June 14, 2013

In Today's Galactic News ...

The portal was supposed to open, three Saturday's ago. I do not grok what those words actually mean, but I did connect to the galactic group that was watching an old movie – Love Potion #9 with Sandra Bullock. I guess when our senses are so well attuned that we get strung out, a good old fashion dose of love rules the day. I am in a world of few females and none of them are my proper connective type. Still, I can make due with what I have and today; the choices are limited by my inter-dependence. By the next holiday, all that will have changed.

For all those people who believe that nothing ever changes, you are entirely correct – nothing has changed, in physical terms. The weather is still going haywire and the song remains the same – police state powers used in excess on minor malfunctions, while the top of the game is all corrupt and falling down, like London Bridge is – where is my fair lady?

Oh – the ladies in power today have bigger dicks than most men. Ever since the feminist equality drive, the women have had more advantages and have 'earned' their way into the work-place. Of course, one of the problems of this particular society is that there is not enough productive work to go around. Thus, families need three jobs amongst their two working adults to make ends meet in a system where most jobs fails to produce any real value. The shuffling of papers and the tracking of movement of money are both functions of bankers, who control the whole process with interest, but not with any real productivity.

The idea of equality never quite made it up to speed. When I grew up, there was a division of labor that worked, because take-home pay of one person was over and above the amount required to support a family of four comfortable. Today – a Friday paycheck is gone by Monday and the bills get added to the revolving credit, which keeps everybody spending just a bit more than they have, and losing on the interest. The costs of needless things are quite high – the bank fees for holding our money are rigged such that they can make money by holding our money, but we don't make anything on that deal. Bounce a check and $35 dollars of your money becomes theirs. Don't know and cascade a few bounced checks and all of a sudden, you are again working for the banksters.

The credit system worked when people could actually pay off what they purchased on credit. But inflation caused by printing unbacked money has eaten the real value of the dollar. In 1913 terms, our dollar has about four cents purchasing power. In terms of just scraping by, the bottom rises and nothing really falls. The con men who pay attention to the money all the time end up with the investment money of those who work, because it is how it has always been done. Now the game is crowd funding – make a mass appeal and let people pay you to do the good things you do. Jumping through a hoop used to be a circus trick for the tiger, now it is just part of the everyday rat-race.

The Galactic Federation is working with the Earth Allies to bring about some necessary changes. The skewed financial system, that is on the rocks here on earth, is set to be replaced with Nesara funds – distributed to people by a different system, without the minions in control. The operators are coming awake – people are beginning to see that the life we have here is imaginative – we can adapt to different things by looking at them in different weighs. Our minds are expanding to take in new information; if we keep them open and responsive. Many of us are so set in the way it has always been, that we are not in tune with change. Problem is – to get there from here requires a different song in the key of life and the operating system here has not yet set the stage.

One of the areas of question concerns a race called the Agarthans. These folks live inside the supposedly hollow earth. All the scientific information that I have gathered claims that Earth is solid, with a liquid center of molten iron. The cast of weather characters, volcanoes, earthquakes, the jet stream, are all formed from the movement of the earth through space and the pressure effects of hot and cold mixing. That our science has led us down a primrose path and is not correct is an acceptable answer, as long as we have some alternatives to munch on. At this point, hope, prayer and love count – none of which are recognized by modern science.

Modern science is a catch-22 myth based on the observations made by some pretty bright gentlemen of the past centuries. The keystone in history to modern times was Isaac Newton, who was able to tease the subject physics away from church doctrine to be studied as a stand alone. The myth of the apple falling on Newton's head is a grade school story that belies the fact that gravity is a now over 300 years old and may not be criticized. By overlaying a 3-D grid system invented by Rene' Descartes with the concept of time, we can measure things in the real terms of Cartesian coordinates: length, width and height, and see the changes. We have seen the changes, they are rearranges, and they get harder, as you get older, farther away, as you get closer.

