March 30, 2009

Are we there yet?

Spiral vortex with the swirling miasma of another month gone by. Numbers are critical to our belief system, yet they don't seem to add up. When we miss our count, we end up rambling all over the place. Those of us who refuse to chase the money are now overly susceptible to the whims of those who do chase dollars. The squeezing of the current economy has maximized stress, which off-gasses in many manifestation. We can either cross our fingers or cross our eyes - either way, it doesn't seem to improve the picture very much. The chute is opening - we will see what flushes down the spiral vortex, now that April is close at hand.

March 26, 2009

colorful ramble

What will be the ultimate stressor that enables the break? many tricks are being played where the ultimate goal benefits only a few. we the people must realize that the earth process does not rely on humanity, but humanity does rely on the earth process. we tend to monitor the wrong indicators - we need to monitor on the scale that phenomena works, not just measuring manifestation. and god saw that it was good. he lit up a joint and called it a day, then tuned in to see whether the Mets were ahead. the cedar tree asks the morels about the status of nutritional dispersion throughout the forest. do you know what i know? selenium is a key to life. and so the tinman found his heart, the lion demonstrate his courage and the scarecrow used his brain. oz was no longer ruled by the little old man behind the curtain - it was now part of Munchkinland.

March 24, 2009

Returning 2 Consciousness

morning brings light
awaken back to reality
an image from a dream
finds a path into today
feedback loops
increase reliability
as imaginary systems
control action of all
what is a civilization
how do we live
when change duality
into unity as one
instead we flow
within order of today
toward chaos of tomorrow

2009 lemme howdt

March 21, 2009

reaching inward

Where so forever
then again at last
once beyond aeons ago
a man can wield
weapons or words
dialect of the tango
no longer understood
by current inhabitants
nature's first sunshine
emits radiance
in a variety of color
vibrational frequency
aligns tempo between hearts
akin closer than thought
transposing resonance
a beat common to souls

2009 lemme howdt

March 19, 2009

Reaching Howdt

Finished reading Lynne McTaggert's The Field. It is a summary of work done on the transcendental plain, an area disrespected by most scientists because there is no proof. I have been generating my own merkaba field for several years - i like to sit inside the figurine and look out from my observation portal. The field McTaggert discusses was first introduced to me by reading Ruppert Sheldrake on morphogenic resonance.

I concentrate on breathing to create my field within the field. Calming thought patterns manifest at common feeling spots - love, peace and joy in the feminine; wisdom, truth and harmony for the masculine. The merkaba field generated creates a solace system, where i go to rest from the mind-created monsters of the day. The chase is on, the tables turned, the viewpoint narrowed.

To get money, you must find somebody that has it. To get truth, you must find somebody that knows it. The resonance of truth strikes a chord, brings a resilience that speaks to a simple essence. We are being tested for leadership potential, by passing through a torment created by a century of circumstance, where knowledge and thought could be controlled.

People have given their power away by not thinking critically for themselves. If you know what you know, allow others to know in a different manner - the eyewitness accounts are never the real story. Time to create the reel story by filming our deep conversations with each other. Be a philosopher, a bard, an observer, a scribe. Tell us what we are, based on reason or faith (it seems to be the same)

Thought patterns store energy at an accessible frequency called memory, which dampens with non-use. I wonder how thought is translated into DNA patterns and cellular structure. Sentience likely exists on these levels, as well as the molecular and the sub-atomic. Just a quark of the universe in fractal form.

March 16, 2009


open to the knew
that never was real
assumed to be
by brightest minds
imagination based
on skewed rules
dictating parameters
closed to the new

2009 lemme howdt

Dealing with Life

The times are getting tight for almost everybody. Investment dollars need to be recalled and placed locally. The best investment at this time might be seeds. (Silver is useful also). The current truck traffic is carrying food and fuel and not much else - what happens when these trucks stop moving altogether?

Where i live now, there is a herd of deer - maybe 15 strong - that likes to come down to nibble on the lawn. Venison is tasty stuff, but if everybody starts protecting their plots by harvest, we could end up with a serious depopulation effort of critters. We have a garden planned - the tilling begins this weekend. Since the field has been a cow pasture and not a garden, tilling is necessary to break up the hard pack. While i fully support no-till methods for carbon sequestration, getting a reasonable yield of produce from this garden is a major focus.

I spent last Friday checking out a friends garden site. He has a major advantage in roughly 50 fruit trees that are scattered on his land, plus several nut trees in addition. Those of us dealing with climate change may wish to look at the orchard agriculture 200 miles south and start planting - to take advantage of the northward migration of warmth.

Now i feel as though i have blogged - i have a lot more to say, so i will get working on access and presentation formats. Enjoy your day.

March 09, 2009


cold or warm
change temperature
on several scales
mood mode cycles
reflect on weather
vibratory interaction
molecules excited
energy dissipates

2009 lemme howdt

March 08, 2009

Adaption Required

Life in a fluid mosaic universe - we change in the time it takes to get from here to there. By the time we get there, there has shifted and we find our goals set to another place of time and space. We should contemplate how to use our current skill base to create more solid ground, to acquire the tools and skills that we need to continue.

Time has come to convert capital resource into future application, as community will agglomerate about function. Do what it is that we need to do while building capacity. Provide a demonstration project that allows ideas to take the shape of form, to allow the essence of life flow. Be confident in our ability to transform energy as we move from one effort to the next.

By tracking resource consumption and the flow of matter, we will understand what needs to be done to accomplish the tasks at hand. By drawing upon collective wisdom, listening to many voices, we can 'get er done'. Time has come to listen, to act and to adapt - to be the change we wish to see.

Education is a personal task - quite a bit different from indoctrination. The assumptions of the past are not valid for the future - we should check the premises and look at what is necessary to exist. The frequency that we emit silently affects the people we contact - the spirit we show reflects out in the group vibe. Learning is done individually, supplemented by small groups where the ability to reflect is genuinely appreciated. The time has come to take a different approach to the whole - the past is no longer a reasonable indicator of the future. A new paradigm is developing, the transition state is the present. Be here, now.

March 07, 2009

React with Wisdom

Sometimes you just have to break the rules and look for other incentives for action. Barry Schwartz gives an awesome Ted Talk. Ted talks cover a lot of new issues that are not necessarily aligned with the way we are taught to think. It is worth thinking howdtside the box - the same old way of thinking will not fix the problems. Check out talks by Juan Enriquez and Janine Benyus while your there. Each talk runs about 20 minutes - time well spent.

March 02, 2009


Fringe versus mainstream
bucking up against water
as the battle is lopsided
seclude off to one place
with tangerine trees
and marmalade skies
Beatles philosophy
forty years out of phase
no need to worry
start with small steps
adapting while measuring
as conditions change

2009 - lemme howdt