January 31, 2005

Breakdown - Part 2

Anarchy persists
Purists resist
Truth provides the cure
Underlined, underscored

Freedom is a concept
Of controlling time
Without the need to report
Action takes place
With spontaneity
Surface planning
Locking into place
Burdensome mechanisms
Controlling future generations
Frozen inbox thinking

Set people off resonance
Cognitive dissonance
Tension, people bleed
Collapse and recede

Support derived must be withdrawn
War on people shall end
Enforcement of moral law
Dictated by secrecy
No tolerance small scale
No rules elite scale
Critical imbalance
Access to material power
Enforcing order
Where chaos needs to reign

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

January 30, 2005

Mentoring Youth

readEducation today has lost sight of the ultimate goal of education. Our society rewards the hoarding of position, power and wealth, rather than the ability to create new wealth. For an educator, the ultimate goal should be replacing yourself in your position, in order to free up your time for bigger and better things.
ThisLooking at the big picture as a mentor bringing along a student - I want my butterflies to take wings to tell me that I've done well as a teacher. A good student should always surpass her teachers in the student's chosen fields of interest.

Sometimes a step backwards is an opportunity to move forwards

Breakdown - Part 1

A poem/song inspired by the Heartbreakers

Breakdown ......................................................(chorus)
Communications vapid
Interpersonal raped
Passions deflating
Societal quaking

Fairness doesn’t square with legal
Contracting terms spinning
To where Cheshire cats
Are all that remains
Of once humble politicos
Corrupted by the acts of
Unreachable temptation
Over structural control

Lies, cheaters, thieves
Accountants and police
Teachers, lawyers, agents
Monetary leaches

Redistributed wealth
Mind washed pursuit
Conversion of time
Into less useful form
Energy to entropy
Effort to nil effect
Working without depth
Meaning, central purpose

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

January 28, 2005

People: Enforce A Ceasefire - Enough!

Read this message from congressman Ron Paul. If you agree, print a copy and mail it to your representative. Or walk into his/her local office and hand it to the staff. If your congressman will not support Dr. Paul, work against her/him. Please show support by adding a note to the comments. If we have 100 unique notes - effort will be made to jump-start the title support organization. It's time we used our voices to stop the nonsense.

January 27, 2005

The Laws of Nature

"what passes for "science" in our institutions (as also in the proposed Law) is no more than a technical manipulation based on a mixture of now-antiquated principles and the abuse of natural reproductive properties of living beings. Nevertheless, this technical practice, which is now more politics than science, is defended and protected in the same manner as other dogmatic practices have historically been protected when insecure of their legitimacy within society: any source of opposition to the dogma is swiftly and brutally silenced with the strongest of punishments which our distinguished academic institutions arrogate to themselves." Ignacio Chapela

This article (title is a hotlink) speaks to the state of Mexico and the GM maize problem

January 24, 2005



Amazing that I read this article posted today after my previous post. It echos - just substitute Douglas County for Erie County and you have the same exact argument.

Stop Whining

Change happens, so saddle up and get ready for the bizarre, the fantastic and the unbelievable. Smoke and mirrors, bread and circus', politicos living in the belief that they have our gratitude and our support. All they have is the ability to extract taxes from us, to continue to abuse people in the name of the empire.

How can we deal - don't elect lawyers and don't elect incumbents to Congress * - find people that believe in your community and have them run for every office - and hold them responsible for paring down government function to the minimum necessary, with jurisdiction at the proper level. Allow transactions between private individuals to remain private. Only real people have constitutional rights, but all real people have the same constitutional rights. google Devvy.
* Dr. Ron Paul excepted

January 23, 2005

Off Scale Life

Lapse into a civilized world
Where words mean anything
Up means left and spin around
Thought provoked by drone of box
Pressure building, breakneck speed
To a crescendo of money …

Mystify under magnification
Another endeavor three orders down
Sentience exists on a different scale
Where realms apply their myths
In reconstructed follicles
Ancient eros on a half shell
Existence spanning time in the course
Of several seconds, before reality returns …

Crawl from the world and withdraw
To kings and queens, rhymes no reason
Where bread and circuses distract
Reality is what you believe
Response ability lags as
Abdication of thought to others
Becomes the accepted mode
What happened when Atlas shrugged?

© 2005 schussel lenny : lemme howdt

Animals Surviving Tsunamis

"Ahem, ahem. i have a theory. it is mine and only mine."

My theory is that large animals must be able to sense low vibration rattle in the earth - there was a ripping of the lattice right before the techtonic plate shift, for a fairly long duration, starting as a low rumble and increasing to a dull roar in intensity as more mass got involved. One Question - is there a super-sized belch coming with all the trapped air that 40 million cubic feet of falling water would contain?

thanks to monty python for the Anne Elk quotation

January 20, 2005

Deer and Elk in Western Oregon Forests

ReadThis was an interesting conference at Oregon State University - there were no deer or elk in attendance. The ungulates are experience hair loss, which scientists believe may be due to a parasitic louse (no, not the attorney general). Nobody suggested propecia as the cure.
ThisForesters thought population declines were due to lack of early seral vegetation, and suggested more regerative logging of mature stands to provide preferred forage. The biologists were beginning to develop approaches to the right questions to ask, but nobody seemed to have an accurate population estimate - blacktail deer are rather elusive ungulates and while traditionally overabundant, don't like to be counted.

