March 30, 2012

Watts' Game Theory

It comes, then, to this : that to be "viable", livable,or merely practical, life must be lived as a game... it must be lived in the spirit of play rather than work, and the conflicts which it involves must be carried on in the realization that no species, or party to a game, can survive without its natural antagonists, its beloved enemies, its indispensable opponents. p124

... we do not play the Game of Black and White. The universal game of up/down, on/off, solid/space and each/all. Instead, we play the game of Black versus White or, more usually, White versus Black... but the game "White must win" is no longer a game. It is a fight. p31

My friend Armando introduced me to Alan Watts shortly after i arrived at town. The depth of conversation was conceptual rather than technical, so i never actually read Watts philosophy, i took it in on the fly. I had the opportunity to read Watts' The Book yesterday and found that he was writing about the same concepts that i have been thinking about and expanding upon. His metaphorical explanation of meta-physics was written in 1967, 45 years ago. I do not believe in coincidence, this realization gives me solace that i have achieved a comprehension that i know what i am talking about, even though you may not get it the way i get it.

March 28, 2012

Game Theory - 7

Today is not just another normal day - there will no longer be such. Each day is a new adventure as people negotiate there place in the changing form. Each time another meme shows up, it tossed a monkey wrench into the proceedings of people dealing with other people. Get action that spins wheels and takes time and accomplishes nothing. The link between time and work is disconnected, yet people are afraid to give up work as we see it as a lifeline. We have to let it go - it serves no valid purpose any longer.
There is no outside lifeline. What is, is what is and what you see is what you get. WYSIWYG - an acronym that took me some real thinking to get, when it first sprang upon me. I missed the introduction of social networks and had to play ketchup, so i went over deep and made the highly entertaining mistakes when i did connect. I did not prepare for the volume of exchanged information being entirely unidirectional with feedback being buried in the mechanism. Most people play this on-line game blind - i had IRC before the net was formed.

If you know what IRC is, i salute you. If not, you now have homework. There are many mechanisms for weighing the value of something - the criteria has to be something linked directly, as a consequence or an action. For instance, you can monitor the use of pencils by looking at the wear on the eraser - the size of the pencil depends on how sharpen happy the kid is - not a valid metric. Ratio metrics work - derivative metrics can be created based on the project of usage and value. Examples of this are shooting percentage as a ratio and earned run average as a derivative. Fantasy sports is a perfect model of how to use numbers to measure performance - sports in general gives meaning to the concept of ratios between small whole numbers.

Base ten mathematics is in the current flux box. The numbers from zero through nine can be counted, but all base measurement is off limits until i come through with another concept of relationship. Linear relationships are off-base, so algebra and geometry also have to go off the table, although sacred geometry is allowed for form - but not with real numbers. Matrix algebra is part of group theory and is allowed, but multiplication and division should be justified for each specific use. When a number is used as a marker, it is non mathematical. When the number is measured, then it is mathematical and the only allowed linear operation is count. How many is a valid question, but how to divide amongst is not.

Also - mathematics is allowed in dealing in old paradigm value discussions as long as we do not initiate the discourse. There will be too much flux of people changing sides continually, that it doesn't pay to argue without facts. It doesn't pay to argue anyway, but the flux box is designed to work out new ideas and not to penalize people that use it. We can measure the amount of time that the topic remains in the flux box, but time is not a valid measure, since we don't know how it actually works. So by knowing when the concept goes in, we can establish later precedent for bringing things out to reevaluation, once the truths are discovered.

I feel like an archaeological magician, exploring a direction of thought that was lost long ago, buried under ego and bullshyte that wasn't allowed to see the time of day. South Park must have the most annoying musical introduction of any show on television - ah steely dan. Now music has changed my thought pattern - this blog is done, for now. See you on the inside.

March 27, 2012

In Concert : Deep Thought

Far Away - Carole King : listening to the music and my thoughts return to you. The earth changes and suddenly, it's all different. Blink and you miss it. The speed of time right now is flying along at a pace beyond conception - yet it will still happen faster in the near future. The spiral is based on the number and goes inside and outside, forward and backward in fractal increments that always phi with each other.

So, hurry up and wait become a familiar song - you get ready to move on only to find that the time has not warped and you are still here, facing your day with further exhaustion. I stepped back, had to. We learn lessons by ruminating on the cud - rerunning the scenarios again and again to justify a different thought - a perhaps that didn't happen - yet it did because we willed it to be. The clearing is full of flowers because i imagine the flowers to be there when i paint the picture.

What Dreams May Come is holywood at its preachy best, with Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr. transcending reality. It's too late baby now - thanks carole - the songs and the films have embedded messages at many levels - we know what we need to hear when we need it and so we manifest it to be. We can be whatever we wish, the whirled will cater to the life we envision - if only we allow or imagination to trump our knowledge. Uncle Albert.

I have had some deep conversations with friends that have placed my intuition into primary focus. Just because we are paranoid doesn't mean they're not howdt to get us. The ground has shifted and the positive and negative are completely howdt of balance - duality is over - yin and yang have danced through their end-game. The final lock-howdt has occurred - no telling how the game rules will shake howdt.

Here is where i have lived for many years - eight by my count - a full octave. Consistency is an odd phenomena that requires direct changes when a mode of thought is replaced or contradicted. I think that the math needs work, but i cannot give it the time while attempting to control the mundane. I need an embedded community of thought - that allows me my solitude and then provides outlet to the other thinkers. I understand the concept of monastery - my satyagraha is my own and we shall see where it flows. My current tool is the mop - it comes with a bucket. I also have a shovel. Compost forever.

