October 07, 2012

Dialog Two:

How many shares of me do I own?

All of them.

How much are my shares worth?

Absolutely Nothing.

Wanna buy into me?  I’ll sell you some shares.

What do I get?

My time, to be focused at your discretion.

At what frequency?

Now there is a question.  How do we determine your frequency?

What is frequency, at any rate?

Well, yes – frequency is a rate – it is the number of times that you pass through the zero.

Say what?

Zen – just imagine that your blinker is set for a billion times per second – can you grok that?


What can you grok?

I can grok one, and I can grok ten – in a fingers and toes sort of sense.

Good start – how about a hundred?

Gee – a hundred’s a lot – 100 pennies make a dollar.

Fair exchange – but really not.

Huh – how so?

Let’s do the math.  There are 155 pennies in a pound of copper that sells for about three dollars per pound. 

Those are big numbers – but I grok you – why pennies?

Yes, why pennies indeed.

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