May 04, 2014


Everybody knows better than somebody else.   To observe, without taking action, specifies a field of learning endeavor.  The words we choose to represent concepts drive imagery that buzzes the psyche of individuals to react.   The fear that what we know is moot and that we are just the sum of the information passing through us scares most peeps.

Common knowledge is geographically dependent.   The space that we live in and the time that we live on are of our own choosing.   Space and time are abstract concepts that have become real by being commonly set as a coordination mechanism.  Time would still exist without clocks, but clocks will not exist if there is no concept of time.  

All time is now, as we perceive it.   We have memories of things that happened to us as individuals, but how do we know that it happened on this time line?  Can we shift between time lines effortlessly, since we are ignorant that they exist.  Cetaceans seem to know more about the now than humans - can we listen to them?  How do they tell time?

namaste' ... doc

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