October 31, 2012

Come Aboard the metaphorical Peace Train

first posted on the shiftmovement.com network blog
     Sometimes, the images slur as Cat and cat are confused with Josef's and kittens.  My light has been tapped to carry through some thoughts and i will do the best that i can to walk the walk of the talk i talk.  When Don posted John Lennon singing Stand By Me - it just reflected the importance of each of us, taking ourselves at face value and practicing what we preach.
     As i tap keys, the storm has settled and the Sandy has been more of a blessing than a curse; a wake-up call that does much physical damage, yet sweeps the earth clean for a fresh start with a new outlook.  I am far from the setting, my heart goes to the many inconvenienced; still alive to experience another day.  This is the shape of things to come.
     To each of you, i love you.  The art of unconditional love is that: it doesn't matter, i still love you as i love myself.  In fact, if we are all one, our love for each other is love for ourselves.  The golden mean sequence has two ones, which i interpret as self and whole group.  Consensus develops when we listen to all the individual voices and hear what they say rather than shouting them down because we don't like the message.
     We live in abundance, and have a wealth of kind-hearted healers that empathize with our emotional state and emit radiant love to allow us to collect our common joy.  I get the sense that the here and now is present at all times, wherever we find ourselves.  Focusing on breathing can hold our status while time changes fractal and washes the chalkboard clean.  Keep your fingernails trim.
     Peace on earth, good will toward man is an old message - one that is hardly heard along the cacophony of modern day life - we cannot stay calm long enough to think with our hearts and confirm with our heads.  We frustrate easily and reject solutions because we lack the vision of how to get there from here.  Guess what?  You don't have to start from here to get to there, you will be there exactly when you get there and no sooner nor any later.  It all works, if you allow the flow rather than forcing it.
     I wish the Shift luck in their attempt to birth something more than the sum of their luminaries.  I adhere to physics principles and in a closed system, the second law of thermodynamics holds. There is great light, but dark has enough imagination to fill in where the light fails to be.  Yet strike a match - and the illumination scatters the darkness instantly.  The wealth is here, in the hearts and minds of us brave souls that know better than to accept the pablum currently fed by Monsantrous forces that change our rhythmic patterns from music to noise.
     So stand, stand by me as we change to look, the feel, the context of all we know and come out the back end with an equitable distribution of abundant resource.  Where you lead, i shall follow you anywhere, that you tell me to ... Carole King rocks.  Joni Mitchell rocks.  St. Germaine rocks.  Rock rocks and Edel O'Mahony rocks.  Lemme rocks.  Don S and Melody rock.  You rock.  Sharpen your saw and whet yer whistle, it is almost time for these rocks to roll. 
     This Peace Train leaves the station on December 22nd - with Birth 2012 sharing the launch date of the cosmic yellow star on the Tzolkin calendar - as Buzz might say - to infinity and beyond.  Glad to share the travel.  Namaste'    doc

Can Sanity Prevail ?

Life works because life works
Situations occur, so we react
Allowing emotion to cloud perspective
As we misinterpret sight and sound

Nature is all flowing, all loving
Open armed, open-ended light
Smooth operations sequentially paced
Allows me to lighten the load, for you

Weigh shifts as wait shifts minds
Glow from the heart cannot be concealed
Underwritten expletive of urgency
Running a race for the sake of running

Faster the rabbit, faster the chase
Hustling and bustling with furious rush
Say, isn't that a wall there, in front of
BAM - k'thunk, ... , ouch

Dead stop - nothing moving
Head pounding, lungs bursting
Buried in the sand forever hangover
A drink, a love, a history; the trigger

Here comes the rain again
Washing along like a long lost friend
Cleansing the air and the soul
Pushing the new upon the filth of the old

In stunned silence, our eyes meet
After the long period of internal extrusion
The ringer that stretches effect on a rack
Releases, which pulls us back to here and now

Was that excursion worth the price?
Did we chase away ghosts that haunt our hollows?
Can we take off the masks, tonight
Are we set to finally be just who we are? 

The whys are crossed, the tees are dotted
The memory of that train ran away forever
The mirror lies broken, just you and me here
Fixin a home where the rain gets in

The heroes journey requires moving on
Are we au pair or on our own?
Underscored stability to lean emotionally
Without loss of integrity to self

What we believe limits our being to mind
Heart requires unconditional love to break free
Scary as all hell to return to the rabbit hole again
Knowing the depth of the climb back out

The heroes' journey is never alone
Until we chase our friends away
Then we cry where have they gone
Each one fighting our own windmills alone

My arms may not be the ones you envisioned
My path runs simultaneous with your road
We can share the hoe, garden with love
As we are here, together, today in our now

Or we can be the lone ranger, eh, tonto
Rushing so fast that flow doesn't move
Til a super storm draw lines with the Sand
No turning back to an old way that's gone

Hold me now - the tether is extruded
Last thyme howdt this far - she never really was
What a fool believes is sometimes true
No matter how high the hill appears

Love is the reel on the motion picture of life
Senses cut through the fog and feels the stability
The rock amidst the shifting shoreline
Knowledge that tomorrow awaits the end of today

It took a while to think to say that i love you
Within spiritual context requires physical time
Spirals resonate in all directions
Like Russian dolls, we fold into each other again

Calm is now the set of my soul 
Proximity is the balance of choice 
The events at breakneck speed ignore
BAM - k'thunk, ... , ouch

Having been there once, and trekking back
Slogging through the mud to reach the pinnacle
From the inverse side of events that will happen
Within different convergent current realities

Cassandra sees with a clarity of voice
This love is agave, sweetening my beverage
The call is strong - i can hear the message
Listening to this story line breaks the pattern

To be multiple places at once
Is a magic trick - an illusion of thought
Obligation separates hearts from minds
Playing safe never thrilled the viewership

Are we playing to the crowd or to the soul?
Is the play within the play real?
If i blink my eyes will it all go away, again?
Eyes peeled open afraid that it just might ...

