June 22, 2010

Pushing the envelope

Why are we not surprised at the latest in neo-fascism. It seems that the supremes have little clue about the science, but major effect on the playing field. IMO, genetic engineering is a Pandorian Box that once opened has allow a cat howdt of the bag. Putting that cat back is beyond our ken, so we now have to live with the results. I still want a GMO lichen made from oil eating fungi and gulf of mexico lichen.

The time has come for we the people to petition for redress from an howdt-of-touch grubbermint. Everything is a local issue and getting life together on the small scale is the only thing that will keep us going when the big system get to overwhelming mode. Which may just be yesterday...

June 18, 2010

Forest Collaboration and Consensus

My friend Joseph and I had a conversation yesterday on the topic of consensus politics. Having served on many panels and committees representing the people for the grubment - i know the ins and outs of the process very well. I was president of a watershed council that pulled 17 different interests into a solis group for restoration of fish passage throughout the Umpqua Basin. Today's article by Wuerther tells the story of enviro sell-out by people that do not understand the process, or are too greedy for their own ideas to really represent the Gaian viewpoint.

This is our only earth. The trees metabolize carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. A newly planted tree sequesters very little carbon. Old growth eco-systems have a common balance where everything works for all the players involved. Logging is not necessary, but reducing fire danger by thinning is a means of elongating forest continuity. We need our forests smelling clean, not smelling of burnt chainsaw oil. However, if we have to use chainsaws, let's put mushroom spawn into organic oils and reseed the forests with the mushrooms that catalyze forest growth.

June 17, 2010

Chirton Bottom Crop Circle

This link sends you to the latest crop circle found in Britain (june 16). Note that there are eight rings and the broken central ring seems to imply and infinity with a twist rather than a link breakage. I can think of several places that i have seen similar fractals - to me this may imply the essence of cell division. What's your spin?

June 16, 2010

Grange II

While on this topic - allow me to introduce Annie Green Jeans and her blog! I met Annie in California this past March and she is one dynamite spark-plug for the Grange movement. Seems like Annie reminds me of an old blog friend Sunni. Good ideas, good times.

Here is an example of material from Annie's site. It is well worth the read.


Hey - I do hope we all "Start seeing Farmers" …around town, around our county, around our nation… small farmers that is - ones that grow "real food"!!!

There is an exciting new farmer movement - young people who realize that farming is sexy & that feeding people is where it is at - for survival into the next human phase.


Come on farmers - stand up & be counted! WWOOFers, PERMACULTURISTS, TREE PLANTERS, Green Uprising Farms all…


Why do we need a farming revolution? Yep, since the 1970’s (or earlier) we have been losing the ancient farm web - a structure that fed all of us for millennia. In just a few decades, we became dependant on Big Ag. Large farms are not feeding us in a healthy way, they are part of the corporate food complex, creating obesity & health concerns with the use of fields & choice of crops. Too bad for everyone… It is about Government Farm Subsidies as much as anything else.

A decade ago, an American woman's waist, on average, was close to two inches smaller than it is today. Eighteen year olds are at least 15 pounds heavier than they were in the 1970s. That is a bad start on adult life & habits.

One reason is federal subsidies for food production.
Check out these numbers:

  • Meat/Dairy -- 73.8 percent
  • Grains -- 13.2 percent
  • Sugar/Oil/Starch/ Alcohol -- 10.7 percent
  • Nuts/Legumes -- 1.9 percent
  • Vegetables/Fruits -- 0.4 percent

That’s right – just 1.9 percent for nuts and legumes and 0.4 percent for fruits and vegetables. As a result, a salad often costs you more than a Big Mac.

Follow the money - & it should come as no surprise that federal subsidies for certain kinds of food will directly influence the production and subsequent consumption of that food.

As you can see in the list above, the US food subsidies are grossly skewed, creating a diet excessively high in factory-farmed meats, grains and sugars, with very little fresh fruits and vegetables or healthy fats from nuts and seeds.

