight.  The equinox energy spilled over and topped off my frequency base - i resonate as a cosmic star and attempt to hold ground as often as possible.

As I was relating with a friend Brightlight from Portugal, we began discussion with the concept of telepathy.  I am an emotive - i can feel everybody's emotions - from anger to love to will.  It comes with listening carefully to the words over a long enough period of time that the sounds of the words and the tones of the voice bring thru the meaning and the context.  The words are incidental to the fabric of feeling.

Doc reached saturation level and escape to the forest for three months last summer to learn to turn off the voices.  He descended down to a single voice - which is the voice of self, able to converse with life at all scales, by being in the moment.  Time is lost, money has no objective and fear is the scent that we leave when we are not confident in our ability - it is universally recognized by all life in the Gaian realm.

So i am going to parse the conversation into a story - one that allows us to feel the light at all frequencies and then decide which one we resonate at.  You resonate where you are, and set forth an aura that allows others to interact.  If the frequencies differ, the interaction requires more work.  However, the flow works like music more than anything else and our frequencies morph in certain relationships to each other.

First, definitions - resonance in chemistry is a property where waves merge together to provide a working average of all the electrons participating in the wave.  In sociochemistry - resonance is the individual persons vibration given off to other people.  It can be at any specific energy value and is the weighted average of the sum of all participants.  

A group has a resonance that is the weighted average of the frequencies of the members of the group.  The relationship in textbook physics here is E = hv = hc/y . v is nu and represents frequency : y is wavelength and should be inverted to a lambda : h is the planck constant (with a hat) and c the speed of light.

[8:47 AM] brightlight: what you mean ?
lemme: i do not do well when i get more than 5 or 6 peeps in a room at a time, because i feel all their emotions and see thru their eyes and get confused in my own senses.  So i stop and come back into myself by focusing on my breathing.

[8:48 AM] brightlight: can you explain about resonant frequency ??

lemme: concentrate on breathing and turn everything outside off.  Frequency is a measure of wave length, the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength and the higher the energy.  All waves have a frequency; monster waves like like ocean waves have low frequency, low energy, high mass.  Microwaves have short frequency, high energy, do damage.  Each of us emits waves at all times.  Your resonant frequency is the wavelength that you emit as you.  Your resonant frequency fits those of us who live here at unity

[8:51 AM] brightlight: know any book about this ?
lemme: try a physics textbook

[8:53 AM] lemme: whatever becomes, it is within you to understand what is happening in you.  We are here to help and share experience - which is new to us too.
Remember, you can always ground through love.

Namaste' ... lemme and doc

March 21, 2014

Group Theory V : Level and Scale

Complexity and simplicity are two sides of another coin.  There are basics and there are advanced studies.  Learning is a process of folding and unfolding one into another continually - you don't bake bread until after you have kneaded dough.  When we take stock of what we have, it allows us to make decisions based on the best response for the groups we represent.

To begin again anew with different assumptions, first requires addressing the framework of the current form of existence.  This is going to be a challenge, we all see the frames and interpret the same frame differently from each other.  Correctness is based on context and is not absolute.   If we take a look at our vision as the observer and ask what it is that we are observing, we see that vision is colored by each of the groups that we are affiliated with.  Can we cut those chords?

Music produces a chord stream and could serve as an easy sorting mechanism.  The question of which sorting mechanism is in play is one of the key factors in assessing a situation.  The first thing that is necessary however is a valid count.  The item that is being counted serves as an indicator for the extent of the objective - you need to measure something that makes sense to the situation.  When dealing with people, a head count is quick and easy at relatively small numbers - an estimate can be used for bigger pictures.

Let's talk about counting.  First, we generate a number of items, in this case people in a room.  There is no error, so to speak - five is easy to track, eight a bit tougher, the more the merrier and more possible error.  Let's say we can be off in the count by one.  Thus twenty-one is really a range from twenty to twenty-two.  But let's look qualitatively at the numbers rather than quantitative.

Since 21 is a Fibonacci number, it falls into a special class - a place where the cusp changes.  This forms a directional function - a vector.  To define a vector, we need both quantity and direction.  Thus, when we cross a number like 21 - it has a significance in changing the scale of the group.  I have observed that Form changes with scale by a factor of two - thus the form lags behind the scale.  When studying emergent behavior, we will be setting and resetting scale continually, in order to simplify a complex picture as depth overtakes breadth.

