May 27, 2015


Sometimes, there is great confusion given by the choice of language. When i talk about Ubuntu, most people are thinking about a computer operating system. My meaning has to do with contributionism, a society build upon each participant sharing and gifting his skills and talents to the community at large. I can liken it to the difference between a team of players all out to get the highest statistical value for each of themselves, versus the collective of playing together and winning a championship.

In this country - together seems to be a bad word. People are taught from the outset that they have to do it on their own, me against everybody, for an ever diminishing share of the pot. This, of course, is nonsense. However, the twin bogeymen of socialism and communism are to be feared, because if we all work together, the powers that used to be have no control over what we as united individuals can do.

The effort to run the world these days is very similar to running amateur soccer.  FIFA is business as usual in the recesses of poly-tics - influence peddling is a fine art that involves most of mainstream governance. That the international, national, state and local grubbermints are all broke and flailing is evidenced by the legalization of mary-jane - a pure new tax revenue source for places that allow peeps to smoke pot. The projected economics are not real - the windfall for a garden weed is imaginary.

Not that the weed is bad - it is very good. Humans have an endocannibanoid system that is part and parcel to the healing process. Cannibus, with associated CBDs and THCs has a cocktail of dozens of specific derivative chemicals that come together to interplay effects on bodily systems. I refer all readers to Aamann for details on what works for various dehabilitations.

Big pharma in their infinite wisdom, extracts medicines from plants. I remember when it was shown that Taxol from yew wood was a cancer remediation - the yew tree population in our forests took a huge hit because everybody saw dollar signs. The race to create taxol in a laboratory was a two year project back when i was in graduate skool. It took some pressure off the forests, but the use and abuse is way deeper than just the medical establishment. It takes all the chemicals to heal, not just one in isolation.

So, in order to make the world a little better place to live, we the people, need to do something completely different than going along to get along. We should evaluate our learning experiences and unschool ourselves in many areas where the system just plain lied to us. The system rewards lying and teaches young believers that lying is a sin. So they find that they believe that adults they trust, never lie to them. Santas and the Easter bunny not withstanding.

Once you learn that lying is rewarded and truth telling is punished, you have a specific moral dilemma. You can continue being honest and do what you were taught in sunday school, or you can make up a world for yourself where truth is somewhat evasive and accumulation is easier. But you get more and more jaded and cynical, as you realize that you have to lie more and cheat better to get further ahead of the rat race - the full scale flying forward to beat the Jones next store. And so many peeps jones on it all the time.

Ubuntu is a weigh to let go of all of that. Contributionism is bringing your best skill forward and gifting it to the community of people that you surround yourself with. You ask nothing in return, but the community that works with you takes up the costs of things for you, because you are contributing a valuable service to everyone. The professionals all have spent many years of training to get to where they are - you cannot ask them to be part of all the other tasks - they do what they do best. Do you really want your healer out in the garden? Or your plumber working prepping food? By differentiating who can do which specifics, it leaves the equally important generals to the peeps in community that have flexibility.

Now - the spin of how to do ubuntu is local - you are surrounded by the folks where you are. If all heck breaks loose, then you will need to know who you can work with. We can form our groups about a specific industry - growing food first, constructing living abodes, creating water, communication and transport systems, etc. Each person can be a full member by providing a good or service that can become the basis for a cottage industry. A mercantile exchange can be set-up to facilitate internal trade - while the same products can be sold to the rest of the public not inside the group. 

Difficult people are always going to be difficult - we cannot exclude people. People can choose to opt out - but if different communities have different focus, then people trades to diversify skills becomes a ubuntu concept. When I am tired of here, i can build a water purification industry for another place and whatever they can provide, can be sent to southern oregon to give us the benefit of a new talent.

As the time moves on, doc plans to bring this blog together around various Ubuntu concepts - exploring each in depth for a text on how to bring it together on a variety of different scales. Each individual within the current model will be fictionalized and doc will create a science fiction set in Ubuntu - i request that each reader that wishes to be in the book start evaluating where your cog is in the Ubuntu wheel. Reinventing the wheel has been the target item for keeping most of us in line with the existing system, passed off as a waste of time. To lose the built in redundancy of nature by not creating back-ups to back-ups has left us in a crisis at the mercy of big oil - another player in today's political reality nightmare.

