May 31, 2014

Oops - wrong movie

I made a mistake and paid attention to the obummer whirled.  I found that John Kerry, man of hair, has called out Ed Snowed-in to stand up like a man and face the rabid criminal just-us system for the crimes of telling the merikn peeps what the merikn grubbermint is doing.  Daniel Ellsberg, whistle blower of Pentagon Papers fame, is the source of information - a person who has been there and done that.  Glad to know that doc is not the only one who sees when nonsense is presented as black is white.

As the economic system unravels, we the peeps should be cheering and thinking about the mechanisms of how to do things on a local scale.  The images presented by the lame stream media should be taken as a symbol of 1984 - Orwell had access to the same time-line vision scope as Jules Verne.  The 30 year difference is a masque - take a look at the Kansas album cover art closely.  All is not what it seems.

I would like to deviate to the area of education, because the public indoctrination system has created the myths that allow mr. hair to be believed over the obvious truth.  The reality of truth is that it is simulated in each individual, based on the acceptance of a set of facts that may or may not be true.  At each level of education, more cognitive dissonance is piled high upon the previous set of knowledge and the population segregated into the red team and the blue team.  I personally learn on an individual basis, by spending the time investigating a topic in depth.

As all regular readers here know, doc is a natural resources chemist that has been transformed as a chrysalis into lemme howdt, a hero warrior poet of peace.  Doc is currently on sabbatical leave of all senses, while on a journey into creating a new Weigh - a system where people who have given up on the old system can start fresh into a world of new resource, by thinking differently.  As these days group think does not accept alternative thinkers, doc took on a hermits existence and moved away from as much of the culture as possible while remaining embedded as a journalist blogger.

The image has come together well enough to write the book.  The pictures, descriptions and accounts of this blog - The Zone - are recorded in enough places on the net, that the memory hole would have a difficult thyme of wiping howdt he thought stream.  The transformation from the current reality to the logical future is a trip along the timeline of expectation - you will be exactly where you place yourself, by the belief in the thoughts that you carry.  For peeps that read newspapers and frown at bloggers, a book is the only method of reaching their minds.

Books are old school. New school is word of mouth or really world of ever larger idiot boxes.  Computers are tools that put first hand information at our doorstep.  How we interpret that information is what will establish the timeline that we dwell upon.  To get the theory correct, i rely on the fact that for every blog i write, there are more readers thinking about how to be the change that we need to be to succeed in changing the whirled back to the garden.

The keyword today is unschool.

Namaste' ... doc

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