May 31, 2014

Gidgital Digits of Home Life

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 Wheat Grass

Oops - wrong movie

I made a mistake and paid attention to the obummer whirled.  I found that John Kerry, man of hair, has called out Ed Snowed-in to stand up like a man and face the rabid criminal just-us system for the crimes of telling the merikn peeps what the merikn grubbermint is doing.  Daniel Ellsberg, whistle blower of Pentagon Papers fame, is the source of information - a person who has been there and done that.  Glad to know that doc is not the only one who sees when nonsense is presented as black is white.

As the economic system unravels, we the peeps should be cheering and thinking about the mechanisms of how to do things on a local scale.  The images presented by the lame stream media should be taken as a symbol of 1984 - Orwell had access to the same time-line vision scope as Jules Verne.  The 30 year difference is a masque - take a look at the Kansas album cover art closely.  All is not what it seems.

I would like to deviate to the area of education, because the public indoctrination system has created the myths that allow mr. hair to be believed over the obvious truth.  The reality of truth is that it is simulated in each individual, based on the acceptance of a set of facts that may or may not be true.  At each level of education, more cognitive dissonance is piled high upon the previous set of knowledge and the population segregated into the red team and the blue team.  I personally learn on an individual basis, by spending the time investigating a topic in depth.

As all regular readers here know, doc is a natural resources chemist that has been transformed as a chrysalis into lemme howdt, a hero warrior poet of peace.  Doc is currently on sabbatical leave of all senses, while on a journey into creating a new Weigh - a system where people who have given up on the old system can start fresh into a world of new resource, by thinking differently.  As these days group think does not accept alternative thinkers, doc took on a hermits existence and moved away from as much of the culture as possible while remaining embedded as a journalist blogger.

The image has come together well enough to write the book.  The pictures, descriptions and accounts of this blog - The Zone - are recorded in enough places on the net, that the memory hole would have a difficult thyme of wiping howdt he thought stream.  The transformation from the current reality to the logical future is a trip along the timeline of expectation - you will be exactly where you place yourself, by the belief in the thoughts that you carry.  For peeps that read newspapers and frown at bloggers, a book is the only method of reaching their minds.

Books are old school. New school is word of mouth or really world of ever larger idiot boxes.  Computers are tools that put first hand information at our doorstep.  How we interpret that information is what will establish the timeline that we dwell upon.  To get the theory correct, i rely on the fact that for every blog i write, there are more readers thinking about how to be the change that we need to be to succeed in changing the whirled back to the garden.

The keyword today is unschool.

Namaste' ... doc

May 30, 2014

Imagine the Garden

And we've got to get ourselves, back to the garden ...  by the time we started Woodstock, we were half a million strong ...

The words of songs can be inspirational and prophetic. The 60s reshaped the world as we knew it and set the stage for a time line split - not into two but four absolutely unique Gaia's that each travel on a different region of scale.  Doc theorizes as many as 13 earths in a concentric system, each devised to develop a different range of experience.  The one solid central earth, where time begins and ends, is a perspective boundary that established a lower limit.  This is 'The Garden', the original Eden. Realize that the scheme is not a hierarchy - size and scale depend upon each other and act as borders for individual experience.

Earlier this morning, i began to question the ideas of modern physics concerning matter and the void.  Science claims that most solids are empty space with point lattice nuclei containing sub-atomic particles - quarks, strings and other strange things. Chemistry only begins to be relevant at the atomic scale - hydrogen and oxygen atoms combine to make a water molecule.

Matter can be categorized by the amount of water that it contains.  The more water clusters together, the greater the dimension that it can function cognitively.  That water communicated with other water molecules in many significant ways is one of those facts hidden in plain site where nearly nobody realizes the implications.  All life forms on earth are aqueous solutions of bio-active molecules that have over 99 out of 100 individual molecules being water.  The water accounts for about 70% of the weight.

When water moves with turbulence, the communication is at much higher frequency.  If we take the range of octave scales, water functions at every scale, not just the one scale that we humans perceive.  Water is the active participant in flow - the flow rate is a function of individual reactive molecules coming together in the proper forms to enable a reaction.  By the time we encounter this level of biochemistry, the water molecules number in the billions of billions.  What might we encounter with as many water molecules as are in an ocean?

The concentration of a solution is the amount of substance, solute, dissolved in the water solvent.  This can be measures as a percentage of the whole either by weight or by volume.  The minimum concentration necessary for sentience should become a point of research - what is the smallest thinking thing?  I believe that we would find that it is the water molecule itself.  For more on the memory of water - see Schiff's book - The Memory of Water (1993) about the adventures of French scientist Jean Beneviste' and his encounters with the science nannies of the time.