I feel supported in the alignment, although i cannot begin to explain the relationship. I am open to the thought of group, but feel that isolation is required to develop focus of interest. I have been given a chance to slow down while everyone else pushes forth and the pace is a function of time - which is not a valid concept at this moment. We will have all the time in the world fairly soon, but the discipline to use time of your own to advantage and not be bored is a function of the individual. We develop the ability to be self-entertaining by hearing the song and the music will always play.

Perception is completely different when taking a different perspective. Belief is crucial to the shift - questioning authority is based on the ability to construct alternative reality. There are 13 choices and 256 manifestations - that leaves an awful lot of possibilities and some highly unlikely probabilities. But there is enough chance that everything happens - choice is made to be different if more people believe in that choice. We can burst each other's bubbles, or we can support our visions, it is our own individual choice. Fire and Rain - James Taylor - singing in live concert with Carole - heaven - rockabye sweet baby james

March 26, 2012

Pop! goes the Weasels

All around the cobblers bench, the monkey chased the weasel, the monkey thought it was all in fun, Pop! goes the weasel. A penny for a spool of thread, a penny for a needle - the monkey's thought it was all in fun Pop! goes the weasel.

I enjoy Monday morning, because JHK is one of the best literary bloggers on the net. The discussions move along quickly between familiar avatars, who race to be first (why?) and often make salient points. They also send you places, that open rabbit holes, but allow researchers to get depth to support opinion. PS - I don't believe in 'medical' doctors.

You know my opinion on economics from reading my posts. The game is the whatever they are going to throw at us and us reacting - or it is us getting our thoughts together and stopping the mind-set dead in its tracks. Here is a very thoughtful status quo report from KulturCritic. It is one way to look at it - I would guess that every perspective has its own reality. Hang on to your hats.

Also - for those of you who follow Clif - the irish temporal marker meets RT is noticed. The grid of 64 has four orientations - the sifting process requires a base of 256. These stats are not significant, but this spiral has jumped from 21 to 34 in rolling fibonacci average. This means that the low numbers are well past - the hypothesis is 100 monkeys. My guess is that 89 will do. I will also need to calculate the period - i was not keeping accurate account of this when i first began the process.

Bananas provide metabolic potassium - can the monkeys cultivate banana trees after the weasel Pops!?

March 25, 2012

If no time, then what?

We all life in our own personal delusions and find a need to include others in our personal beliefs to find validation. This is not necessary. We have enough love of our fellow ‘travelers’ to trust that they believe what they believe truly in their heart. There is no need for me to believe that too, except to accept. Yet if i accept wisdom as wisdom without learning about the experience associate with the wisdom, am i wise? I would suggest not.

English language has become a tower of babble – with each different field of expertise having it’s own unique words and symbols to say essentially the same thing. Semantics allow us to walk away from a conversation believing we have solved our problems, because the words used pacified us, but the meaning of those words was interpreted differently on the other side of the agreement. There is no common experience, so there can be no common thought.

Ah, but we know that there is common thought. Patrick and I had a conversation on ‘who are they’ that forms a basis set for a direction of philosophy. Once we agree and the agreement is observed, then that is a concept taken beyond the starting point. Each of us must use our personal judgment to rationalize the new information within the self-consistent concept of life that we carry with-in. Peace is an observation of all in agreement.

Life is funny – because we have a broken concept of time that is ‘irrefutable’ because the mainstream does not even acknowledge that the concept of time could be wrong. And with time gone – integral and derivative mathematics must follow, because time is embedded as a concept = it all is based on dT. We cannot use the concept of time in defining time or else we be self-circular. You can see where my fun is engaged these days.

Thank you brothers and sisters to come for helping me explore the borders of tomorrow.

The Reverend Doctor Lenny (Universal Sovereign on a Living Earth)

March 24, 2012

Game Theory - 6

Life is one of those things that happens at every scale. Monsanity provides anti-life at this scale and has to be stopped. The criteria is non-negotiable - all genetic engineering in agriculture must stop, immediately. Arrests must stop the willful degradation of the eco-system - there is no game of control here. We cannot foul our nest any longer.

The Gulf oil spill needs to be capped and cleaned up. The idea that if we ignore it it will go away is a joke. The idea that the solution to pollution is dilution is that our oceans have dead zones off the mouths of rivers. Commerce at the expense of the chemical exchange that keeps earth in atmosphere is insanity. If corporations are people, the time has come to lock Monsanity up in virtual jail. Accountability occurs in a meritocracy - economics has no role. How can we divorce the idea of accounting from the ability to do exchange without the bean-counter exacting his toll for the overlords?

The base would have to decouple work from the ability to live. This would be a good thing, in that we really do not have enough work to go around. If only the people that had something they wanted went to work to - then work would turn into an effective means of getting things done, rather than a means of occupying our time.

If you need resources for your work, there could be an assembly of thirteen people called the committee of the whole. You take your work proposal to this set of diverse people, chosen at random from the populace, and you must convince one of them to agree that the idea has merit. The process is the converse of 'consensus minus one'. If 'idea plus one', then you get unlimited access to the resources you need to develop your idea, including labor - which gets educated in how to enact the idea as an exchange part of the process. Essentially, everybody is empowered to do what they want, kept at a minimum basic lifestyle plus whatever they earn, based upon whatever they learn.

