September 26, 2007

end of corn harvest

cold fall morn
waiting on qophy
keys and light
life deals aces
eights: two pair
full moon tonite
corn ceremony
to close the field
from harvest
readying life
to hibernate
until another
spring dawns

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

September 25, 2007

they be

They be dangerous
They be deadly
They be psychotic
They be crazed
They be irrational
They be gonzo
They be we be they

September 21, 2007

From the Ground State

light and dark imagery
256 color spectrum
fluorescent spirit rainbow
rumors spliced with innuendo
dirty trix silly rabbit
superfluous crystalline
healing center ground
collecting persons
waylaid overlaid
delayed relayed
stopping to reverse

view life
thru new eyes
portable hole of hours
dissolution from the odd
even tho knot not there
air cylinders breathe
cardinal alignment
linguistic algorithm
in space time continuum
overloaded energetically
unstress from earth to moon
to be a saint - be you

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

a morning thought

Spirals of spirals upon spirals. Life is settling down, but the month on the road is still the vogue. the plan was to return to the rogue, but the evening was changed and i received the benefits of reflection time and a neutral bed. I even got an over the board chess game in. The whirled world spins - i got to return to the cusp and visit with family - but the journey takes me to more destinations than i can reasonably digest in this short snippet of time. After fourteen years in a stationary home and a stationary picture image life - now the pages change and a new life must be gathered - for many of us, not just me. The system dealt some new cards - the next deal is not too far off. i must gather myself and work, but life will only allow us to do what we can do. Let's all hope that that is enough.

September 19, 2007

Whirled Blur

Heaven knows that i don't know where to begin. This is the first time that i am in a heated home building in a week. Rev Scott and I landed at the Jackson Wellsprings - a healing center for broken healers. I spent many hours with Dr. Bari' Wyte - a crystal healers and reflexologist looking at transference of the sacred order of the water. We negotiated to establish a home base address for the United Stewards of the Living Earth - which will be the Oregoner version of the United Church of the Living Earth. Same mission, different state recognition.

Not that we should need recognition for a church by the state at all. But the state left hands does not regulate the state right hand and it's really all about the money. So instead of grabbing ankles, i am relocating and accepting donations of time, money, equipment, and other items. The ability to accept gifts is conditional upon establishing a firm address, so as soon as the eyes are crossed and the tees are dotted, we will ship a gold coin to the master orchestrator and chief landlord and commence to walk the walk.

So now that the dust has settled, there are more karmic interactions t0 address. I will blow thru them taking notes, but i should be back to on-line full-time shortly. Lemme has some significant epic poetry and we may choose to orchestrate a completely new reality at, the main page. First - baby steps - get the building connected for electricity. Pay the rent.

Out of college, money spent. See no future - ah John Lennon - we need more beetle lyrics. I am ready (yes, i know the Beatles spell their name otherly). There are nearly 500 pictures on the digicam to unload. There are easily that many ideas embedded in the trip journal. Wait til you see some of the things we have ready for you, ardent readers - get ready for mystic voices extraordinaire.

Or i could just be full of sh*t.

September 13, 2007


Karma has a way of carmelizing. Twenty-one states in seventeen days with a crash landing in the pit of chaos - where lemme thrives. The events that unfold in time-space happen because of reasons that we typically associate with cause and effect. The world keeps spinning round.

Cut off from the established reality of life, hurling in a van down a freeway with 300 mile intersessions, life gives the impression of fractal geometry - the signs in every town are the same but the collective order is always different for display. The relationships become one of lusting after waitresses for their thrilling conversation or curling in a ball under the comforter while trying to tip the seat so the feet fit.

People all share the same fears. The fears are every bit irrational as the fears are real. Myths created by watching the descent of the system of order into chaos - a chaos that need be overpowerfully strong to provide a new order that has few remnants from the current one. If you have never heard of permaculture, you may wish to hit google and open your mind.

