February 26, 2009


For those of you interested in the link between chemtrails and Morgellon's disease - try the website at www.carnicom.com . A friend passed on an article from Gwen Scott describing her personal experiences. I have digested her information, but have reservations about the validity. Still, I'd rather put it out than keep it under my hat.

Warning - the photos at the website are not pretty pictures. It seems to me that the fibrous material is organic in origen, perhaps catalyzed by inorganic constituents. Still digging for more.


can we conceptualize
quantity of people
existing in this world today
partaking of resources
population density
overgrown support structure
imagine trying to count
individual leaves on trees
or ants in a colony
spores in a mushroom
mycelium networks form
similar communications
nodes in space within time
vision: a tool for observation
exchange like freeware
knowledge held in common
for prophet not profit
as paradigm shift resonates
self-actuated motivation

(c) 2009 lemme howdt

February 22, 2009


Just finished reading Anathem - Neal Stephenson's latest contribution to the literary world. The concept of multiple timelines in parellel space is used to bring off a not so crystal clear ending. I sometimes wonder if modern fiction writers are given incomplete scripts of the future and have to fill in the blanks with relics of the modern era. Just think how close people like H.G. Wells were with the fiction they wrote in their own era's. The book is a worthy read.

Rather than reading, the time has come to figure out what to do. The concept of playing a game appeals to the senses - work is too serious a proposition to deal with. The question that comes to the mirror is - are you really doing what you wish to do? If you are not, the time has come to change gears. Some of us have kept the donkey in the yard for many years. Have the impetus to get the raw material for those projects we've been planning - it appears that we will all have some time to contemplate life.

What would i say if i could say anything? Choose words carefully, because the wrong buzzword sends people off into a tizzy. I think i have said most things that i wish to say. We should be coming together to roll up our sleeves and create the food, shelter and entertainment that we require. Each of us is the director of our own movie - now we can film the scripts. What is reel becomes real - fiction shapes reality. Keep dreaming positive and envision a better world after the pop, now that we have awakened the weasel.

Oh? It hasn't popped yet? Never mind.

February 17, 2009


wavicles emit unilaterally
in every dimention conceivable
as open minds learn to accept
paradigm reconfiguration

complexity or simplicity
at depth-breadth interface
message translated into image
universal scope of meaning

bridging fractals across scale
enveloping charge within
vibrational frequency modulation
functional wavelength of life

identify by color, hue and shade
compounded by size of flow
solvent parameters germane
to the solubility of our solutions

(c) 2009 lemme howdt

February 14, 2009

work and play

Time spent in deep thought trying to take a different perspective on the things that we know. There seems to be a quickening in the flow of knowledge that brings an end to old ways of approach. Education is going to be local and hands on - we need to be able to apply our ability to growing food and fiber, generating energy, clothing and housing our communities. It seems to me that we should confuse the definitions of work and play and make work more enjoyable and play more focused.

Take the term play - a stage play, a play on words, to play an instrument, to play fair - how many other valid uses can we come up with for the word play. If the enthusiasm that youngsters give to playing could be encapsulated in today's adult population, we would all actively be doing jobs that we love because of our sense of play.

It seems to me that we can change our attitude toward what is work and what is play. Changing the paradigm is a mental gymnastic - one worthy of the quest for truth. Problems can not be solved from the same thought pattern in which they were generated. All play does not need to be competitive - team sports rely on filling roles. I have wondering while wandering, dazed and confused. Life is starting to come clear - enjoy playing at work and working at play.

February 11, 2009


Does anybody out there know of a website with factual information on chemtrails? There have been a preponderance of these things in the sky overhead this past month. The rumor is that there is barium in the mists - a highly toxic element that is major league no good for the species of this planet. I kinda doubt that the powers that be would allow mass poisoning when it includes poisoning themselves. However - i would like to gather real information on the topic. I have heard about links between chemtrails and Morgellon's Disease - a suddenly prevalent new medical scare. If you have the information, please drop me a note. TY

February 10, 2009

Creating a Tangible New Paradigm

Welcome to the whirled of February 2009. Time to realize that the old ways of doing anything are stifled. To be proactive rather than reactive is the means to staying above the fray - decide what it is you really need and go for it. There is a new alchemy to chemistry that will allow us to create and envision chemology. The guidelines are simple, but they cannot be relayed by ordinary language.

To see where we are going, we have to use all our senses, not just forsight alone. Take the time to visit www.treei.org . The images and account outlined stem from a deep insight into the nature of things. The collective of people that have accumulated in the local region will allow a symbiosis of change. It is my hope to be a spiritual, material and energetic translator.

The way that we learn will change - teachers will travel between communities and learn with the local population. Application of learning is paramount - the best guide we have is our ability to observe how nature approaches the task. There is neither need nor waste in natural systems - everything has its purpose. The allocation of tasks is dependent on availability. It is time to inventory the resource basw that is available for our task, learning to grow while growing to exist.

Enjoy the poetry when offered and let me know how my skills as a translator of science and spirit can enable you to ascend through the coming changes. When we grow together, we can nourish each other. Here's to a common Existence.

February 04, 2009


I don't know
When it is that
I shouldn't know

When you ask a question, you expect to get a straight answer. However, when the question addresses a significant vested interest, the answer seeker is sometimes propelled into a world beyond the scope of the question. The solution to the economic doldrums is to get out of the mode that created the problem. There does not seem to be the change in Washington that the campaign rhetoric promised. We need to be the change that we wish to see.

February 02, 2009

Now that I've found me ...

Greetings: I have returned to the bloggosphere after a respite on 9 months. There are many things that i have learned - some things to share and others to keep personal. The change is upon us and learning how to deal requires a range of diversity such that all of us can participate. In the near future, I will be collecting people to participate in a novel experiment - the growth of community from a bottom's up approach. Of course - the entire world is topsy-turvy, so down is left is up is right is inside howdt.

I shall now take on the monniker of Dr. Lenny Thyme and introduce the Sacred Geometry Thyme Machine to answer questions of science based on observation and measurement. Welcome to the journey to destinations unknown. I will attempt to converse regularly.

Brave New Whirled

Flow into beat harmonics
Spirit, matter and soul
Pushing envelopes in C minor
Creating multiple tomorrows
From what's on-hand today
Vastu, Mayan, Cartesian science
One molecular community
Symmetry and justice for all
Lattice energy interlacing
Heart with mind with hands
Across the waves of time
Across the leagues of space

(c) 2009 dr lenny thyme