So, to interpret -  the 20th person in the room sets the vibrational frequency of the next dimension chattering, but is not enough to quite kick it off.  The dynamic of 21 instantly generates that wave, such that a drop back to the count to 20 remains on that next higher scale.  In fact, once scale is achieved, it is not changed until another Fibonacci number is crossed.  Thus, a level once achieved becomes the floor for the next level.

The rate of growth is another key indicator of process fealty.  In other words - as a group achieves a rate of growth for a function, that rate will change the frequency of the waves generated as a function of scale.  A stronger group - in cohesiveness, scale and count - will morph into other groups in such a weigh that it retains its own unique identity and assumes another portion of a greater whole.  This is the key to the property of emergence - this is the target of what we are endeavoring to comprehend.

Groups serve as basis sets - set theory is intrinsic to mathematics.  Once you define a group, it can remain itself until redefined.  The idea that group theory uses symmetry to define the irreducible representation of the group serves as a function of count, which i have expresses as level based on the Fibonacci golden mean set.  In other words - i think that i am onto something intrinsic, a weigh that will allow small groups to form without being consumed by the bigger groups and losing their identity as a small group.  Emergence will take place as the levels of scale increase, as opposed to the current system in play which consumes rather than nurtures.

The depth of theory here is a fractal of all that is.  I am one and we all are one.  In intermediate fractals, we get to set our one and then start over toward the next iteration.  I have my cosmic surfboard - it is an 8th level toy : it manifested at the level of 13 in unity.  I expect us to reach 21 shortly after the change of the month, although three possibilities exist : 1) growth 2) retraction 3) maintenance.  A new parallel gate opened yesterday in the as below, so above world - a new count can start.

Namaste' ...  doc

March 20, 2014

New Earth Nation

Currently listening to the opening broadcast of the New Earth Nation.  Proud to be associated with this effort.  The game is over and there are three things that are complete toast - the concepts of money, time and fear are history - this is a love based world.  Each individual will find their own weigh through the journey - this nature is the suprastructure for being a New Earth Nation - a sovereign individual.

When i started the blog, the Universal Sovereigns of a Living Earth was not even a dream - the reality of the history of lemme, doc, and every other character here have taken us a long way.  The game is a difference of approach - this is an opportunity.  We cannot accept their system as court justice.  This is a new field.  There will be many others also.

We reach our hand out to help to do things differently.  We are disengaging from commerce and ownership by corporation.  As i listen, i hear many people thinking about their transition - we all need to follow our heart.  Education is just a thought form - we are responsible for our individual education in our field of interest.

Today is form massing - i guess this form is surfing along on a cosmic surfboard handling the new wave - account for things by notice - we can do and be whoever we are - it is us. Love your neighbor as yourself and look out for the best of everyone in every endeavor.  We hold responsibility - not unto someone, but for ourselves.

Enough of this - the thyme for love is upon us.  Will see you soon.

Namaste' ...  doc

March 19, 2014

Group Theory IV : Regrouping

Deep in the depths of small space, each one of us finds ourselves alone as an individual who has a primary concern and many secondary concerns.  We watch how things come along and observe very carefully - the depth is as deep as a whole can go.  We know unconditionally that we exist as a unit structure - a one.  We also know that there is a whole that is bigger than any of us.  This is the realm of consciousness : the Descartes model of i think therefore I AM applies.

People do not have the chance to isolate into this depth very often.  Some people fear aloneness and are not ready to put up with themselves.  It doesn't matter how you feel about it - just that you do feel.  Thinking can be part of the game; it doesn't need to be.  Relax and just be.  Think if you wish, don't think if you wish.  Keep reading, which i guess is a form of thinking, we are not trying to sell anything.

At a very basic level, a group is a set.  You are a group consisting of one individual.  Your geometry would be self.  If you are Gaia - your geometry is round like a ball.  Once, long ago, the geometry was thought to be flat.  If we add another dimension, then this three dimensional projection of a fourth dimensional object looks different.  Think of crop circles as a form of these projections.

