May 09, 2014

Science and Spirituality Integrated

When we attempt to pay attention to too many things at once, we get caught in a time crunch that takes away our latitude of choice.   There is so much going on worth paying attention to that we could easily spend our entire day collecting and collating information.   Thus, our society has chosen to divide up responsibility and leave people to operate within their chosen fields with relative autonomy.   Politicians do tell scientists in what areas to make discoveries, by controlling the funding available, but they do not specify what the findings should be.

We have all heard many times that ignorance of the law is no excuse.   However, i would challenge anyone here to demonstrate how ignorance of the law of gravity allows humans (or pigs) to fly.  One does not need to know science in order to be, but it certainly helps.   Formal science was divided apart from religion by Isaac Newton around 1700 - the genius that was given the role of transforming the weigh people thought about things.   In the Asimov foundation saga, that role was played by Hari Seldon.

Yesterday was a personal day of absorbed learning.  I spent hours watching interviews with Eckhart Tolle, Michio Kaku and Alan Watts.   Tolle is the most conscious person in the multiverse, author of A New Earth and The Power of Now.  Kaku is a media darling, the scientist who replaced Carl Sagan as the recognized voice for the people,  author of half a dozen books on technical topics.  Watts is the 1960's radical who led the LSD generation and wrote The Book.   All three sets of wisdom appeared in support of this idea of immediate change.  Kaku even talked about Asimov and the Foundation series!

The insight on biologic flow, will lead to a specific explanation for a mechanical process model.  This form of the insight will open new doors on how to collate information in a different weigh.  Since human society currently operates with base ten mathematics as its given, one weigh to change immediately is to work in another different mathematical base.  Base eight gives us the Grid of 64.  Base 12 gives us the Zodiac - both models that we understand.  If you think this is foreign, look at how computers use binary - base 2 and hexadecimal - base 16. By using both eight and twelve, the average is ten.

Now here is a concept that might not make sense.  We do not need good math in order to do good science.  Most 5 year old children do very good science, as they learn to grasp the world to meet their own needs.   Every puppy and kitten ever trained to do potty quickly learns by reward and punishment, which actions to take to get desired results.  The idea of science is to discover and explain, not to verify and prove, until after the theory is demonstrated to work.  Gaia uses Fibonacci and the golden mean ration, she does no math.

Science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive, as many of us know.  Newton's barrier and scientific burden of proof have separated the is from the is.   Humans differentiate well by breaking things down into more palatable chunks.   We use models to explain by showing parallels.   That the model is not the system and that the behaviors predicted are not verifiably true until proven, lead us to the circular games that have bolluxed up the systems we use today.

Humans integrate very badly.  We reject new truths until they are proven and then sabotage the speakers when we don't like what they say.  Economics has been pushed in front of every other consideration, to the point where cutting edge knowledge is sequestered for economic profit.  The inmates run the asylum from Rome on the Potomac and we watch the spin come forth as nonsense upon more nonsense.   Whack a mole hurts, when you are the mole.

Immediate is a relative term.  It means now.   However, when we look at the billions of year of existence in terms of embedded fractal cycles, immediate must have error bars that are hundreds of years wide.   The 26,000 year Mayan cycle has been a topic of this blog in the past - a hundreth of a percent error would be 2.6 years.   The date cemented on the calendar was Dec 21, 2012.   Nature is extremely accurate, and yet nothing in nature except humans actually knows how to count. For context, a typical excellent 5% error rate is 95% accuracy - a hundredth is .01% - 99.99% accuracy.

So we are still in the moment of NOW for the changes into the fifth dimension - the age of Aquarius.  Doc will be writing and working on a formal plan to investigate the nature of consciousness.  The form of the education has not been determined yet - doc is on sabbatical leave from ONRRI while developing this process.  To be part - link in with any of the locales we talk about here on this stage.   The form that we use here will be unique, because it will serve as a model for things that have not been integrated yet.  

namaste' ...  doc

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