October 06, 2012

Songs in the Key of Life

     Do you know, where your going to?  Do you know what things in life are shown to you?  Where are you going to? Do you know?  Remember Mahogany?
     Are you even curious?  People, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world.  I have to disagree Barbra - the dependence of people on other people happens when people don't stand on their own feet.  We all need someone we can lean on.  Mick was on to something - something in the way she moves ...
     Life settles down into a concrete pattern and as soon as we get comfortable, the scenario shift subtly.  The connections serve as tethers to our window frames to the world - letting us share vision through many pairs of eyes that change the perspective of the narrow beam of notice.  The times are pulling in different directions - chaos theory mentions this as a Strange Attractor. (link added 6:30 pm 10-6)
     Video killed the radio star.  Today, the term talk radio conjures images of a huge red bull in a rush in a china shop - but radio is playing in the background of your internet connection all the time.  The bluegrass stations each have a different set, so if you change weekly, the song mix is quite different - i like to hear the people talk to replace the sounds of silence that my hermetic existence has delivered.
    I listen to Bill Meyer on weekday mornings - he's the local southern oregon news whiz from where i was - i left to disappear, but curiosity keeps me hangin on.  I have taken up being on the talk show circuit - a little bit here, a little bit there.  For a while, Dr. Val's music from Enlightened Medicine graced this blog - i called in on Thursday and we talked about demons.  When you play with fire, like riding on a dark star, traveling twice the speed of sound,  it's easy to get burned.
     Today, I will be making an appearance with Christopher Rudy on Cosmic Love (live link here) at 5 pm Pacific, 8 PM Eastern.  The new image of the world is different from the old image of the world; Gaia remains Gaia.  I will lead where you follow, to discuss nature in terms of unconditional love and see if this leads to a direction to apply philosophy - it's a walk on the slippery rocks.  The idea of radio talk is to get new ideas brought up in the discussion - the non-localized nature of the universe can pick up the theme and deliver the thought to others in similar resonance.  Listen to the wind blow, out comes the night.  Break the silence, now we have something to pin our change of direction toward.
     Well if you don't know by now, you will never love me again, i can still hear them saying you must never break the chain.  Why?  The links that we have were put together with an agenda that is no longer the direction that we have chosen to follow.  She, we waited most of our lives, is leaving, never a thought for ourselves, she, we gave her everything money could buy,  She's leaving home after living alone for so many years.  Do you live alone, surrounded by company?  The time to establish yourself is coming soon to a theater near you - sharpen your saw, whet your whistle and be prepared for Anything Goes.
     And enjoy this fall saturday - college football, baseball playoffs, true colors shining through. It is a good time to be - find what you do and immerse yourself in the doing.  When you look up, it will be a new day.

Namaste'     doc

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