Change is in the air - the energies surrounding us are highly volatile.  We find ourselves seeking resonant wavelengths - places where we can share our experience and mitigate energy over a number of different people.  The energy is neither good, nor evil.  It is neither light nor dark, but the response of light and dark to the energies is different in approach.  To be in unity is easy for one person, to hold together a unity group of more than one person takes work.

For those of you who follow here regularly, you know that i believe the golden mean ratio is the basis of natural mathematics.  Sacred geometry belong to this set and we position molecules in space and calculate the probability of momentum using irreducible representations of rotating, translating and equilibrating atoms.  The tool is matrix algebra and the math is solid.  It does not require counting with numbers.

The numbers each have character.  When we move from one to two to three, we first double in size, then we increase by another 150%.  The move from three to five uses a similar growth ratio - 60%.  It is these Fibonacci based levels where emergent change occurs and at each level, the group really has to stabilize and regroup to get its bearings.  Let's talk about the regroup process.

break time - stand up and jump.  

To regroup is to set the fractal dimension back down to one.  This is generally done from large to small in ways that we don't even notice.  Marriage for instance is a regroup process whereby the state can consider two people as one for the collection of taxes and other payments.  As this group multiplies into family, the family unit becomes a group of anywhere from 2 to a couple dozen individuals all accounted for as a single unit.  The change is a function of scale.

Corporations are huge groups using their leverage to act upon smaller groups.  Countries and corporations are now functioning on a similar scale - where the dominance of countries in the legal system is being lost to the overpowering focus of the corporations on hijacking the legal system.  The ladder is one that is climber in the existing social structure - the top down power grid just knocks people off to fall to the ground.

But if you never leave the ground, you really don't fall.  The illusion is caving in, because the social structure is built as a house of cards - using dollar bills as the strengthening agent.  Oops.  Most peeps that i know missed a few beginning of March payments and now that the idea have passed, the have been covered.  But April dawns and the game goes on again.  And each month it ramps to a more stressful level.  Give up the illusion, stop making payments and just watch the game crumble.

The trick for regroup, would be to work from the bottom up, not from the top down.  As above, so below - in an altogether new context.  To regroup at numbers that are small changes the dynamics in huge ways.  This is exactly what the world needs.  The process is completely organic and cannot be controlled because we do not understand emergent behavior correctly.  This is not the only thing that we do not understand, but it give doc a handle on the design of games for certain outcomes to get the dynamics of emergent behavior with small numbers in the group.

In chemistry, we look at thermodynamics and kinetics.  The thermodynamics are structural measurements taken to see that all the working parameters are in good shape.  These are concepts like heat, energy contents, bonding parameters, etc.  If the set-up is not ready thermodynamically, then all systems are not go and the growth attempt will be futile.  Kinetics, on the other hand, have to do with the rate that the process flows.  If the thermo works, but the rate is an inch per month - we ain't never gonna get there.  So both thermodynamics and kinetics have to be measured in order to get the flow of the emergence. 

Now think on a societal scale.  Measure the kinetics of a new and novel group during its early growth stage and you will have an indicator of whether a new group will catch on.  The group does not have to be human people - but that is another topic for discussion.  For now - let's just say theory under development and more depth, less breadth is not the proper directional yin/yang for measure here.  What we do measure is not important right now - it is the process of measurement that we have to work out.  The protocols are not in place, so everybody at the fruit market has no common denominator other than piece count.  A cherry for your watermelon?

At this point - this blog has run long.  Rather than cut and paste, i think i will leave you with a timely invite to tomorrow's Unity equinox celebration - the previous blog post, which follows next on your page.  Come regroup with us in a special event.

Aloha, Shalom and Namaste' ...  Hari'

On-line Equinox Celebration Tomorrow

To deal with the equinox energy mitigation process, our Unity Community is opening our doors for a meditation tomorrow.  Log in as guest or using an existing social connection - please choose an avatar name that you can remember and use again.  There is no obligation to return, but you are all most welcome to join us, if you like what you feel.  Major loves vibes.  HugZ

Equinox Invocation/meditation, starting at: 9.55 am Pacific Time,. The Equinox occurs at 9.57 am Pacific Time

Please join in our chatroom.  Let's anchor these energies together, with Celebration in Unity.



United in Awakening, on our Magical Journey towards Humanities Ascension!