What if we didn't have an exact mathematical basis for what we call reality. We define our mathematical system around several key elements that work in tandem to provide a closed system that accounts for everything. The placement of the zero, the concept of beginning from nothing, is a form that underpins the consistency of math. That we work in base ten is a legacy of the Roman empire – it seems to me that the pyramids may have been built in a base eight math array. If the object was to make a capacitor or build a marker that could be seen from space, we don't really know what they are designed to be. We do know that very large stones were placed accurately, beyond our current capacity of engineering.

The concepts of math – derivatives and integrals – are one of the primary causes of the constipation in the world today. That we can play games over time, allows scientific measurement in several different senses. For instance, distance over time is speed and speed over time is acceleration. So Newton's apple falls at a constant rate of 9.7 meters per second squared. There is quite a bit more to the mathematics of physics, the point being that by measuring defined quantities, we can have a basis set for explaining reality.

Somewhere, we messed up this simple picture. The scientists of yesteryear all made discoveries that were checked and rechecked by the most advanced minds of the day, who were busy trying to grasp how all things came together. As they came to concepts that were deeper and farther away from the observation, they made realistic guesses about what they knew and how it could be projected into something that they didn't know. A few assumptions, like 'as above, so below' and 'like attracts like' allowed fields like biology and chemistry sprang to life. The hierarchy that physics underpins chemistry and chemistry underpins biology are truisms because of the way we define the sciences.

However, as a research scientist with an advanced degree, I have to question the application of these myths. We have seen phenomena occur that is not explicable by the current order, that is conveniently rejected as impossible and thus ignored. The modern sciences have isolated 'consciousness' into a small neural network called psychology, where the verification of theory is still lacking. The soft sciences include sociology and history, in addition to psyche – all observable patterns that derive from the base of the hard science of biology. That the biologists left chemistry long ago is not highlighted – the interface called bio-chemistry is an attempt to bridge the fields with made up correlation.

The problem with today's science myth is the burden of proof. The system was set up such that the university was the arbiter of what was fact – each place of higher studies took the known facts and placed them into a cooker where results came from the information. If a hypothesis was proposed, the burden of proof remained until all was demonstrated. Knowledge was shared and checked and checked and applied. Peer review serves that purpose, but the peers are vested in protecting the profit base as presented, not with the truth of the information.

Today, knowledge is sequestered. The use of science for profit of corporation has led to the patenting of intellectual property – with the payment of commissions on the use of ideas. The free exchange of nonsense is called news. The scientific exchange through journals of results has been replaced by a secretive system of reinventing every wheel and keeping ideas that might affect profit margins out of the game. At one time, people ran the corporate system and were held responsible – today, those same people figuratively get away with murder. Just look at the Monsanity and their pursuit of small farmers like Percy Schmeiser. It is hard to compete in science today without the multimillion dollar laboratories that support the research and development functions of industrial corporate culture. 
Yet science is really a simple task – observe and make guesses as to what is happening, then check your guesses with known information. Set up an experiment to follow the thought pattern, and when the experiment provides successful results, know that the understanding of the concept is there. Start simple and build into complexity. Five-year-old's have better science attunement than high school seniors – our current education system penalizes thinking outside the box. Just repeat what we told you and be able to pass a test – which allows you to earn a paper, that allows you to play the slave game. If you are really good at it, you can qualify for loans to go to college to keep you in debt forever. Oh, how that game has changed.

So think, am I better off with a Galactic Federation and a new system entirely, or should I remain a slave to the minions? It all depends on how we view the world – altering the current world view is a function of the cosmology and the weather. We have a system that is the only game in town and unless you earn the money to play, you can stress about not having the ability to do. Or, you can always blog.

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June 09, 2013

How to End the Game

Instead of worrying about what we cannot do, we should be developing the skills for what we can do. Formal education is a game of learning how to blend in to the social structure – you build the myth to the depth of your playing field, then apply the rules of your trade to perform the work in an acceptable manner. The other members of society with your skills are competing against you for the same role, so you must learn to accommodate both friends and foes alike.

