June 28, 2014

Changing Perspective

Revolving doors works like rotating planets. They spin in isolation to provide a single gateway function. To study deeply in order to learn something new, requires diligence to the focus and the application of knowledge. The current system sequesters information for profit - change will place all this data in the hands of the prophets. Each individual rises like cream to the top; there is much space on top of the inverted pyramid. Grass roots requires sunshine to grow, with transparency of the aetheric field.

To begin to learn, one should start with a clean slate. A single sheet of paper can serve as the basis for investigation, draw a line down the middle of the page. On the left side, write down the basic assumptions of the things you think you know. On the right side, write down the things that you need to figure out. Ben Franklin had a form of this approach where he separated pros and cons of political questions. Here, we are beating a new path through the brush.

The question that doc focuses on today is consciousness; how does it arise to create a uniform hologram for each of us to see the same movie? If Gaia is an alive, awake being, which we see in the form of a 'planet', how does Gaia see herself in form and how does she interpret human form? How does she interpret an ant colony or a bee hive? If nature is defined as the metabolic process of Gaia in the life giving form, and we accept that as above, so below works in fractal form, then the one consistent matter between scales that remains most similar in form is water.

I once offered a class online called the Many Faucets of Water. Nobody registered. The challenge was not in the content, it was in the education system.  The brainwashed merikn believes that classes are for credits. Monopolization of the learning process has made school into social indoctrination into corporate kleptocracy. Nothing may remain except the people, the process of rebuilding begins at the grass roots level and has to work for everybody or else it works for nobody.

Social criteria these days involves being politically correct and not treading on anybody else's feelings. Let's call BS on that! Telling peeps the truth with love is much less upsetting than being lied to sweetly. Memory is a wavicle that works like a thread balanced as a sine wave between two points. As time progresses, the string is pulled taunt and the memory fades to just a few perceptions of the past, until a trigger device resets the form back to the original event setting and it relives itself again as a memory, in slightly less congruent form. 

The puzzle is then reconstructed by the brain, which is like playing the game telephone - each iteration is somewhat less correct than the prior, as far as the way it came down and the personal memory contained within.  The more use, the more reinforcement of the new patterns. When we lie to ourselves, we change the memory sequence to believe our construct, rather than the form of the reality that occurred during the actual process. Thus we each live in our own holograph within the larger illusion of similar time/space.

How do we get to the common delusion? By teaching our young to believe truths that are not true. Science was presented as the is all of everything; the growing child that is still contained within is a frustrated individual who had to figure out things on his own. The illusion played games by adding layers of nonsense between items of implied importance. The broken record had to be changed - the process made victims out of all of us by restricting the visions to a very narrow scope. What is, is more unseen than seen, and hidden by the illusions presented as real life by the media and the powers that used to be.

The time is coming where this illusion is laid bare. The planetary scale, where Gaia plays, is to the galactic scale as Hue-mans are to ants and bees. Finding the scales of life between, involve stopping the extinction of large animals and the cutting of old growth trees. Memory resides in the water and the water is terribly constrained at this level by the narrow range of thinking in the human species. Of course, it is really not the water that feels any constraint at all, it is the human peeps that have restricted the form of knowledge to only what can create corporate profit within the monetary system.

System failure. Begin reset process. Group information need be collated into a different weigh - a form where the form of water is analyzed and life is honored as the way that water carries intelligence through all species of Gaia in order to provide metabolic process based on chemical and electrical communications. The former is a subset of the latter and regrouping what we know is the only weigh to completely change perspective. Our children for the next seven generations will appreciate us for doing this work now.

Namaste' ... doc

June 26, 2014

Game Changer

The whirled world is changing at a pace where years of time are accomplished every few days. The pace of information exchange is such that 'instantaneous truth' dominates our thought processes. Chess simulates life for me - i play games in the dark where pieces can return to life. Sorts like mushroom chess, complete with undead. It pays to become a strategic thinker.

In the whirled today, discerning truth is difficult. The overlay structures that control behavior are currently dissolving, as more peeps catch on that what is, is not what appears to be. The objective of life is not to churn money. The experiences that we bring to each other could be enhanced by treating each of us with love, including oneself. The things you like to do are very likely the things that i like to do - let us do them together, without the malice. It makes for a more fun game.

What can be done with technology far exceeds what we can visibly see.  The illusion can be made to bend and sway, as holographic reality depends only on what you believe. Traveling the stars is as easy as the blink of an eye, but our illusion tells you you cannot do that and if you believe what they say, you cant.  If you use hallucinogenics, the ability to control your own mind is no longer under your individual control - yet you still manage to wake up as you.

The drugs that big pharma and big food use are insidious. The food chain has been altered, the monsanity is changing the nature of reality. The timeline split should take us away in a direction that evolves away from corporate fiction, yet we have to choose to live that reality in the face of evidence presented from other time lines that have yet to separate. Time is distinguished by frequency - we all will appear to see something different, until the current group construct fades.