School would be optional, but verified credentials would be necessary to achieve the level of access that the individual desires. Each and every field that calls itself a profession already has its order sorted out to deal with its own brand of chaos. Each of these areas will take on apprentices and teach them communication in the language of the field.

We currently have a tower of babel called english, where word smyths can make anybody believe anything by techniques like persuasion, let's allow each field sovereignty within their field. Stakeholders apply for membership to a 'group' and again one person is required for agreement for membership.

Tracking performance must be done from the perspective of indifference. If the person doing the tracking has any motive within the group, the data is biased. Sports works because the performance criteria goes beyond the ability to manipulate the statistics - the number of games is too great to affect the over-all outcome. Baseball is purest because 162 games provide statistical significance - which is a concept that the movie Moneyball just ingrained in the public purview. The greater the number of measurements - n - the better the tracking criteria.

I believe we would be much better off if we could eliminate all time based criteria. The concept of time in engrained in science as the form of both derivatives and integrals. The mathematics in calculus revolves about the use of dt - taken over time. Our concept of time is dead wrong at this point and we have warped our vision of time/space by missing the point on how time works. It is a probability with infinite absolutism - time happens. How it happens is another story.


March 21, 2012

The 20th Century Fox

Sometimes, the inexplicable suddenly appears to make sense. 'The man who tapped the secrets of the universe' has been one of my favorite books for several years. Now, I have found the website dedicated to the works of Dr. Walter Russell. The pictures are intricate and the wave mechanics are of a different form that typical quantum explanation. Russell was a man of action - his periodic table will be one of my next endeavors - enjoy the drawings.

Paris at Night

March 20, 2012

Let me be

There is a major difference between suggesting a path of action and telling somebody to do something. When solicited, opinion is a good thing; if you're not asked, please keep your lips zipped. Nothing ticks me off more than being told what to do. I usually know what to do, but need to ask some questions to make sure that my facts are correct. Just answer, in plain and simple language. The converse is also true - i will not tell you what to do, either.

Watching animal behavior has cued me in on some of this distinction. I get a sharp claw in the arm when it is time for the morning feeding. I get a sharp claw in the leg when it is time for a lap visit. The level of pain is trivial, it does get noticed. My reward is a good purr. The frequency is continually more often.

When the television is on, i feel like i am being told what to do, continually. The commercials are getting more ignorant, and the idea seems to be that i care about them. The news is actually insulting, including most of the opinions which seem to believe in nonsense. I need time to think and there are always pressures to act without delay. The services are all after somebody else's money - that somebiddy is usually me.

If the service is really worthwhile - give it out to us for free. The idea that we must work to earn a living is perpetual nonsense from those who have commoditized life The idea that the government can support us all is also nonsense - just get out of the way. If science builds on other science, but all ideas are protected as intellectual property, then what is there to build upon? The current order is greater than useless, it is contra-life.

Join me in non-cooperation. Do not tell me what to do, i will not tell you what to do. Let it be.


Daffodils bring in the spring - tis time to replace the one on my desk. Last night, when solstice arrived, my body repelled and suddenly all my contents were no longer contained. I have felt this way before, when i was under a psychic attack - there must have been some very queer energies running about. This morning, i feel back to nermal.

New daffodil on desk. Today is the day where my friend Peg becomes Rev. Peg. I went through one of those moments six years ago - i am indeed the Rev Doc Lenny, but i keep my spirituality under my hat. I feel that i am a light-worker; my role is to watch and learn, to investigate phenomena for tomorrow, not to perpetuate today. If all goes well, then i will be happy - if not, then i will be happy. Happy is a state of mind.

Calm in the face of the storm? Or, perhaps Storm in the face of the calm. What is worth - it tends to be what we appreciate. Right now, i wish to be left alone, to watch the spiral spin out and interpret the results. I am back to journalizing - exploring the complexity of multiple time-lines. The things we feel are happening in another parallel universe that is connect to this in a convex/concave relationship - embedded together by yin and yang. Last night was a chain yank.

The answer begets the question. The animals know, the plants know, the dirt knows, it is only us that are too dense to see. So listen and be patient - all is as it never was, but what is coming must wait until what is going is through. A distraction that ultimately gets us closer to our goals is a pleasant distraction for the time being - because what is now is only now at this time and when the shift happens, then nothing will be the same as it ever was.

March 19, 2012

Game Theory - 5

The theme of memes seems to be highly topical. The Kony 2012 flash news demonstrated that while there is evil in the world, we are not going to buy the concept of the amerikkan military as our saviors. The idea that we are the amerikkan people should fall the same way - the need for the adjective is gone. People are people are people. If corporations are people, then surely animals are people, plants are people, rocks are people - even rush limbo may be a person.

We need a new meme. The meme that we need is something that will allow us to encourage each other, while essentially leaving each other alone. The stacking order at this time is similar to the stacking order in a bag of microwave popcorn - we are shaken and stirred and what we have is not at all what is there. We are manipulated by everything and the physical world is melting faster that an Oz witch.

There are a few things that we have and do not need. There are also a few things that we need and do not have. For the most part, we have everything we need, but much is not recognized. If we do some basic number crunching - the numbers that we have do not add up. The challenge is in the way we think - the time has come to shift from this reality that is not real, to a closer simulation of a way to get through the coming storms.

So the new game is a game of storms. Yesterday it hailed and it snowed and it sunshined - the weather is under control by forces that make it easy to confuse a weatherman. Micro-climate exists in almost every location on earth - if you spend time in a place, you develop a routine that allows you to act properly - even if you have no idea of what properly means.