The food crops currently subsidized are corn, soy, wheat and rice. What do you end up with?

A fast food diet!


It’s quite clear that the farm bill creates a negative feedback loop that maintains the status quo of the standard American diet, which is directly responsible for our current epidemic of diabetes & obesity. By subsidizing the farming of corn and soy, the US government is actively supporting a diet that consists of these crops. And, the food processing industry is using the bulk of these crops to either feed animals before slaughter or to be used as foodstuffs in their processed form - so what we are getting for all of our tax supported farm subsidies is a lot of high fructose corn syrup (GMO), soybean oil (GMO), and grain-fed cattle (GMO) – all of which are known contributors to obesity and chronic diseases.

(See my reminders that the vast majority of these two crops are also genetically modified, which in and of itself is a major health hazard that has hardly begun to play out in our lifestyle or timeline of health & genetics of future generations)

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is perhaps the most obvious example of how the farm subsidies are destroying our health, as opposed to promoting the production of food that is actually worthy of being called “food.” I’ve done a few rants (posts) on this subject, http://anniegreenje ans.com/wp- admin/post. php?action= edit&post=406 and it is all over the information field that this stuff is bad news. I am traveling right now, and (am not in my normal zone of food selections - including homemade salad dressings, natural ice cream, carefully chosen foods - even is they are from the Grocery Outlet)…checking a few labels from my friend’s cupboards, I find that the proliferation of corn syrup is amazing! It is truly in almost everything.

I am sure that when I was a kid - hot fudge syrup did not have corn syrup to sweeten it (of course we didn’t have it in our cupboards actually - only as an occasional treat from the dairy queen), so those recipes have been altered & I bet - are much cheaper to make without regular sugar. Funny - to think we have come to a point where “sugar” is considered a “healthy alternative”. Yikes! Everyone - check those labels & refuse to buy that stuff…maybe we can get it off the shelves if we just don’t vote with our dollars. Cheap food is not better if it kills us sooner…

Get involved with your food. You don’t have to be an activist to make a few healthy choices at the grocery store. Your budget can handle it. Your kids will thank you when they don’t get diabetes.

Reconstructing the Grange

As the uberstructure collapses, the time has come to start building an alternative infrastructure. The Grange is an organization that already exists to support husbandry of the land. While many people take this to mean animals, plant husbandry has been around since the time of Gregor Mendel.

Dr. Lenny was elected Monday to be a representative to the Oregon Grange Convention in Roseburg next week. My goal is to support a Grange Renaissance by creating a location where people can come together to build community. We are going to have to meet our own needs in area like clothing, educating, feeding and entertaining ourselves locally - the Grange offers meeting halls, kitchens and opportunity.

The Grange also offers history. We are a self-sufficient group that is looking for responsible people to lead the change of lifestyle. As peak oil leaks into the gulf, and bailouts to the connected few foreclose on the American lifestyle, we need to come together to act locally while thinking globally. Join your local Grange to meet good people that wish to do great things within their home communities.

PS - Dr. Lenny joined the Grange in January : after a year of checking them howdt. Only you can make it really work for you. I will make it work for me. Good people, good philosophy.

June 14, 2010

Blatant Fascism

Everybody should own their own business, If you are responsible for doing something, you should be the person receiving the benefits. The government should not be standing in your way. Now listen to this important announcement from Donna.

I am not certain that writing to your congress critter will make a single iota worth of difference. But seeking howdt good products and supporting local enterprise will make the whole difference in the long run. Make something that people are willing to trade for and you have a home (closet) business.

A moment of remembrance of fallen heroes

Quote of the Day: The Constitution was based upon the fact the federal government had exceedingly limited powers. It was only allowed to do eighteen very limited things -- the enumerated powers, period. And everything else belonged to the states and the individuals to regulate. - Peter McWilliams

A personal message from Jim Babka . . .