Appearance causes belief, until we understand that we control the situation in our own mind's eye.  If my internal sphere is cool, calm and collected; then the outer energy that i deal with called world perspective becomes cool, calm and collected.  I read the sites that i choose and keep up with the hysterics by laughing out loud. The urgency of the situation has created the impression of panic - on the part of the power that used to be. Power dissipates as we laugh at it.

The construct fades and we are left without common ground. To fill in requires a different thought context - one not allowed in the former whirled. It comes down to defining the support structure for each individual, what is necessary and how it can be provided. We are all one and we are each one. The each is diverse, such that the all is not in unity of collective action. The fading is good - if all of the old over structure fades away, we should only be that lucky. It depends on what you believe for you, what i believe is incidental: in my movie, those roles are reversed.

Lately, i had a world change - a television set moved into the household.  It has an awesome audio system and a box that gives access to every imaginable channel.  The learning curve for doc would be huge - but Lie to Me has three seasons worth of shows for personal entertainment, hijacking doc's versatility. The psychology involved in the show is (to use a Spock word) fascinating. The show meets my criteria for immersion - breaking bad and dr. who have received similar treatment, when the proper alignments were available. So easy to get hooked into a Hollywood trance - but this show offers an educational spin. I wonder if i could write a chemistry show of similar quality.  

Oh - NCIS is a chemistry show. The glorification of the political workings on a personal basis is magnified by the behavioral aspects embedded in the cultural aspect of these shows. We make certain assumption and the characters act out as they believe we should act.  The show is a set up and we cannot relate to the individual heroes, tho the show counts on us doing just that. We need a new novel setting to experience change - my bet is that that comes to bear in the very near future. Work on your watching skills. Be able to discern your own weigh.

Namaste' ...  doc

June 25, 2014

Freedom from Adversity

Watch what happens with complete detachment, knowing that the game to manipulate you depends upon your participation.  Act in weighs that help all peeps, in every life form, not just hue-man.  The rainbow constellation is just one method of regrouping: begin by loving your being.  Take the hour of time that it takes to enjoy Matt Kahn - well worth it.

June 22, 2014

Simultaneous Civilizations

Watching the clothes tumble in the dryer cycle of our contemporary culture, one contemplates the question - What next? The curtain call will be difficult to recognize because, alas, in merika today, folks can neither afford nice curtains, nor recognize their benefits.  The time has come to go your own weigh as Stevie used to croon.

Local governance in the form of providence will take us through the shortest dark ages that anyone can imagine  By letting go of current imagery, the house of cards falling becomes an opportunity to begin again, with a brand new game that has few existing models.  'Local' will happen instantaneously as the infrastructure dependent on cheap gasoline evaporates into a stay at home, simple world.  Just one of the potential scenarios; take a moment and imagine how you would fit into a brand new world of clans and families.

My light familee gives me joy and pleasure to hang out with. We know that there are humans at the other end of the Skype line; that have similar stories of trials and tribulations against the modern form of life.  We each live in our own microcosmoses, where the people we deal with are not on the same communications wavelength. Higher frequency, where we vibrate, resonates away from current cultural norms. We can feel that emotion empathetically and wish to be away from the maddened crowds.

Role play games serve as guides to potential futures.  By coming together in a forum where we can test ideas in different spin arrangements, we can find gold in the wheat as it separates from the chaff.  There are many potential future realms and current one-size-fits-all regulation has commandeered each of these alternate realities into a single timeline that is shredding itself into nothingness - a void at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

Knowledge rests inside the hearts and minds of each individual on this planet.  It is too bad that wisdom does not share the residence.  The value of working on the scale of one is that you can rely upon yourself, as long as you don't believe the lies that you tell by repeating what you hear from others.  The unique perspective that you hold for your life is impacted by the peeps that you surround yourself with - and impacts them in much the same weigh.  Surround yourself with the type of people that you wish to be with, and it brings eternal joy and opens up many freedoms in the realm of thought.

The mixing and matching can take many forms.  We need to have the flexibility to try them all, if they have the potential to make the world into the form that we imagine it should be.  For me, i call the goal 'the garden' and have built Existence to role play development on a self-sustaining journey into 'what if' types of agriculture.  For you, well that is for you to decide.  On the small scale, we are covered by trusting our individual judgement in being with good quality friends and family.

Enter the Mandala.  The Mandala is a comic book story about the hero giving up the hero's solo journey to join his compatriots in a new contemporary form.  We have twelve clans, each based upon an animal totem that signifies an outlook. The information exchange allow refinement of different points of view, while the twelve form a union that grasps every facet of every order amidst the chaos.

Lemme chose the mole clan, because digging out the truth is the only weigh for him to know what there is to know.  He knows that what is cannot be tolerated in any form that brings back advantages gained by the play of prior games, yet realizes that games are not fair in their content - as long as the rules are equally administered, then unfair can be fair.  Who sets the rules? Who enforces them?