Hold me now, warm my heart
Give me an embrace that takes me back to now
The swirling miasma of golden spiral illusion
Passed Hunter's dilemma - The Weird Turn Pro

Thus it takes a day or two to unwind
To clear the mind, the breath, the air
Then rolling the van up the road in replay
Allow life to transpire, as it will, with you and me 

2012  lemme howdt  :  
creative commons - free use with attribution

October 24, 2012

Bye Week : not NFL style

sittin in the railway station, got a ticket for my destination ... and all of life comes back to me in shades of mediocrity - Simon and Garfunkle still ring my chimes.  At the last minute - the curveballs begin to fly - the engine rattles and rolls and the adventure begins.  Tik, stop, tik, stop all the way to where home once was, clearing the legacies of embedded interest in knowing the past to envision the future.

once i log out, i watch the part of the show where Mr. Phelps gets his download and has ten seconds to grok it all before the tape self-destructs.  I have items left - my go bag is stripped out and needs to be reassemble - a washer in the future will take the clothing back into useful form and the things i walk away from here will have one more visit before the final destination is achieved.

the no phone part seems to be something that peeps cannot grok.  The idea of time and schedules and urgency are now left to the flow path of dependency where when i get there is when i get there.  I have three books on the mind - the Existence website is now howdt of existence - the liars finally took it down - they really were using my content for free and when they decided to charge me for the service of me providing them content, i stopped all site maintenance.  If you didn't get it then, you will just have to wait for the book.  I also plan to do a water book and then the grand illusion - a full undertaking of explaining how numbers work through the eyes of nature.

the energy fields here have been buffeting me about mercilessly since last Thursday - my internal sensitivity to the flow of 60 Hz is wreaking havoc with my internal peace - especially the space heater.  I also have four active computers - though one gets retired and this one gets returned, still too much radiant noise.  I take my responsibility seriously and where ever the flow delivers me is where i am needed.  Light and dark play chess all the time - sometime the game rules are flavored differently.

my head says type, my heart says go.  Listen to your heart.  Namaste'     doc

PS.  Giants in six.

October 23, 2012

Namaste doc

     The change in energy levels is playing with my senses.  The pressure drop here yesterday was noticeable - it went from summer to winter without the autumn in between.  My sinuses and my ears had challenges and i ended up sleeping off the afternoon rather than working.  My internal schedule is not set to any clock - the only actual clock in the house is set to 11:11 - quite a trick for battery operation.
     My plans were cascaded to follow the trail of whatever needed to be done in the time required.  Since i started the ball rolling down the hill, i found that the geography of the plane was obtuse - the ball did not roll down the hill.  That is okay - free fall can be upward.  It depends on gravity and we just do not know enough about that topic to speculate.  I am going to suggest that another cup of qophy (coffee) will help.
     It is interesting to observe the mind set of the three house-pets - each of whom has realized that the home collection of beings is in the process of dissolving.  Circus dog travels with the roommate and she has adopted me as a surrogate parent.  She is such a kick - her mannerisms demonstrate ownership is a converse system, where the dog trains the human to meet the needs of the dog while thinking that it serves the human ego.  She made some private time to crawl into my lap - very patiently while i was focused on another task.  They can always read intensity and see the direction that intent is focused.
     The cats never did become buddies - the calico stays here and gets her private home back.  Why are all calico's female?  This one owned the home for four years before we moved in and cleaned. She took most of the summer to come in the occupied house - instead, she moved into the van with me.  We have bonded and i am her human, however, the circumstance do not allow her to travel with me - this is her home turf - always and forever.  I plan to return - but i know that all bets are off on the ability to translocate.
     The black cat is my network kitty and he is in contact with all the black cats world wide - there is no shade of grey here - he demands and others jump.  He owned the house and still attempts to boss the free-spirited calico around.  I watched him stare down every other live being here at one time or another - the urgency of eating only chicken and feeding a tapeworm has made this one serious cat.  Like Joe Jackson - I'm cool for cats.  I will get adopted by another kitty whenever i arrive - cats can tell cat people instantly.
     I expect the spiders to take over if the house remains vacant.  There will be an 'office' here and Gaia and i have discussed the dispersion of the land.  Once i take off into the outside and walk, i seem to be in a fibonacci fractal of direct discussion that allows two way chatter between channeled personalities - using the Sybil analogy.  doc and lemme are the left/right extremists - all others take the shape of a facet of the muddle in the middle.  The land speaks volumes for itself and is on-board with the work that i have envisioned.
      Yin is the opposite of yang as right is the opposite of left/wrong/responsibility?  Words lack substantive definition in the minds of the masses - the carefully chosen literary word has its meaning founded in a 15 second sound byte.  What is wrong with this picture?  The depth of enablement is not something that can be given to you - you can seize the day or allow the opportunity to pass.  We are one and we are each one - defining the difference is not something we have ever been asked to do - this is now required.
     Today is a yellow star day - I start my travels to wherever i end up being.  Today my plan is to move from the bedroom to the living room and the kitchen - i will sleep in my bed here without traveling miles - just traveling mind-sets.   The plan is to not plan - to be in the moment and to tether together the loose ends that will allow the change we wish to see to be the change i see in me.  Simple - I hope that i can do well, to the best of my ability.  I love you - my schedule will designate the blog - when i can, i will.  Until then ...

