October 23, 2012

Namaste doc

     The change in energy levels is playing with my senses.  The pressure drop here yesterday was noticeable - it went from summer to winter without the autumn in between.  My sinuses and my ears had challenges and i ended up sleeping off the afternoon rather than working.  My internal schedule is not set to any clock - the only actual clock in the house is set to 11:11 - quite a trick for battery operation.
     My plans were cascaded to follow the trail of whatever needed to be done in the time required.  Since i started the ball rolling down the hill, i found that the geography of the plane was obtuse - the ball did not roll down the hill.  That is okay - free fall can be upward.  It depends on gravity and we just do not know enough about that topic to speculate.  I am going to suggest that another cup of qophy (coffee) will help.
     It is interesting to observe the mind set of the three house-pets - each of whom has realized that the home collection of beings is in the process of dissolving.  Circus dog travels with the roommate and she has adopted me as a surrogate parent.  She is such a kick - her mannerisms demonstrate ownership is a converse system, where the dog trains the human to meet the needs of the dog while thinking that it serves the human ego.  She made some private time to crawl into my lap - very patiently while i was focused on another task.  They can always read intensity and see the direction that intent is focused.
     The cats never did become buddies - the calico stays here and gets her private home back.  Why are all calico's female?  This one owned the home for four years before we moved in and cleaned. She took most of the summer to come in the occupied house - instead, she moved into the van with me.  We have bonded and i am her human, however, the circumstance do not allow her to travel with me - this is her home turf - always and forever.  I plan to return - but i know that all bets are off on the ability to translocate.
     The black cat is my network kitty and he is in contact with all the black cats world wide - there is no shade of grey here - he demands and others jump.  He owned the house and still attempts to boss the free-spirited calico around.  I watched him stare down every other live being here at one time or another - the urgency of eating only chicken and feeding a tapeworm has made this one serious cat.  Like Joe Jackson - I'm cool for cats.  I will get adopted by another kitty whenever i arrive - cats can tell cat people instantly.
     I expect the spiders to take over if the house remains vacant.  There will be an 'office' here and Gaia and i have discussed the dispersion of the land.  Once i take off into the outside and walk, i seem to be in a fibonacci fractal of direct discussion that allows two way chatter between channeled personalities - using the Sybil analogy.  doc and lemme are the left/right extremists - all others take the shape of a facet of the muddle in the middle.  The land speaks volumes for itself and is on-board with the work that i have envisioned.
      Yin is the opposite of yang as right is the opposite of left/wrong/responsibility?  Words lack substantive definition in the minds of the masses - the carefully chosen literary word has its meaning founded in a 15 second sound byte.  What is wrong with this picture?  The depth of enablement is not something that can be given to you - you can seize the day or allow the opportunity to pass.  We are one and we are each one - defining the difference is not something we have ever been asked to do - this is now required.
     Today is a yellow star day - I start my travels to wherever i end up being.  Today my plan is to move from the bedroom to the living room and the kitchen - i will sleep in my bed here without traveling miles - just traveling mind-sets.   The plan is to not plan - to be in the moment and to tether together the loose ends that will allow the change we wish to see to be the change i see in me.  Simple - I hope that i can do well, to the best of my ability.  I love you - my schedule will designate the blog - when i can, i will.  Until then ...

Namaste'       doc

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