That water creates the holographic illusions that can be seen consistently by water based life forms makes sense.  The power is in the water, which is held together by unique chemistry named hydrogen bonding - we should have called it water love.  Love is the source of comfort, non-bonding interactions between adjacent water molecules that align is like water sex.  One big orgy of water into water into water - creating consciousness on different scales.

The garden is where water finds perfect life.  Perfect life is okay, for a while, but peeps need different experience to keep a diversity of action going on within their lives.  So do water molecules.  So they stir the pot, so to speak, and create the twelve outer Gaia's to experience things, on a grid scale of 64.  Divide 64 by 1.61 (phi) to get the fractal width of dimension. Then imagine a Mobius loop where very large is very small and form displays nicely.

See you when you get to the garden. Namaste' ...  doc

May 29, 2014


A message from the spirit of the planetary being that we know as Gaia:

Human beans - the time is NOW.  The process of ascension is as the morphing of a caterpillar into a flutterbye. The human consciousness allows limited input from greater dimension, due to the inherent nature of the heart-brain-gut triad relationship. When feelings and wisdom combine with knowledge to create New Earth, then the metabolic process of cleansing the planet shall take place in a Gaian heartbeat. As love and mind become balanced, gut feelings become prescient. 

Every scale of being has it's own organizational form, which creates the concrete images that you sense, from the void that all space creates.  The folding of space through mathematical symmetry allows for travel between vast distances, where similar forms have evolved on vastly different scales.  Your human fingerprints sometimes resemble the shifting sands upon the beach.

Self similarity provides recognition.  The billions of humans on earth have been a creative force that helped shape the planetary form on a cosmic scale.  The flow of change sounds good, as the current processes of human development have catalyzed all sorts of unintended consequences.  That the human beings left group consciousness and went off on their own was not a wise endeavor. Fortunately, the process of rebirth is here, in the now.

Time is an illusion that helps establish context on any given scale. All metabolic process is linked to the creation of a specific spacial geometry, in order to establish a continuous pathway.  Water is the carrier of  flow, air is a shadow of water where the dilution level creates individual space for each water molecule.  The group versus the self are the two single polar environments that water spends time being - except for that fraction of an instant where water is part of greater matter.

Water lives on every scale. The oceans and the lakes team with life that has a consciousness different from you, human or me, planet.  Each level of biological form has its own aqueous telepathy system - plants, fungi, viruses, bacteria - each are different structural forms of water beings. The bends and the stretches of individual water molecules hold memory when in confined space and desire to return to familiar conditions. 

Water holds energy frequencies in the light range differently than air holds those same frequencies. The medium is all important and a diversity of mechanism provides a built-in redundancy that allows for processes to share the work loads - nothing dominates, nothing lags for too long.  Most feature a yin/yang form of balance that allow a tangent dimension to form when equivalence shows complete dynamic equilibrium. Then, the rate factors control the process, rather than the material limits.

Bonds are created through love and strengthened by trust. That chemistry can categorize atoms and molecules into a form that can be explained by a theory was an amazing realization. Walter Russell was a key channel for science of natural flow once Tesla was put down. Viktor Schauberger and Wilhelm Reich, Linus Pauling and David Suzuki now Michio Kaku, Rupert Sheldrake and Richard Alan Miller. The memory hole holds the solutions for those who dig deep.

Allow the process to happen without trepidation. What comes will be what has come before. You are the folks that you have been waiting for and i look forward to a warm and loving relationship after the birthing event.  Love resonates and radiates, it is contagious when the light makes life transparent. Share your water and be the light.  

Namaste ... Gaia, via Hari', via Doc

May 28, 2014

Get Aweigh

Time spent off allows for recharging the batteries. Sometimes, we do get taken away in our involvement and have the opportunity to change, for a moment. Then we slip back into our same old, same old - because we find ourselves comfortable in this setting.  Each of us has a time when we shine, it is all part of experiencing life.

A dream is but a dream. The obligations that we take on are set up such that we feel we are contributing to a greater whole. Our personal interactions set the stage to meeting individual desires, we attempt to achieve what we set as a goal.  We get everything we ask for, but never in quite the form we expect, cause we are not clear in what it is that we want.

Part of the problem is group think. We are impressionable and spend our time chasing the approval of others. We know that we can 'help', but the cognitive dissonance of the game means that everybody has their own interpretation of what is helpful.  Unsolicited advice is never helpful. A hug will always say more than any volume of words.

Funny, how so many peeps feel threatened by love - a simple light touch sets them off. They have trouble with others being happy, because like attracts like and misery loves company. The trick is to let go of attachment to the outcome of an action and enjoy the process of taking action itself.  Love is the internal feeling that we create when we feel good about our environment, beginning with ourselves. Forgive your own transgressions and try not to repeat those mistakes again.