Namaste'       doc

October 22, 2012

Flowing Miasma of Diaspora

     How does one get grounded when we feel the earth move under our feet?  I am in my last hour of thyme under my own control for days, weeks, months, years?  I placed my own little space of connection to home into a box yesterday and now move though the motions of sorting and packing, sorting and packing.  Hal is upgraded and the laptop has all the pieces - the frustrations of connecting back in new places are compounded when the rubber meets the road - adrift in the flowing miasma of diaspora.
     Work - covering the nut - has to become a focus for doc - the timing of free fall without directional sense is over - we play in a whirled where hardball is king and if you are not paying attention, a runner creams your second baseman.  Today is game seven for the National League pennant - a pleasant distraction from the pace of frantic that the rest of this country insist upon these days.
     Fast food, fast women, fast times at ridgemont high - the pace is not germane, yet you are all in a hurry.  Slow down, you move too fast - y'got to make this morning last : breathe.  Focus on your breath - get grounded.  The ground shifted last Thursday - each of us must find it again.  It has a different frequency.  What seemed to matter yesterday does not even reach the scale today.
      The Obamney debacle needs to address the corporate reality from a different point of view.  The media money flow will leave a void in three weaks, that has to be addressed by common people working locally on common goals.  We need to have peace, not war and we need to grow real vegetables, not genetic Monsantrosities.  We need to listen to Alex Jones in love, not in fear - and insist that we do things differently, beginning with each of us - as one individual.
      Conversations need to happen - first with ourselves, then with each other.  I look at myself and i ask whether i am an emotional vampire on me - am i distracting myself from accomplishing my tasks by getting worked into a lather about things that i cannot control?  If i am, then i need to focus on my breathing - and realize that it is not my time to act there as yet.  
     When i can calmly talk to myself, then i have a chance to calmly talk to somebody else.  When you offend your cat, the cat goes away.  It doesn't keep coming back for more abuse - it comes back when you feed it.  Then, it purrs you.  It feels good.  Treat yourself well and other people will treat you well; abuse yourself and you are asking for more abuse.  Control your anger, realize that anger is not violence and you can be angry without getting upset about it.  Be real and know yourself.  Breathe.
     The lines are drawn, the high theater is now in play.  Whatever becomes is whatever it becomes.  Free fall is non-directional and trust in the universe is the only solid ground that we have.  I feel like a spinning top, or a dreidal - spinning all the time as i leave the cradle, i just can't stop ... but i can stop spinning.  And no, I will not watch the so-called debate.  I will listen to Alex Jones on Wednesday and hear the latest from Rick Miller - the physicist that speaks from knowledge.

Namaste'     doc

October 20, 2012

How I work in the light

     The light is not where the dark hangs out.  When we shine the light of inquiry and ask the proper questions, the rats scurry.  We now have too many facts to explain simple phenomena.  The challenge is one of perspective and we each have our own weigh of looking at things.  When we make value judgments, it is based on personal values, not shared value.  So we can each be different and still be the same.  Hence two ones in the fibonacci sequence.
     To agree, we do not have to be of like mind.  Please stop trying to change my mind - i look at things from my perspective and my mind does well to integrate them.  I cannot see your vision, but i can accept that a) you see your vision, that b) it is different from my vision and that c) it is okay.  How do i know what you call blue and what i call blue are the same color blue.  How do we know that blue is not decided by convention and assigned to a frequency, but what i see is orange and i call it blue because that was what i was taught?
     Absolute and relative are different contexts and are often not on the same page.  We live in a relative world, where everything comes together and we prioritize what is important to us.  What is important to me is different from what is important to you - so let us agree to ask, rather than assume.  Sometimes you do not have time to ask - best judgment is trusted, but i prefer to make all the decisions that affect my life and i take responsibility for only things that i want to be on my platter.
     Today - 10/20/12 - is a super-high energy date and lots of cosmos is flowing.  I am a sensiive and i am glad that it is just me and the kitties today - my mind is comfortably numb.  My intention is to keep writing - yesterday, people all day wanted me to watch stuff.  I do not learn by watching people talk at me.  While i can make videos, i tend to only watch music videos or radio without the movement on screen.  I tend to argue with the speaker and cannot take their absolution into my relative perspective.  It is why i didn't attend many college classes unless they were interactive - back and forth conversation gets me there way quicker than trying to guess the meaning of words that other speakers use.
     I also have trouble with cues.  If you signal me and i do not grok the signal, i ignore it - else it tends to fluster me.  My linear left brain flusters easily; my right brain can take interest in an aspect and dissolve into a different fractal scale.  Most people consider this rude, because it gives the appearance that i am not listening.  But when i focus hearing, i can allow my vision to go, because i imagine the picture of how what you are saying blends into my pre-constructed landscape.  So i tend to miss when i lose my listener, sorry.
     I also tend to have trouble with pace, especially if things happen too fast or two slow.  I am learning to control my breath and therefore resonate instantly at a different frequency, so that i sense time differently.  It is very easy to just announce stop and freeze everything for the few microseconds that i need to get my orientation back.  When this doesn't work - the situation is not under your control.  I hate losing control of myself - i cannot control anything other than my own cognition, how i perceive things.
     We do not all have the same level of perception.  Some people are clueless when taken out of their microcosm - they function very well within the limits of perception that they allow themselves.  Real changes is a function of the fractal that you are on; physics does not manifest the same at all fractals, however it does require resemblance at adjacent fractals.  This is very important.  If there is discontinuity when realities merge, then the smaller fractal integrates into the larger fractal.  The larger fractal is limited by the sense of one and really does not even consider any mechanisms smaller than those at hand.
     I was not able to write on the book yesterday - as i have integrate too much 'crap' (abject reality) into my head and am having trouble with the sorting mechanisms.  I changed the way i store hard data on the computers a few weeks ago and the trip to Reno brought me back to a place where only today am i able to sit down and spend the time to find some stuff that i moved.  I know this is best in the long run, that is why i did it;  in the here and now, it has me confused and at the mercy of the cognitive dissonance, which is really bothering me.  The electric field feels bad and i am afraid that my writing works better with pad and paper than when i am forced to keyboard it.  I know other people do not like that - i need to make it convenient for them and do my own work. However i cannot do it their weigh and get the work done the way i can do it best in the least amount of time.  
    Fact is, i can do an awesome job at coarse work, but i am not capable of the focus required for the detail.  When i have to move howdt of my elements, to learn to do something a certain weigh for somebody else, i freak and get combative.  I could see that happen in Reno and always caught myself and ceded the floor, because that is what i felt i was 'paid' to do.  The idea of pay grade dictating information rightness is totally absurd - but the current society of prima donnas does not grok any other weigh.  Major lesson of this test - the translation must take everybody away from personal comfort zones and get them to understand that controlling yourself is the only weigh that you have total control.  Do not give your power away to other people without 1) love and 2) trust.
     Unconditional love will get us there - trusting your judgment and then checking to see that you were right or wrong in your choice.  Right choices help other people operate smoothly, wrong choices cause stress and melt-downs.  This is a simple rule of thumb, but does not work in every situation.  Being able to make good choices comes from making choices and analyzing the end result - in your own terms of good and bad, and then on other fractals.  You cannot subdivide yourself (as far as we know - this is not absolute in my mind yet), so start with you on the fractal scale one and accept everybody else as starting on that scale.
     I think i write better in blogger than i do in the writing programs like Microsh*t Werd.  Every corporation has embedded their 'advantage' into their own products to make the user streamline by monopoly - and the cognitive dissonance ensures that by having components that do not work together, we increase our level of frustration and hence do not allow all these super cosmic energy forces to pass through us innocuously with no result.  I think that i will attend the Galactic Free Press love party today as doc rather than lemme and see if the orientation sparks a difference in the level of love that i encounter.  Only one person there knows that the two players are one and the same - perception is a funny variable.