My farm always had the first flowers of the spring. I had daffodils a weel before everybody else. I lived at a location where the local hills drew water from the clouds - evening out the variance in temperature and keeping my little valley wet and warm. I also lived on a south slope - which had perfect access to sunlight all year long. The angles of the cut-away meant more day in daytime. The property was on a hillside and i had my own small forest on maybe a half of an acre. My home.

My game changed significantly - i still do not comprehend why? But what i grew up believing was not pertinent to what was happening and i had to shift my thinking to get along. This system beat me up for doing all the things i was taught to do - because i was living in a culture that had a different perspective on life. I got the picture - i just don't have the way of describing it. Games do not have to have discreet winners and losers - they can be played just for fun and the learning experience.

So i have a blank slate, a game where the game is so open that i feel unbound. The old game has controls that seek to bind me, but i believe in very few of their current memes. The earthquakes and volcanos that the earth is demonstrating are part of a significant change in the cosmic reality - nothing in our past has set us up for the future - it is up to us to carry that future forth. Set your own rules - set your own goals. Your life is your life - my life is my life and you cannot tell me how to live, as i cannot tell you how to live. Now let's discuss the superstructure ...

March 18, 2012

Ginger Snaps

Little tweaks grind into flux

As pressure of income

Rather than outcome versus

Doing the ‘proper’ thing

Begets frustration, always

Finding the shuttle back to

Where we run from as escape

Needs not fulfilled at base level

Foster anger, hurt and fear

Which span the range of emotion

Neither allowing tranquil peace

Nor settling of the tandems of

Interrelated thought process

Life requires Dylan-esque calm

Shelter from the storm as geometric

Cards envelope self-actualization

‘You can’t take it personally’

She says as she digs … deeper

Engraining monoculture lies while

Wasting community circles of equity

Equity? Tough concept for a

Me only world where selfish

Acquisition appears the end game

For why else would one foul

A nest but for fear of whatever

It is that we happen to fear

Shitting bricks, fanning flames

Then running away to hide

From too many gory details

Forces unleashed by attitudes

Of come what may and que sera’

Retire all plans of temporal order

One can never plan for the whimsical

Chaos of scorched Gaia, who wants

Yet cannot nurture, cannot give

Given the present constraints of space

Given the present shackles on time

© 2007 lemme howdt

Illegal Acts

The white kitty caught a rat this morning and is currently in the process of flinging it all about the kitchen. He is so proud of himself. Under normal conditions, i might have taken the rat away and sent the kitty outside, but today, i named the rat Obamma and will let him play. The white kitty is sovereign, just as i am sovereign. The latest E.O. is insane and we no longer have rule of law. We just have big kitties and little rats.

On March 16th, President Obama signed a new Executive Order which expands upon a prior order issued in 1950 for Disaster Preparedness, and gives the office of the President complete control over all the resources in the United States in times of war or emergency.

The National Defense Resources Preparedness order gives the Executive Branch the power to control and allocate energy, production, transportation, food, and even water resources by decree under the auspices of national defense and national security. The order is not limited to wartime implementation, as one of the order's functions includes the command and control of resources in peacetime determinations.

Section 101. Purpose. This order delegates authorities and addresses national defense resource policies and programs under the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended (the "Act").

(b) assess on an ongoing basis the capability of the domestic industrial and technological base to satisfy requirements in peacetime and times of national emergency, specifically evaluating the availability of the most critical resource and production sources, including subcontractors and suppliers, materials, skilled labor, and professional and technical personnel;

The full draft is available on the Farm Wars site. The game is over, the wars are just starting to come over here. Let's watch and see how the new game is played. My rules are peaceful non-violence at all times. If called upon to follow any regulation, i will follow the wording to the letter, ab absurdia. There will be no use of brain power except for that that i choose to use, which will be to resist tyranny in all forms. We shall see how far this goes, but my guess is that it will disappear into the memory hole, until the point where somebody believes it to be enforceable. Then they will attempt to roll it out.

The time has come to pack it in. The game of corp is over. Put your wallet away and stop perpetuating this disaster. No commerce until we are resolved, whenever that may be. My guess is that 'they' start removing blogs like this one in the near future, so enjoy it while you can.

March 17, 2012

Outside Reality

There is so much going on, that it becomes impossible to keep up with everything. We get to choose what is important to us to follow - but other people are not bound to follow the same things that we follow. Everybody is forced to follow money, because this is the common binding that we supposedly need to live. That, and other people still want to get paid and will not allow us to forget their need for money.

There is a way to stop the process - total compliance. Bureaucrats wish to make rules and if you hold them to their own rules, they tend to get flustered. Ghandi used this tactic well. Everybody is a busybody, but when you force the issue, then what can they do. Me, personally, I would withdraw. In fact, I have, but the system still requires food and gas and absolute obedience to the nonsense. I would like to see the files on me, because i cannot fathom that last concept. I stir the pot and get blamed for a lot.

I know that it is all a set-up. I also know that in the long run, everybody dies. Or so they wish us to believe. But what if we don't really die, if we just get lost to the people who expect us to be somewhere specific. I can cite several near-death experience that i have had that caused me to shake my head and wonder how what didn't happen, didn't happen. My guess is that it did happen in what everybody else saw, but that it did not end my personal reality. It did end that stage of life and soon i was off doing something different with other folks. I wonder what would happen, if i suddenly found myself in one of those past timelines that didn't happen.