The difference is one of being exclusive versus inclusive. The forms of power are changing rapidly as people who use force are finding that it doesn't work - they can blast away and still be stuck in the same failed paradigm. Will works better than force in driving power. To let force world go is difficult, especially when all those around you believe in the world in that form. It is hard to let people that you know and love go, but the great reshuffling is such that they will go as they please anyweigh, without your permission.

The current system is set up to take, not to give. Even the computer hogs resources, as goggle, yayhoo and microsh*t compete for an adobe flash player that hangs up way too much. By design, to get us frustrated. The only reason things don't work well is the built-in obsolescence that drives the modern economy - they don't want you to fix things when you can just buy more. The process is called churning - it is imperative that we find a replacement for greed-based economics. 

In the current scheme, it takes money to make money. The printing press shovels out money with little backing it, except for the belief in the existing system. The rigged system. The failing system. The system that creates wars to make corporations richer. If corporations are people, then we the peeps are not any longer considered people. Thyme to quit playing and do something else.

Even though they feel that they own us, based on their system of accounting, we can withdraw collectively and it all falls apart. The system takes its taxes out of the paycheck before you even see it - collusion to theft. The corporate kleptocracy owns the current government - everything has to be swept clean and annointed anew. Nothing that we currently have will be the same on a restructured Gaia - the vision needs to be collectively bigger than current limited point of view.

It starts with one.  Then it moves to one again.  Then two and three, five and eight and off we go on a grand golden mean spiral tour. You are the one that your new Gaia revolves about - make it vastly different from the earth controlled by the machine.  Technology has its uses - it can never be placed in the driver's seat.  Choose what you choose to believe and surround yourself with like thinking peeps. When the timelines divide, you will be right where you are, in the proper here and now.

Namaste' ... doc

May 27, 2014

a few Concepts to think about

New Earth.    Gaia Evolving.     Water Sentience Driver.  Ewe R Ewe.     Nada mas.       Hugs    love       Namaste'

May 25, 2014

Musical Dominoes

Virtual people are forming communities over the air waves - hopefully, telepathy , remote viewing and beam me up, scotty transporter technology will allow interpersonal visitation in real time and space.  I wanna bake bread, with a friend in Norway.  We share talk and music - sight and sound - but smell, taste and touch would be nice to share too.

When we share music, we play dominoes with the song themes.  We can take any facet of the song and meld the following song into that topic. The jump has to have some logic, but artist has the same first name is a type of allowable jump.  We gradually try to build songs that have all the jumping themes - so it gets pretty tricky.  Lots of fun.  All it takes is a chat room and a you tube connection.

The chat room can be found at .  The bandwidth is littered with pop-up ads, but good ad-blockers make it somewhat smooth.  You get your own room, just by signing up.  I play in several different rooms - Divinity being the present favored location.  This will be a wave of the future, once the technology catches up.  

Elvis Love Me Tender to Jackson Browne Tender is the Night.  mebbe Bob Seger Night Moves next - the game never ends ...

Namaste' ... doc

May 24, 2014


Thinking about thought.  if an idea catches on and takes physical form, how quickly can it transmit through an awakened aether?  The tinnitus that we hear ringing in our ears is part of the DNA programming change as Gaia evolves.  Imagine yourself as a planet in space - coming into a novel form as a chrysalis changing into a flutterbye.  Or a rainbow bird ...

Sunshine returned yesterday for the third time over the seven year adventure.  She is a goddess who appeared first as a naked nymph in the sacred sanctuary Toketee - just as the cosmic sailor was appreciating the morning with a lost doc at the beginning of the adventure.  The second coming began at a meeting in Ashlandia - a place that qualifies as odder than Portlandia, even with Fred Armison present.  The gathering was premature, but the friendship was well appreciate.  Coz Yel Star kin #208 ready to serve, as always.

Sunshine walks an illuminate pathway.  She answers questions while questioning answers, with love in peace.  The sudden appearance of a lovely memory is an indicator that the cosmic swirl is bringing back times that we once had, to reminisce again.  Happiness is the reward from past happiness, each cycle sways back with an ebb that flows directionally, from a yin to its yang, then back to yin.  