Namaste'   doc

October 19, 2012

Why do we keep the economic system?

   This article by Rob Urie really needs to be addressed.  There are many ways of developing community based economics, but we currently have access to none of them.. Read this, and join me in calling for real answers to real questions before we allow any politicians or economists or lawyers to spend any more public money.  The money itself is not real - the Fed prints it without gold or other material backingWe might as well trade leaves, or rocks.
      The time has come to draw a line in the sand.  Gaian metabolism is not going to work if we blast off a mountaintop here or allow some spent nuclear fuel to react to plutonium over there.  The floating plastic island in the Pacific Ocean and the dead zones off all our major rivers should be a sign, you would think.  Heck - they didn't even clean up BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico - seems way more important to kill innocents with drones.
      So - as a PhD scientist, i am working on a new economic system.  I have a game of community that i intend to play this year using agriculture - Existence provides the game lattice based on work from 2007-2011 in Ashland Oregon.  Nothing we can do now will save the current system because, quite frankly, there is nothing worth saving.  We can build a media that talks direct from learner to learner and i was wondering - maybe there is a weigh here where i can publicize your plight in education circles using the same tools that i am developing for my friend the physicist, Dr. Richard Alan Miller.  http://richardalanmiller.com (check out his Project Camelot interview with Kerry Cassidy from 10/3 on American Freedom radio).
      Open invite to every reader.  I would like to have 16 people to act as base when i introduce the system on Dec 22, 2012 - the day after the world ends.  I do not know where it will lead, but i plan to question all knowledge in every scientific field, in order to separate wheat from chaff.  This perspective may seem radical to some - give me a better alternative.

Namaste'     doc

Collective Individualism

   The level of expectation for insanity has risen.  Expect insanity to take over - keep yourself focused on anything but what others perceive the world to be.  You are not allowed to be an individual sovereign - you must toe the line and everything of yours is ours except that you have to be a rugged individualist and anti-collectivism.  While accepting your welfare check.
   The nonsense coming out of the box is just that - nonsense.  The idea of being prepared has several different levels and if you take too many steps now, somebody from officialdom will show up and level the playing field back at you.  (Chutes and Ladders)  People i know and love are held captive by this notion that Obama and Mitt are different people and that the vote matters - where did the $350 million dollars that these two clowns raised last month actually get spent? 
   I watched some of the 'howdt of the weigh' events here in the State of Jefferson.  The Jackson County republican party had to close their office in Medford a few weeks ago because they made some poor decisions and ran out of money.  One would think that keeping the doors open, a couple thousand dollar expense, would happen when the candidate raises $180 million in a month, but apparently, this is not the case.  The funny thing is, these folks believe they will win the county elections, because even though Oregon is a 'blue' state, that apparently only includes the corridor from Eugene to Portland and the island of Ashlandia.
   Southern Oregon is so howdt of touch with reality that doc really loves being there.  Nature trumps nurture and the rural areas have people that actually spend their time thinking about things. The pace of life is set to get things done on a farm - school starts later in September because the hands are needed for harvest (or were!)
   Back headed into the 80's, the rural southern Oregon counties held the highest per capita income people in the US of A.  The timber industry was milling trees and the secondary industries based on wood products - the natural resource available was humming along.  Environmentalists needed their tree to hug and a concerted effort was made to protect trees by shutting down the timber industry.  They did this by encouraging profits to the big companies while restricting access to the people that live here.  
   The federal lands were taken off the cut list and the wrangling became a game of corporate interests continually compromising to cut more public lands at a net taxpayer loss, while sequestering their own lands and keeping the private trees growing as a resource.  Land swaps made this work as the people here were systematically looted of their ability to determine self-direction.  
   It seems to me that there is no constitutional provision for federal land ownership, beyond post offices and fortresses.  Since the constitution restricts government and clearly delegates responsibility, the choice of officialdom ignoring it renders the document moot.  Thus being sovereign becomes a simple declaration.  The idea that we must file reams of paperwork with a court system that we don't believe in in order to get free is just another fiction that people want to believe, but just isn't true.  You do not have to follow any law - you do have to bear responsibility for the choices you make and if you don't follow the law, the law followers will arrest you, detain you and keep you from acting.
   The question i have here is - so?  Given that fascist forces (clovers?) want to tell you what you have to do, my response is okay.  I agree and let them think i will do exactly what they want me to do; because i am agreeable, they take me at my word.  I lie.  I tell them what they want to hear to not harass me and i do exactly what i need to do.  I tell them, yes, i will get a drivers license so that i can legitimately have a PO Box that allows me to receive their offishul notices that i must follow - except that i have no intention of ever registering for any of their services because i am sovereign.  
   I only use the postal service because i am forced to - mailing letters with a stamp that says freedom when my stamp says sovereign is another forced merge of opposing concepts - no reason to post a physical letter when the internet has instant e-mail.  This is another albatross - you are tethered to others by your need to instantly respond to their e-mail requests.  Or by answering your phone when it rings.  I find it rude and offensive when people break away from business with me there to take anything other than an emergency phone call.  The person calling in should not have priority over the person in front of you - ignore the damn ringer.  
   The internet is now a battlefield as microsh^t and goggle have browsers out that disable the function of their competition.  They steal each others paths and disable function through automatic updates that hijack computers and add cookies - i want milk with my cookies.  The latest gig is that chrome sells add space that overlays the text of the site that i am using - just writes on top of the scripts.  It also hot keys words to jump to ads - enough that i may have to go back to pad and pen when i write, because i do not handle interruption well and a pop-up on my screen gets cursed when three sentences of typing didn't take because a different window absconded with my focus.
   I can feel the different energy of anger - i will control my breath and allow my frequency to move to ground.  The change of being where i need to be is different from the idea that i can be where i want to be.  I have true will to do what i want;  free will is co-opted by the current alignment of the spheres.  I am but a player in a game, playing within a game, playing within a game - history is cyclical and already knows.  Thyme is of the essence, so I'll light some incense.