What if we start with no rules?  The anarchy of a no rules situation would lead to different results in different areas, because the first way that works would be continued.  Natural resources are fairly well distributed around the globe;  exchange could be worked out on a value scale that was reset relative to the needs of the local community, that produced the goods and services in demand for the peeps that were part of the clan in charge of that land mass.  Can multiple clans reside in the same land mass with different tenets of operation?

The question of how to get there from here will have to be addressed at some point. In practical terms, for now, the solution is to not consider the problem as a challenge at all. The visioning process must be conducted before the actual change can happen, yet change is happening in real time on real terms at every moment. We are ascending to a realm where whatever we wish to see is what we will see; so seeing the good and the positive light of a new dawn is limited only by preconceptions that we retain from the past.

The game is on.  Sign up, watch a few vids, look at a few comments and imagine that you can be anything that you can imagine.  We can play the Kinks and rock on and develop a different approach, without gasoline, without money, without the collaring institutions that are present day SCOTUS people in a corporate Armageddon of anti-life.  Love conquers fear when light shines transparency into the darkness.  The dark hides all the Monsantrocities in a viral epidemic of legal control.  Anarchy can start the necessary chaos that leads to a better apparent order, once that chaos spins out of control.  That is happening, sit back, detach, and enjoy watching the holograph morph.

Namaste' ... lemme and doc

June 21, 2014

Mesa Verde National Park

Tourist season is upon us and one of the best features of this area was the focus of my travels yesterday.  The site is a cliff dwelling built by folks circa 1200-1280 A.D.  The site archaeology began in 1910 and the Spruce Tree House is where the tourists are allowed to be there and partake. When you look over the cliffs, you can see many more dwellings and major sites.  The folks that lived here then had more folks living here then than we have here now.  So enjoy a few of the better pix.


Last picture is a Yucca Cactus.  Enjoyed the Day.  Namaste' ...  enjoy the solstice ... lemme

June 18, 2014

New Beginnings

Bee within, width in,
yourself this day
See all clear thoughts 
that come your weigh

Energy flow is reaching a crescendo. As the solstice arrives, the sun completes a solar celebration that allows differentiation of time based upon resonant frequency. Wavicles of sonic vibration outside the visible light spectrum are paralleled on every different imaginable scale, from infinity through divinity. Fibonacci fractals flow through a prism and the separation manifests as a function of light.

Hyperbolic function brings forth a strange attractor. The window where the axis is never quite reached seems to go past infinite duration - yet it all comes down to the initial conditions upon where we set the starting point, the zero. It changes as a function of scale, yet within scale things are vastly removed from like things by the aether of space. As the folds unfold, the mass dissolves into points of light: individuals become alone in the vastness, attracted to other point sources of light.

We all go through it - some of us have been there recently. Tracks of time rest on the belief of common outcomes, we all get exactly what our karma calls for. Chess pieces are reassembling with different identities. Common currency is dissolving and the new juice is going to be quite different in aspect and form. It all has to go - the house of cards falling is the only way to approach the illusion, as self-initiated disasters unfold for those who believe that 3d is more real than reel.

Mind your manners, be polite, yet firm, and speak your piece. Poking wounded tigers with small sticks is not wise - this is not a battle any longer. Lao Tzu reckoned that if you know your enemy and you know yourself, then the number of battles was irrelevant. There should be no battle within self - wisdom should use knowledge to support feelings and accomplish tasks of cosmic proportion. The trick is to do, not to worry about the perception of doing.

Soon, belief will change; as the game of removing cards from the lower levels of the house takes its toll. Alone without direction on a low vibration timeline will result in a common Armageddon that comes from the self-fulfilling prophesies of the Bernay's induced populace. Conditioning can be broken by intention, giving up on attachments to items of new irrelevance, like law, finance and history. Organizational interplay based upon 'might makes right' has no space - everyone should be encouraged to do what it is they do without the requirement to support a living.

Summertime, and the living is easy. The values that we hold have to be questioned and confirmed. Fractal reality changes within every group - nothing that was can be is, unless reinvented within the new paradigm. Ownership is not an allowed concept - except as in the animal kingdom, where butterflies are free to fly. Respect for each and every individual, including self-respect, is a necessary precondition. This requires love.

Love is a single word that represents so many forms, that cognitive dissonance has impaired our ability to recognize truth from conjecture. Feeling is in large portion, interpretation of events - the facet of each individual approach brings a different nuance into the partnerships. Growth occurs in stages where needs are met and outcomes are directed. 

Emerging through with something new, after encountering a strange attractor that changes the game, is where our heads and hearts should be.  Together, we higher frequency people can create the garden time-line and be relieved of the stress of incongruent thought patterns from clarity challenged lemmings in an eternal rat race.

Namaste' ... lemme howdt (far,far out there)

June 17, 2014


Chem mystery is more enchanting a title than chemistry. The biological processes that go on in life are in dynamic equilibrium - they happen in such a way that molecules come together and change form in irreversible process once a fixed energy storage level is achieved. These bio-molecules undergo chemical reactions at functional groups that are regenerated by the growth process - the deviations are part of the differentiation that makes life from a common pool of ingredients, swimming in water, an aqueous solution.