Enuf to crunch on for now.  Namaste' ... lemme

May 23, 2015

Holographic Consciousness

My friend Richard Alan Miller has been very busy lately - if you want to know what they are not telling us, check out this interview

Remember - never believe anything that you cannot confirm by a second unrelated source - but if someone provides confirmation of your views - please remember to cite the source. What you know is true in your world - do not allow anyone to change you until you know that what they are saying is true. There is much going on,not told to us by conventional sources.

Doc believes that we create our own whirled - and that if we accept the negative influences, we get negative results. By keeping positive and knowing that in the end, it will all come howdt alright. Some of us are already ahead of others in time - yet the pace of time is generally under our personal control. If you wish to slow down time - start looking forward to a future event. Time crawls the closer you get.

The answer is love - unconditional love. Tough love means doing what you need to do, even though it may not be what others expect. You have to be you and act on what you believe is truth. When you realize that you have been caught in a lie - you have to back out and change what you believe without the incorrect information. The fact that most of what we were taught in school is not true - the context of what we know is based on our experience and our learning.

The key is to get you hands wet. Roll up your sleeves and invest in yourself - do what you need to do to empower yourself to be. Learn a unique skill! If you hold true that we are abundant and that this is a holograph - then you can change the movie in your own style and be in another of the many worlds that you inhabit. Do not fear anything - you are able to change the weighs you are when you realize that you have to. If you can stay away from the video box, then you might be able to discern how to do things - it takes some practice.

Thinking positive attracts positive results. Enjoy.

Namaste' ... doc

May 22, 2015

Do we die when we die?

lies, lies, everywhere there's lies ...

I guess the words in the song is signs - the sign said you have to have a membership card to get inside. At LRC today - the lead story on COG just makes me wonder how much fiction our lives have been. The real lifestyle change from post world war two removed a lot of common philosophy from the taught records and replaced it with constructed drivel. If you believe one lie, you get sucked into the next. I prefer casual skepticism.

My friend Raz passed away last month - His novel and website News From a Parallel World has demonstrated to me that he knew more about the Kennedy assassination than any other person that i knew. I saw where he had not posted for a while - I am saddened for the entire bloggosphere that now has one less voice of true journalism. We all come to that time in life - so glad the book got done. I wish i could read his thoughts on this set of information.

I wonder if death is a pre-programed event in 'mericn culture. The typical merikn male works hard at a job for 45 years - retires and finds there is nothing to do, but hang out at home with the idiot box on. The depression of seeing the world for what it is, rather than the images provided would be enough to avoid death, but we can't get past the reality of unreality. I do not believe people die - they are removed from one set of worlds to be more fruitful in another set of words.

I follow Elliot's Many Worlds Theory. In the many worlds theory, every time we make a key decision, we split and create another individual world where the opposite decision has been made. If there is no real difference in outcome, the two worlds remerge, however occasionally, the path gives a tangent and we as an individual go off on a new tangent.  When this gets exciting, you tend to stay and never remerge back.

Something has to happen to all those old yous, because they are an integral part of your soul. If you die in a world that you have left, the people there are free to erase your presence and go on with their lives while you who have already left, gets to go on with your current adventures. The mechanisms startle the real you - i once had a semi truck move directly into the car i was driving, then my passenger and i were sitting in a stopped car on top of the hill - i wondered what happened because there was no weigh to avoid the crash - yet we did.

A year later, the same passenger was in a terrible accident where her rig was destroyed - she recovered, got married and began a completely different life. The people two stories removed will never give her another thought, except in memory, yet she lives and breathes and functions as a form of herself to this day.  I know that I will have a further role with her, because i now she survived accident 2 and accident 1 never happened - on this world.

We have been taught that we live on an isolated planet in a vast solar system. The truth is - not available at this thyme. The jury is still howdt on how we make this life work as we do - my belief is that we are all magicians and can mentally arrange our expectations to succeed in presenting the images that we wish to see. We all have free will, yet our actions in other peoples movies are instigated by their expectations and we are continually creating new realities through our mixing and matching.

Today is an isolated day in a long context of activity that is going on all around us. Doc has agreed to do a presentation on the Chemistry of Chemtrails on June 12 in Ashland Oregon. I do not like talking on topics where people really disagree about facts - but i also see the need to stop continuing programs that do we the people absolutely no good while empowering the waste of natural resources - so I feel i need to address the issue. Wish me luck!