Best-selling author Peter McWilliams died ten years ago today, June 14, 2000.

I remember when I heard the news. I can still feel the sickness and anger that I felt that day.

I didn't know Peter personally, but I admired him. Some of my colleagues were good friends or acquaintances of his.

Peter was an eloquent champion of limited government and personal freedom. But his life was cut short by the War on Drugs. The federal government denied him the medication he needed to live and thrive.

What he went through, I wouldn't wish on anyone, let alone my family and friends. But we have it in our power to prevent similar tragedies from happening to others. Please tell Congress to return to the Constitution, and end the insane War on Drugs.

You may copy or borrow from the following letter . . .

Today marks a cruel anniversary in the barbaric history of the War on Drugs. On this day, ten years ago, the federal government caused the death of the best-selling author Peter McWilliams.

Do you know his story?

* In 1996 Peter was diagnosed with cancer and AIDS
* The medications he needed to treat these diseases caused extreme vomiting, and he could not keep them down long enough for them to work
* That same year, Proposition 215 legalized medical marijuana in California
* Under the recommendation of four physicians, Peter started using marijuana.
* The marijuana controlled his nausea, restored his appetite, and allowed his medications to work

Marijuana saved Peter's life, for the moment. This led him to fund research into medical marijuana and to start a business supplying it to buyer's cooperatives. The DEA took notice, raided and trashed his home, and even confiscated his computer, which contained the manuscript of his latest book.

Peter was charged with being a "drug kingpin!" And then, he was hamstrung, legally. The federal judge in the case took away his defense, barring any mention of . . .

* California's medical marijuana law
* his terminal illness
* how medical marijuana allowed him to keep down his medication and prolong his life

While the legal process dragged on, the government prevented Peter from using the marijuana that controlled his nausea. Peter was required to pass drug tests. He complied, even though his life was at risk, because . . .

* Peter's mother and brother had to put up their homes as collateral to post his bail
* If he failed the test, their homes would have been seized by the government

Peter's health deteriorated until he died at the age of 50. The vomiting had taken a tremendous toll on his alimentary canal, as well as his heart, and even his teeth. Despite the suffering, he never lost his sense of humor. And the reason I most admired him was that he felt sympathy for his tormentors, rather than rage. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=508

Marijuana saved Peter's life, but the War on Drugs destroyed it.

Peter's most noted book was "Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do." It promoted the idea that each person can do whatever they please with their own bodies and property, so long as they don't interfere with the right of others to do the same. So let me ask you:

* What business is it of yours what people choose to do with their bodies and property?
* Where in the Constitution is the federal government empowered to deny people like Peter McWilliams the medicine they need?

Sadly, Peter wasn't the only victim of your War on Drugs. He was just one victim among many. The long list of your victims includes . . .

* terminally ill patients for whom marijuana (or some other illegal drug) could ease pain and nausea
* people with psychological problems for whom now-illegal drugs could help calm them or clear their minds
* young people whose futures are ruined not because of drugs, but because of a "criminal" record
* innocent adults and children on our streets, in Mexico, and across the world caught in drug turf warfare
* innocent victims of no-knock SWAT raids and asset forfeiture
* young people who get hooked on drugs precisely because, unlike legal drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol, they're available to be bought and sold on the streets and school grounds

The United States leads the world in incarceration rates, mostly because of non-violent, consensual crimes like drug possession. Apparently President Obama wants even more people in prison. He wants increased funding for interdiction, law enforcement, and the continuation of bloody drug wars across the border.

I suggest you do something else. Read and learn from Peter's books - especially "Nobody's Business." And then put an end to this stupid, immoral, and unconstitutional War on Drugs.

The start of the next phase

Wow - adventures abound. Participated in the play of events that didn't happen last weekend in a mock reality that boggles my mind. The bearings went out on the van for the second week in a row. This time i was on the deserted back highway and left in the middle of no-where on a starry night. There was no stress, no anxiety and i enjoyed the sequence of events that i journalized at another forum (link later).