Once the process of plant growth has produced the vegetation containing the natural product of interest, the desirable compounds have to be removed from the plantaceous material, extracted and prepared for use.  The organic compounds that we want are produced inside of the cells, which require disruption of the cell wall and removal of the aqueous phase.  We are extracting the organic resins from the plant materials and rendering them as an oil.  This process can be used to extract essential oils from flowers and herbs - the process described here is for general application.  If chemistry intrigues you as a desirable skill set - sign up for a class at NWETI.com .

The key to getting a good volume of oil is to have as small an average particle size distribution as possible. By grinding the plant matter in a commercial kitchen blender, the cell walls are disrupted while the plant is still in solid form.  The grind can also be done by hand with a mortar and pestle. There is no need to dry the material before hand, as the process of extraction is set to remove the internal water that is major volume of the cell soup.  Like material dissolves like material - so the effort to maximize surface area will give the solvent molecules best access to the organics that we are extracting.

The choice of solvent is not trivial.  Alcohols will be more likely to take up water soluble compounds because of the functional group similarity. Both iso-propanol and ethanol come with additional water and can solubilize chlorophyll and other non-desired materials.  Organic solvents like Naphtha and Hexane that have no functional groups will take up the ring structures of the steroids and other molecular intermediates that make the essential oil.  The solvent is chosen to boil at a lower temperature than water.  Because of potential toxicity concerns, solvents should be used in either well ventilated areas or closed cooking systems.

A pound of herbaceous material and a gallon of solvent should be more than enough.  Powder the herb and place into an empty five gallon cooking pot.  Add enough solvent to cover the plant and then cover the container in such a way to create a seal.  Plastic trash bags seal perfectly.  Place this container into a turkey roasting pan filled halfway with water (enough to have the boiling water outside cook the solvent inside).  A short length of rope should go in the turkey roaster to keep the base of the pot from direct connection to the stove burner.  Cook for 4 hours.

Pour the material through a screen and decant the solvent away from the residue.  Take the residue back up in fresh solvent and repeat the cook process.  Combine the two extracts and remove the solvent using a simple distillation process.  The solvent comes off of the oil rapidly at first, but slows down as the mass percent decreases.  The oil is very viscous and can be swirled by hand to enable greater solvent removal.  A rotary evaporator works best; this requires a vacuum pump and laboratory set-up. 

Two washes of the material should provide a decent amount of oil - with lavender, the yield ran about 2 oz of oil for the pound of plant matter.  Greater yields come with familiarity of process; do not be surprised to not get a whole lot the first time.  As the world comes together in the spirit of unity, our skill sets can enhance our abilities to render natural resources into useful materials in partnership with Gaia!  To learn to leave a soft footprint, but extract value is one of the things that an understanding of chemistry can enhance.

Namaste' ...doc

June 12, 2014

June 11, 2014


Time tricks - games get played by different rules. Erasures happens - timelines cross and we can tell when by observing things that are not what they seem to be. Google owns blogger and can wash it all away, if it doesn't like the message. Thumbs up if you read what was erased.

Doc miscalculated and was off by a month - july 8th rather than june 6th.  Reprieve.  Miss that rabbit - one of my favorites of all time.  not all here today, so a quick namaste' ... doc

June 10, 2014

Mechanism 4 Life

Inner turbulence creates cognitive dissonance. What you see is exactly what you have been trained to observe.  Close your eyes for a moment.     What did you see? Did it have color? Was it symmetric? Do you see the same pattern, when you close your eyes again? The image on your retina remains from before, while the image from your pineal gland dominates the darkness. Close your eyes again.

Observing nature closely has led to a comprehension that things can be accomplished in many different formats. Each set of nature has its own rhythms, created by the interplay of individual harmonics over many different scales. The vibrational frequencies of lower order have long wavelength and are drawn out, such that an instant of time can be an eternity. Things change slowly and dynamic equilibrium is established at a very slow slow rate. This set contains inertia and is much more susceptible to chaos, the countermeasure of order.

High frequency peeps experience rapid changes instantaneously, as we accommodate to our contextual surroundings without attachment. A sense of wonder creates a unique vibration, which never even registers in the mundane whirled of the lower frequency. Molecules enjoy molecular motion and water mitigates the energy to produce a dampening effect. Our beings coalesce through water at high vibrational form - it takes practice to grok the idea that life is vastly different than the game we were taught. Not quite Millionaire Acres with Art Linkletter on the 100,000 bill, nor Green Acres.

The stories that we hear have basis in the same myths. The stories that we create can either be in the form of these same myths, in which case we repeat similar history, or it can be different this time. Change comes from the grass roots structure, where form is creates from mass and flow. The top down dictatorship has to be replaced with a horizontal hierarchy; where all interest groups are represented in every decision regarding their interest. This weigh give credence to value produced, yet also reward the individual with support to increase the value even more.