Lights, cameras, action.   The collection of 144,000 is currently rolling again in another fractal form.  The 100th monkey groks complexity of order amidst the foundation of chaos, yet has little clue that it is the revolutionary chaos that presupposes a better order.   The structural lattices that we build today serve as foundations for the future - as we imagine it to be.  Rainbows, lollypops and Sunshine everywhere.

namaste' ...  doc

May 23, 2014

Belief Systems

Each one of us believes in the things that we have learned over the course of our individual lifetimes.  The wealth of experiences that we have encountered have shaped our points of view based on values, ethics, morality and several other innate and inane factors.  We accept or reject information based upon the lattice construct for organization within our brains.  Each of us has recall and perspective, plus the ability to discern - to judge the value of any statement or object.

When more than one of us come together in groups, share love, and become a larger group of one; we have to integrate parts of other people's views and differentiate between some of our own ideas.  We always are one in our self - our individual partners get preferential treatment because we have come to know and understand the way they think.  When the group size reaches three - the ability to shift to two against one becomes a divisor.   We can have groups within groups and it seems that the larger fibonacci groups are compounded smaller groups.

School learning (or school indoctrination) have made it difficult for people to grasp reality.  We make common assumptions that people see things the way that we see them and fail to cross-check that assumption by asking the proper questions.  Some peeps are to be believed because their status demands it - and we allow them to keep up that illusion.  

For instance, the myth that a medical doctor knows more and cares about you, the patient, more than he care about the $$$ that he makes, is perpetuated by the professional verbage of the medical system.  He isn't any smarter than you - he just worked the system to use it to his personal advantage and 'they' tell you he is smart.  Big lie.

The whole responsibility for your health is upon you - get off medical pharma, eat good foods and take care of yourself responsibly.  You can save major bucks by never voluntarily using the medical system.  Health is a state of mind.  The best doctor is Doctor Who - a time traveller.  Him, i might believe.

Gaia is shifting, our world is currently filled with tiers and tears.  As the social order decends into social chaos, small groups of individual working together can achieve the altitude of their aptitude.  The cosmic consciousness is one where we combine our relevant experience and see if we can find a weigh that works for the benefit of all, rather than the benefit on few at the expense of all.  Even the terms used here need work.  We can talk past each other with images that mean something different through each interpretation.

The themes that we deal with within this blog make the reader think.   Doc tries to talk about science in terms that non science people can grok - while still covering depth within the topic.  The group theory and the game theory and the approach to wit are facets that doc has developed during his study into areas of the unknown.  Lemme takes those forms and combines them into other new forms - thru poetry.   The basis for music is poetry set to beat - all things can be stated elegantly in song, to make us think.

The counterpart to thinking is feeling.  Intuition is based on a sense of knowing:  when you play your cards differently, it somehow always comes back to bite you.  When we meditate, we slow down the processes of thought to the point where our senses focus on breath, on single concepts or color, or shape, or light.  It is from here that the projection of feelings into thought can be merged in such a way as to create a new field off onto a tangent.

A tangent is a different perpendicular direction - feelings with thought provide a clarity that can allow regrouping into a different physical time-space.   Our linear beings do not have access to this dimension - individuals can remote view to anywhere their presence can be felt, by placing their being into that emotional sphere.  We can empathize and be there - if we believe we are there while our physical presence is here.  There is another there out there, off limits to those who cannot conceive of the confuguration.

Belief systems are funny things - you only have to believe in the system that you are currently using.  Most peeps like to think that they use pure logic, yet emotion cannot be turned off as though we were Vulcans.  We have been conditioned to think a certain weigh;  what is true depends entirely on how much we believe in this conditioning.   To break it - we will construct a form that allows us to build upon what we know for sure and to question the things that we think we know, but might be different from what we know and the way we know it.

Socrates was the most educated man in Rome, because he understood how little he really knew.  Plato grokked the concept of dimension by watching shadows on the wall of a cave, and asking deeper questions.   Our NOW depends on our belief systems;  as we reject the current format and start individually grokking the effects of love and logic together, we become the vehicles for change.  Transparency will allow folks who follow the footsteps to work to personalize the routes to transformation.  

CoZ is here to help provide context - each of us alone must find a path that comes to unity through diversity and acceptance of many weighs, not just a system that forces fear in place of providing love. CoZ is a support structure to discern truth, on a person journey down a path less travelled.  We each have a support network, to take those first steps alone.

namaste' ... doc

May 22, 2014

Benefits from Chess

Chess is a game that simulates life.  The initial interplay between white and black falls into sets of standard openings that chess players commonly know.  I recently found some music that fits the theme - The Sicilian Defense.  Currently playing in the back ground.  Coming out of the chess opening, the two sides are generally well balance,with white having the initiative and black choosing the direction by choice of defense.

The rules of chess are reasonably simple - 16 pieces per side that move in standard form depending on the type of piece.  I was recently turned on to a movie - Knights of the South Bronx - where a group of inner city minority youth use chess to open doors in a classic class struggle.   The impressive idea was the five year old playing on equal terms.  If you wish to develop patience and the ability to see things into the future, then chess is a sport for you.