   Namaste'    doc

October 18, 2012

Counting Growth

Thyme slips as time slips
Rolling spiral revolution
What once was lost is found
Amidst a bursting empire
Birth of life for tomorrow
Pends on incident reflection
Reverberates thru symmetry
Allowing multiplication of effort

Golden Mean spirals outward
Time in equal jumps pace rate
From zero to one to zero to one
To one back one to one to two
Back one to two to three to two
To three to five to three to five
To eight to five to eight to thirteen
Ebb and flow of growth by Gaia

lemme howdt  2012

A hero in feline form

   Please correct me if i am wrong, but did they rain out the game in Detroit last night in order to give the Yankees a specific advantage?  Seems to me that it did not rain in Detroit last night.  There was a pressure change and a threat of rain, but the Yankees only have one major league starter on their staff and he is needed here in game four and also in game seven if necessary.  There is rarely recovery from down 3-0 in a baseball series - but really Bud - at least let's not make the game look rigged.
   This is a sore point, because right now, everything is rigged by micromanipulation.  Walk around and observe how many convoluted ways we do things because we either have to or can not do things in a certain weigh.  The rules change every season and the consistent lesson is that more rules get added, few rules ever get removed.  Habit develops that if the same thing works for us, we do it the same weigh.  Time has come to change this movie.
   We have true will - a human bean can choose to do what a human being will do.  If we make bad choices, we either suffer the consequences or get a grubbermint bailout.  Depends on the connections.  What if we use our abilities to cut through the cognitive dissonance of the media to think about how we do things and start doing them differently.  Break habits just by looking at the action and reviewing why we take that action.  It is difficult - so nobody even tries to change.  We have a whack-a-mole society - act different and the hammer comes down.
   To change, you just have to buck up and change.  You do not have to listen to Doc - if you do not want to change, then don't bother.  Not required.  You get to choose, unless you pass the choice along to your superior.  If you are sovereign - no superior.  Actually - unless you are a minor in the care of parents or an elder in care of children, the concept of superiority is totally relative; we are all different, not better or worse.
   But are we really different?  I don't think so.  There seems to be a live mind guiding the passage of time as we know it - one that subsumes our free will, because we are just players in her game.  I say her because i take the entity of control to be Gaia, a living water resident that is the planet we call earth.  We must stop fouling our nest; no other animal on earth does that and we should know better.  Instead, we spend our time battling trivia and nuance and getting nowhere with either task.
   Take a step back and breathe.  Focus on your breath - anytime that you lose control of self - remember to breathe. Doc is currently tying up his Reno report and sifting through the photos to document the results.  He is working on three different distinct levels of the Fibonacci accordion and is very insistent that the product appears as above, so below within each of these levels.   This is a test of the doc broadcasting system - it is only a test - if there was a real emergency, doc would be kissing his ass goodbye, because we are woefully unprepared to deal with anything that is not in the realm of what we deal with.
   See this puddy tat.  This puddy tat is my hero - i watched this cat herd 75 different people for two days at the Reno convention where the cat was the owner of an organic agriculture River School and kept the people in line, where they belonged.  The Zen of ambiance that this cat demonstrated left doc knowing without a doubt that we already deal with aliens and superior beings who are humble and connected to the light.  The cat knew - the people need coaching to be prepared.  She also had time to say hello and be a cat with me, as my two cats at home wondered why i was not there to feed them at 5 am.
   We really have no basis set of common belief any longer.  Some of us are swept up in the linear thinking have to do's, and if none of us were there, nothing would get done.  But we all don't have to do everything.  If you cook well and i can clean - you can leave the cleaning to me and i will leave the cooking to you.  We can use our complementary roles to cook and clean together, where you take the lead cooking and i take the lead cleaning.  Never ask somebody to do anything that you wouldn't personally do yourself.  Lead by example.
   See - life can be simple and easy - but why the frantic pace?  So many people allot time for a task and get infinitely impatient when the task takes longer than allotted.  This is compounded by lying - or in nicer terms, not being real.  We get to making promises that we cannot keep, because the time frame was never realistic in the first place.  
   If you want to know something - measure it.  Looking it up is lazy and gets it wrong anyway - things are not what other people say they are.  First hand knowledge always trumps second hand opinion, no matter how bright (or dim) the person doing the explaining is.  Puddy Tat never said a word - she was ever present wherever she was necessary and could seemingly clone herself at will, to be in three places at once.  There is a lot more there, here, and i am curious.
   And also busy -  til tomorrow ... Namaste'        doc