Good people come out of the woodwork to help each other. The effort going in comes from the heart, not the pocketbook. I was back on the road within 18 hours and got to meet at least six excellent new friends. I had some serendipity to a wedding that i observed in abstract that leads me to believe that the existence had to happen and that the week before was a trial run to determine whether i had learned the lesson.

Time keeps on slipping into the future - our future is now, so we will do what we need to do, and enjoy every bit of it.

June 11, 2010

Left hand meet right hand

from James via Adam with a good vid

Greetings to all - Over 20 years ago, the State of Texas offered a natural remeditation technology using microbes that turn crude from oil spills literally into a safe and benign fish food. Hard to believe? Then check out this YouTube video clip produced by the State of Texas General Land Office demonstrating the benefits of microbial remediation technologies:


This microbial technology was developed by Dr. Carl Oppenheimer, the founder of Oppenheimer BioTechnology, Inc, www.obio.com, based in Austin. This company has a proven track record in the Mega Borg oil spill disaster off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and in marshland bioremediation in the same region which took only 6 weeks to restore. "OBIOTech" has had numerous success stories throughout the nation and around the world - and has been listed on the EPA's National Contingency Product Plan Schedule since 1991.

If this form of natural remediation technologies makes sense to you, then pass this message forward and let friends view for themselves this video produced and endorsed by the State of Texas. Man-made solutions are only making a bad situation worse in the Gulf of Mexico. It is time to end our sense of helplessness and promote solutions that make eco-logical sense. Rather than attacking the symptoms with suppressive technologies, these are solutions that address the root cause of the problem and align with the healing and cleansing forces of nature. We all have an opportunity to become a part of the solution - solutions that honor the beauty and grandeur of nature, which has been so richly given to us.

Blessings to the Earth and blessings to each of its beautiful creations!!!

June 08, 2010

Danger Will Robinson, danger : danger

Remember the robot from the old TV show Space Family Robinson? Every episode, there would be some sequence where the robot alerted the family to some obvious encounter that they were going to have anyway. This allowed the people to become pro-active and the good guys always won.

Now i would like to introduce a new and novel concept - paying attention to what the PTB are actually doing. Try this article in Science News on for size. Realize that Science News is not a published journal with real science - it is total propaganda for the nation state to glorify their world view. Real science deals with hypothesis and facts - not speculations and ridiculous practices based on arcane philosophy that is assumed rather than explained.

The idea that carbon dioxide at 0.35% drives climate change is patently absurd. Given no justification for the premise, the people reported upon create a new field with their own version of belief not related to the entire picture - selectively choosing fact. There is no mention of water vapor, which really drives our climate. The chaff from the lowering of global albedo is highly toxic - the analogy to chemotherapy is apt - as a chemist, i would never ever, ever agree to chemo.

Geo-engineering is a lot like chemecology - the field i created as part of the oregon natural resources research institute. It is a hybrid of existing fields combined to transfer knowledge from one area to another. It is a complete fiction that i created from my brain-space to explain chemical concepts in a different form, because the ecologists were wrapping themselves in a green Greenpeace Flag that didn't make any mechanical sense.

Look howdt - the media is pushing too hard - something is up ...

June 05, 2010

Lessons - #1

Was sitting in the pool at the hot springs having an inspirational conversation with an old friend who is moving on, when the light came on and the multiverse clarified. Flow has started flowing as Form has transformed while Matter is in fluid dynamics. Sound beats the airwaves and the Mind races as Power and Love dance to the tunes of the Void. The world whirls in less mysterious ways today.

The goal of the game is not to win the game - it is to perpetuate the game so that others waste their time playing, while you continue to change the rules and drive the other player nutz. Like Jack Nicholson's best roles, you conveniently leave sanity alone for awhile and turn off the i really care about things genes.

