March 07, 2014

Leaving Oz

Quiet meditation permeates the airspace as incense burns and creates a mood.  A fresh hot cup of coffee takes me into the tranquil mist and a bowl alters my emotional status - i am ready for soft songs.  Warming up.

Each story told in a ballad has a causal connection to the events in our lives.  The current changes that are happening to Gaia are beyond the grasp of the thoughtful.  Humans have been so bound up into maintaining the current system, that they have not realized that that system has departed.  It will be pretty for those who believe in pretty - otherwise, one might not be in tune with the current dialect.

'When morning comes and your still with her, and the bus and the tourists are gone.'  The road show has gone on for so many miles, that the notion of settling into one place and stopping the constant motion is a soothing thought.  To dissolve away from the general sphere of influence in the everyday can only be done in a weigh that appreciates everyday as a new day.

To close that door in one sense, is to open new doors in another sense.  The need to generate in order to live is a 'reasonable' conclusion given the set-up for the style of life.  If we decide that we can do differently, that is not allowed.  We must use the one and only system that is currently in play.  Why?  Because they are afraid of what can be done without their encumbrance.   When you ignore them, they melt away.

Oz.  What a landscape.  An emerald city with a yellow brick road - an allegory for all things 'good'.   Which witch is which?  Who believes in Dorothy - ruby red slippers - a barky dogger named Toto.  This was the moral play - coinciding with the Dark Side of the Moon.  You just have to know when to take the red pill.  Wait til we get the remake, hollyworst style?

So the time has come to lose the attachment and to create the vision of the future that we wish to have - despite the expectation values set by the idiocy that is current communication.  Time to sink into the depth of all there is and float it to the top of the solvent.  The total volume depends on the density and the more mass, then less likely that floating will convey away essence.  We must step back and watch - to act now is to embrace the vision, illusion style.

To let go is to allow it all to melt away, better to see the changes.  Our current vision tunnel is plastered with wallpaper that covers what stands beneath.  As pieces of truth are found in muddy waters, the landscape shifts to uncover more truth.  Darkness cannot hold forth under the scrutiny of light.  Yet light and dark are opposite sides of a single coin and one can never triumph completely over the other.  The game ebbs and flows with a yin to yang quality - never quite getting there.

Blink and time dissolves.  You now find yourself alone amidst the stars and space - wondering how it all comes together.  Many worlds theory helps create a solution for each one of us, yet all are one and one are all - we are pulling ourselves apart by not thinking as a whole.  We are attached to the black hole - the depth of despair at the bottom of the pit.  Foo on that vision!  We are what we endeavor to be.  There are a few things that we need to take on the journey.

First - grab your cosmic surfboard - because we are riding on the crest of the waves - not standing on the beach looking up at the tsunami.  The only weigh to go is to kick it into overdrive.  As Hunter S. once said - When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro!  Second - find a place for the galactic hula hoop.  This is your wave generator and a projector of your aura throughout the fiction known as time.  Finally - the third thing that you need is a towel.  See Hitchhikers Guide for details.  Listen.

Now - to get out through the gate - appreciate Freddie Mercury.  Back when Queen came out - gay rights were non-existent.  It didn't stop Queen music and every piece was a statement that went further than the prior one.  Another one bites the dust.  The Bo Rep.  Seaside rendezvous.  Gotta love the Moet et Chandon ...  To be as Freddie, one just had to give up thinking about what other people thought.  You need to think for you, to be you.

And so the time to release attachment is here.  Take off those walking shoes and get ready for the new play - where peace and love evolve past war and hate.  Our double sided duality coin is a unity piece that should have a sacred geometry and be exchangeable for many things.  A token of love.

Doc is developing a model outside of the scheme, to evaluate emergent behavior.  Nature uses the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Mean ratio.  The fractal embeddedness is multidimensional.  The question becomes - where are the differences and how do they manifest?  

Depth perception needs to be part of the feedback loop for the next iteration.  To be in depth, means to swim back away from the shallows.  As things change - if we don't notice, we can avoid capture in the undertow of current practice - hence the surfboard and the hoop.  Generate your own resonance and connect with other beings for the thrill of seeing through their eyes too.

Unity Community ...  just the start of stepping out.

Namaste' ...  hari'

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