October 04, 2012

Fantasy Whirled

     Change - as i watch from a distance, i find that i am feeling things that are different from the weigh they are being carried.  As i watch and interpret, i do not see the same things that the focusers wish me to fix upon.  The media nonsense has me lost - jon stewart and stephen colbert seem more credible than the conventional media - plus i can get any spin i wish to see from the internet.  The mechanisms are diverse; the wheels are all spinning without tether to any ground.
     What passes for analysis is whatever is practical at the moment.  The all inclusive 'we' is a fairly exclusive place these days.  The way it has been is slipping and the mechanisms for new are not real options - the system is closing around itself rather than opening.  Watch - we have a strange idea of how things can change when we insist on doing things the same old way.  When a mechanism is broken, then continuing it's use provides broken results.
      I get accused of being negative for using words like broken. I get told it shows no hope and that i cannot get along until i learn to use less pointed language.  Then i get told that i have to get along.  Then i get told that i have to conform, because that's the way it is done and that is what people expect.  Then i wonder why i can't get anything done - because i can do tasks how i know how to get them done, or i can attempt to do them the way the system tells me i have to do them, with all the flaws and frustrations.  Oh - did i mention that i get punished for not following the rules and for not getting things done.  
     The safe zone is no longer a safe zone, the whirled has once again encroached past the invitation.  Things change because the visions that were planted in our brains still remains;  the reality that we deal with just doesn't get there from here.  My heart says love and peace - the images that i see are of fear and hate.  People argue just to hear themselves fight and the triviality of the disagreements are mostly ego driven.  
     I am tired of defending the ego from the monster attack of the ego.  If we are all one and can chill, then clarity may come - but the pace of frantic doesn't even allow the problem to be defined in terms where we can agree.  The common image of how it comes together is not held in common - mathematical data that should be rejected by simple prob and stat are commonly used and the baselines are drawn with manufactured data.  Scientists today cherry pick data and retractions in certain fields run nearly 100%.  The cutting edge between reality and fiction is melting and delusion carries the floor.
     To do, need new.  New format, new weigh of looking and feeling and recording.  The trivial matters and matter is trivial.  The jump ...  the weigh ... the change we wish to see - who knows where, but somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue ... there the dreams that you care to dream really do come true.


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