Domains will take shape organically. As individuals come together to support each other locally, the lattice structure of support will adapt to different form, as participants become creative in their imagination of reality. Certain infrastructure must be able to be taken for granted, yet still produced with exceptional quality by peeps who take their job seriously and have no profit motive in the actions contributed on behalf of the entire community. This means holding council with people affected by individual decisions, and taking group action as a right of self-ownership of all individual represented directly within the group.

The watershed councils in Oregon and the Mondragon region of Basque Spain are two examples of opening the door to wider leadership potential based on small geographic regions. The coming together of populations on a large scale can be facilitated by free travel - no cost, no passport and no hassle. The focus of natural resource reclamation is wise use exchange with nature, which should allow bio-friendly mining, fishing and other forms of natural bounty reaping, rather than fracking, mountain-top removal and radioactive oceans.

The easiest method to transform to paradise would be to empower our indigo and crystal children and allow them to teach us. We have an abundance of love based support that can guide the process of recreating all that has been created and realigning our sorting systems to grasp the deep relationships between all things that represent life on all harmonic scales, not just the human scale.

Life is a serial. Life is a cereal. Life is a game with a spinner. Life does not need spinning. TV and movies spin life based in fear - turn them off. Automatons cannot have the rights of living things - law is automated and must be reworked into a different form of governance. We are not represented by any group or corporation or object that is not alive and does not have our specific consent. The written words of legal agreements are all gibberish - we can create sane systems that work as long as there is no carry-over from the past failed systems that afforded privilege.

People can represent other people, when consensus allows them the size and latitude to work on a larger scale. That always comes with a reset to the size representing one on a quantum scale. Initially, one is the only one and then when finished with one, one goes onto one. Mastering one and then one again, allows the option of growing to two and then resetting the two to be one. We do this with marriage and other partnerships currently, so the concept is grokkable. When two is reset to one, each individual retains their own oneship and also consents to allowing their partner to speak for them in other groups of two or more.

When the group expands to three, then the group of two dissolves and a group of three forms. At any time, a group can revert back to a Fibonacci sum of smaller groups. The three can return to a two and one, but the two cannot represent the three without consent of all three. The jumps to five and eight work similarly. The group of eight has a different biological relevance that the smaller groups. When cells divide, the first differentiation can take place only after the first group of eight is formed. Enough group theory for the moment - i think you get the picture.

At this point - my current enlightenment is starting to regress as the highest vibration level is slipping away. This is quite likely the first essay beyond the Thyme Howdt tomb - hopefully on the bookshelves in time for x-mas.

Namaste' ... doc

June 08, 2014

Depth of Time Fractals

Doc is so lost in doc whirled, that sometimes he forgets to come up for air.  His isolation over several years has led to a journey of elemental proportions - he is now attuned to natural resource from a water basis. This envelopment of scale of being allows vision over a different harmonic form - the creation of an alternate timeline universe based outside of the economic realm. The challenge is the need to straddle the borders with current reality, which seems as unreal as any good piece of fiction.

Perspective is lost in the depths of consciousness. The scale that water works upon is greatly magnified over the course of many sizes - we find water as water at every size in the continuum smaller than we are all the way down to the molecular level. Yet for some non-disclosed reason, we change the mode of how we think about water here at the human level. Water is Gaia - the planet has more volume of ocean than volume of land mass. The vision that comes thru the holograph into the common morphic field is created by this group consciousness of all life that is here on Gaia.

If I have lost you already, i apologize. The idea of what i feel being important to how things come into order and chaos in my own small, sheltered whirled is completely out of the borders of common scientific thought. The observer is excluded from the system - ignoring the quantum reality that everything affects everything. Our science and our spirituality are one in the same identities, divided by duality into opposing non-congruous perspective.

Time is a continuum and an irrational overlay upon the underlying thought patterns.  That our minds are open to the power of suggestion has been used against we the people for the past 100 years to create an unreal reality.  To pull the plug is to split the timelines, it has happened.  The three day yo-yo is a concept similar to Bugs Bunny's portable hole.  It means that when the event horizon occurs, whatever that event may be, there is a relative tether through time that can change the perspective of the event, to make it fit whichever illusion the populace broadcasts in common.

Since the current common has fallen apart, each of us is now on our own to create a new illusion - where it requires a hundred monkey to have an understanding of how is is to be.  That 100 monkey effect calculates into 144,000 human persons.  How do we count awakened peeps?  Is there a single timeline that we awaken to, or are there multiple timelines that each require a critical mass?  How do these time line thingies work, anyway?  

Each of us has a different perception, with ourselves located at the point source of thought.  If the planet, Gaia, is a self at the scale of planetary beings and there is one planet in the multiverse for every human soul, then our infinity cosmos of as above, so below takes on a completely different shape and form.  Are we a round globe?  What is a point source?  How deep can fractals go?  When we share our space, our water connects to others waters.  As we are all one, unity is necessary to stop the confusion of so many different entities rapidly convoluting everything.