Namaste' ... doc

May 19, 2015

Dare to Be Different

The illusion draws upon us as we attempt to work with peeps that are caught up in the system. Easy of flow is more important than following artificial rules, but the peeps are busy jumping through hoops to attempt to play by the ever changing rules. Ah banksterism...

To be away from peeps is a goal for today. We've got to get ourselves back to the garden ... we are stardust. Things that are mundane have to be worked through again differently. Every task has to be covered in a distinct order, yet that order is dependent on the release of information and resources. At this point, there is no flow, so whetting the blade and preparing for anything leaves all options open.

The waves ebb and flow and we have to mass enough resources to be able to sidestep the weighs of the establishment as it consumes every particle of itself. The compost that is created will be useful to rebuild in weighs that we cannot envision because we have no idea of what it is that we have to replace. If the power stays on, there is a whole different mechanism than if the grid goes down.

The play for contributionism - ubuntu - that is taking place in the world is not a well developed idea here in the states. We know something of what to expect, but the game of isolation in front of a talking box has led us to stop thinking about the topics that might get more of us past the wake-up stage. There are so many weighs to approach the problems ... it would be nice if we could change the behaviors that cause the problem in the first place.

I spent a couple hours with the archdruid's report yesterday. The history that he evolves in a series of posts demonstrates that the current condition is not unique. The are so many falsehoods embedded in our education structure that arming ourselves with knowledge will not work - we need to create a different knowledge base. There are some things that we truly believe that are not so - doc's encounters with water demonstrate an emotional bond that has no spectroscopic resonance. The act of measurement changes the system being measured - intention sets results. We are all connected through our water - all being greater than the humans on Gaia - all water beings in all existences everywhere.

So - we really need to know what we know and how we know it. Science was once built on verification of phenomena - now it is embedded discourse on the record. But the failures do not ever get explained as only original successes are published by the gatekeeper journals. If you succeed in getting a patent, the rules shut down all others that have expertise in that area, based on a lawyer's filing. What we know is buried in the archives of corporations, who buy up competition to shelve the alternatives in a one size fits all delivery mode. Advertising is ice cream made of shaving cream - not worth the sense.

Only weigh to change is by enveloping yourself in something different and not supporting the system by participation. Whet your own whistle, and withdraw from anything that is not directly within your ability to contribute effort. Use you effort to be the change you wish to see. And keep asking questions until you get an answer that satisfies your concerns.

Namaste ... doc

May 18, 2015


Something is rotten in Denmark and it ain't the Danish. The phone is off yet the internet is still on - selective services? Nothing is as it seems - but very good things are happening against a very bad backdrop. Stay forewarned ...


May 17, 2015

Wavelets of Information on tomorrow

Each of us are in our own whirled, vibrating at a frequency that sets our pathweigh. The location that you are at currently may not be your destination; where you are now is the point of reference for your perspective. The resonant frequency of your location is the combination of the vibration of the residents of your community. This encompasses many peeps that you do not know personally, but who have space in the context of your space. We also share our time, but rarely ever with people that we do not know personally.

The people in your space choose to be there with you, although that may not be a conscious decision on anybody's part. If you have chosen to be in your space by intention, then your surroundings are much more under your personal control than most other folks. Remember yourself - you always have control of your own time until you willingly cede it to others. This is commonplace in the werking whirled where you sell you time for money and get your marching orders from a boss. 

Lemmeland is a space where lemme sets the conditions of the day to day operations of lemme. It can be superceded by 3D - which is doc's domain and plays by the rules of a nearly normal society. The level of professionalism required sets the cost of the endeavor - the marketing of doc will take place thru a different form of media for 3D and 5D - you will only be able to see things from your chosen perspective and the two faces will meet here at the blog. lemme's avatar is a rave cartoon rabbit who spins discs with love. Doc is well, much history available the deeper we look for doc.