ReadThe veteran industry spokesman said he had plenty of science and they needed action - regenerative harvest on federal lands. It was noted that there were no people with decision making capacbility on public lands in attendence, just agency biologists.
ThisThe fish and wildlife folks weighed in on managing herds for hunters, who seem to be leaving the sport (<2% in the metro area have hunting fishing licenses, yet they have the voters that call the shots). One veteran professor asked - is this worth our attention at all? The 12 member panel would not address my question of why it is necessary to have 18 different local, state and federal agencies with jurisdiction within the watershed and conflicting missions, agendas and regulations.

January 19, 2005


Returning to Corvallis for the day to take in a Forestry, Deer and Elk conference at Oregon State University. My thoughts on the topics are that elk are awesome animals - i'll have to figure out how to post photos - i have one of an elk that i call target butt. Elk are also big - and cause lots of damage. Current grazing poilicy on public lands is insanity for the lease holders, who really should be land-owners and got jobbed on the deal by an ever shifting rule base.

The science should be interesting. However, we get a lot of BS science from people in the extension and other areas of ag and in other resource quarters that is definitely not in the long term interest of the resource. sustainability should be looked at as stagnation. keep the status quo - which is to spread industrial waste to every quarter of the world. How about remanufacturing the process to process a by-product that can be used as an entry material in another process. (We have that - called green chemistry. But they haven't figured out to model cyclinc processes on natural cycles.)

George Taylor - the state climatologist for Oregon was in town last night discussing weather cycles and 'la nada' , the current state of normal climate in the Pacific. I like George - he speaks what he thinks. And he can entertain a group - a key character role.

January 16, 2005

Howdtside Grammer School

The links are running - Howdtside Grammer School will likely be offering science classes offering after-school and home-school backyard science. There will be a fee - but we have not set the structure in place. For any students that plan to compete in the 2005 Canon Enviro-thon, we will have a support class that delves into forestry, aquatics, soils, wildlife and land management. Science Zones are morphing - we have completed the third instar and are moving into the realm of the fourth instar - for you Bug Zone literati. More info as we have it.

Howdtside Grammer School will be a virtual window into the natural world. We'll start with a simple basic chemistry courses and attempt to translate it into various field oriented languages. If you have an advanced degree and a passion for introducing your topic matter into other fields of interest, we may have the novel delivery system for getting students interested in working hands-on in your field. It will require placement for trained people - you can't have volunteers training in skills that nobody can put to practical use.

January 13, 2005


The science embedded in this article is right on - flouride is a concern, mercury is a fiction. Concern should be expressed - the cost of cleaning up mercury in a classroom is a $39 kit readily available through any supply house that supplies chemicals to schools. The teacher should have had one on hand in the lab.

If you have a mercury spill and do not wish to recover the mercury (which you should - mercury is expensive) you can just treat it with sulfur. The form of mercury that is toxic is Mercury(I), which exists as a dimer. Some organo-mercury compounds are also supremely toxic. But if mercury in fish is so toxic - why doesn't it kill the fish?

If you are associated with a school and would like a professional chemist to reorganize your laboratory stockroom - leave me an e-mail address. I charge $125/hr plus expenses - minimum 2 days if traveling.

January 11, 2005

Getting Over It

Local reality immersion
At your own peril
Over-structure tsunami
Bent on collective wreckage
Base on a grand illusion
2 sequester power via wealth

Entertaining 2 watch
Events transpire
As nature enforces her law
Irregardless of the wealth
Of the individuals vacationing
And residing in the Indian Sea

Internalizing focus
Rebuilding the base,
Starting at root level
Wrestling forward
Integrity of products
Developed by merit
With efforts rewarded
Skills built during
Attempts to locate pieces of
Puzzles that fit together
To describe the vision
Of reality now buried
Neath the curtain unreal

Place a resting flag draped
Over the casket of the illusion
That Franz and George saw coming

© 2005 lemme howdt

January 10, 2005


Am working on getting the links working - all suggestions for assitance are appropriate.

January 06, 2005


If you decide to call a tail a leg, then how many legs does your dog have? Ans: 4 A tail is not a leg, no matter what you call it.

All sense should be deeply rooted in 'natural reality'. Things are and they do not change based on your perception of what things are.

Take what you need, use what you take, and make certain that your 'waste' is left in a form that others find useful. howdt

January 04, 2005


Community belongs only to those committed to supporting the common good. The common good is best served by the individual doing well. Allowance must now be made for deception, as we can no longer believe the knowledge base within the current context.

Masquerading as intellegiant (sp)
Educrats deceive themselves
Deserve status no longer

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

January 01, 2005

Street Rap

I wanna, you wanna, we shoulda, y know
no matta what they say
who are they to say anywhey
you wanna, i wanna, we oughtta, so letz
no deep thawt to our scene
be it anything, ts'on me
we wanna, we gotta, do it 2 it
even tho it cries all nite
we reap all that we sow
i gotta, you gotta, we havta, y know
sure wish weeda herda truth
stedda wondring bout who they is
might not gotta deal with all da shit
... ya gatta control ya wannas

(c) 2005 lemme howdt