Nature is naturally redundent. Humans are linear and strive for the single best practice to use in every situation. Hey gang - one size doesn't fit all. We need to be working for our heartsongs, not for the man to pay our bills and run thru life from cubicle dweller to couch potato, with a quick stop at mickey d's.

Unconditional love is the answer - but we have yet to really frame the proper question. As net access has not yet rejuvenated and home is a distant illusion in a far off place - we will have to keep the discussion running at a lower frequency. The miasma is still swirling and the golden mean circle that current exists with radius of 60 miles, promises to be a most prolific venture. The owls are not what they seem - sleep tight.

September 04, 2007

Questions from da Road

Once the rules are broken in spirit - there is no longer a need to be involved in the game. What is fair, isn't fair - why play? Ah - it's the only game in town. For how long? To what next? Are you prepared? What does prepared mean?

One cannot get something for nothing. The game we all currently play prints money howdt of thin air and then distributes it first to the cronies. When people flock to the market of fiat stock, bonds and derivatives, they stash their cash in a devaluation machine. The banks hold our mortgages for as long as we are willing to play - and will give us the cash at usury interest to keep on playing. How nice. Air is still air.

When the bankers can't collect blood from our stones, the force lose. Then what? Let's watch the march, because they wiill give you cash based on the credits of your prior payment. As we wait for rapidly inflating cash to trickle down, we are at their mercy to do what we do to keep going, to take their money to keep doing what we really do not wish to do, keep taking their money. Must repay debt by making more funny money to repay debt to collect funny money ...

And all this time the accountants are laughing, as they concoct another balance sheet that says it ain't all failing yet. Who are accountants accountable to? Cash printers?

Got howdt

Holiday weekend in a blur - leaving Miami at 10 on saturday morning and being in Milwaukee for a 1:00 pm Pirate - Brewer game on Sunday. The drive was continuous and straight through - but we wanted to have a little bit of holiday in our drive - plus we didn't weant to be caught driving on Monday night. Rev Scott and I are taking care of business here and could be on the road for Oregon by tomorrow - with Rev Scott's Harley in tow. Lot's of good pictures, descriptions and accounts to share. With Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder home-runs, live from Miller field. My last ballgame was at Tiger Stadium - Oregon will do that to ya.

The vehicle upgrade seems to have worked in our favor - as So Be Tu is capable of going long distances without long stops. The fluids are good - altho i think i might change the oil before going further, just because the rig has been sitting in this oil for as long as it was parked. It will mean registering two vehicles in Oregon within a month at $100 bucks a pop. The first rig might have made it - but this one will not be turned over for cash upon return. We should be able to use it as a get about rig. Mileage isn't that good - about 13 mpg - but it holds a lot of stuff.

September 01, 2007

So Be Tu

Looking forward to the reverse trip - moving east to west. Florida has been quite the experience - life is always ready to throw a curveball when you expect a fastball. But rigs aside - we started meeting some of the people and finding that people are in fact, people. And most people are willing to accept and work with you on your terms if you are willing to accept them and work with them on their terms. This provides the grease that makes the world turn.

So, in a quick redefinition of is, we have upscaled the van So Be into the van So Be Tu. We gained ten years, much cleanliness and comfort and most of all - all the parts work in collusion with each other. The air works, the windows work, the engine doesn't chug and the wheels don't feel like they are going to shake off. Dr. Lenny will not be driving - his fundamental repulsion to electrical energy makes him a deluxe luddite - guarenteed to blow the mind of anything more complex that an on/off switch. Comes with knowing the theory is different from the actual practice - when you disbeleive, you cannot also believe and have it both ways.

Today is the first - Oregon is the goal for the 6th - however, we will allow for a little more leisure in the comfort of the new diggs. By the time we are home - the UCLE enterprise should be set. Bless our trip and keep us safe. The comes AQ58 and Arrghqubed and Red Moon and Triad Audio and Mosey Inn and ...