That our current education system has prepared us for unmitigated disaster is a fact of life today. Look around and see who is actually working in their specific field of training and you can see that the game does not resolve from the sum of its parts. We function by the peter principle – where people rise to the level of incompetence and have no adjustment available to take a step back or to stop and smell the roses.

The rules themselves are a major part of the problem. The game of social grace has a complete unwritten set of rules that make the interaction 'work' for all parties involved. This means a lot of condescending down to lower levers of intelligence to see who can win the race to be dumbed down. Just try to comprehend the soap operas on daytime television and you will know what I mean. That we have been divided into a group of dedicated workers and a group of useless feeders is a nomenclature system that would raise objections, if people caught on. As a worker with a saddle – the obligation for a wife and children – most American males have time to blow off attention on one thing – cars, sports, sex; anything to take the mind off the grind.

Our society works like a meat grinder and we are the meat. You have to keep up with the Jones's on the left and the Smith's on the right. We have to manicure our lawns to look like every other lawn, paint our house to blend in with the local color scheme and diligently follow all the petty ante local regulations, which are supposedly there for our own good. If you have a voice, there are only specific channels to speak, and you wouldn't wish to offend anyone by talking about politics or religion. There is always sports.

Some people are entirely focused on the money aspect of life. To them, everything is an exchange of value and they have to make something more than they give up in every exchange. The banksters create this money on demand with interest and we play this unnecessary game of chasing dollars to the exclusion of all else. If you don't follow this game full-heartedly, you get taken advantage of by people more focused than you. The idea that banks charge cascading fees on overdrawn accounts defeats anyone who has made a minor miscalculation … and encourages those less fortunate to cheat on the game. Fairness, after all, is in the eyes of the beholder and the system is fair only to the extent that all people are treated with the least common denominator.

Let's pitch this system while we can. The extent of current practice is that anything that has to travel a long distance has to pay the freight. The additional costs of the middlemen – the people who grease the pathway to get things from there to here – adds value to the cost of the product. It is amazing that we can import foods off season to satisfy our palates – I remember when growing up we only had oranges and bananas in season. The world has changed and will continue to change – it is the one thing we can always count on – constant change.

How do we make the change? In many different unique styles and flairs. If you perceive something as unfair, raise you voice. The current game of whack-a-mole is conditioned on the fear of getting slapped down hard – the most vocal are the immediate victims, because they call attention to the game and get whacked. Everyone else lives in fear of a whacking, but the logistics are such that only a few whacks are effective and when the game is called, the dive for cover begins.

The problem really is an inappropriateness of scale. The idea that a country of 300 million like minded people exist under the same rule of law is incredible. Instead of local people having any form of self-determination, the all-encompassing system tells us what we have to do, en masse. The conditioning to blindly follow inane rules has been forced upon us in the way we think – a 45 minute maximum attention span and a need to repeat simple common liturgies. If you can see the images of the big picture and get told that this applies to the little picture, then you can become conditioned by the fear of what may happen if you step out of line. When you see those who have stepped out punished rather than rewarded, then you decide that perhaps the rewards are the greater good.

One of the worst events of recent history is the game of snitch. The rewards for watching and turning in your neighbor have grown such that the police state can be used to profit from personal vendetta. The police are armed like an invasion force and our civil defense is paraded off around the world – we have bases in over 100 countries. The idea that a good offense is the best defense is uncannily wrong – yet our local national guard is just as likely to serve in Afghanistan as in Springfield. We watch as it crumbles, at a rate of not fast enough.

I attempt to view the world from a positive position, different from the jargon of modern day thought. I write an essay most mornings, looking to explain some facet of the world as it could be, rather than complain about the way it is. Sometime I fail, hence this load of pointing out the system failure in hope of instigating change, but I realize that the change I wish to see begins with me. I have watched the mirage of Ghandi – when he talked peace, he stood behind his talk with action. Now – the only thing behind most of the talk are the guns.