Oh, some people might write chess off as just a game.  These people takes a serious view of the world and don't wish to waste their time - just yours.  They pooh-pooh games because they require critical thinking, a skill that some people never develop.  They want everyone to play by a narrow set of rules stacked in their personal self-interest.  With a pass that places them above the rules.

Chess is a timeless game that is played with a clock, that sets a time limit on the amount of time that you may take to think. Chess clocks have two buttons on top, such that when a move is made, your personal clock stops andyour opponents clock starts.  The arm pushes up a little hand and when the hand falls, your time is over as is the game.  It just keeps chess away from endless horizons.

The idea of making a move in chess is to set an advantage for your color over the other color.  Each move places a segment of the board en prise, or under attack.  Each piece is connected with other pieces in a protection racquet for black - altho there are many dual edged swords lying about.  The goalis king protection and the queen is the most powerful piece.  Every piece plays a specific role and the contest over who controls the land base of the 64 square board is the tale of the game.

Lessons of chess fall over into lessons of life.  Risk taking is sometimes rewarded, but generally keeping an inter-piece communications network allows the pieces on the board to work in tandem toward an overall goal - the other players king by checkmate.  Then, we set up the pieces, trade sides and play again.

What has been missing from life is the ability to cash in the chips and start over again. The system is skewed to reward the people called corporations at the epense of the rest of us, with no ability to shuffle up and redeal the cards - or reset the chess pieces.  The institutions that have failed still control the mechanisms and we have to quit playing games set under unfair rules.

My good friend Aeon Pi has been working separately in parallel circles for several years.  He recently started his Empower blog - which is connected in the cross lynx, over above right.  His most recent post was a redirect - to It's Just a Game.  An excerpt : 

Every time a religion or a government or a corporation manages to get you emotionally and you take the redemption offered (buy their lies/ buy their argument/buy their product), they have successfully mind-controlled you. This is their game and it works every time because the people are stuck in their emotional bodies with layers of self-created obligation.

Here is the problem and why we are vulnerable to this. A lofty thought coming from the higher, deeper aspect of self, is a high frequency energy thought that exists in a very fast time dimension. Thus unless we deliberately focus on such thoughts/ideas, they will be fleeting and not a part of our reality. By comparison, an emotional feeling is from this slow time flow, so it is much easier for us to linger in ‘feelings’, and especially so as the supporting mind stories seemingly flow automatically.

I remember the old alka seltzer commercial - Try it, you'll like it.  Create the image of demand for a product and it is already sold.  That we can drink tea, or lemon water and have the same settling effect just doesn't sell pills.  That is what Merika has become pill pushers with their own set of cloaks and daggers - a con game, more like Lao Tzu Chess than chess itself.

Lao Tzu chess simulates life as a mushroom - you are kept in the dark and shovelled sh*t.  The pieces start scattered in the back row - with the king somewhere between the two rooks.  The board is lit in only areas that your pieces can see - otherwise the squares appears dark.  As you move, you light and darken various squares on you opponents side of the board.   When you take a piece, it goes into your reserve, and can be played back onto the board in your color instead of moving a piece on the board. Object is still capture the king.

Scheming Mind is where lemme plays chess.  Come visit.

Good luck ... namaste' ...  doc

May 21, 2014

Life's Truth

Little corner of nice
Howdt of the weigh
Oozing thru cracks
Twixt void and space

Being with, while alone
All life creates images
Life itself an illusion
In context of one being

Spruce cones grow
Stress of the journey
Causes self reproduction
Once again, plants respond
As only truth can.

lemme howdt (cc) 2014

May 20, 2014

Talking bout Trees

The sun is rising, the mass is loving and doc's 321st tree day is still early in the void massing quadrant.  One tree day takes 64 human days - one tree year is 64 human years.  The Treei calendar rotates through themes as color and sound and shape, with some significance to orientation.  Doc has played with the treei oracle deck, and honors Armando as the creator of this vastly useful theme.  This topic has resonated in depth throughout the Zone - it can serve as a bridge for looking at nature thru Gaian Eyes.

Each tree sets forth a fractal pattern of growth that emulates the forest at a lesser scale.   When we can slow our thought down to a pace where we can feel the heartbeat of a tree, then we have demonstrated the patience to work directly with Gaia.   The natural resources of Gaia belong to all life forms at every scale; the manifestation of human is simply our weigh of perceiving the collective whole on the scale that we live upon.   