October 17, 2012


     When doc was starting high school in the 70's, he had to make a decision of how to spend time - debate club or chess club.  The debate club was the future liars (lawyers) of america club, while chess is what chess has been over many centuries - a game of the grid of 64.   It was a critical decision that let me to the path of science - analysis in chess is a solo effort in envisioning future possibility.
     My chess improved as i started at 2nd board as a sophomore and was 5th board as a senior - the level of competition was much better when i left, because we played so often that we taught each other good chess.  Every day after school we were in the Mann's basement with four to six players, playing tandem - a game where if you take a piece as black, you hand it to your partner, who puts it on his board in place of a turn.  Get me a pawn was usually phrase associated with a win, because i could sacrifice anything other than my king for that pawn and know that a flood of pieces were on their way to me.
     The debate last night was a true embarrassment to the term.  Obama knows what debate is and is a professional lawyer.  Mitt is mitt - oh god.  We do not have a country, we have an idiocy.  Can we change the basic assumption that we have to carry forth this current economic system until it finally does collapse before we can even approach a fix by creating a new different system?  If you vote - you are complicit in crime.  I give up - lemme howdt is Sovereign.  doc is as sovereign as one can be, but the 'paperwork' that people associate with being sovereign is a nonsense fiction that begets the fact that the US grubbermint works by force.
     All capitalism in this form works by force.  The game is as skewed as tandem chess.  The war in Iran is like dropping a suddenly captured queen right next to your opponent's king.  The false flag that embeds Obama in the white house for four more years could be anything - but will be a war.  Hear the war drums beat.  Corporations use the broken window fallacy to justify making things broken.  We have embedded broken.  We can do this a lot differently and a lot better.
     I had a very busy time in Reno this past weekend, on being a prepper in the linear sense and being prepared in a meta-physical sense.  I control me - but i do not have free will.  You do not have free will.  The spheres in the sky are part of a whole that includes the spheres in our bodies that we call atoms - as above, so below.  I have work to do to be able to download my brain - then when i come up for air, i have a week of my own work that has to be done.  The system does not allow me to catch up, i have to jump ahead to now and work backwards, dealing with now and going back to cover things that i could not pay attention to while working in a different capacity.
     I am one person - schizophrenic as they come - with no non-natural medication in my diet.  Doc is a whole person - then i slip into lemme mode and lemme is a whole person too, he thinks right brain to complement doc's left brain.  Doc is not linear, but his education is straight linear and every request that was asked was satisfied, no matter how easy/hard that task could be.
     The only weigh that you can know something is to measure it.  This system is antagonistic to measurement, except in sports.  Chess is a sport - i earned a varsity letter in high school in chess in the 1970's.  Perhaps we can look at the current time through the eyes of a chess player and calculate several moves down the road where we need to be and begin now taking steps to get there.  When doc says perhaps we, he means doc should - because doc is the only person i know that thinks like doc.  People do not give doc slack for having his own persona and weighs of doing things - imposing methods on the fly is not something that is easy for doc to grok.  The key words are on the fly.
     The game that doc is playing is a different game than chess on a grid of 64.  It is like tandem, but no partner involved.  You cannot see your opponent's set-up - the pawns are all in place on 2nd and 7th but the back rank begins scrambled.  The king is between the two rooks.  As the pieces move, you can see your own lines of sight.  When you take a piece, you can play it back on the board in place of a standard turn.  The game plays at Scheming Mind - there are many other variations of chess there.
     Doc is on day 42 of 64 in a new game system that is set to develop community.  The key event - the Reno trip - has provided a contrast to the style and movement of the norm - doc used quantum mechanics to move from one side of a polar opposite to the other side without being in the muddle in the middle.  He met some awesome people and once again reunited with the ubiquitous john.  Thank you, john, we will talk.  The john lineage in doc's past is the overwhelming positive metric that says - keep on truckin or hup ho, yeah.
     If you know that we can do it differently, to get to the other there out there - well, just stay turned to this channel - i can't say same bat thyme, same bat channel, but yawl know what i mean.

namaste'    doc

October 16, 2012

Eight Observations on People

     Good morning and welcome back to Thyme Howdt.  Breath.  Inhale, exhale.  Doc was in Reno this weekend for a preparedness conference.  The community of 75 people that developed over the four days allowed a 10-fold increase in the interpersonal interaction level that doc usually deals with.  Doc worked the merchandise table - so he got to talk to everybody. Here are some preliminary observations.
     First - people are at a frantic pace, but there seems to be nothing to rush to.  We get impatient if the task takes more time than the minimum allotted time to get done, and have no sense of how long it might take beyond just doing the mechanics.  For instance, the vehicles on the road were driving too fast for conditions, which included very narrow roads in poor condition with no shoulder.  Saw an upside down tractor trailer outside of Truckee on Friday - ouch.
     Second - people lie to you when they don't have to, for no apparent reason.  I don't know if it's a form of gamesmanship, but when i can see an hour task and the person says they have 20 minutes, I tend to not try to do the task.  To start and then freak because it doesn't work in the time frame just doesn't make sense.  Wait until the whole job can be done at once, and it reduces the stress level.  My impression was that the stress level was not a focus for most people, they allowed themselves to stress, maybe even caused it.
     Third - people reflect each others emotions and if one person gets worked up, that person antagonizes a group of people and gets them worked up too.  People can be measured as speed of their pace of talk and the volume;  when you pace to their conversation, they keep getting louder and faster, especially when they disagree.  Take a deep breath and slow it down - there is no grand rush to judgment here - every day will finish on time and the next day will start tomorrow.  If you raise your voice and i do the same with my voice, don't get mad at me for yelling at you.
     Fourth - the idea of need to know has become very warped.  There is too much information out there for everybody to know everything: when people sequester certain points of information, then release it later after the fact, i always wonder, how we can really get things right.  There is hostility toward the word right - both from the 'left' and from the relative truth believers.  Doc believes that we can each live in our own reality, but once we coincide information, we fix the facts.  Note that Schroedinger never really had a cat in his box, it was a thought experiment.
     On this there is a separate sub-group - how can we accomplish any intellectual task when basic thoughts are covered by operational patents.  The ownership of process and material (like Monsanity owning genetic patterns) is insane and counterproductive.  What you know is not your property;  if you give somebody and idea and they run with it - they should reward you from thoughtfulness, not from obligation.
     Fifth - the cognitive dissonance will allow anybody to become distracted instantaneously.  A television commercial or a sudden movement will send the listener (or the speaker) away - the Sesame Street time-frame of interest takes hold.  This conference held many deep conversations;  outside the conference interactions seemed short and curt, because people needed to get to their next task.  Even a person walking past a table in a restaurant is enough to pull a speaker out of his sentence and into a mental lapse.
     I suppose that this observation should contain caveat - when the speaker finished, doc had to attend to selling merchandise and doing it fast so people could buy books and shrooms and supplements - there was no time to take to track what was sold or handle the money 'neatly' - just make change and sort bills in down time.  This means that having a good inventory is essential to getting the event accounted after the fact.  Total focus on task can always defeat distraction; it requires intent.
     Sixth - If you wish to complain rather than just deal and roll with the punches, the problem accelerates and amplifies.  If you take control early and change the mental picture of the stress to a just get-er-done mode, then the task moves along and the stress goes away.  This is essentially one of the key points of this seminar - to make good decisions, one needs to be clear and instinctual - think with your heart (gut), confirm with your head and do not dawdle to argue.
     Seventh - When you live in your own personal reality, you can sometimes get 'captured' or immersed in somebody else's unreal reality.  It is like you, as a player in a game of capture the flag, has been taken by the other side and have a time out from play.  I had a Friday night experience where i ran into information overload that didn't make sense and i had too many inputs that would not stop when i used my shut-down mechanism.  I was in space where i no longer was a player in that scene - i was along for the ride - the role i was given deliberately pushed my stress points.  This is not as bad as it sounds, because now i know some places where i can do more self work - people have triggers that change free will to true will.
     This last statement is a philosophical nightmare.  Not having free will is a different conclusion that what is assumed from learning.  We are told that we can always control ourselves and change the movie, however, sometimes in the eternal game, Great Spirit places us in a non-player character role and takes us for the ride.  We are Einstein's observer and cannot change the scene as it unfolds - we can only watch and learn.  We are players in a game within a game within a game - let's figure howdt the new game and change the rules.  Old game is over, just a matter of thyme.
    Eighth - last in a harmonic grouping.  Self-centeredness is a central fact that will keep our population from working together to clear the arbitrary blocks placed out there to control us.  It seems that tomorrow, Oct 17th, is 64 days away from the December 21, 2012 date of consecrated effect.  That tells me that we can expect another ratchet up of pace, not a slowing down.  Be clear and don't lie to yourself; truth is difficult enough to ascertain when you have good information.
    Life goes on, enjoying life gets you further quicker than complaining about what you don't like.  Be clear, because you draw what you focus upon.  Enjoy the day