I have a theory about historic fiction - it is all true. The individuals that supposedly wrote the texts actually lived through the time that they envision, it was just on another timeline that most of us didn't recognize. It is easy to be a member of the sheeple, if we can be distracted from the events that actually occur. We remain mushrooms and do very little to manifest anything other that the expected common ground. This is why i believe that i have more life adventure than others - i don't accept the whirled that i live in. I live in the world that i just described.

So entertaining fiction becomes more real than the mundane reality that they attempt to sell us on. Currently, i am in a holding cycle, in order to watch the events and grok what needs to be done next. To keep my mind at bay, i have been watching the doctor on Netflix - there have every episode from 2005 - 2011. I get to root for Billie Piper - one of my all time favorite actresses because, well, she's smart and blond. I could dissolve into a world of time travel without missing a beat - which is why i believe there is more there than there seems.

What ever becomes will bee - i hope to see you, but my guess is that i have been removed from the story in a whole lot of areas that i once inhabited. The sheeple in my current reality are people that may have had actual roles in past realities - but the common reality no longer holds water, because we each live in our own version, in our own minds. So if i am no longer there, you wouldn't even know unless you read this blog - which is also likely not there in places where i no longer can be.

March 16, 2012

Touch me

It has been awhile since i touched, on a plateau where the connection was made. My past loves have come up recently - i remember the good times and have passed beyond dwelling on the not so good. My love has never diminished, although my 'like' has wavered in the breeze. I miss you. The events were orchestrated and i would like to have another deep relationship.

The feel of your curves, the personal interaction of the parts of our bodies, the tender kisses; I miss them all. The image of what we desire is coming back, the form that it comes is never quite what we imagine. At this point, I dwell in past memory, but i can also dwell in future memory if i so choose. The time that we play with may give us a chance to renew, but the timelines fade with distance from the events and time ultimately decides when to heal.

My image of what self is, is called into question. Unconditional love is a two-way street and even when the content appears one way, the law of attraction has a converse relationship. Sometimes we lose the drift - i miss the smell of your breath in my ear, during the wee hours of the morning. I am ready to continue - despite the challenges of the past, i know that Isis will return in the proper form when the time has come. My wish is that it was yesterday.

Be aware that the time lines have been played to cause certain effects. We are immortal in certain ways, but to everybody else, it seems that we continue until we pass and then we are gone. We may be gone to them, we are never gone to self. If we need to be re-created, then we come back in another form to deal with the situation in an appropriate manner.

Reach out and touch someone. With love, in peace, by intention.

My advice to me

Too much is going on outside, while the peace and calm of inside calls. This is March Madness - we can avoid life by watching college basketball - because they tell to. The whole system is a scam - our focus is placed on one event, then another, to provide cognitive dissonance and place us in a position where we cannot object. The answer is withdrawal - stop playing the game.

I have been tense lately, because i have been attempting to live without any meds. The medications are provided by the health care system, which should be called the pharma protection system. For everything that it helps, there is way more that it breaks. Anything that is not natural is asking your system to work harder, for less benefit. Just like life. The idea of medicine is a scam - the butchers make profit from cutting on us. While i might trust a doctor to set a broken arm, i do not trust him to understand biophysiology.

In fact - i have yet to find a medical doctor who actually can hold a conversation about biochemistry. The composition of medicines are compromised by the preservatives - but then why should they treat meds different than they treat foods. Be aware of what you eat and do your best to get a diversity of locally grown foods - know your beef, if at all possible. This is the last legs : soon the changes will allow us to live free (and die). Trust your judgment and work hard to get good information, then do the best with the cards you are dealt.

March 14, 2012


Just heard that Virginia Tech University was found negligent in its handling of the homicide there a few years back. The plaintiffs asked for $100,000 - they were awarded $2,000,000. This tells me that not only are the administrators culpable, but that they should be removed immediately before they do any more damage. The idea that people that do wrong should be allowed to continue in their current positions is bizarre - then again, we still have the fiscal melt-down that has Wall Street recovering while the rest of us go broke. Shut it all down. Economics is not a valid basis for community - we have to find a better weigh.

Economics is Over

LinkI like being isolated in my cave, watching the shadows move past the door. The games are silly, but the world is wrapped in a box of fiction called economics - a failed would be science that isn't close to real. Not that real science is any closer - the change is coming to where we can see that all bets are off. All we can do is watch and resonate.

Something different is coming. It will contain parts and pieces of what we have, but which parts and pieces is anyone's guess. I have a way of being with nature - i think that i could survive on air and land and water. Of course, the game now is to sequester all the land, pollute the air and water. Think things are backwards and there is need to change. Clean the gulf, BP. Prosecute Monsanity, DOJ. Each of us can stop spending money, except what is absolutely necessary for sustenance and allow everything to spiral out - picking up the pieces will be much less work that attempting to take anything existing now through the rift.

I have looked at several institutions for hope of change and they cannot grok change at all. The idea that entities such as corporations are people and have power over real people is just not right. The time has come to change, but what is the change agent? I can change me - I have. I'll be here waiting for you to catch up.

March 13, 2012

creation's loop

alignment causes structure

polarity dictates alignment
geometry establishes polarity
hedronicity based on (sacred) geometry
structure delineates hedronicity

2012 lemme howdt

March 12, 2012

A White Rose

Buzz Words

Thyme to review what we know and get the ideas clear, because to understand the changes necessary to fix the ideas, we will have to be able to apply the idea in a secondary form. There are some basic givens that i don't see any way around. For instance, we will have to have food and water and a means of reprocessing the material that is waste. Life is full of acronyms - i will try to identify some of these as we discuss this life concept.

