May 23, 2015

Holographic Consciousness

My friend Richard Alan Miller has been very busy lately - if you want to know what they are not telling us, check out this interview

Remember - never believe anything that you cannot confirm by a second unrelated source - but if someone provides confirmation of your views - please remember to cite the source. What you know is true in your world - do not allow anyone to change you until you know that what they are saying is true. There is much going on,not told to us by conventional sources.

Doc believes that we create our own whirled - and that if we accept the negative influences, we get negative results. By keeping positive and knowing that in the end, it will all come howdt alright. Some of us are already ahead of others in time - yet the pace of time is generally under our personal control. If you wish to slow down time - start looking forward to a future event. Time crawls the closer you get.

The answer is love - unconditional love. Tough love means doing what you need to do, even though it may not be what others expect. You have to be you and act on what you believe is truth. When you realize that you have been caught in a lie - you have to back out and change what you believe without the incorrect information. The fact that most of what we were taught in school is not true - the context of what we know is based on our experience and our learning.

The key is to get you hands wet. Roll up your sleeves and invest in yourself - do what you need to do to empower yourself to be. Learn a unique skill! If you hold true that we are abundant and that this is a holograph - then you can change the movie in your own style and be in another of the many worlds that you inhabit. Do not fear anything - you are able to change the weighs you are when you realize that you have to. If you can stay away from the video box, then you might be able to discern how to do things - it takes some practice.

Thinking positive attracts positive results. Enjoy.

Namaste' ... doc

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