February 27, 2005

Morton Salt

ReadWhen it rains, it pours. Here's to hoping that life keeps on pouring, because today's time frames undergo serious compression as compared with those of the past. If we keep the function and lose the gaff, then we have something of more value than what we started with, once we've spent the time. Obsolescence can only be tolerated for so long - the signals of turn-about appear in the cards. Poker is not the game, though.

February 26, 2005

You do think

what do you do
do you do
or do you do
do you think
or work
or think you work
you work you think
you think you do
you do work, do you
you do think
you think you do
you do you think
think you do

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

Diamond Lake Ugly

ReadWhat in the world is a tui chub? Why are there so many of them in Diamond Lake. Now that the USFS has come up with a solution and ODFW has a game plan to restore the trout fishery - we have a process in place that took five years to get going, going.
ThisRichard Sommer wants more work done on the science of what is going on - before the chosen action - removing the fish by paralyzing them with a chemical called rotenone is taken. Next week, there will be a continuing live online dicussion (periodic) at the SEWP kitchen to determine whether ONRRI should support slowing down the project or pushing it full steam ahead.
NowFirst Discussion will be tomorrow night - at 6 pm Pacific. Use the hot-linked title to get there. Only one of these fish is a chub.


ReadThis Gary North article can be applied to science as well as economics. The value is the context, which only comes from years of application in the field - experience. The knowledge base is finite - large, but finite. The possibilities if you know how to apply the knowledge base are infinite. If you want to learn how to apply chemistry - be there when i figure out how to really apply the technology that i've now got at my fingertips.

February 25, 2005

February 24, 2005

Carbon Catchers - Wonder Earth Partners

The Pacific Northwest Forests are large carbon sinks. Trees sequester carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and hold it internally as wood fiber until harvest. Wonder Earth Partners is developing a partnership to get private landowners compensation for maintaining their forests as carbon sinks for extended periods of time. Organic ranching techniques and science based land management hold the key to prospering in the post-Kyoto world. If you want to make some money from your property for carbon accumulation - ask me for a Wonder Earth Partners Roadmap.

Spring Fever

Bowling on Deer Creek
Just under the bridge
Watching smoke waft
To the street surface above
Listening to drive-by life
A warm late winter day
Desire to idle away
This lovely Wednesday afternoon
Rather than attend the meeting
That promises more work
For days when the sun is shining

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

February 22, 2005

Big Madrone

ReadCreative juices are flowing and the energy pent up in the process is awaiting the release burst. As with other living systems, by bottling the outlets up and keeping energy flow internal, we are slowly building up a critical mass that will result in a dynamo.
ThisSo here's lookin at ya, kidz - Woolley Center Forest Zone 2004 @ Wonder Earth.

February 21, 2005

Why Blog?

Read"The search for truth and understanding depends upon a constantly energized mind that searches, weighs, and analyzes, all with an enduring skepticism as to what one finds. " Butler Shaffer @ www.lewrockwell.com

ThisThis is why ONRRI will succeed with our approach - we are adaptive to meet the individual needs of each learner. The REDILE - Research Directed Learning Environments - will provide a location for content, not the content itself. That will come from the participants.

NowIf you want to learn the basics of chemistry in application to natural resources - enroll at Howdtside Grammer School. I'll start the class when critical mass is achieved. For now, anyone logging into the SEWP lecture hall between 2:00 - 3:00 pm p.s.t. or 6:00 - 7:00 pm p.s.t. on weekdays will get live on-line response.

February 20, 2005

Sunshine, Lollypops and

Check out this rainbow on a cloud... Wish everyday had this sort of moment

Individual Attention

Roles sometimes dominate personality
For the benefit of community goal
Edutainment functions to isolate parents
By exposing youth solely to authoritarian adults
Normal, rational, non-hierarchical people
Are invisible to the youth that rely on peers
In the absense of a friend
A senior mentor to coach them thru
Thus alight into a world of misdirected
Misinterpreted, misrepresented youth
Parents need to be partners
But not in the sense that has developed
With pitched battle where youth always lose
Rather by reaching out to develop
Bonds to non-parental adults that care
Who will be there to bend an ear when
Life is too embarrassing to relate
This conduit role, grandpa or grandma,
Or just a friend on a slightly elder plain
Means so much to the development of
Well guided, focused, productive us.