Let us define the human harmonic scale as the current scale of Gaia that we call home here.  This human harmonic scale runs from the size of a grain of salt to the end of this particular solar system.  Let us also define the range of sizes in this scale as being 6.28 orders of magnitude from the one of the salt grain.  That is the salt grain to human range is 3.14 and the human to solar system range is 3.14.  Water is contiguous over the entire range - see suspicious 0bserver for the space water discussion.

The human range of direct observation is about half that - 1.61 to the large and small. That takes the range of animals into the human fractal as a sub-fractal. This is an adjacent area, where the physics has to be continuous, but the manifestation does not. Pets live in their own time frames, which is a sub-set of our human time frame. Think over the time of your life, how many pets that you have had that shared your love unconditionally. Well, maybe partially conditionally, because you took on the responsibility to feed them. The food chain is just one weigh of looking at the interconnectedness of everything.

Realize now, that your pets think they are human, in the form that pets think. Cats know they are cats, act like cats, but the kitty thought process is the very same method of thinking, only on a different fractal scale. Kitties do not extends out to our solar system - yet they likely recognize our sun Sol as the largest conceivable entity in their existence. And when we change fractal from cat to flea, the same relationship exists - and flea harmonic is still at the far edge of human harmonic. And flea conceives flea as human, there is a tardegrade sized being that is to flea, as flea is to cat, yet off our human scale entirely.

So doc's concept of timelines involves splitting off a new timeline at a simpler scale at each decision making process.  The contextual human you makes a decision and immediately the same scenario gets regenerated at a completely different scale - somewhere outside the human harmonic continuum.  The entire scenario plays itself through to its ultimate ending for the sake of the experience, but you on this human scale never notice it.  The being that we are that notices experience is something else, not on the human scale.  As water provides the continuum between scales, i would guess that water is the medium for all experience, hence the seat of consciousness.

When nothing much different happens, the timelines merge back together and/or fade away, depending on where our individual consciousness lies. On the human level, we go on, oblivious to the whole scope and scale of how this time shift operates. The question becomes one of how many harmonic levels are in the life mobius strip of as above, so below? And what do beings look like at larger scales - since obviously the rocks and stars in space game is complex fiction?

Deep thought to get to here - once i sign off, it goes. The epic battle of perspective has a Fibonacci form - and i believe i just demonstrated how pi and phi work together to construct a matrix. In the past, i used a grid of 64 - which has expansion and contraction capabilities. In the now, this can serve as a basis set, with orientations like north/south/east/west when the fractal changes form. I believe the Mandala models the thirteen nations with complementary perspectives - more coming to flesh out the shape and form of individual perspective as the driver rather than group think. Perhaps the New Earth Nation can learn by observation of the games we people play.

Namaste' ... doc

June 06, 2014


Funny thing about time; when you are embedded within it, you have no perspective on what is happening from the larger picture. If I read my tea leaves correctly (Earl Grey, organic), the events on this day will be looked back at by future generations. What happens for each of us is exactly what we expect to happen, given the nature of life, the multiverse and everything. How does the window of history diverge?

We gather together at different frequencies to live in the patterns of that which we believe. Nothing will appear to have changed in the physical sense, except for the events that take place on any of the different major time lines. Depending on actual belief is difficult because most peeps haven't given the topic much thought. The mechanism for the matrix doesn't respect anything that takes place outside the matrix. Feelings are not scientific, they are emotional and reality depends on construct.

How quick is an instant? Let's define an instant as the amount of time that it takes to accumulate 144,000. We can call this our cosmic comic relief. The twelve have accepted a thirteenth and have united to become the clans of the Mandala. The fertile plains of existence are available through thought. More than ever, word is getting around that there are many weighs of doing things and that as the illusion dissolves, what is left is based on ... is based on ... what is reality based upon?

Nothing is real and there's nothing to get hung about. Strawberry Fields Forever. Wake up time has come and the differentiation of time is taking place in a manner than fits Fibonacci form. Expression is a concept that requires a tether - or twelve different tethers, one for each clan. The depth of the clans are expressed by the limitation of the peeps involved - thus the twelve serve as an organizational clearing house for common truth - the sum of the other twelve perspectives, filtered through the eyes of a child.

You are that child - look in wonder. Soar like an eagle or dig like a mole. Catch the spirit of a windhorse. Imagine first, then watch as change becomes to the world thru the imagination of children, us, given another chance at a start to create a garden. If that is what we decide. The question is in question and the comic book is the guide.

Life morphs. We can shape shift to be any animal familiar that we care to be, for the duration of the reality called length of life. We can choose to be a caterpillar or a benthic nymph, only to find that we undergo a chrysalis and change into a different short lived form - a weigh howdt that is way out. Only it happens every spring, every year. Imagine your perspective when embedded in a cocoon where the biochemical feel is endocannibanoid - morphine-ogenic so to speak.

They want you to fear - laugh at that. We want you to love - laugh at that.  Which laugh did you enjoy more? If you want to laugh in love, come join 144,000 peeps being exposed to information from 12 different clan perspectives. As the interplay unfolds, the size of the clan might determine the influence on the direction of the story line.  The Mandala story is a game that is parallel to the daunting realities of an uncertain landscape. Come be part of figgering it all howdt.