Namaste'         doc

October 15, 2012

she's a queen fan

there i am
i am there
howdt there
another land
there is rot
in Denmark
guaranteed to
blow yer mind
anytime ...
freddie M.
we hardly
knew ya

October 11, 2012

The Scenario as Doc sees it

     How can one person hold two conflicting statements to be true at the same time?  The answer lies in the shades of grey and the ability to compartmentalize related topics into separate mind fields.  Those mind fields explode with shrapnel, once truth be told.  So to avoid truth, we have to shout louder than anyone else - to avoid the idea that things might not be as they seem.  Fair and balanced, y'know. 
     Let's slip away from things and puddle ourselves in the depths of a novel dilemma.  Some things we know and are rather obvious.  Like water is wet.  The definition of wetness is based on the fact that a liquid state exists and makes our solid surfaces feel different than under 'normal' air conditions.  I could wet you with other substances than water - but these substances would all fit our definition of liquids because liquidness is tied to wetness.
     We can use the term liquid to mean other things.  The banks need liquidity in order to be able to transfer assets between parties.  Rather than keepers of the asset base, the banksters have systematically looted ownership of everything not tied down to their own nefarious means.  Does this mean that we feel all wet.  I would suppose that it does.  They can lie, cheat and steal, buy the makers of the rules of the game with their 'earned income', create because only money printers can really make money.  Money is anti-life.  Actually - money is inert and has absolutely nothing to do with the concept of life.
     Now money has the ability to purse suede.  The fact that the money is printed from thin air without any reserve is casually neglected by most of the media.   Look into G. Edward Griffin's The Creature from Jekyl Island and see how the whole process of money creation has been subverted to a form that makes today the end of a con.  We know it is a con, the Russians know it is a con, the Chinese know it is a con.  Yet we seem to live in a delusional reality where we cede power to politicians, based on how much money they can raise from a rigged game.
     Now, since we know tomorrow has to be different than today - let us revisit common assumptions.  Doc has a problem here, he just isn't common.  Once you meet him, you know that you have never met anybody like him, unless you know somebody exactly like him.  Is this a contradiction?  Not really, because we have , oh, 7 billion people in the world and only so many character types.  Doc does fit into a 1% category on the Meyers Briggs test - and any fraction above zero is considered one by their counting methodology.
     The old game is over, the new game has not started yet.  The pace of time is rapidly escalating and the things that we do are creating a sense of urgency that just should not be here.  There is no rush - we have the time to analyze what we hear, to determine veracity and to act accordingly.  It does not matter at all if you vote - so unless you have a local candidate that you know personally who has asked you to support her for office - don't vote.  Voting sends a signal that you accept the story of the way it is, and i no longer can grok that narrative.
     Oh - it is still in play - i grok at my own risk.  It is just that i no longer believe any of it.  I do not know what to believe, so i fall back to my own personal education about the things i know and the things that i don't know and attempt to work from things that i have actually got to work.  I can do chemistry very well - i know the limits of the theory and have expanded beyond the text of how things work - nature is a proper teacher and i always have time to slip away to her beck and call.
     Love is a valid, true concept - if i hold unconditional love, i can do some things that i feel have to be done without the karma of doing them from a point of hate.  I have a threshold limit of value and don't really care about ownership at the trivial level.  It gets me into problems with friends who are too moralistic around their own beliefs, but if they are your beliefs, then who am i to cause you to change.  It's your bubble, not mine.  We can have different truths and still get along.
     Time has come, so Thyme has come.  I am well suited to the role - lemme notwithstanding.  If you followed Sybil, there is more to psychosis than meets the eye - she never was playing a role. Sybil always was truly who she was - her brain was partitioned in such a way that dominance was in the hands of the personality in control - no single overall monitor was present.  Look in the mirror and find your monitor personality.  It is not a difficult task, but you cannot lie to yourself - you know your personal truth.
     Doc is off til monday - Reno beckons and in the flow is really in the flow - an actor on stage in a challenging role - the outcome should lead to the income as the Fibonacci sequence spirals back and forth, an ebb and a flow, each time the wave rippling to a higher crescendo until the peak is reached and the reversal of level heads back to the mean.  The flow balances the ebb, but not exactly.  That is the wiggle room of the great spirit, how the universe differentiates among all the possibilities.
     Namaste      doc