The real whirled requires that we manage assets to provide income to keep going and our main asset is our labor. There are some folks who function at the mind level - my mind is not for sale. I choose to do what i choose to do and i prefer to play along the lines of John Galt - observing and not implementing anything, just watching the machines grind to a halt. I am not a Kurzwell fan - i prefer Sheldrake philosphy. Anyweigh we cut it - 3D is a walk on the slippery rocks, The music can stay - but the images have been photoshopped and we no longer have a real world - we have a reel whirled - hollywood style complete with banksters, gangsters and poly-tics.

The New Weigh is a walk howdt of the darkness and into the light. We share a common porpoise - peace rides the waves. Our frequency is high enough that low vibration people will work their weigh howdt of my pathweighs - because they cannot stand in the brightness shining when doing what need be done. We listen and think and think we listen, while our mind compares the new version to the old method and comes up with a synergism of effort. The old is compost, there is nothing useful now, but maybe if left to grow in the proper form, then ...

For this to work for all of us, we must accept that each of us has our own weigh of measuring things. Our values are different and we allow ourselves to compromise those values to get the more important things to satisfy our world view. The school system has given us a whirled vu that shakes reality right down to the core and we are all schizophrenic with the attempt to meet the demands of what we know is right, in context to what we were taught in school. Rewards go to people who make the right decision - we are motivated by the rewards that we allow ourselves to achieve. I self reward as lemme - i need others to feed me as doc. They feed me by buying my goods and services and for the past ten years - doc has closed shop because he was broken.

The New Weigh has been described here in many words, going back over a decade. A new media will create a different pattern of contact - blogging is a 3D howdtlet that has worked for lemme and doc for many years. The game is changing and we all are in our own movies. The resonant frequency of your movie depends on what you believe in the 3D whirled and what you create as your 5D adventure. Remember - eigtches are silent and we still have thyme.

Namaste' ... doc and lemme

May 12, 2015

Skill Sets

As we watch the game of 'run full blast into the brick wall' economics, we find that we can control the cosmic surfboard better when we take the time to develop a skill. Skills are unique things that we practice a lot to gain mastery of a technique or new weigh of doing things. By continually trying to push the limits of our ability, we find that we can gain more fluency with our chosen task.

In community, all skill sets are required. When we strip ourselves down to the bare necessities of life, we find that our unique skill can support us such that our acceptance into community is immediately granted. This skill can be to provide a service, complete a task or just to be inspiration - doesn't matter because you are accepted being in. Getting into a place where you are accepted for being you is extremely important.

Life is a dynamic process, where yin and yang counterbalance to provide the appearance of stasis. Thus, there is a large difference between dynamic equilibrium and static equilibrium. If you observe the situation and get a god read on the tea leaves, you can choose a place where you can be happy in a contibutionist environment. Huh - say what? Community is a local phenomena based on what you as an individual can contribute to the group.

Sovereignty is a matter of being an individual in control of self at all times. When you cede control of your sovereign self, you make a conscious decision to live under another sovereign's rules or system. You listen to them in exchange for a benefit that they gift to you as you gift the value of your labor effort. If the system works well, the exchange of value can be nearly equal, or favor the lessor partner.

Why is that? Because the stronger partner brings more juice to the table, she needs less value in return for completing the specific task. Value s earned by the use of your skill set - tracking that value and keeping it within the developing community is the key to affable growth. Groqth for the sake of growth is useless, but the community needs to be the proper size to fill all the niches that peeps wish to accomplish.

The organizers of the community have a vested interest in seeing that things develop according to the images that they envisioned. Broadening those images to include a new view carried in is an advantage to the community. Taking care of food, shelter and water is always necessary early on, but later requirements depend on the needs of the individuals that make up the community. Peeps all have different focus and a community does not have to be like-minded - just complementary to meet the organizational goals. It takes every kind of people, to make the world go round.

To be a community founder, you collect a group of friends and decide upon your common interests. The organization of family and tribe will come from associating with people that collect over common interests. There is a critical mass that comes about to accomplish goals - yet this takes support systems that are not directly involved in reaching those goals. Having an inventory of peeps with specific ideas and goals will allow communities to trade people, after the individual communities are established. Trade routes for exchange of goods and services will grow to meet needs, but only after the basic premises are established.

Work calls - enjoy the day.  Namaste' ... doc

May 11, 2015

Getting There

As we sat around discussing the development of new communities last night, there was reason for optimism that the route was becoming clearer. Due to circumstances beyond our control, humans are differentiating according to belief systems - there are a myriad of possibilities sorted by frequency range. For those of us who left the motor running, we find that we can do a lot more in significantly less time.