Namaste' ... doc and lemme

June 05, 2014


Summertime summertime, sum sum summertime.  Sleeping with the windows open and following the sun.  Shoes and socks only when necessary, elsewise grounding to the earth and being part of the electrical connection.  The surface world is electric - not only positive and negative in ion flow, but also male and female in receptiveness.  The duality scene is breaking as we reveal different notions of the weigh things ought to be.

Summertime, and the living is easy.  Except in today's merika where Porgy and Bess are too busy complaining about unequal rights to really smell the roses.  Peeps come in all forms: the plants that began as seeds a month or so ago are all distinct beings with a character each of their own.  The girls and boys are now segregated - with one lucky guy keeping the ladies company so that no hermaphroditic shifts occur.  

This year's grow is a seed crop, first and foremost.  The world of cannibis is such that clones dominate the grow sphere because of the consistency of product.  In plant genetics, a single male goes a long way - each female represents a unique opportunity.  Genetic engineering is changing the way that game is played: our food sources represent the ability to keep us alive.  The plant kingdom provides our way of life - the reduction of carbon dioxide and water into sugars using sunlight seasonally is pure genius.  Nature has had a lot more time to work on this aspect of science than man has.

When you think about it, modern 20th century science technology in the recent has moved beyond the societies ability to grasp it.  The inequity caused by the breadth of scale would be enormous even if the playing field were square and level, which it's not.  What each of us has should be of little concern to others, with a grounded minimum that everybody requires set in stone.  Water, food, shelter, warmth;  the lowest tier can be covered readily at minimal cost.

Cost is the problem here - our means of accounting and distribution are badly skewed.   I like the concept of New Earth Nation and Humanity's Team, yet i wish the organizers would get off their need to micromanage process before setting up inclusion.  I am not going to agree to somebody else's pre-set rules on obligations and benefits within society without discussion, especially when they are set to maintain a group think already in existence.  New and fair means different for all, within a balanced approach that is inclusive, rather than exclusive.

The way to begin is through point source.  Every being is their own loci, we all circulate together as each and as one.  This concept means that selfishness and charity are the same concept.  Entities of comfort through love should go out of their way to accommodate, within reason.  When no single entity takes advantage and uses any more than they 'need' (broadened in definition), then the base grows as the resource base builds.  Hoarding is not necessary, free distribution is unlimited, as only people that really need the service, use the service.  However, service economies break down when some consume at a greater pace than most others.  Equality and equity are vastly different concepts.

At this point, perhaps Existence is relevant again.  The website is not maintained, but it is whole.  The pictures, descriptions and accounts of some  attempts at community circa 2010 have value in guiding folks in alternative direction.  Interesting to note that this is the opposite approach to modern science practice, which reports only successes and rewards the first thoughts on the scene.  We can be deeper, broader and stronger by quitting both built-in obsolescence and cognitive dissonance, and ridding ourselves of the insane notion of intellectual property ownership.

March to your own beat and enjoy the summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime...

Namaste' ... doc

June 04, 2014

The Colors of Time

We have been having some extremely in-depth conversations about time, here at the Thyme Zone.  I happened back into my previous journal to look up something that I had written back about the turn of the year and I cam upon something interesting that has been buried down the memory hole already.  It has to do with a guest speaker on Coast-to-Coast a.m. - a show that used to catch my attention with Art Bell.  Remember all the way back when, to December 2013 ...

Linda Molten Howe, the guest star here with George Noory, this is C2C - Linda, tell us more about the Northern California Crop Circle deposited on Dec 28.  And Linda dutifully describes the way the number 192 was written all over the circle in many codes, including braille!  The figure was complex and looked like a microchip - in fact days later, a corporation claimed credit for this as an advertising hoax.  But George, Linda and callers speculated, as did my friends and I. Days later - circle and discuss are erased.

One hundred and ninety two days from Dec. 28, 2013 is June 6, 2014 - Friday. As a watcher of circumstance, i find it to be wise to keep ones eyes open for events that will become historically significant taking place within the next few days.  Matt Kahn (another cosmic surf board rider) sets September 26, 2015 as a different pillar date - the peeps that remain visible in our current worlds are the ones that resonate near our current frequency.  These dates are not unique - especially if a time line division precedes the events.

Imagine a prism. As you shine white light at your prism, it separates that light into the colors of the rainbow. If each peep vibrates at one color of the rainbow, the further you are away from the prism, the more isolated you are with only peeps of your own color. The prism doesn't throw black or white - these two colors are the borders between all things - the yin and yang that is forced upon us by duality. Let's accept black as the combination of all colors and white as the absence of color. This is not the way light works - it is the current weigh that humans think.

Thyme Howdt. How can we set a definition of something to be wrong from the very beginning?  If we are light, and light through the prism separates all colors, then why wouldn't white be the combination of all color and black be the absence? The way we perceive is not the weigh that is. If we wish to communicate beyond ourselves, we have to make a choice between what is real and what is true. We all live in our own delusional illusions related to the cognitive dissonance. And that is okay.