As memes fly - believe everything they tell you - reality is a sandwich. You can be the bread, the lettuce, the condiment, the cold cut - they don't care as long as you feed - the deeper the better. Let go once and a while and come out with a real humdinger. As above, so below. Like opening the pump at the gas station on the ground and holding it open for two months. BP's done it, why can't you. The more absurd, the better.

Oh - if i don't have to win and the object is to mess with everybody else's ability to believe, then where does the common reality come from? Enquiring minds want to know.

June 02, 2010

Like a Good Neighbor

No matter how much we say that we are not going to use the system, the time comes when forces require us to bend over and grab our ankles. Today, Dr. Lenny had to get car insurance for the van. The van took a hiatus during the stay at the Barnyard, so after not having possession, i didn't bother to renew the insurance. Well a gig came up that requires a drive from Ashland to Portland, so like, y'know...

Well, karma got in the way of dogma. An e-mail from ARCA Max had a $13 per month insurance offer and i was off to a three hour waste of time endeavor. All the commercials that quote super low rates wanted nearly a hundred bucks a month for their minimal coverage. I received about eight quotes in a couple hour period and enjoyed talking to several real people currently employed as insurance agents. I also called my former agent at one of the biggies and let them come in with an offer. They beat all the cheapos and i had immediate insurance for the trip to the Rose City. Final cost was $39 bucks a month.

This is why i guess that i will head back to home - the people take care of their own and the ideas that permeate can simmer in the juices of blissful existence. I wish i didn't need the van, but it will be home for many adventures. Hopefully, they will not involve wasting time on mandated extortion that supports corporate entities that are too big to fail yet provide no real products.

June 01, 2010

Bye Bye Firefly

Keeping up with technology sometimes brings disappointments. One of the really keen battery technologies has bit the economic bullet. Wonder how much meeting regulations adds to the costs? These are hard economic times - but really - is this how life should work?

Toxic Heavy Metals

I like the way Bill Sardi writes and his article on supplements today is right on target. He talks about heavy metals - i feel the need to dive into the topic.

Furthermore, heavy metals like lead, cadmium, palladium and arsenic are ubiquitous (ever-present) in foods and pharmaceutical drugs and it is unfair to single out herbal supplements when the Documentary Standards Division of the US Pharmacopeia in Rockville, Maryland states that "screening for metals in medicines and dietary supplements rarely indicates the presence of toxic metal impurities at levels of concern."

Everybody has lots of metals in their body. But what people call metals are actually ions - cations to be more specific. Cations have various roles in biochemistry and the term heavy metals tend to refer to the transition metal area in the middle of the periodic table. Thus sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are all metals but not heavy metals. Of the list quoted above, only palladium would be considered a metal. Lead, cadmium and arsenic are all very toxic elements and have features that disrupt biological systems.

Metals are absolutely necessary as biological catalysts. Toxicity is often a function of concentration - many elements bio-accumulate in places where they replace a more functional metal, effectively reducing the rate of bio-process.Our bodies need a proper balance of elements - your body functions to substitute what it has for what it needs - to keep you alive. Supplements grease pathways, and function by different mechanisms than pharma drugs.

A recent book by Gerald H. Pollack - Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life - proposes a phase change mechanism for material distribution. This intuitive approach makes sense for a lot of pathways : the concept of fractals should be taken an applied to the approach. How many other things have a phase change and what are the energetics - in terms of both entropy and energy. Structured water is the key to the picture - and heavy metals tend to do a good job of disrupting structured water.

You need trace amounts of toxic elements like selenium, molybdenum and arsenic. Good food has billions of billions of atoms and traces of every element. The dispersal of elements worldwide is an issue that needs to be investigated in more detail. Our current science approach likes to ignore inconvenient facts. Our media likes to frame facts to fit common perception. Think for yourself!!!

Science should be applied to proving hypotheses - not producing drugs, armaments, pesticides and illnesses. Learn how to feed yourself nutritiously and take responsibility for all the foods, supplements and substances that you put into your body. Including heavy metals.