When I look at the resource base, I can see that right now, the distribution of resources is skewed in favor of those willing to cheat at the game. The penalty for breaking the rules is less of a percentage of the take as the game is played at a higher level. The idea that a few elected people have say over what happens is an illusion – we have no real choice in the Chinese menu style political system of one from column demo and one from column repub. It now appears as a choice between a conservative socialist and a social conservative. The resources to make a run at the game are beyond most persons, but not beyond all persons. That the real owners of the system don't have to vote to buy their way through.

There was a time when we had Lenny Bruce, or George Carlin or many other people that made fun of the state. That they were serious about what they said made their images fit; we laughed because the other alternative was to cry. Today, what is meant to be funny is not funny and the seriousness of the punishments – between the corrupt IRS and the corrupt Homeland Security – is enough to force most people to play within the rules. The status of each person is like a permanent record that follows you everywhere – the eye in the sky symbolizes the watcher state. It is too bad that they no longer assign Kafka in schools.

All said, though, this current system is over and done. Totally cooked. The melt-down in progress is taking place because the emperor has no clothes. The house of cards lacks a foundation and the corruption of the monetary system is combustible – it will not take long before the bank implosion, even if they seem too big too fail.

Today is the day when the portal opens and the aliens meet the humans. In reality, we all are aliens. Our human shells that contain us are a home-built illusion on this particular scale. That we are all one entity, the whole of Gaia, is a notion that does not play well based on our current understanding. However, when we look at a hive of bees or a school of fish, we have no problem seeing the pattern. The changes are happening because the earth is shifting frequency – the patterns displayed are filtered through our belief systems and so change is feared rather than relished. 
That game ends when we support each other, to make do as best without the rules and regulations of governments of men. All it takes is one event to shatter the illusion – let's keep working to make that event come before the metabolic patterns squeeze out too many life forms from the current earthly sphere. We still need to have something to bind us, but that choice can be made amongst the people that we deal with, not several degrees of freedom away.
We are each individual, a unique being formed by the nature of human form and the nurture of our knowledge base. We place things into forms that create patterns that we can grok – but we need to walk the walk when we grok the talk. This can be difficult, but the impending doom of collapse is the real illusion – we can pick up the pieces and do better without the current order, via a strong maelstrom of chaos that ushers in a better apparent order. The less we take there form here, the better off we will be.

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June 06, 2013

Is this the Reel Life ?

The net is dead, long live the net. Doesn't quite pack the punch of the king is dead, but for most people the changed form is more relevant. We get seduced into thinking that all knowledge can be at the tips of our fingers, then find that we have an association of uncoordinated facts that requires us to think about what we are being told. The net is so good at giving us what we expect these days, that we wonder how we managed to have a functional society before the computer was invented.

I share the addiction – it is like an alcoholic anonymous meeting. I stand up and say it has been four days since I have logged in and get a small round of applause and encouragement. That I never intended to be isolated off the net for this period only adds to the frustration level of being disconnected. I know that the space of time here is really null, I have spent months off-line in order to get other work done without distraction. It's just that I didn't plan to take the time off, this time.

The phone line has a female drone saying that the line is not currently in service. This may mean a CME strike took it out, or it could mean that nobody paid the bill. There is little information flow except not working. No amount of individual trouble shooting can fix the problem, as the phone is the means of connection to the outside world. Just practice for the party – I know that the net is as far away as a wireless connection … unless that CME was really the big one, which I doubt.

This does create a perfect allegory for something that we all need to pay attention to – the changes from expectation as the society whines its way onward. The things we take for granted may have a duration shorter than our current lifetime. The hot shower first thing in the morning, or the cup of Brazilian coffee, or bananas and cream, all take a behind the scenes production assembly to deliver the product to you at your door? As the resources available diminish, which parts of the established order are going to need replacement to get on with the next life – a localized world built by the people there to construct the world.

