May 08, 2014

Insight into Biologic Flow

Something came together today that requires more depth in thought.  The purpose of sleep is to recharge the biochemistry of the body, to store enough potential energy to run the body with kinetic energy at the proper time.  Food conversion provides some energy, sunlight provides more and eventually, we wear out and need sleep to prime the pump again.

The mechanism appear to involve the sulfate ion.  As a chemist, i tended to believe that sulfate was a biological dead end, because it is the completely oxidized form of sulfur.   I didn't think about sulfate as a carrier for metal ions.   It also serves as an anti-oxidant, preventing biological degradation of organic tissue.   The key insight has to do with the interaction of sulfate with water.

Structured water holds sacred geometric patterns.  When water is present in biological systems, it is removed from the bulk of water solution and placed into specific configuration in the lattice of the system. There are so many more water molecules than every other molecule combined by many orders of magnitude.   Pollack's 4th phase of water brings some new ideas to light - let's take his word as correct.

Metal ions have increased solubility in sulfate form.  This allows active transport across membranes and enhances movement across barriers - including the blood brain barrier.  A strong cation like aluminum would be carried into a place where it can block an active site.   An active site is a place where metal catalyzed reactions occur to allow mechanisms of life.   There are two distinct locations where the effects could be seen - enzyme function and DNA fealty.

I think that this is stuff to work thru for the next book.  Our theory is that Alzheimer's is like swiss cheese on the brain - this helps explain a mechanism.  Thyme to dissolve and be that water - and see what is happening at the water scale.

Namaste' ... doc

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