Hope to see you there 

Namaste' ... lemme

March 17, 2014

Time and Space

Time and space, space and time
Ability to forestall time
while completing work
requires focus, diligence.
Reality is conjured consistency
wrought from social context
for agreed upon common ground.
Compelled aggression,
patently not acceptable,
coerced on a populace
running out of time and space.
Redacting truth, when
it doesn’t fit the scheme:
Watch and learn
all the time in the world
exists beyond current culture.
Diversities arise from monoculture
slimming down quantity
of options of descent,
which only lead to new options
less thought through,
more bold and daring.
Unless we unharness the leash
of hafta do and gotta dos
paperless trails of plausible deniability,
handcuffs to the system
keep us inside the current box of
space and time, time and space.

lemme howdt  2004, 2014

March 16, 2014

Water you, doing? Game # 234

Sometimes, some things develop from the rubble of other things that were not part of the original package,  This current disposable society will eventually cultivate a value stream from landfill mining - all the junk that we have buried in the ground will be reformatted, reconfigured and turned into something more useful than space holders.  Our solid waste from the last two centuries is entombed in custom cells where air doesn't circulate - 1950's newspapers and half eaten hot dogs will likely serve as organic fodder well after the day that petroleum runs out.

Kudos will go to the first inventor who learns how to motor a car on asphault.  As we switch technology over, perhaps the roads can be reversibilized in process and the concrete jungle connectory system dismantled or unmantled.  If the garbage to fusion generator of Back to the Future can be used as a model ...

Take any movie or TV show of the past century and you can turn it into the basis set for a model reality.  Or better yet, take two and merge them to your own satisfaction.  What would the Brady Bunch do with access to the Time Tunnel?  Or how would Muldur deal with the Twilight Zone?  What if suddenly a whole bunch of Lost people show up on Gilligan's Island? 

We are bordered by our own impressions.  The powers that used to be are using cognitive dissonance to cause panic - let the attachment go and watch the game for what it is worth.  Start thinking about the resources base.  Are you near water?  The water will be the key, but, then again water has always been the key.  We are water beings and all connected through the commonality of sharing a beverage with each other.

Just think, we share morning coffee and meet at the bar after work.  We should share our water in ritual form, but the honoring of our water being has not taken place.  Instead, our corporate form claims it owns the water and they pollute the streams by using our water for waste disposal.  The idea of structured water - intelligent water - is not even considered.  Picture the world from the standpoint of the water !! 

Does the water in the ocean know any other existence than ocean life, until it is removed?  What happens to a single molecule of water that finds it way into a fish that is caught on a trawler and ends up on your dinner plate?  When that water molecule internalizes and becomes a part of you - does it just get pissed off, or does it remain a part of you for quite a while?  Have you ever thought what it would be like - an Incredible Journey.  Just not in the human form.

How did the human form really get to be?  Can we take the sum of all the stories and sort them out for common themes?  We live in an age where our stories tell us we are each an individual on a solo hero's journey, where the plot is always the same - a flawed person goes thru trial and tribulations in order to succeed in a quest where failure was wrought before.  That is the only story that the TV or the movies sell - so the game of combining two themes and producing one story is made easy.  

So easy that i encourage everyone to do the mental gymnastics and find a story that can be moved away from the heroes journey, into a world where we are all one facing a new physical reality because the current story evaporated, right before our very eyes, as soon as we disbelieved the premise.  Let's assign the story writing game of combo the number #234 - it seems like the topic would fit into mind flowing as a category.

Namaste' ... doc

March 13, 2014

Growth: also Game # 88: YellowStar

Natural Resources are finite and limited to the number of atoms that are already here on Gaia.  In the past three centuries, the consumption of oil based energy resources as fuel has driven through the industrial revolution to the ever--present war state where control of energy resources is paramount.  One of the best peak oil explanations comes from the Arch-Druid, who blogs weekly on a point of system survival issues. Last night's post is a must read - how to go about with the reformation via emergent systems is the area of focus in Hari's viewfinder.

Since we are at a new beginning, the measurement of systems will have some cognitive disconnects.  The weigh is a means of gathering information and testing its resilience, bad information will not get promoted to higher levels that require vetting.  But lower levers do not have to be vetted - the emergence of complexity from simplicity is a function of fractal resolution.  Scale is the most important criteria.

