March 12, 2014

The Depth of Time

Time to step away from time - let's climb into Mr. Peabody's Way Back machine and descend into the early 1930's - where we meet our character friends Bugs, Daffy and Marvin for an excellent adventure.  Bugs has brought his portable hole along - a device that we can all hide in when bad guys are chasing us.  However in this dream, there are no bad guys, there are no good guys, there is only us.

The portable hole is a window outside of time.  You have four hours to accomplish whatever it is that has to be done; then when you climb out, you are back in the instant that you were in at the place where you were - with the results of your four-hour project on hand and no other physical changes.  Just imagine what you could do with a four hour window of free time within time.

The thing about time is that it takes time for things to transpire.  While every moment is a completely new instant of time, we have to bear with the weight of our current time constructs.  These uniformly break time into equal components measured as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc.  It is a convenient framework that orients everybody on the same daily schedule - all caused by the rotation of planets around the stars.  Or is it?

Let's talk about two science type topics - rotation and translation.  Rotation is exemplified by a spinning top - it precesses in either a clockwise or counterclockwise spin that completes a pattern of 360 degrees before the next iteration.  When we talk about spin, we are speaking about rotation.  In quantum mechanics, the fourth quantum number is the spin state and it has values of plus or minus one half.  Electron spins are quantified into atomic orbitals and up spin can only be paired with down spin.  Unpaired electrons are called radicals.

That the earth rotates around the sun on a twenty-four hour cycle is a given of our current station of life.  We can watch the daylight change as the sun completes a six month cycle at each equinox and each solstice.  This happens with clockwork regularity every single day and while we can smooth off the rough edges, we still have to fudge in leap seconds and leap years to get it all to work out just right. And it never does, because it can't.  

We define time in terms of the wavelength of a certain cesium isotope.  If any of these terms are foreign to you - the time to start to learn chemistry has become.  Chemistry is a hard science which means it is based on one resolute fact.  We can use chemistry to construct natural products, so that man can make what nature makes in a laboratory.  It takes about two years of trial and error to go from scratch to compound - mostly a matter of getting the spacial orientation correct - proper stereochemistry.  After all - the orientation of atoms has to hold up in three dimensional space.

That, my friends, is geometry.  Sacred geometry.  The relationship between individual atoms in space to form small molecules.  When you take the irreducible representations of the 360 degree spin in space, you can project the symmetry based on group theory using matrix algebra.  All the mechanism can be generated on a computer using iterations of the same to define the probabilities and then running enough repetitions for statistical significance.

Translation is a totally different form of function than rotation.  Translation involves taking something from one set of axes and projecting them onto a second set of axes.  It is the same as taking words in English and translating them into Russian - spasibo.  Translation involves movement through frames - that can be real or projected movement.  

As time takes place and Gaia spins about Sol, both Gaia and Sol are hurtling through space together.  Our galaxy, the Milky Way, has been taken to imply chocolate bars.  Astronomy and astrology have become one in the minds of the peeps - how many of them know how to tell time from the movement of the stars?   What happens to us if we break every clock?

Our first trap is the calendar - it is complete unnatural and imposes upon us in current form.  I prefer the 64-day Treei calendar, but also track the 260-day Tzolkin to have some bearing with a commonly accepted time practice.  Today is Mass Massing - the first day of another tree day as i start my last quadrant of eight - the Void sequence.  Today's year must be Void Forming;  Today is also Red Lunar Skywalker.   Any calendar that you take on will help set the guideposts for the wavelength that you reflect.  To be resonant to love is a significant goal toward achieving unity.

So, if we take the projection of the Sol solar system and translate that into a reflection against a background plotted as a curve; we would find that the rotation of the planets around the sun, while each planet undergoes translation, creates an image of the 64-grid pattern know as DNA.  What an amazing demonstration of as above, so below.  It also implies that Gaia is a node in a system to the Milky Way and humans are a node to Gaia.  What is the Milky Way a node to?  Nugget, chocolate and caramel, i think.

Namaste' ...  doc

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