I get to chuckle sometimes when I hear my friend, the desk jockey, complain that all the adventure has been taken out of his modern world. Everything to be discovered has already been discovered, he moans. He doesn't realize that humans have lived a short life for many centuries prior to the 'advances' of the past two and an eighth – 2013 is already becoming a show-stopping experience. By missing the day to day rumble of the televised tumble, I get the 'news' third hand in the analysis sheets on a variety of website. Thus the psychoanalysis of Russian children came up before I knew of the marathon bombing and the cock'n'bull story that the lame-stream media presents has more holes than good Swiss cheese.

Let's say that we can scry into the past for peeks at the development of the future. We are confined to living in the immediate now, because here, reading this, is the only place that you are at this minute in this lifetime. It is a fixed point of reference that you can note for future use, or promptly forget by the end of the next sentence. The past is all behind us and the future has yet to be – but the things we know are the things we know, and they are based on the perception of reality that we have developed individually from the collective learning experience. Whether any of this is true or not depends on things we don't know for sure.

Our first look at tomorrow concerns the reality of the peak oil concept. The curves have been presented and the arguments charged by the information concerning the size of the earth, the finite rate of growth of natural production and the constant advance of backward areas that are catching up in the global economy. The game has been discussed in many other places in elaborate detail and we all have our opinions and our vehicles. The weigh we think has absolutely nothing to do with the lifestyle of putting gas in the rig and going to where-ever we need to go. 
Developing nations have seen Americans driving personal cars for the past 55 years – when televised America was presented through the shows like Ozzie and Harriet, Leave it to Beaver and My Mother the Car. Since the Brady Bunch morphed into the Simpsons, personal family vehicles have conveyed an image of wealth and desirability for a privileged lifestyle that is another assumption underpinning the image that the world carries of Americans.

In nature, everything heads toward the average. A statistical anomaly produced early in a basis set may dominate the landscape, but eventually over time, all statistics tend to regulate around two or three standard deviations from the mean. The game has changed to a world where the BRIC has risen. The world war two advantage of having an intact infrastructure meant that America could set the bar for the modern age. Our university system attracted thinkers from all over the world and the images broadcast fit the system that was. Now, 70 years into the future, every country in the world has modern conveniences available to the elite populations.

The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have changed the nature of how the world economic system is being played. They have each modernized based on a world view set in capitalist terms by the contracts of expansion into their sovereign territory. The extraction of resources from the third world to America was a wealth pipeline that increased our standards of living artificially, because we could afford to buy things at discount so that resources we distributed by 'trickle down'. 
That only worked while the advantages were here – and one look at today's whirled tells me that we have the illusion of being special when we are all quite ordinary. That we Americans allowed export of our factories and mining operations and businesses overseas to places where the costs of production were cheaper, was based on the idea that corporations were not people and that people behind them were responsible for individual actions. The current too big to fail bankster show shows that nobody is enforcing the games – in the end winner takes all – can we get to the next new deal?

The end game depends on your current perspective. You can visit many websites concerning what is coming from people that appeal to you from a like perspective. The doom and gloomers have their Alex Joneses, we have our James Kunstler – everybody has tales from the net, but to experience real life means getting away from reel life. The movie Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts and Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) was all about how it could have happened, but it was crazy – we all have our own weigh of looking at things and the common beliefs that we share are manufactured beliefs based on the sum of the things we know.

So concerning peak oil – it seems to me that instead of taking a serious approach to alternative energy, we sold out to big corporations to provide for us and the limit of those provisions has been exceeded. They will milk out every cent that we have, then go elsewhere where the economic conditions allow the populace access to the toys of the game, without the need to spread ones things across a vast disco-ordinated land. The people will need to circle the wagons and will head to the cities, but the food will always be grown on the land, as long as the land can be supported. The infra-structure is threatened by the consolidation of resources, but when the end-point is reached, the common logistics will have to be worked out for each unique situation.