Every tree talks to adjacent trees and thinks in human terms as a tree - never perceiving a difference between tree cognizance and its time frame.   Trees only see humans when we fall asleep leaning against one, imagine the Rip Van Winkle story from the tree's perspective.   Peter Thompkins (1968?); The Secret Life of Plants should give us enough clues as to how to perceive tree as a human, but never comes close to perceiving human as a tree.  

Just a people have familiar pets, there are trees in my life that have been friends over a long haul on human time, a brief wisp in the life of tree.  Some of my favorites bear description here - how often do people get to tell their favorite tree stories?   I may even be able to dig up a photo or two too.   

The why tree at the Wild Rose Vinyard has to be the oddest tree that i ever met.   Growing half-way up the far hill, the tree has two 90 degree bends that cause about three feet of tree to have grown sideways.  The form of the tree looks like a question mark,  I have always wondered what could have caused the form of horizontal growth, and why is it no longer there?

The giant madrone at Wonder Earth is also an amazing tree.   I had a class measure the circumference of the tree as a function of height off the ground and introduced fractals to high school youth at an alternative school. Kids are open to learning experience, they just dont wish to be told what to do.  Give them the toys of science and allow them to explore on their own- one on one with nature. Sure beats a classroom.

At Toketee Hot Springs, on the path on the opposite side of the river are the pair of guardian trees that serve as my welcomehome buddies.  The two of them are about 10 yards from each other, right on the path as it goes down before ascending the side of the pyramid.   I always stop to toke at these trees - and often am rewarded with presents, like feathers, matsutakes and chantrelles, in different seasons.   That i can lean on these trees and share my gratitude with Gaia for such a wonderful place is highly fulfilling.

My favorite tree is a fir on my homescape in southern Oregon.   When i needed the time to think, i would head to the glade and lean upon this tree.  I was able to transplant many things in my own personal little forest - and had communication with many trees through this master fir.  One tree provided a home for white truffles and another had black carbon balls.   We also had a tree at the far end of the property that produced an annual flush of oyster mushrooms.

There is a small blue spruce outside the door here who has become my latest tree buddy. I notice the full spruce cones on the ground from last year and picked up a few for the collection.  With the crazy weather patterns of this year, this spruce is putting on new cones, on selected branches, not everywhere.  How unusual.  My kind of tree to hang out with - Goof hides under her and watches the bird feeder.

To relate to trees requires me to slow down my breathing, and to be in the presence of now.  A touch has to last for over a minute before the tree can even sense that you are there, at least the first time.  There are clues in the form that the tree takes, yet we are not in the time frame of tree to even begin to understand the thinking process of tree, from this human perspective.  Yet to be in tune with Gaia, it is a good place for a novice to start.

namaste' ...  doc

May 19, 2014

Alternate Timelines

There seems to be some impatience amongst light workers for change to change things overnight.  If you consider that our current timeline is part of the 26,000 year Mayan cycle, then the error bars set at 0.01% still include the present moment as December 21, 2012.   The degree of momentum swinging around through the tangible space geometry of the dawning of the age of Aquarius is making time pass rapidly.   Instant communication allows each of us to catch decades worth of information new each week.  Our paradigm is changing - the rate depends upon our interpretation of time.

I wish to take some liberty with the concept of time; in order to remain consistent, i would like to separate some of the function that we use in time and take them into the flux box - that area where we suspend the item and work our way around the issue until we have something that resolves our challenge.  We may keep time as a setting for appointments and consistent rendering of historic dates.  The charting axis called time, when used as a process to establish rate based on seconds, minutes, and hours, can be held consistent relative to itself.  Granted that it takes 9 months to gestate a human baby.  Otherwise, the watch looks like this.

Now that we have taken the function of linear time on a human scale and rendered our watch and our calendar as relative values, let's look at the concept of time as a function of size.   Time appears longer as individuals get smaller.   The largest mammals, like whales and elephants, live their natural lives much longer than humans.   If life span is consistent across life, then time shrinks or expands based on the size that we appreciate ourselves to be.   So let us make the assumption that all critters think themselves to be in human form.

This does not in any way shape or form make them human.  An ant sees other ants as individual entities on the ant scale - imagine their mind would be blown away by the concept of the movie Them from the ant perspective.  I imagine that ant has no concept of whale or elephant, although worm to ant might appear as Dune spice reptile.  That there are analogs to ant the size of ant to human, there is no doubt.  That this continues on in scale indefinitely seems to be a function of physical support structure or lattice.  When the mechanism cannot be supported by simplicity at the next level smaller, then functions must be paired, as simpler forms of life do exist.