The current use of clean water for handling excrement will have to be replaced, even though it is convenient, it has the effect of concentrating a lot of material in a very small space. MWTF Municipal water treatment facilities are the biggest water polluters on the planet - but the grubbermint would have you think its those darn farmers and their cow poop management. Just go look at the operating plan of your nearest CAFO confined animal feeding operation.

We will need to eat and drink, so food production and water purification are both necessary. I am working with some dome folks to design a grow-dome that is capable of being home to multiple species. The current working plan is for Bee Haven - a place where we can cultivate the pollens and pollinators necessary to keep the bees buzzing. Flowing water tends to create a healthy environment - this sequence of flow can simulate nature, but can never replace it.

I will be tending bees this spring and learning from the masters - the bees themselves. I have an excellent 1960's textbook and a 44-year veteran of the hive wars. The latest bee problems, including CCD colony collapse disorder, seem to be a function of industrial agriculture. Nature is significantly impeded when foreign genes are placed on the inside of its systems. What in the world is Monsanity thinking with Bt embedded plant life - see where the poison pollen goes.

Nuff o dat negative stuff. We are not going to complain, we are going to be agents of change. There is an awesome new article from one of my modern heroes - Butler Schaffer - discussing the same reality that we deal with here. Let me lead you there.

March 11, 2012

Who are They

Patrick: "It’s not what you look at that matters
It’s what you see"

~Henry David Thoreau

  • Dr. Lenny

    I dunno – we see just what they want us to see. Other senses tell me that there is more here than meets the eye. I feel walden when i believe what i see.

    • Patrick

      Who are ”they” ?

  • Dr. Lenny

    we are they and they are we and we are all together – see how they run like pigs from a gun …

So, the question to address is who are they? Is it the man behind the curtain that we should pay no attention to? The Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command? The powers that usta be? Our higher selves? When it comes to defining we and they, the pun on the Beatles 'I am the Walrus' is just that - an attempt to be funny. When we go deeper...

My theory is that we have thirteen current timelines that govern the universe that we see and interact in. The time lines are paired and aligned as six spokes about a central 'reality'. We are on every one of these timelines in multiple dimensions, but we are cognizant in only three of the worlds and members of the sheeple in the other ten. When we are in the sheeple phase, we have our 'normal' life with our constant family doing the expected things and not making much of a stir.

When we get to our yin/yang paired world - this is where our cognizance lies. For me - i am here and typing a blog - whether i am dark or light is a matter of perspective; from this point of view i consider myself to be part of the light. My alter ego on the dark side has a life and activity and family and does things that my light me would never consider - the angel and devil whispering on the shoulders of cartoon characters is the best analogy.

These worlds pass through each other constantly, where we merge with ourselves and end up with our cognizance moving on one of the two worlds as we split and our 'anti-cognizance' being equally active but not in our recognizing brain sphere. Plus there is always the 13th us, which i consider to be my higher self in tune directly with the universal conscience. This framework is home for me and i sometimes forget that it is a construct of my own reality.

We also occasionally pass through our sheeple beings and sometimes even transpose positions. This leads to incredible adventure that is out of the ordinary and sometimes completely game changing. I believe that sentience derives from water and that scale is way more important than distance. When we have a key decision to make, we make both sides of the decision and generate a new reality on a different scale. If the decision turns out to be of no consequence, the time lines merge back into each other, but sometimes you open Pandora's box and the old gets away and never comes back.

The engine is a thing called free will. We have free will when we have cognizance, but not when we are sheeple. When you get recognized by an entity beyond self, it locks in a pattern sequence that we call reality. The us in this reality is everybody that we interact with, while the they is the set of people that we have no contact with. The image of the world is a collective composite created by the we and the they, but since there are so many more they than we, I believe the big scenario is a they construct. It is easy to include and exclude - if you were blind and couldn't see me, would i still be there? Would i be we or they to you, the blind one?

It seems to me that we get exactly what we expect to receive. Our moods and our present version of reality influence the 13th world and sometimes we slip out of time for individual missions that gives the great spirit a new experience based on the sequence of events being unique in a person's reality. It is a high honor to be selected for this vision quest and it in no way affects the reality of most everybody else on earth.

I have a theory of mind based on the grid of 64 and 4 different orientations. Humans are good at subdividing everything into smaller and smaller increments, but we have difficulty in imagining anything bigger. Emergent behaviors take place only when the conditions are ripe and the calendar year 2012 seems to have provided the inspiration for change. The Beatles, Abbie Hoffman, Timothy Leary, Ram Dass all used psychedelics to achieve a state of mind that i believe i have achieved through experiential learning - being open to wherever the universe chooses to take me. I have unconditional love for all - a significant change from the perspective that i previously carried, where i serve judgement on whatever didn't fit into my own limited perspective. I did use psychedelics for recreation on occasion, and my first vision quest was likely due to a trick of the times.

As i am now rambling - i will stop here and grasp for a vision of truth - what is real to me is my personal truth and my thoughts on delusion as expressed in earlier posts still hold water. It is the water that is the key to all of this.

March 09, 2012

Big GMO information meeting in Ashland - Mar 26th

Put this on your calendar: We just got confirmation that the OSU Ext. Information Session on GMO's in the Jackson & Josephine Co. will be March 26th, 6-8pm, Hanley Auditorium, as originally posted. Help get this information out to the farming community and public at large!