If you have the means to keep gas in the vehicle, you will have access to get to places where you need to be to get things done. The ability to live outside the resource base will be restrictive – the distance that an item travels will be associated with the costs of getting things there. In an economy where oil has greases the skids for almost 100 years, nobody has ever seen anything really different from the perception of today's reality. The movie and television futures are fantastic recreations, but the history of past times has people working together on smaller scale and building community together against tough times.

We live isolated by our video screens. The movies have taken tales of the past, that some of us had read in books, and presented them on the big screen as models of how to do the things we do. The TV tells us how things work, but the mythos of reality is that we assume things are the same for everyone everywhere here and find it hard to grasp that some people do not have phones, or cars, or even homes. The logistics of point and click, of fast food, and of hot cars has seduced us into a debt encased slumber that is more like 24 Hours than Happy Days.

The shift of life is coming, because the reality of the goals are that what we have is not built on value. The way of evaluating worth is to change everything into monetary terms and the only thing that really makes money is money. That the banksters can create debt and use it as a weapon to foreclose on this culture is coming slowly – the large tsunami is coming in an entirely different form that we don't expect. Be aware and ready for anything – take care of keeping the one you operating at full efficiency, as your energy is diverted to doing the things you have to do to maintain this illusion just a little bit longer. 
When oil and gas are not available, except at the highest prices, then the ability to keep this infrastructure going stops cold. Modern history has been rewritten by the victors, who justify their spoils – ancient history is recreated in the form of religions, that each tell the same stories in different words and terms, but each tells the same story. Need a flood story? Hello, Noah. My guess is that beliefs will be convergent – that reality will form from the results, rather than from the plans.

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June 03, 2013

Time and Space Revisited

Where was I? Where am I? Now, I am here. Here, I am, now. Where is here and when is now? Time and space are readily compartmentalized for the functions that we assign to them, so much so that we rarely question their being. I got deep and connected to the void – it must have been necessary for my higher self and my sleeping being to have the time latitude to accomplish their tasks – my essence blinked off mid-day friedday and is slowly coming to in this moment.

Enjoy a lemme poem on time and space …

Time and Space, Space and Time
Our ability to stall time
while completing work
requires focused diligence.
Reality is conjured consistency
wrought from social context
agreed upon as common ground.
Compelled aggression
patently not acceptable
coerced on a populace
running out of time and space.

Truth redacted, cause
it doesn’t fit the scheme
watch and learn;
all the time in the world
exists beyond current culture.
Diversities arise from
monoculture slimming down
options of descent,
which only lead to new options
less thought through,
more bold and daring.

Until we release the leash
of hafta do and gotta dos
and required paper trails
containing plausible deniability,
we are handcuffed to the system
inside the current box of
space and time, time and space

lemme howdt ... 2013 … rev 2

Nice diversion, to be able to grasp some old words in new form, to make the point of the consistency of change. When we need a different perspective, we can step back to a different scale and lose the time on one scale in order to gain that same time period on another scale. Since the two scale are symmetric, the framework holds a consistency that would be 'true' in the forms of science that we have been led to believe. That mathematics is an exact form of measurement is stated in the assumption of the form of math – we defined the counting system to be the way it is in base ten when we centered on the conceptualization of the zero.

Zero and Void are two very different concepts. We should add infinity to this mix to get a total picture of the vastness of all space and time, from our size perspective. The problem is that this is only a viewpoint from this particular point of view, based on a lattice of fine energies constructed in such a way to make everything fit within that lattice. Unless we gain perspective enough to see that there are other ways toward looking at the same object, we tend to believe that our sight provides the same insight as anyone else.. This is true when everybody believes the same thing, but do we really all share common belief?