Think about it. The pace of life is getting faster and most peeps are caught in a down-shifted resonance, where they attract mire by playing n the muck. When i see an opportunity to do something that needs to be done, i wait until everybody is gone, then do it! When you know what to do and have the freedom to acquire what you need, you can set up and alter the weigh thyme works and the brownies come out and 'fix' things. Two thirds of the way through The Mote in God's Eye and i find myself rooting for the moties. Hmm

The approach dictates the format, yet has little effect on the results. The end goal is to get to the place where you end up after you quit searching for the there. Once you realize that you have been here all the time, then you can just be who you are and reach up for the stars. You do not have to announce what you are doing; common courtesy allows you to inform the people who are affected by your tasks to know that change will be implemented. Til you get through the task, you have an uncertainty of result - so a firm image of what you wish to accomplish is a necessity. Imagine that!

Information is a valuable resource when it is shared with people that can put the info to use. If you 'know' something, the source of knowledge is not really important. When you request action from other peeps however, your sources must be firm and have a second independent confirmation, lest you just recycle the meme. Doctor Who unplugged the recurring meme in episode two - the metaphor was completely creative and well worthy of Who tradition. Not every rose turns howdt to be a Bad Wolf.

The energy of the weekend was wonky. The Psychic Fair on Saturday had 13 vendors and constant business, yet at 2:30-3:00 when the CME *coronal mass ejection" from Sol hit Gaia - the energy deflated quicker than a popped balloon. I needed a quick puff and made a quick decision to step away, where i was joined by a second surfer who felt the same wavelengths and realized that cosmic surfboard thyme for riding the top of the wave was apparent. We are still coasting on that merry plain, rather than being part of the roller coaster of modern merkn life. As we are deaf to the death cult and they cannot affect our space; if we allow their rule to intrude, then we have a permanent unwelcome resident in our developing domicile. I know which choice lemme would make.

Namaste' ... doc

May 08, 2015

what we can do

Blessed be you
Blessed be me
You and me
Together as we

We are strong
We are weak
We are imposing
We are meek

2015 lemme howdt cc

The meek shall inherit the earth - once the vast confusion settles and we stop fighting ourselves. Embrace that we have a dark side and a light path - because darkness does not exist without the contrast of light to elucidate form. Love is the answer - unconditionally offered with caveats that allow a consistency between 'love' and distaste.

You can anger me, but you cannot upset me. I am in control of my own responses to whatever the universe throws my weigh. I can sit back and catch all the flak, because i do not allow flak beyond the surface of my outer jacket. We are rubber, not glue: anything said bounces back and sticks to the sayer, not to the sayee. If we just do the things that we know we need to do, we will come howdt of crisis with a positive scroll.

The change has come, we can feel the vibration within us. Higher vibrations cannot interact with lower vibration because the signal frequency is too long - we can emit slow and catch on fast, but never can we emit fast and absorb slow. When we resonate at higher frequency, anything here that hasn't willfully come along will be disintegrated by the pace of action. As the illusion fades - we will not be able to support myths that have no basis in reality.

Each of us has our own conception of what is happening. We take our information in the context of what we know and evaluate the data against what we believe. The context of school set us thinking inside a system that establishes some basic fixed data - what we are told can and cannot be done. We assume a commonality of education, but the fact is that each of us holds things as true in the context of how we learned them and very few of us change our thinking pattern when we realize an untruth with-in out thinking system.

It is much easier to forget that you know something, than it is to act differently because of what you know. By playing the game when you know the game is rigged, you contribute to the problem rather than the solution. We have a whole whirled built on a house of cards and the foundational structure that we have been told is here is not here at all. The only thing here is a churning pot and to not become homogenized into butter, we the sheeple have to think for ourselves.

This means that you do not have to agree with me. You can look at lemme and say that this dude is a total psycho. (Come to the psychic (psycho) fair on saturday - tomorrow at Mystic Earth). Yet, if you can see the game thru my eyes as i have presented in the blog posts, you have to act with the knowledge presented and change your mode of thinking. We are abundant, and controlled by a Monsanity of corporate regulation that really doesn't fit the context - it consumes without supporting the mass, just the cream is taken and we all get milked, if we allow it. I don't - I enjoy my day immensely and do not worry about yesterday or tomorrow.