This is a great chance to share your concerns about GE/GMO's to be heard by the only agricultural "authority" in the region. The USDA has little sympathy for the cause of organic farming communities, Organic Certified or not. I have been outreached to lawyers, non-profits, organic seed grower advocates, certifiers and Dept. of Ag. officials and consistently hear the course ahead for our community is Farm at your own risk. We must change this story!!!

The next local meeting will be Monday, 12 March, 9-11am in Gresham Rm, Ashland Library. At that time, we will decide on alternatives times/locations for our weekly meeting.

Kudos to Chris H. for providing the information and taking the lead on action!

March 08, 2012

Enviro Law - Frack Hue

Living in the Pacific Northwest has introduced me to first hand experience with nature. I grew up back east, but moved here in 1980 - long enough to appreciate the contrasts between urban and rural lifestyles. Being able to evaluate the best of the old and the best of the new leads me to different conclusions than others - or should i say different paths to the same conclusions. There is a major disconnect that can be bridged, but we need new thinking, not just a regeneration of the same old crap we have been getting.

Michael Donnelly takes on advocates and activists in his Truthout piece on the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference. I like what he says, but he doesn't go far enough. Big green is an arm of corporate culture and until we look at the science of everything, we have a cobble of policy that works for nobody. The small groups of concerned activists know what they are facing, but money talks and theory walks - there is confusion and people easily gravitate to what they already believe. How many times does a repetition of a lie take before it is accepted as truth? Wanna make a ruckus, just say the word hatchery.

Public Interest groups - PIRGs - have poisoned the well with so much disinformation, that we just ought to throw it away and start all over again. If you cut a 50 year old tree as opposed to a 200 year old tree - what is the age of the tree that you replant? The idea that the rate of growth of a young tree compensated for the volume of an old tree is nonsense - the mass balance takes many years to catch up.

An overstocked forest is as much a hazard as a treeless forest. If we cut trees, we get less oxygen production and more carbon dioxide accumulation. But they are both in flux with each other - neither is a pollutant. The game is all false and the interest groups each have their well-staked out positions. Each clear cut is an absolute win for the timber industry, each forest saved is another future battle. Nature has no long run chance here - another stacked game that cannot continue.

But it will, because we don't know what we are doing compared to nature's wrath. There is a point where the strange attractors of chaos theory kick in and everything changes. Today - that is the real world. I wish that we could address the real world, but that time will come. Right now, there is too much money at stake to be real.

Strange Universe

Here is an interview with Benjamin Fulford - the mp3 lasts for ~45 minutes.

March 07, 2012

Thought is Work

There is an enormous disconnect between the limits of our thinking and the limits of our beings. There seems to be a need to think that democracy is necessary for good governance. There seems to be a reliance on the perfection of the constitution, which does not currently control the unconstitutional behavior of all three branches of grubbermint at all three levels - country, state and local. It seems to think that we have to think collectively, with the idea that some of us know better than others. It doesn't matter - the change is apparent. However, life will be a whole lot more pleasant for everybody, if folks would chill when it comes to expecting other people to think the same way as we do. We need creative thought.

It is okay to think however you like to think. I use some tools to advance my personal thinking. I really like my flux box - because it makes me justify actions with different thought than the same old, same old. The flux box holds concepts that i question - while i can think about the depths to which they hold. The second law of thermodynamics - energy in equals energy out - was in the flux box for a while - it only works in closed systems. There is way more going on than we are aware of. Right now base ten math is in the flux box - with the caveat that i will not derive new mathematics that has to integrate back into base ten.

The radio has Joel Salazar talking about agriculture - natural systems versus CAFOs. He talks about carbon migration - i have already looked at metal migration. Part of the problem is dispersal, we both have the same conclusion - localization. It's nature's weigh. As the infrastructure unfolds and reduces in size - the ability to maintain a garden, a water system and a lifestyle depends on a balance of cooperative competition. It's thyme to look at how nature does things and use biomimicry whenever possible. The time to consider food will be here this spring - we are what we eat. I will place a plug here for Farm Wars - it brings me up to date on what the real situation is.

Now though - let's talk about a really tough subject - homework. We teach out kids at school and they bring home homework - which invades their private time with system thought. It wears out children, who then sit patiently in front of a screen being entertained - told how it is or how it should be. By the time the kids are done with school (forever getting more student loans to avoid real life and the need to pay back) - they hate the concept of doing any 'work' beyond what work they get paid to do, or benefits themselves direct. We have jobbed the learning systems and therefore don't get concepts that we really need to get. You are expected to do your own homework in thinking things through - intellectual laziness is perilous in tomorrows world.

Mass balance is a crucial issue, if life is a zero sum game. If life is growing, then matter has to be redistributed from somewhere else, because it is not created from a void in any of our models. There are some real deep questions in my field of chemistry that accost fundamental issues that cannot be addressed in the climate of current knowledge. Carbon is carbon - mobbing, moving and growing - concentration is highly important. Monitoring is the weigh - but with clear, precise protocols that allow apples to be compared to oranges in an equivalent exchange parameter. If we could address this - we might be able to progress beyond the point where we are stuck at now, the point at the break of the hyperbola - which is why math is in the flux box - we find infinity first hand - life may be discontinuous and that would freak people howdt.