We seem to impose on young people today, the common myths of our collective former beliefs. The system of one size fits all education for the purposes of the ruling class enforces a mandatory sentence on any child that doesn't appear in proper learning context at the incarceration centers, which are built in the same format as our penal centers. Get on the schedule and under the gun and hop to it – social studies at nine, math at ten, english at eleven, lunch at twelve, science at one, history at two – no time for focused attention on any topic. What is a social study, anyway?

In the context of a research directed learning environment, a social study would watch what people do when given a new circumstance to deal with. Since the old ways that things used to work are breaking down and not functioning, we require new weighs of seeing how things come together. When the current society does not allow you to discriminate, then how can you use judgment to make better choices? If ignorance of the law is no excuse, then we all need to be lawyers – yet, they keep making regulations non-stop without removing any of the prior law. They tell you how to think and then punish you when you don't think the same whey they think. (Think of the whey that goes with the curds in the making of cheese – very murky consistency, yet also yummy).

There is more work required to conform to the current system than benefit from the current system for most people. The rewards of the system have been hi-jacked by the 'too big too fail, more bigger better best' crowds that function on an 'I win, you lose' basis. If you don't play the game on their terms, you are already a loser. Most of the time, I am shifted out of that space.

Yet, sometimes, we still have to earn money in cash dollars in order to pay for fuel and purchase groceries and take in the regular entertainment event. The van needs work and the wrench turner will not listen to my pontifications in lieu of payment. So, I am working through Nweti.com to offer a class in soil chemistry, for continuing education credit for 'landscape architects'. The hilarity of the words begets the function of the course. People will only take courses for education credit that can be applied to the hoops you have to jump through to retain a certification in your chosen field. In other words – they have to check on you to see that you still buy into the party line from an accredited institution of higher learning. Of course, we 'gardeners' can use the information to make more nutritious crops to serve on our dining tables.

It used to be a monopoly of the community colleges to offer these courses, but the employers got tired of paying for crap – the game was not to learn anything, but to pay cash for a course that gives you a piece of paper that says you spent the time in the course. No actual learning required – although they will be sure to make certain that you know where to get your Monsane chemicals, so that you too can be round-up ready.

Have you every thought that mebbe that chemtrails are to people as pesticides are to insects? The invented reality of bee colony collapse disorder really is an excuse to mask the fact that Bt – a bacteria – was engineered into plants as an internal insecticide and mucks with nature's pollination patterns. If the new queen is a no go, the the hive has no direction and flies off to find another place to call home. We can slip our mind into the hive of a bee and envision what we would need to go through – all women workers that continually work for the queen mother and keep a few pet males around for the necessary breeding functions. Makes a horrific science fiction story.

Learning is a matter of telling and listening to stories within the context of other stories that we know and understand. The narrative is written by the victors who gained the spoils, and they are the last ones to see the changes coming at the periphery of what we know and have. The edges of time and space are fraying, because the consistency of thought beyond the now has broken down to where there is no there there. 
The idea of saving for a rainy day only functions as long as you can spend your saved capital when the rainy day arrives. The system of 'banksters printing money to loan at interest to governments representing people' holds true only if we believe in the current system of bondage and the need to spend our hours working to pay for the ability to live. Before Henry Ford – there was no concept of a time clock – you got paid for getting the work done, not for encumbering your time. That we have to pay for space and earn money as slaves to a system that was corrupt from the word go, is an imposition on everyone that never made a choice to partake of 'democratic' governance. Sorry – I can't buy in – thi hand folds and its time to shuffle up and deal a new game, based on some sort of equity and fairness, not equity of those who focus on collecting the cash, while others do the actual work.

The current system is over – we have no other viable system ready at this time. It seems that we may have all the space in the world, but until the old game ends and the new game begins, we live in stasis; holding on, as the bottom rungs of the ladder fall away and leave no structural support foundation to the current way it is. Don't bother to fight, there is nothing there but air. Just watch and learn. Come spend a bit of money to learn about soils and get a jump on growing your own food for the next dose of reality.

Namaste'      doc      051813