One of our deep societal problems is the lack of notion of scale.  Humanity via science has huge blinders to things that defy their burden of proof.  By shifting the playing field constantly to higher cost items to do simple measurement, we have taken away people's ability to understand how scale is a major factor in life.  We only see things at one scale - human vision scale - and continually break things down to more complexity.

The idea behind fractals is self-similarity at every scale.  It does not matter how that similarity is manifest - the waves striking a beach with sands can leave rings with the tide that look like fingerprints.  The idea that numbers mean something more than just quantity is lost completely.  There is a mistake in the value system rewarding accumulation of quantity instead of valuing quality and making things go much farther with less.

Here is the crux of the problem - we have to set each individual human at scale of one to see things in the modern system life.  At every other scale outside of our vision range, the change of fractal has to be self-similar to the adjacent range, but beyond that all bets are off. Thus, we have serious disconnects where our science today shifts scale and misses the change in limits.  Thus we work ourselves into corners like nuclear fusion and corn based ethanol.

Modern communication systems are way different than anything we have had in the past.  Life is interactive through a computer interface - this allows the exchange of information on a virtual instantaneous basis.  It completely levels the playing field of creation of a new style of personal interactive media.  Organizing information based on growth usually is picked up somewhere in process - rarely can we get down to an atomic level smoothly because of the shift through areas of undefined content.

Like DNA.  I have some cool DNA work to share in a near future post.  The DNA does not work like the textbooks of science explain.  In fact, the latest work on water has demonstrated that water is more prevalent in DNA than sugars or nucleic acids - over six orders of magnitude greater.  If you take pi as the definitive measure of fractal change - the limit between adjacent fractal overlaps - then anything greater than two pi has no self-similarity requirement.  

Thus, our sciences can each be technically correct within their own sphere and yet incorrect with the harmony of nature as nature doesn't calculate anything in any weigh that we do.  No math - just sacred geometry in a field of imbeddedness - as above, so below.  So chemistry and biochemistry both use the same sets of atoms and molecules, and biology and biochemistry use the same concepts of integrated structural flow.  Yet chemistry and biology cannot agree on simple things like mass balance.   The key is that within science, they don't have to.  Modern Medicine is a take-off from biology and is three fractal orders away from chemistry - the overlap mathematically is 12.5%, one in eight.  

Doc is building 64 fractal orders in a grid of relative scale.  For definition purposes, lets state that as order gets larger, chaos gets smaller and vice versa.  Let's also say that as you get more up, you have less down, as you have more in you have less out and as you have more strange, you get less charm.  All of these terms have the Heisenberg relationship - like momentum and position.  On any scale, they are opposite sides of the same coin, with a direct inverse growth proportion.  Every yin has its yang.

On doc's calendar, today is mass forming - day #2 of 64.  Mass forming is much different from Form Massing.  The interplay of two at a time in a set of eight generates this grid of 64.  In DNA, it is permutations of four nucleic acids taken three at a time that generates the same 64 grid.  In the I-Ching, the throw of three coins generates four line patterns to make the 64 grid.  In chess, two teams of sixteen each have 32 spaces on their side of the board - start even and ebb and flow away.  There is something deeper here - but beyond the context of this blog right now.

The goal for this 64 day grid cycle in tree-i is to see how much growth we can attain in our unity community.  The starting block shifted - that happens when charmed and strange are in play.  I have some metrics developed and all you have to do to get involved in join our chat group.  We meditate at 11:00 am Pacific time daily and then talk, play songs or watch educational videos at other times.   We are incubating our interactive format here - the only requirement is that you are a part of all of us, remember respect, love and gratitude.  Your first goal there is to get a yellow star.

Namaste' ...  doc

March 12, 2014

The Depth of Time

Time to step away from time - let's climb into Mr. Peabody's Way Back machine and descend into the early 1930's - where we meet our character friends Bugs, Daffy and Marvin for an excellent adventure.  Bugs has brought his portable hole along - a device that we can all hide in when bad guys are chasing us.  However in this dream, there are no bad guys, there are no good guys, there is only us.

The portable hole is a window outside of time.  You have four hours to accomplish whatever it is that has to be done; then when you climb out, you are back in the instant that you were in at the place where you were - with the results of your four-hour project on hand and no other physical changes.  Just imagine what you could do with a four hour window of free time within time.