Let's look closely at our rainbow. Which color can you relate to? Rainbows are reflections of water droplets acting as prisms at the concentration in air, perhaps a tenth of a percent.

Each color has its own frequency that it reflects and all the frequencies blend together such that the rainbow is always shifting color in dynamic equilibrium. The length of the regions is part of the harmonic - and this type of existence runs the same up and down all scales of life. If the functions of scale differ by the complexity allowed, then thought become less of an abstract and more of a dynamic. And that seems to be affected greatly by color.

Doc and lemme both like pretty colors. You might notice that the color of the blog changes and the hue has implications to the depth of the topic - lighter hues tend to be more joyful yet are harder to read. Color can be used as a guideline to set mood, similar to music. The look and feel of texture and shape are expressed in form, highlighted by the choice of color.

Treei concepts come in their own colors. Red is the power and yellow is the love.  Matter is everything, the full black, while void is white and the resting space between fractals. The blue flow follows the green form, while violet mind and orange sound each hold their own resonant frequency. The blending of these items creates a pattern of the 64 grid - which is part and parcel to the sacred geometry that governs the integration of style and function.

If, disclosure occurs on Friday, by some odd circumstance of fortune, then the weigh may serve as a guide to reconstructing a form of civilization that works from this particular foundation. The table is set, the journey begins anew or ends abrupt, pending your perspective. Nothing has changed, we are still going to be in the now, as we always have been. It just seems like the divergence of time has become an instantaneous reality.

namaste' ...  doc & lemme

June 02, 2014

Wavicle Whispers

The sounds that you hear influence your behavior. If silence were to take universal form, could you still communicate? As time rapidly increases in rate, humanity is accelerated into the void of space. Matter and energy meet in the form of a wavicle, that has a harmonic amplitude somewhere on the electromagnetic spectrum. 

Segregation into non-interactive timelines will thin the apparent population to manageable levels as each level of Gaia manifests its own destiny. That twelve Gaia's (Gaian sense levels) can ring about a central reality is an unprovable supposition - it makes mathematical sense within a Fibonacci format based on symmetry considerations.

Waves follow a sinusoidal pattern, where frequency and wavelength are related via mathematical equation. Definitions based upon relative measurements cannot provide absolute certainty. If our frequency increases due to harmonic vibrations of love emanating from our beings, then low density vibratory species become unable to sense our existence. The propensity for solid objects to vibrate in real time is zero. To be who we are requires a shift to a timeline where the pace of time is different from the existing field. The density of the particle nature of reality shifts with the wave vibration, necessarily because they are one and the same entity. Thus, the wavicle.

Size and time are intricately related. That space carries a 3d connotation of length, width and depth is built into the current illusion, based on the constantly morphing definitions of modern physics. Cartoon physics seems equally as viable - especially when the roadrunner and coyote step off the cliff. Beep, beep. The science of everything smaller than molecular chemistry requires measurement set up with a time constant that doesn't hold for the physical world that it measures.

Computers have changed the art of calculation and the constancy of numbers. The simple basis of all that is, is all that is. Smaller things are parts of larger things. The whole consists of many different levels, each related to each other, with next door neighbors being self-similar most of the time. The change in phase of a medium alters the wavicles density of vibration. Consider love and fear to be two media, similar to air and water or oil and vinegar. The light finds a path that bathes the entire system with high frequency, darkness fades from view as lumens accumulate, dark recedes.

Simple thoughts cannot arise from complexity. The illusion must dissolve for the real to enlighten. To really know something requires time spent being submersed in the concept of that which you wish to know. To follow without the limitation of watching the clock - such that form is all that form can be. When form takes shape and becomes apparent, we can readily see that form in other forms using those sense that we have refined based upon the former reality.

How can we make things simpler? Learn from your child and explain to your pet. The child needs to be able to formulate the ideas in expressible form - listening without speaking allows them to grasp the concepts of what they are saying, which helps them to connect the dots and integrate the entire learning experience and shape their future performance. 

Your pet will listen attentively as you say anything in the proper tone and conditioning - and will never respond negatively to any idea expressed simple without anger or emotion in the tone of voice. Unconditional love comes from dependent connections via food, shelter and attention.

Be where you need to be to observe the weigh thing are. Weighing things means gathering relative information about what you already know and what you wish to find out. If you predict the path that you will take, you have to leave open the ability to change direction when the information shifts. All streams and rivers used to meander over flood plains and ran for much more distance than its accumulated lengths. Imagine what would be if we stretched our intestines as taunt as our rivers. As we each absorb the mentality that we are Gaia, the perspective of Gaia that we share will transform from idea to action.

The rate of time is not constant, no matter how many cesium emissions are accumulated.  Focus directly onto any topic and you can lose track of time as you work out the ramifications of the implications of your visions and audio inputs. What if sound wasn't part of your frequency? Would you still hear the music and march to the beat of your own drummer? I certainly hope so.

Namaste'... doc