So - just think. Identify places where we hold two opposite thoughts simultaneously and tease out the derivation of the thinking , such that we can integrate information from all perspectives. Separate the numbers used for measurement of quantity from the measurements used for quality - they are very different. The math will come after the observations are collected - we need to not look at the numbers at all while generating those numbers - to prevent bias. Our current system obsesses on the numbers to the point where trends are identified midstream and people jump on the bandwagon - which forces the direction of flow - which biases the measurement of the system. How much of historical science is actually self-fulfilling prophesy?

March 06, 2012

Game Theory - 4

When we are building something that relies on pieces that need to hold up under difficult conditions, we check the integrity of the parts under great scrutiny before we use them. If a wire is bad, or a gear misses a thread, we reject the part outright, rather than take the risk of getting things going and having it all grind to a halt. It is part of doing out homework. If it is broken, it gets tossed. (Similar to the data we toss when the protocol is breached).

Today, there seems to be an insistence toward using broken concepts in fixing the failing economic system. No amount of bailing wire and twine will hold this system together under the existing rules that configure a broken order. Anything that does not start with a different premise is doomed from the start and rewards the criminals for creating the crime. The monetary system, the legal system, the education system, the governance - none of it is based on anything more than the house of cards we call questionable - reality.

Anything created for a purpose is useless when the purpose of its creation has expired. When the perturbation is over, the system returns to normal. Imagine if pregnancy left women with the volume of being instead of returning the body to normal. But what is normal? Normal is a very well defined mathematical concept - but math is in the flux box, so that definition is off limits. Define normal. Is that normal for you or normal for everyone? What constitutes and exception? What frequency?

The time to look at things differently is upon us. The system wide insanity has encompassed our ability to discern reality. We rely on the MBA to provide instructions - but the focus of an MBA is to make money - at the cost of anything that costs. But the reality is that in this world, it takes money to make money and only money can make money - the Gates controls the traffic because he learned quickly that something simple duplicated billions and billions of times generates money and he worked the system to protect his bits. Shared commons has been dispersed - the reality of what used to be common reality is artificially imposed by a narrative that is broke and being strung together with super glue, bailing twine and duct tape.

This makes me neither angry, nor stupid. I feel sad, but i cannot be responsible for things beyond my level of ability to change. I love you, but tough love is, well, tough. I care to live light and no longer be weighed down by the group-think. The pursuit of happiness got co-opted to a pursuit of more, bigger, and all. Numbers got in the way of the meaning that they share.

The amount of disinformation in the base of congruence is such that the sum is greater than the individual parts - this leads to emergence of new behavior and we have to leave the old behaviors behind. I can do this for me. You can do this for you. We can help others do this for themselves, but only after we have gone through it and understand what the others will be going through. To recognize light, spend time in the dark. Get too comfortable in the dark, and you stop seeking the light. That does not mean the light is not there.

Chess is a light and dark battle. As pieces leave the grid of 64 - the value of the pieces remaining increases relative to their starting value. When all the pieces are gone and it is king and pawns vs king and pawns - we are at the end-game and there are books and books written about chess end-games. You can look at a position and see whether it is a win, loss or draw - but over the board, you still have to make the right moves to win a won game. The pawn moves to the eighth rank and like a chrysalis, it morphs into a queen (or an under-promotion, if i choose). The pawn has great value as a pawn, as most of the time it 's position is set to prevent the move of its counterpawn. There is plenty of game left in the endgame.

Soon the game ends and we reset the pieces and start a new game, with different border conditions, called limits. Human behavior has its own limits according to culture developed to keep people in their place. This social life is skewed by what we think - we attract people who think like us and don't associate with people who think too differently. This is natural and there is nothing wrong with this approach. It creates niches rather than a melting pot and is just another form of discourse. When we change, and truly change, we become isolated from our crowd, yet we also do not know most of what is out there, as far as other thought. They don't think like we do, but we don't think like we used to. Sounds like a challenge.

The nodes of common good need to be teased out of the information overload. The game Guru on the Mountaintop will accept single words to become the nodes for a game that is based in game theory and will create itself as it grows. I have a need to develop statistics and so i plan to launch new games within the context of old games and attempt to see how the numbers work when put through a different filter than base ten mathematics. I do not wish to work under a monetary model, but i do have to 'pay the bills' in the 'real' world. So there will be a pay-to-play part of the game, but since it isn't worked out yet, just know that it is coming. And post a single word for the guru - do not worry if your word was already posted - just kick in the response. If you do not wish to post here - find me at one of my social networks and post a word there. Or send me an e-mail. I will need a point of contact for each player as the game will develop - but at this point it is just in set-up v.1 and i need the help to get the maze framed.

Let me put in a plug here for games and game theory. Games are ways of suspending reality under a set of fixed rules and then using the rules to advantage. My favorite game of all time is Starweb from Flying Buffalo, Inc. - ah, it was so enticing that i would get my turn and melt away until i had it figured out - i waited with baited breath for the snail mail post that brought the coded information. Fifteen player with six character types and a balance that allowed a good player to win through cooperation - with some hugely depthful participation. There were distinct phases and the game could end at any time. I would be tempted to play again, but new games are required to teach lessons that our education system has forgotten - so i shall develop the game and see where it morphs.

The life we lead is up to us. You get what you asked for, but not in the form that you expected. People need surety, but life is serendipity and the more you allow freefall, the better the experience. Freefall was a junior high game that lasted for about five weeks, when somebody pushed the limits and hurt himself and caused panic. But it was as good as cliff-diving from Acapulco - which graced the wide world of sports about once a year and was so cool. Then there were thrills like bungee jumping and roller coasters and now - real life. Or should that be Reel Life - see you on YouTube?