The thing about time is that it takes time for things to transpire.  While every moment is a completely new instant of time, we have to bear with the weight of our current time constructs.  These uniformly break time into equal components measured as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc.  It is a convenient framework that orients everybody on the same daily schedule - all caused by the rotation of planets around the stars.  Or is it?

Let's talk about two science type topics - rotation and translation.  Rotation is exemplified by a spinning top - it precesses in either a clockwise or counterclockwise spin that completes a pattern of 360 degrees before the next iteration.  When we talk about spin, we are speaking about rotation.  In quantum mechanics, the fourth quantum number is the spin state and it has values of plus or minus one half.  Electron spins are quantified into atomic orbitals and up spin can only be paired with down spin.  Unpaired electrons are called radicals.

That the earth rotates around the sun on a twenty-four hour cycle is a given of our current station of life.  We can watch the daylight change as the sun completes a six month cycle at each equinox and each solstice.  This happens with clockwork regularity every single day and while we can smooth off the rough edges, we still have to fudge in leap seconds and leap years to get it all to work out just right. And it never does, because it can't.  

We define time in terms of the wavelength of a certain cesium isotope.  If any of these terms are foreign to you - the time to start to learn chemistry has become.  Chemistry is a hard science which means it is based on one resolute fact.  We can use chemistry to construct natural products, so that man can make what nature makes in a laboratory.  It takes about two years of trial and error to go from scratch to compound - mostly a matter of getting the spacial orientation correct - proper stereochemistry.  After all - the orientation of atoms has to hold up in three dimensional space.

That, my friends, is geometry.  Sacred geometry.  The relationship between individual atoms in space to form small molecules.  When you take the irreducible representations of the 360 degree spin in space, you can project the symmetry based on group theory using matrix algebra.  All the mechanism can be generated on a computer using iterations of the same to define the probabilities and then running enough repetitions for statistical significance.

Translation is a totally different form of function than rotation.  Translation involves taking something from one set of axes and projecting them onto a second set of axes.  It is the same as taking words in English and translating them into Russian - spasibo.  Translation involves movement through frames - that can be real or projected movement.  

As time takes place and Gaia spins about Sol, both Gaia and Sol are hurtling through space together.  Our galaxy, the Milky Way, has been taken to imply chocolate bars.  Astronomy and astrology have become one in the minds of the peeps - how many of them know how to tell time from the movement of the stars?   What happens to us if we break every clock?

Our first trap is the calendar - it is complete unnatural and imposes upon us in current form.  I prefer the 64-day Treei calendar, but also track the 260-day Tzolkin to have some bearing with a commonly accepted time practice.  Today is Mass Massing - the first day of another tree day as i start my last quadrant of eight - the Void sequence.  Today's year must be Void Forming;  Today is also Red Lunar Skywalker.   Any calendar that you take on will help set the guideposts for the wavelength that you reflect.  To be resonant to love is a significant goal toward achieving unity.

So, if we take the projection of the Sol solar system and translate that into a reflection against a background plotted as a curve; we would find that the rotation of the planets around the sun, while each planet undergoes translation, creates an image of the 64-grid pattern know as DNA.  What an amazing demonstration of as above, so below.  It also implies that Gaia is a node in a system to the Milky Way and humans are a node to Gaia.  What is the Milky Way a node to?  Nugget, chocolate and caramel, i think.

Namaste' ...  doc

March 10, 2014

Dealing with Chaos

Hearts and minds come together to manifest through gut feelings.  Once you get back into knowing yourself, then being in tune with the changes becomes a matter of paying attention.  There are so many people saying so many different things, that knowing what to believe is a matter of choice. It is important to maintain consistency - in that the pieces of the puzzle come together to form a coherent picture as the interlocking jigsaw cuts enmesh.

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.  Time is a neutral construct - it flows directionally as a form of maintaining sequence through measurement.  There are many ebbs ad flows that move off the beaten paths - when we discover how things work, we can suspend belief and make time work to empower certain beliefs.

