May 27, 2015


Sometimes, there is great confusion given by the choice of language. When i talk about Ubuntu, most people are thinking about a computer operating system. My meaning has to do with contributionism, a society build upon each participant sharing and gifting his skills and talents to the community at large. I can liken it to the difference between a team of players all out to get the highest statistical value for each of themselves, versus the collective of playing together and winning a championship.

In this country - together seems to be a bad word. People are taught from the outset that they have to do it on their own, me against everybody, for an ever diminishing share of the pot. This, of course, is nonsense. However, the twin bogeymen of socialism and communism are to be feared, because if we all work together, the powers that used to be have no control over what we as united individuals can do.

The effort to run the world these days is very similar to running amateur soccer.  FIFA is business as usual in the recesses of poly-tics - influence peddling is a fine art that involves most of mainstream governance. That the international, national, state and local grubbermints are all broke and flailing is evidenced by the legalization of mary-jane - a pure new tax revenue source for places that allow peeps to smoke pot. The projected economics are not real - the windfall for a garden weed is imaginary.

Not that the weed is bad - it is very good. Humans have an endocannibanoid system that is part and parcel to the healing process. Cannibus, with associated CBDs and THCs has a cocktail of dozens of specific derivative chemicals that come together to interplay effects on bodily systems. I refer all readers to Aamann for details on what works for various dehabilitations.

Big pharma in their infinite wisdom, extracts medicines from plants. I remember when it was shown that Taxol from yew wood was a cancer remediation - the yew tree population in our forests took a huge hit because everybody saw dollar signs. The race to create taxol in a laboratory was a two year project back when i was in graduate skool. It took some pressure off the forests, but the use and abuse is way deeper than just the medical establishment. It takes all the chemicals to heal, not just one in isolation.

So, in order to make the world a little better place to live, we the people, need to do something completely different than going along to get along. We should evaluate our learning experiences and unschool ourselves in many areas where the system just plain lied to us. The system rewards lying and teaches young believers that lying is a sin. So they find that they believe that adults they trust, never lie to them. Santas and the Easter bunny not withstanding.

Once you learn that lying is rewarded and truth telling is punished, you have a specific moral dilemma. You can continue being honest and do what you were taught in sunday school, or you can make up a world for yourself where truth is somewhat evasive and accumulation is easier. But you get more and more jaded and cynical, as you realize that you have to lie more and cheat better to get further ahead of the rat race - the full scale flying forward to beat the Jones next store. And so many peeps jones on it all the time.

Ubuntu is a weigh to let go of all of that. Contributionism is bringing your best skill forward and gifting it to the community of people that you surround yourself with. You ask nothing in return, but the community that works with you takes up the costs of things for you, because you are contributing a valuable service to everyone. The professionals all have spent many years of training to get to where they are - you cannot ask them to be part of all the other tasks - they do what they do best. Do you really want your healer out in the garden? Or your plumber working prepping food? By differentiating who can do which specifics, it leaves the equally important generals to the peeps in community that have flexibility.

Now - the spin of how to do ubuntu is local - you are surrounded by the folks where you are. If all heck breaks loose, then you will need to know who you can work with. We can form our groups about a specific industry - growing food first, constructing living abodes, creating water, communication and transport systems, etc. Each person can be a full member by providing a good or service that can become the basis for a cottage industry. A mercantile exchange can be set-up to facilitate internal trade - while the same products can be sold to the rest of the public not inside the group. 

Difficult people are always going to be difficult - we cannot exclude people. People can choose to opt out - but if different communities have different focus, then people trades to diversify skills becomes a ubuntu concept. When I am tired of here, i can build a water purification industry for another place and whatever they can provide, can be sent to southern oregon to give us the benefit of a new talent.

As the time moves on, doc plans to bring this blog together around various Ubuntu concepts - exploring each in depth for a text on how to bring it together on a variety of different scales. Each individual within the current model will be fictionalized and doc will create a science fiction set in Ubuntu - i request that each reader that wishes to be in the book start evaluating where your cog is in the Ubuntu wheel. Reinventing the wheel has been the target item for keeping most of us in line with the existing system, passed off as a waste of time. To lose the built in redundancy of nature by not creating back-ups to back-ups has left us in a crisis at the mercy of big oil - another player in today's political reality nightmare.

Enuf to crunch on for now.  Namaste' ... lemme

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