This does not mean i ignore the future or the past. The past history is a challenge because all the stories are changed by the victors in every power play, such that the heroes are the winners of whatever endeavor happens to be. That the illusion is whatever we wish to see it as is lost on people who want you to see only what they see. We can agree to disagree.

Events are happening ... more soon.  Namaste' ... doc

May 06, 2015

Fires in the Whole

There must be an attraction to burning around here, as there have been 4 fires that i know of locally since the beginning of May. The imagery and symbolism of fire is a restart - because the Phoenix arises from the ashes. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. This morning there is a forest fire five miles from here, but it is spring, things are lush and fire fighters are on hand doing 'controlled burns'. Yeah, right. How come all the pyros get paid big cash by the forest circus to fight fire?

Fire is a cash cow, a center of urgency that appropriates funds immediately at the cost of more worthy projects. Rather than remove the fuel load from the ground, the management specifies to throw resources at the fires as they grow to stop them, but the fuel load on the ground is always there, because they stop fires from removing the stuff. The value of the trees in board feet is all they seem to care about.

The people who fight fire are regarded as heroes, because we are a war tribe and we fight everything. Not me. Fire is my friend, another tool in the box. Nature knows how to use fire as an ally and to not fear the reaper on a good burn. But you remove your litter and there is nothing to burn. If we managed forests like individual tree beings and allowed each to have it's weigh, then the things we could use trees for would be made obvious by the things we no longer use trees for. Like pulp and paper.

Industrial hemp has the potential to replace wood as a source for paper and the people who 'manage' resources know it. They have made it legal to grow hemp here in Oregon, but impossible to get good organic fiber seed - because of import restrictions and over availability of seed oil hemp seed. If there is to be a cottage industry field of clothmaking, then we need to grow fiber crops, flax for linen, more things than just cotton. There are also animal fibers to be considered, angora rabbit fur makes awesome scarves, for instance.

Ah - back to the local fires. The first one was Davey's television set, which is a function of the way davey investigates the world. He was trying to screw with the insides and this is the same davey that once nailed a candle directly to the wall. if he was using his lighter for light to see inside, i could see how dust could flash and a fire result. not bright, but things happen to davey that weigh. We create our own worlds.

The barn fire was a problem of the wood timbers drying out over the course of the winter, as the constant heating of the space was not part of the original design. The house fire was a larger debacle, where the embers restarted and completed the destruction while the fire department worried about arson investigation rather than putting out the flames. Now finally, there is the forest fires just outside of town - no lightning, but really kinda wet here lately, so it really can't get away.

Going down in flames seems to be a big picture scenario here too. The lack of viable infrastructure makes here a 5th world nation - worse off than the third world because the value was here in the resource and the kleptocorporate legal establishment claims control of the domain, under the scheme of payments to banksters? Can we default already and get the criminals howdt of the control positions? Can we allow the peeps who know what to do make decisions of what to do in their area?

The idea is to localize and see what we need, from fire to fiber and just be able to do it - without permission, because we need none. Localizing will introduce the opportunity for new working models on all scales of endeavor. Just ask yerself, what do I wish to do and be in the flow path of people doing what your heartsong tells you to do. Instead of working a nine to five and chasing the merikn dream with a just over broke encumbrance.

namaste' ... lemme

May 05, 2015

Funky Reality? Realitized Funk?

When things look god they turn howdt very badly and when things get really, really bad, everything turns up well. This cycle of misinterpretation is underpinning the emotions of the folks that believe in what they were taught - the strands unravel faster than the knitters can knit them together. So we get Baltimored - another false flag event that gives more power to the feds to enforce rules that fleece the peeps in the name of corporate personhood. The riots are deliberate - the schools have taught that with no justice available, you take just us into your own hands.

I watched the SNL sketch of the Orioles came with no peeps in the stands. SNL - Saturday Night Live has been far off my radar screen for years - i thought John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd were still there. But as Gilda Radner's Roseanne Roseannadanna said - It's Always Something. And as Gilda's Emily Littell said - Nevermind. As we look at the ability of comedy to pierce reality by making fun of all the gestures, we find a system unable to produce laughter because everybody has been turned politically correct in their public face. PC fascism builds show ornaments that have no function, but look good. Sigh. The baseball skit was more sad then funny.