Belief is a funny thing - without belief, nothing can be.  When we shed certain concepts from our belief system, other things flow into our path to replace what is gone.  Science has rejected a great portion of valid data in hopes of keeping a failed belief system afloat.  Once you know truth, pretending is just not comfortable within nature.  Do not fear - we can mitigate all effects - only after the changes have come.  Waiting is painful - rising up is painful.  Pain is a part of learning.

Nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung aboutSFF.  Strawberry Fields Forever.  Keep an open mind and learn which sources you can trust.  We all need to melt down to turn inside yourself and become comfortable within our own skin.  Our hearts are true and our minds are open - our gut feelings will tell us which actions to take.  Tune in to your own senses.  Snakes shed their skins from time to time - they do not shed their snakehood.  Be true to you and represent the peeps that you love at all times - they have your back, you should have theirs.

Communications are currently broken and the systems that we work through are not going to hold over the long run.  This is an early iteration of something completely different - the old movie played for a significant amount of centuries - almost aeons  The whole is growing and a new form is emerging - what we take to the new is totally dependent on the order of what comes down.  Be true and know your own ability.  Love you.

Namaste' ... Rahiji (doc)  ...  love 2 mooji ... love 2 wahnji ...

March 09, 2014

Group Theory III : Seeing Thru Time

Time change day - but does time really change?  Or do we alter our conception of time to fit parameters of convenience?  We get the pages of calendar flow and know that cause has to precede effect; the game of sequence through time is a matter of tracking change.  Time is linked to space and gives us a four dimensional reality that we are counting on as a basis set.

Things are not as they seem.  The holographic universe is whatever we make it to be - the external is a reflection of the internal.  The mathematics of symmetry via group theory explain the dynamics of shape contorting into the images that we see and feel.  The major endeavor of our brain is to make the images flow directly into visions of people that interact to form our contemporary world.

The very large and the very small are exactly the same - as above, so below.  The in-between is a symphony of pushes and pulls.  Each of us brings our own perspective to the whole and this is mostly based on the intuition we have to know truth.  The framework of belief rests on the plausibility by which all the pieces come together to form a whole.

All groups require an alpha and an omega.  The alpha is the lead dog, the person who is the influence behind the collective effort of the group.  These people just do what they do and tend to be very good at it - they do not listen to others trying to tell them how to do what they do because it just comes natural to do it.  They draw from their personal experience, developed over hours and hours of practice in the field, doing all the work that it takes to be able to complete all aspects of the work.  Leadership by example.

The omega is the trail dog, the person who picks up the pieces and makes certain that they all fall into the proper place.  The omega knows the group mission as well as, if not better than, the alpha and follows in the wake of the wave making sure that all the stragglers get collected and brought back up to speed.  He watches the path from behind and looks to see that the group back is covered.  Alpha and Omega border the pack and keep the flow going through all phases of the group existence.

The work of the group will dictate the function of the group - currently this essay would fit Mind Sounding in the Treei organizational flow because the creative thinking is given a hearing through this blog forum.  Many different forums will be integrated together into a media and this media will cover the ascension from an archaic belief system into whatever will develop from the integration of emergence into the next order fractal.  Our chaos will continue to grow until it collapses into order - a new wave function generated to fit the values that we measure anew.

Be aware of attachment and value judgment.  If you become attached to an outcome at a micro-level, then you become unaware of the macro-levels in the immediate vicinity.  When you attempt to assign value from an embedded position, you have no relative comparitor to a different system - you are inside and have limited access to outside.  Somebody in an above position or a below position may see things differently - which also differ from the top and bottom positions.  There are also up and down relative to the set.  Each can be either charmed or strange.   Total value depends on the coin itself, not whether it is heads or tails.

So, time is simply an axis that allows us all to coordinate actions.  The ability to make action that will be valuable later in time is a function of group effort.  Each group is a collection of selfs with different perspectives, united together to develop a concept or product.  The scale of the task will set the size of the group, which is composed of fibonacci fractals of smaller, well-defined groups merging together at a later point in time.  The groups are all self-similar and individually different.  The level of operation is a function of the personnel count - adjusted for different metric achievement.

We are creating history - this blog is an intermediate art form in the development of a novel construct - a different information base to begin a new quest for knowledge.   What emerges is what we will get.  If we envision the perspective, that what we want is what we will get;  then we can tailor this vision from a love perspective and reconstruct social connectivity from below - as above will follow.

Namaste' ... with love ... doc