© 2005 Lemme Howdt

February 19, 2005


ReadRelief Agencies generally create an industry of bureaucracy. When the administration is handled on-site by the people affected, economic recovery results from direct aid. If you want your contribution to make a difference to people that live in Sri Lanka - LORRIS provides an effective site of engagement.

A Recent Sunrise

Niedze Qophy ...

Fuzzy Logic :
thinking thru blur
of a late nite romp
followed by
an all too early

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

February 18, 2005

Fools rush in ...

READKathunka - another lead balloon lifts off. Thomas Edison tried over a thousand times to create light before he got it right. If it was up to OSHA and the DEQ, he wouldn't have been able to operate a lab. I wonder if he needed a building permit?
THISAs the feds step back because they had to cut the budget, let's hope that the just-as-broke states do not feel that they have to rush in. After all, consumers have to take home some money after taxes to spur the economy. Let's remove some regulatory burdens and trust people to take action without the need for micro-regulation.
TEXTOne suggestion - drop all state rules and regs that have not been ratified by the state legislature. (Actually - drop all the rules - but they never let us anarchists make the rules.) Common sense baby steps.

February 17, 2005

Cryin Shame

Tiers built on tears
hierarchy enforces order
energy outlets diminish
lockstep in anti-thought
...diffuse reflectance
driven by a red pill
opening eyes 2 injustice
scale of amazing proportion
submittance buried
within layers
manipulated minds
structured 2 defeat
reason with irrellevance
media view derivative
construct based
fictional illumination
economic obfuscation...
hearts define need 4 tears
caring 2 much bout life
striving to remedy imbalance
through integrity of personality
based on ability 2 control
individual minutae of life

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

February 15, 2005

Superman's Motives

"But that ignores the undeniable fact that the Gen-X and Gen-Next audience I cater to as a comics writer perceive the world around them as far more dangerous, far more unfair and far more screwed up than my generation ever did. To them, and probably more accurately so than the child in me would like to believe, their world is one where unrestrained capitalism always wins, where politicians always lie, where sports idols take drugs and beat their wives, and where white picket fences are suspect because they hide dark things."

a cynical, unfair indictment of the kids that i know - but i only work with kids, i don't stereotype them. The article is actually a pretty good read, especially for comic book fans and SMOF.

jamal in jail

jamal in jail
cuz he thunk a crime
hiz buddy talkt bout it
to a sneaky slyly narc
who fanned the flame
they cut a deal
jamal in jail
overzealous prosecutor
tossin charge like shit on fan
so, shit on fan's okay?
cause jamal - he got bux
a name to base some fame
jamal in jail
no crime commited
like martha (lying slut)
but woah - let gubdix in
panorama of evil
thawt polise amerika
wit jamal in jail

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

February 14, 2005

Emmigration to Red Amerika

as urban ignorance of rural values is enforced via legislation, migration from urbana becomes the pattern of post-boomer intellegencia. unfortunately, they tend to bring their regs with them.

Pacific Coast Moment

Beach Meditation
Sand & Ocean
Sea Air, Waves Awash
Sage Grass & Deep Thought

Enourmous Scale
Clouds Roll, Whales Dive
Orange-Blue Hues
Light Pre-Sunset Sky

Silence Speaks Softly
Hawks Surveilles Greeting
Laid Back Sun Contemplating
Setting Water Surface Ablaze
Opening Souls 2 Nu Beyonds

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

February 13, 2005

Dirt Cheap Knowledge

ReadI enjoy composting - it gives me something to do with horse and rabbit poop and gives me an excellent cardio-vascular workout on days when i turn the compost pile. The collection process often gets me walking the property, chatting at the horse and dog. The compost pile serves as the solvent media for my inorganic experimentation and I am close to a process that will demonstrate the hidden truth behind the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.

ThisIf you wish to spend lots of money getting a first rate education in the composting process, Cornell University has a superb four-year program. This ivy league under-graduate education retails at about $200,000, once you add room and board to tuition. I'd like to offer a composting class at whysey-dotsey, for 5-weeks at $50 per person. For a class size of 25, I'd make a grand. I could afford the time for a thousand bucks. (overhead runs 20% for those math whizzes out there)

PostSo - sign up in the comment section and if we get a critical mass, I will post an on-line course through Howdtside Grammer School that would get a person up and running in home composting. But - it would not be an accredited course - you just get the knowledge, not the parchment - ya dig?