But what about bigger?  We show little imagination for emergent systems - the complexity seems to boggle us.   I believe in as above, so below and feel that analogy is the gateway to comprehension.  Yet they have to be the proper pairings; apples are not oranges.  The evidence is that all is well, as everything seems to be swirling in the miasma of ever faster motion of time.

It will stop, all of a sudden, and appear to leave us in a timeless void.  This is where the discipline of being okay with self will come into play.  When we create our own time in the space we are in, we will not even notice the change relative to our personal being.  The frequency range will run through a harmonic prism, that segregates each wavelength into areas of its own cognition.  The field will be dampened or sharpened by your individual state of mind - the ability to keep feeling the love broadening the resonances.

From general reference, there seems to be a quadrant approach coming - four separate timelines that function at different harmonic frequencies within the same manifestation of space.  The scale of these timelines is human scale, however the manifestation of human scale can be on any fractal of all cosmic existence - all seem human from a human perspective.  The four are ... Jetsons, Flintstones, 1984, and the Garden.  

Doc once theorized a 13 entity Gaia space - where the one world in real time was surrounded by two rings of six worlds in themed quasi-time.  This meant that two worlds in yin/yang pair had the same person battling themselves for perspective on an issue.  For instance - light lemme and dark lemme live on parellel worlds that intersect for one month in every six.   When separate, they each see uniquely, but during overlap space - the two are merged into a single schizophrenic entity.  When the issue is resolved - both pseudo-lemmes go back to the real central world lemme and live in nirvana for a while - before reincarnating on another space scale when necessary.

What if every time we made a choice, we created a separate timeline where an alter ego made the opposite choice?  The two could run in parellel until they either merged because the decision made no difference, or separated because it made all the difference in the world.  The latter would be like a strange attractor in chaos theory, where you suddenly found different inputs and outputs for your personal creativity and chose to pursue the latter path.  You would diverge from all other generated yous and begin to forge a new timeline in a different fractal direction.

Namaste' ...  lemme

May 18, 2014

What's In Water

The conversation on water is deeply theoretical, yet also deeply practical.  Water is ubiquitous, so we tend to take it for granted.  Our health depends on remaining hydrated - drinking enough water to keep our systems flushed and flowing.  Doc is going deeper into the nature of water, writing a treatise on the topic that should turn into a good book.

The alignment of water is due to the polar nature of the water molecule.   The descriptor polar refers to the dipole moment, a chemistry term that essentially implies charge separation.  Charge interaction drives chemistry in a form where opposite charges attract to share or gift electrons.  Like attracts like also, so water molecules line up in a well organied relationship, where the hydrogen bonding is maximized.

Water being polar allows the inorganic elements to become ions, that is to hold charge.  An ion is a species that hold positive (cation) or negative (anion) charge, by gifting away or accepting electrons.  Salts are combinations of ions - like NaCl, sodium chloride, table salt - a Na+  holding with Cl- .  When dissolved in water, the salt dissociates and the ions migrate, stabilized in solution.

Water is the universal solvent, it will carry many different things.  The total suspended solids is a measure of how much stuff is actually in your water.  It requires a scale and a filter and a liquid measuring device.  The scale should be able to resolve milligrams - water laboratories typically use an analytical balance for the task.  The filter is carefully weighed and then exactly a liter of water in poured through it.  The items captured on the filter arewhat was suspended in the water.  Tap water runs through enough screens that there should not be suspended solids, but lake or stream water has plenty.

The suspended solids are only part of the picture. There are also dissolved solids, all those ions that we talked about.  If you catch the liter of filtered water and evaporate off the water, the residue left is the total dissolved solids.   Hard water contains ions like calcium and iron that solvate easily, but are readily apparent when the water is removed.   The total charge of the cations will equal the total charge of the anions - solids without water do not hold charge - the ions revert to salts.

Structured water has to do with the alignment of all the molecules within the water.  This can be accomplished physically or chemically.  Victor Schauberger getsmuch of the credit for the realization that water structuring can be used to purify the water form - movement and aerations were the keys to his flow form designs.  On a smaller personal scale, i use a structured water unit to cause the same spinning action that whips up a good chaos that descends into a structured order.  The linked web page should be scrolled down and read for more valid water information.

The water that i use does not come from the tap.  Municipal water systems are notorius as the worst water polluters on the planet - yet they assume liberties that we do not appreciate.   Flouridation is a means of disposing of industrial waste and has very bad health effects.  The minimum municipal water quality standards make a lot of money for water labs, but really do not assist the people. Yet the authorities want to claim that cow dung is their major water contaminant.  Not so. I use reverse osmosis water purchased from a water store in 100 gallon lots.