Life in the 1960's, growing up in front of a television, brought a skewed explanation for everything that happened. You never quite understood the whole picture, but the little picture was detailed and examined in great detail, by those baseball brains describing the play action. It led to situational thinking and over nine innings of game, the announcers commented on everything. So i learned how to think by a running analysis of the pictures, descriptions and accounts of the games. I never had the expressed interest of major league baseball, which claims ownership of the product, but y'know i heard that disclaimer four or five times a day. The Mets, Yankees and Phillies were were all local and the Cubs and Braves had super-stations. Cable was still just a piece of cord.

Today, everything on television is canned around the group think and the selling of a lifestyle. You need more gadgets to keep up and every gadget is shinier, brighter and better than before. Progress is fitting more gigs into less space to the point where i can no longer fit fingers into slots to remove cards. It is as frustrating as plastic seal on a medicine bottle, followed by an impossible trick cap. All because of a false flag known as Tylanide. Remember when the cyanide in the tylenol killed two peeps and everything then had to be supersealed for the chemical supersealant safety industry - the precursor of the TSA mentality,

To stop, we must really stop. The peeps just re not ready yet - i watched the events of the weekend essentially draw into question the thinking of the past five years - and the answer was to ignore things and go back to chasing the non existent money.  Take all the writing and development and turn it into a half hor dog and pony show for consumption by the funder deciders who must see how well fido fetches and whether Mr. Ed can jump. Have we developed the horserace with hurdles for our personal track meat?

The answer is to quit the system and pay no attention to the man with the levers behind the screen. I enjoyed the Wizard of Ahhh's - Pentatonix is a group of young people reviving the songs of yesterday with ah Capella branding. Ooh, Lala. The songs of the 60's, 70's and 80's are different from the events of the 80's and onward - the Ronnie revolution was the beginning of just say no to life. We have been monsanitized - can we just end the monstrosity - return from monsanity and stop spraying poison at everything? 

Noxious plants listed in oregon as invasive include Japanese Knotweed - a medicine plant that creates resveritol - which is packaged and sold as a high end pharmaceutical. Whole plant medicine works so much better. It could be a million dollar cash crop in a dwindling economy, but the state says its bad so they spray it with poisons, payed for by your local soil and water conservation district - the misnamed pushers of poisons on the world.

Know what they teach at school - that geo-engineering will save us from global warming, How? By spraying barium or strontium into our atmosphere? The magnetism of the elements foils communications by scrambling wavelengths - the whole universe is electric and alive - except the morons on the Potomac who want to see everything dead - selves included. That is the part i just don't get, the scortched earth is a waste of usefulness for future generations. Uranium shells - really? 

Play to the insanity and it pays with your mind and you chase concepts that are based on the nothing that is real. I choose not - like Bartlebey the Scrivener.

namaste' ... doc

May 04, 2015

Full Moon Rising

All sorts of energy fluxxes, with ebbs and flows. The project is going strong and barely going, depending on which point of view you prescribe. To me, we are playing stuck in the rut games because the power is being held by a narrower focus of insiders and external recognition is not an allowable alternative. The mess is a mess and the attempts to get there from here are bound to fail because the mechanism is set up with more hurdles than a track meet.

To do is to become disenchanted with doing, because the resources that were necessary were reallocated to immediate situations where fires had to be put out, although why is anyone's first rational question. The war on forest fires has created tinderboxes of ready to burn forests that badly need fuel load abatement, but have no caretakers properly qualified to steward the land. The land needs to be lived on and loved, worked with and cherished, not harvested by clear-cut to pay taxes on life.

Sometimes we just have to give up and walk away and wish people luck as they proceed to crash and burn by running full face first into the brick wall. The idea that we can change things but leave the same ownership rules in place and work within them is a fools dream - there is nothing moving forward from the old system except ashes and compost - valuable restarting materials but not worth much until they ripen and are processed.

The war is on full swing today - the full moon is changing behavior and peeps are being peeps in all their glory. The shrew wails and the yung-uns shrink and nobody appreciates the clear blue skies. 

Namaste' ... doc