October 10, 2012

Propaganda vs Credentials

     How come half the radio advertising is from the bureaucratic nanny state?  Because no business can afford the media costs any longer.  The media has become a wholly encapsulated subsidy of the grubbermint.  It seems as though this 'ad council' co-sponsors the messages - this implies that the grub gets a discount on the costs to run the ad - not the market cost that we the people pay.  
     This scam uses PSAs - the public service announcement.  This again sets up some information as being more important than other information - and we get bombarded with use your safety belt airwaves and large enforcement fines.  Has anyone ever seen any safety belt fealty studies?  It seems to me that safety belts keep people trapped in cars when they could have escaped.  
     Vehicle safety is a total constructed enterprise.  From the need to have mandatory insurance, to registration and license fees, plus regulations of enforcement that are blatant fund-raiser for local cop shop - driving a vehicle is a major liability point any longer.  Just another way of moving people back into urban areas, where they are under more better control.
      The hermit doc did turn this stuff off for about 6 months.  He got his act together well enough to find the weigh, now the goal is to come howdt of the closet in the remaining thyme.  So i have to release the anger, because i know the way it is, is not the weigh it will be.  It is approaching the time where the movie script is changed - we have the battle of the time lines going on and the one that is is not the one that is in the next moment.
     How do we know that we know?  We do know when people speak truth - listen to the latest wujo podcast and know, this is referenced to the reality of the now where doc finds himself.  I think that the concept of getting through the thin point in the hourglass can be called Free Fall - however we are used to the concept of falling in a directional sense and this is not the case here.
     Life is different from what we believe life is.  Try to define the concept.  Life is a cereal.  Life is a board game.  Life is a natural phenomenon arising from breath.  If you pay attention to the small details, you notice life exists in places that we don't expect to see life.  We sometimes callously disregard the fact that other species need to have their territory also, and sometimes our scales interact.  I have developed a much better appreciation of spiders - and i see the interpersonal interaction between different species that do not speak the same language.
     It turns out - we do this all the time.  Do you pet your cat or walk your dog?  You have an attunement to that individual that allows the transmission of information in a non-verbal manner.  Do you have a physical water exchange?  Did this last question confuse you?  Who swaps spit with anyone other than their lover?  Er - watch a dog owner fawn over their pup sometime.  Doc stopped playing face snuggies with dogs after watching where dogs like to place their tongues.  But then - if you consider the tongue of an animal has the role of fingers on a human - how often would you lick your fingers?
     Doc did not get the Nobel prize in chemistry this year - it went to some bio-medical researchers that made their advance in the 1980's.  Doc's work in chemistry in the 1980's involved building model systems for biological function - he made designer cages for metal ions.  There are two claims that he can make of first - the first reported Palladium (I) compound and the first chemically stable mixed Iron (II), Iron (III) compound.  The latter was a trick of seeing how chemistry worked in a novel form - the complex that i made could have been created by any competent chemistry - the fun was the Mossbauer Spectroscopy used to make the proof.  The ideal formula was Fe(Fe(SR)3)2 - a ferrous coordination complex with a ferric ligand.
     The podcast, that you do wish to listen to, talks about the veracity of my colleague Richard Miller.  If you click on doc's doc in the crosslynx on the right - it goes to Rick's website.  We have the means to change, very rapidly, if we collectively decide that we no longer support the current movie.  Blink and it's gone.  But the rub is what is there to replace it.  We have been fed the propaganda for so long, that we think that it matters.  Now the Higgs boson and quantum physics demonstrates that matter doesn't matter.  
     Only it does.  As above, so below.  What goes in is what comes out.  Form may change, function may change, but the weigh is always the weigh.  If we learn to measure properly, then the game changes overnight.  Doc is headed to Reno tomorrow to change the game.  See you there?

namaste'     doc

October 09, 2012

Dialog 3:

How do you score at this game?

Depends on what you are tracking.

I’m tracking wild game – turkey’s, geese …

Well this has the potential to be a Wild Game.

So the goal is … what exactly?

To win the game – that’s always the goal.

And this game, to win is to …

Score the most points.

By doing what?

By making sense of riddles.

A task -  write down the first 10 numbers in the Fibonacci series.  

Now see if you can find a picture of this series on-line.  

A banner, a fungus and a kitty in comfort

Thinking Science 1: Useful Data

     Talk radio is one of those areas that once you start listening, you never know what information you might gather.  I was listening to how the state of Oregon fish and wildlife department is setting fines for hunters for not reporting their hunt to the state.  The fines will be tacked to the following year's tags - the state will use it's power of coercion to force hunting into extinction, by making it too expensive a hobby.  Political ends achieved through pocketbook regulation.
     What interested me is that the ODFW wants to use the data to manage wildlife populations, now that predator hunting with dogs is outlawed.  If the cats, cougars and the like, take a deer a week, and there are say a dozen cats per watershed - then there may not be enough deer to go around.  Or elk.  Nature, of course, has managed populations of animals for oh, a few years - so why is this bureaucracy attempting this agenda?
     The problem lies in the data collection process here.  The observer has to report accurately, but has no means of sight to the information.  The hunter, who is already strapped to hunt, is now responsible for providing factual information from memory to people coercing the information - er - which red flag are you screaming at.
     Data collection is serious work.  The first question is whether you use a standard protocol, or a specific protocol for your process.  The protocol is set up to allow even level comparison - apples to apples.  The challenge is nuance - every different situation is unique and one size fits all measuring according to a protocol is extremely limiting.  You can change a protocol on the fly - just make a note of what you did.
     There is another level of measurement that addresses this challenge - the meta-data level.  Meta-data is recording things like noting the weather when scoring a football game.  The result of the game doesn't change, but knowing the game conditions allows a frame of reference for understanding the strategy within the game.  The reason for collecting the data should be clear, not a fishing expedition - otherwise you waste people's time, like the ODFW is wasting the hunters time (and collecting money - hmm).
     Measurement relies on both accuracy and precision.  To measure accuracy and precision, we embed quality control and quality assurance.  The net affect of these big words on quality is that we measure a few extra samples - duplicates, blanks, spikes and unknowns.  This generates the units of variance and the limits of the measurement.  We also look at the data after the fact (never during the measurement) - to be able to throw away bad data - based on being over two standard deviations from the mean.
     When collecting data - you should not have preconceived notions.  The idea is to use the data to measure validity of a theory - if you look at the data and change things to make the answer that you want, then you need to work in the pharma industry.  It doesn't help you to answer the question that you pose, when you go through the work of collecting good data.  The observer is de facto part of the experiment, so scientists are really as embedded in their work as journalists - we tend to trust what we personally measure and have a need to constantly vette the information that we receive against what we think we know.
     It is absolutely necessary to have opening and closure to each experimental measurement.  To really have enough information for statistical significant, there must be enough repetitions of the measurement to allow statistical significance - using standard measures like the chi test or the student's t-test.  If you have never heard of these tests, then maybe you wish to find someone else to make the measurement observations for you to interpret.
     If this interests you, please contact Doc through the Northwest Education and Training Institute at the Oregon Natural Resources Research Institute.  Soon to be associated formally with the Organization for the Advancement of Knowledge.  The game theory for the next game is being developed on the fly - all we can do is all we can do.  Find what you can do and plan to do it well - cooperative community is a team sport.