In Oregon, doc was part of a watershed council.  This group contained representatives from each group that claimed interest in the water - including timber industry, environmentalists, tribes, and municipalities.  The Feds stood back and watched claimed uber-control, but basically served as advisors.  There was money from lottery and rural school funds that landed on the ground, to open up fish passage by replacing undersized culverts under rural roads.  Even got a big tunnel in Canyonville that went under Interstate-5 and opened 30 miles of fish habitat, closed off since the 1960's.  The salmon runs returned.

Back to structured water - there seems to be communication between all the water atoms that create the bulk of water.   When water is in water, it takes its regular structural form - but when a biological system uses the same water molecule, it takes whatever shape is required by the space available.  Water has memory - see Schiff (1993) The Memory of Water.  This memory is not discarded when the water molecule returns to the bulk water - it is held in abeyance.  Water wishes to return to the experience, to find its way back to where it once belonged.

Water can change form to become part of structure - the idea of chemical lattices is explored by Pollack (2013) in The Fourth Phase of Water.  It seems that there is more going on beyond the current scientific parameters of study.  Dr. Emoto is not a scientist, but his photography lends itself toward proving that water is intelligent.   If humans are fractally water, that has been removed from the molecular level by, say 30 orders of magnitude, which is roughly nine fractal levels (30 + 3.14) difference, then our feelings and actions might be interpreted thought a different medium.  Our water insides interacting with our air outsides may be independent of our thought process.

This bodes well for all of us.  The cleansing of the water of Gaia will help us with a fresh start toward honoring our water on all scales, rather than using it as a waste disposal system.  The water is our teacher, we are students in a world where we learn by teaching and teach while learning.  Water will be the topic of tomorrow's Divinity monday morning metaphysics session at about 8 am mountain time.

Namaste' ... doc

May 17, 2014

Niche Science

Process revolves
With uncertainty via
Cyclic phenomena
Products of process A
Raw materials
For future input
Somehow shuffling
Thru multiple eternities
Constantly back
To process A
Predators lurk
Prey scamper
Population upheavals
Where balance can be seen
By cause and effect
In segregated roles
Determining order
From the chaos of life
Occasions an event
Which wipes clean the slate
Perpetrator from niche
Where function necessary ceases
And cyclic process stops
Stone cold dead crazy y’know

Until gaia creates evolves uncovers
Migrates form to cover function
Pathways to the end result
Are offline for the time and place
Gaia, in ubiquitous redundancy,
Allows niches to exit
With grace and aplomb
At the end of their functional time
At the end of their functional space
At the end of their functional livelihood
As Harrison said – all things must pass
There is nothing wrong with this
There is nothing right with this
It is just this

Novel creatures find a vacancy
A whole where process lies dormant
A world of raw material
Setting idle waiting to be transformed
To get back on with the process of life
While other process’ function
Picking up the slack in the line of life
Do you use the right lure on the life line?
Does your fish catch enough bait to remain
Attached to the pathway where your feet tread?
Can you feel the change rumbling, tumbling
Stirring upheaval in the bellies of folks
Dissatisfied with the means handed forth
By the playing deck of societal privilege
Being in the right place at the right time
Is the right of every activist – at your expense

By the time time passes
When slack collectors are overtaxed
Our novel pathways, cut clean with
Development costs unrelated to result
Novel trivialities of high cost, low mileage
Special tickled interest of goons
Loading up the strictures of the structures
Bind us into a single superhighway
Full throttle and running strong
Opposite of redundant ubiquity

Now people people are another breed
Science requires multiple
Lines of reason
Concise thought that won’t agree
Until convergence at the end
Of the chutes and ladders road
Where two forwards to one back
Is optimistic for the intent of creation
Goals in so many forms
Each personal and driven
Each broad and all encompassing
Each common and yet unique
Goals in so many forms
Have a chance, an option to succeed

As roadblock encumbers pathway
Artificial imposition of will
Limits to – you think my way
Else I blow you to smithereens –
Where is smithereens
Is it next to nirvana?
Is it just me or is everybody unfulfilled?

People reinternalize grubbermint
As an understructure
As we are not slaves but sovereigns
Each takes on a role well
A different hat that lights our torch
Seuss novel Go Dog Go hat
An expectation that our hat fits me
An expectation that our hat fits you
An expectation of a few hours service
With hats on and even blinders
Where Solomon and Ghandi walk the halls
With Newton, Pauling and Scheherazade

A life of inherent thunder
To be dedicated to public service
We the people behind Oz screen
We the people who run the show
We the people who use the backdrop
To develop a matrix of mutual support
Working productively for infinite value
Freely trading goods for wares
Time for place
In an open market
Of global peace

 lemme howdt 2005 (cc - creative commons) copy freely with attribution