May 17, 2015

Wavelets of Information on tomorrow

Each of us are in our own whirled, vibrating at a frequency that sets our pathweigh. The location that you are at currently may not be your destination; where you are now is the point of reference for your perspective. The resonant frequency of your location is the combination of the vibration of the residents of your community. This encompasses many peeps that you do not know personally, but who have space in the context of your space. We also share our time, but rarely ever with people that we do not know personally.

The people in your space choose to be there with you, although that may not be a conscious decision on anybody's part. If you have chosen to be in your space by intention, then your surroundings are much more under your personal control than most other folks. Remember yourself - you always have control of your own time until you willingly cede it to others. This is commonplace in the werking whirled where you sell you time for money and get your marching orders from a boss. 

Lemmeland is a space where lemme sets the conditions of the day to day operations of lemme. It can be superceded by 3D - which is doc's domain and plays by the rules of a nearly normal society. The level of professionalism required sets the cost of the endeavor - the marketing of doc will take place thru a different form of media for 3D and 5D - you will only be able to see things from your chosen perspective and the two faces will meet here at the blog. lemme's avatar is a rave cartoon rabbit who spins discs with love. Doc is well, much history available the deeper we look for doc.

The real whirled requires that we manage assets to provide income to keep going and our main asset is our labor. There are some folks who function at the mind level - my mind is not for sale. I choose to do what i choose to do and i prefer to play along the lines of John Galt - observing and not implementing anything, just watching the machines grind to a halt. I am not a Kurzwell fan - i prefer Sheldrake philosphy. Anyweigh we cut it - 3D is a walk on the slippery rocks, The music can stay - but the images have been photoshopped and we no longer have a real world - we have a reel whirled - hollywood style complete with banksters, gangsters and poly-tics.

The New Weigh is a walk howdt of the darkness and into the light. We share a common porpoise - peace rides the waves. Our frequency is high enough that low vibration people will work their weigh howdt of my pathweighs - because they cannot stand in the brightness shining when doing what need be done. We listen and think and think we listen, while our mind compares the new version to the old method and comes up with a synergism of effort. The old is compost, there is nothing useful now, but maybe if left to grow in the proper form, then ...

For this to work for all of us, we must accept that each of us has our own weigh of measuring things. Our values are different and we allow ourselves to compromise those values to get the more important things to satisfy our world view. The school system has given us a whirled vu that shakes reality right down to the core and we are all schizophrenic with the attempt to meet the demands of what we know is right, in context to what we were taught in school. Rewards go to people who make the right decision - we are motivated by the rewards that we allow ourselves to achieve. I self reward as lemme - i need others to feed me as doc. They feed me by buying my goods and services and for the past ten years - doc has closed shop because he was broken.

The New Weigh has been described here in many words, going back over a decade. A new media will create a different pattern of contact - blogging is a 3D howdtlet that has worked for lemme and doc for many years. The game is changing and we all are in our own movies. The resonant frequency of your movie depends on what you believe in the 3D whirled and what you create as your 5D adventure. Remember - eigtches are silent and we still have thyme.

Namaste' ... doc and lemme

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