February 12, 2005

4-Gon Thawt

Youth outlets 4 energy
Productive skill building
Communicating with the world
In the twenty-first century...

Guidence betwixt generations falters
Perceptions overpower reality
Disrespect conversely applied
Trust matters breakdown
As the white tale erodes

No common sense applied
n'Fact legislated against
Perscriptive means 2 adjust
Forced down throats sans reason
Methods cause consternation
Creating new found devistation
Plans for existence delineated
Placed in 'reserve for future' use
Current value go begging

... Follow skill building protocol
Understand methodic concept
With application 2 diversity
Quantitation as a means of knowing
Build data 4 application
A premise of foregone science thought

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

February 11, 2005

Cheap Knowledge, Personally Delivered

I'd like to take a moment to welcome Lemme the Luddite to the webblog community. I now no longer have to worry about his ephemeral persona - he can post whenever he deems fit.

If you want to try to grasp the topic of chemistry, and your current teacher is not giving you the support you need - then Doctor Lenny's Magic Chemistry Elixer and Tutor Service is available on-line. Lecture will be on Monday nights at 6:00 pst - an enrollment of ten will max out the course. Focus is winter term intro/general chem.

One month - $20. Interactive learning - 24 hour response - student driven topic coverage - support for students in classes already - high school, community college, university level. First lecture - Feb 28th - Water

(well okay - no elixers are available, just a tutor)

AlzenFuture Averter

People lose it
They no longer cope
Blast off inane notions
While reality morphs
Loss of control
Spinning faster downward
Spiral reaching out
Crash and burn

Wake up
Realize that by reaping
Misery through life
They've earned kicks
From those that would have helped
From those that could have helped
Bent from spite and malice
Ere the mind had went

Find oneself now
Headed over the cliff
'Watch yoah walk'
'Watch yoah talk'
Reinvestigate treatment
Interpersonal relations
Reach out that hand
A hand will extend back
Welcome again to the herd

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

Critical Thinking

ReadWent out of town for a few days and noticed the level of criticism currently drifting through our community. It seems that people are tense and into complaining about their lot. Maybe it's always that way towards the end of winter, but this time i think not.

ThisWisdom suggests thinking again for a moment about what you are going to say before you say it. Criticism is much more effective when it is delivered constructively with sugars rather than destructively with salt and vinegar. Suggest in the manner that you would find acceptible if suggested to you.

February 10, 2005


Process mechanix
Demonstrate function
Form enlists substance
In acts of beauty
To entice living organisms
Into action events

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

February 07, 2005

Another Role

VisitI'd like to extend a warm welcome to Professor Molybdo - the newest faculty member at Howdtside Grammer School. Professor Molybdo will be offering services as a tutor in environmental chemistry via the OSEN SEWP kitchen and whysey-dotsey . Whereas Doctor Lenny tends to be a real softie - Professor Molybdo has a keen questioning mind that will reverse the question and have you tap your own knowledge base to come up with the answer. Professor Geranium has also been enlisted as staff horticulturist.

ThisThe Student Enrichment Web Portal will host an open e-chem lecture once per week which covers topics of common interest. (Yes open means free) Anybody may attend, but only enrolled students get to actually ask the tutor questions. The course will be offered at modest cost through the on-line classroom. The main lecture will cover the concepts necessary for monitoring and will address specific questions generated in the classroom. Professor Molybdo has agreed to reside in the classroom for 10 hours each week - his schedule will be posted shortly.

SiteMore details on how to register will be available thru the HGS hot-link on the right top of this page (at cool sites). Professor Molybdo has a PhD in molecular chemistry and can address questions between middle school level and graduate school level (tiers one thru seven).

February 06, 2005


LookThe bane of most chemical companies is finding a home for waste - we (global we) really need to look at process and redesign it green - cycles that leave end products that are raw materials for another process. Similar to the process that governs nature. Form is more important than substance (in this case).

February 05, 2005

written last tuesday ...

"Today is Groundhog Day and the State of the Union Address. As Air America Radio pointed out, it is an ironic juxtaposition: one involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication and the other involves a groundhog."

Bill Murray was classic in this movie

Watershed Management

ReadFor all my friends that work for federal and state agencies and know that i would do anything to assist them in their conservation tasks; this link is a good read on a lot of the problems that i see with the agencies. i do not necessarily agree with the conclusion, but there is a lot of food for thought on the mechanism of what to change and the sequence order to approach the changes.
ThisThe fact remains that the 'tragedy of the commons' management style has left Douglas County with a Formosa Mine blight in Middle Creek that has cost 18 miles of prime salmon habitat for the past 12 years, while the agencies involved dodge responsibility and achieve nothing. This reaffirms the context of this Walker's piece.
JoinThe time has come to allow the foresters, hydrologists, geologists and other scientists to work at full geographic scale without the micromanagement by regulation of a dozen federal agencies, a myriad of state agencies and every local jurisdiction. The conflicting regulations and the bumps in the money flow-stream have set it up that contractors have to think twice before taking watershed contracts because they morph and getting paid takes forever. Join a local non-profit action group like the local Watershed Council - get good information on the water supply in your area.
HelpThe solution is a single set of guideline parameters (with borders) that remain fuzzy as long as conservation intent is demonstrated throughout the process. We do not need Michael Hogan in Eugene managing the Umpqua Basin from his court bench in Eugene.

February 04, 2005

Nature's Refrain

numbers cause numbness
when collated tabularly
relative weights indicate
trends of systems of life
measurement alters reality
result precedes conclusion
irreversible actions occur

as we push round pegs
into square holes
insisting they fit just fine

© 2005 lemme howdt

for tony - much appreciate dude !

Phone Freedom

READ!Our cordless phone was accidentally left in the car of a friend that lives 3 hours away, when the passes are clear. The phone should arrive back in the mail tomorrow, but the sense of uninterrupted quiet is a marvel to behold. I gave up television a few years back - would you suppose that somebody could function in society if they gave up their audio ambilical cord?

February 03, 2005


ReadWater has so many different forms that it takes all throughout nature, that we sometimes fail to realize that the microscopic properties of water are not the same as those that we are used to seeing on a macroscopic scale. Water molecules interact with oxygen dissoved at levels of about 10 mg/L to support aquatic life. A 10% depletion would be intolerable to fish, mollusks, amphibians, algae - anything with the ability to absorb oxygen from water rather than air.
ThisFor perspective, that would equate to a Richter Scale drop from 19 to 18 in magnitude of oxygen. Recall the tsunami was started by a 9.2 earthquake. If you would like to learn how I came up with these numbers - howdtside grammer school teaches math and science. Look for a water class there in time for spring.

For those of you taking grammer - each different color is themed - can you identify the theme with the color?

February 02, 2005

Anarchy Thyme

self-discipline is the key to anarchy - in the absense of regulation, individuals are expected to choose to do 'the right thing'. currently, the rewards system favors those who are willing to diminish their personal ethics in the competitive chase for $. take baseball - george wants his pennant back and the rules allow that he can spend his income to buy whichever players he wants, with the 'luxury tax' handicap. that is the playing field - when and if the yankees win next year, the team name goes in the record book and we move on with life. but george doesn't compete with the other owners in their markets in addition to his own. the yankees still have to draw the fan base to support the economics to turn a profit while winning. while the yankees are owned by george, they are supported by the greater new york community. george doesn't raid the mets, he outcompetes them. when one local entity RHS raids others for the limited support available - the community at large loses in the big picture. when the system ESD rewards this behavior, it is time to lose the system.

Breakdown - Part 3

People on our knees
Resource hoarding by decree
Energy price out of reach
Blue helmets in to 'teach'

Yet continued red/blue mentality
Vote ourselves master elite
Generate outrageous tales
Because reality scares so badly
Marching lemmings
Lock, stock and barrel
Judgment based on faulty assumptions
Using manipulated data
For ‘our benefit’, their pocketbook
Gaia’s ultimate loss

Communications retarded
Interpersonal discarded
Cubicle existence
Organized resistance

Change is what you make
When tired of the flow
Queries that have never
Been answered straight
Commit to insubordination
Civil disobedience
Working to no longer empower
A system suffering breakdown

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

February 01, 2005

Rule of Thumb

ReadWhen a British newspiece, Plato and Doctor Lenny all agree, then you know we must be onto something. The last line of the link reads ...
ThisFrom government to businesses to schools, the following iron law applies: the fatter the rule-book, the worse the organisation.