June 04, 2014

The Colors of Time

We have been having some extremely in-depth conversations about time, here at the Thyme Zone.  I happened back into my previous journal to look up something that I had written back about the turn of the year and I cam upon something interesting that has been buried down the memory hole already.  It has to do with a guest speaker on Coast-to-Coast a.m. - a show that used to catch my attention with Art Bell.  Remember all the way back when, to December 2013 ...

Linda Molten Howe, the guest star here with George Noory, this is C2C - Linda, tell us more about the Northern California Crop Circle deposited on Dec 28.  And Linda dutifully describes the way the number 192 was written all over the circle in many codes, including braille!  The figure was complex and looked like a microchip - in fact days later, a corporation claimed credit for this as an advertising hoax.  But George, Linda and callers speculated, as did my friends and I. Days later - circle and discuss are erased.

One hundred and ninety two days from Dec. 28, 2013 is June 6, 2014 - Friday. As a watcher of circumstance, i find it to be wise to keep ones eyes open for events that will become historically significant taking place within the next few days.  Matt Kahn (another cosmic surf board rider) sets September 26, 2015 as a different pillar date - the peeps that remain visible in our current worlds are the ones that resonate near our current frequency.  These dates are not unique - especially if a time line division precedes the events.

Imagine a prism. As you shine white light at your prism, it separates that light into the colors of the rainbow. If each peep vibrates at one color of the rainbow, the further you are away from the prism, the more isolated you are with only peeps of your own color. The prism doesn't throw black or white - these two colors are the borders between all things - the yin and yang that is forced upon us by duality. Let's accept black as the combination of all colors and white as the absence of color. This is not the way light works - it is the current weigh that humans think.

Thyme Howdt. How can we set a definition of something to be wrong from the very beginning?  If we are light, and light through the prism separates all colors, then why wouldn't white be the combination of all color and black be the absence? The way we perceive is not the weigh that is. If we wish to communicate beyond ourselves, we have to make a choice between what is real and what is true. We all live in our own delusional illusions related to the cognitive dissonance. And that is okay.

Let's look closely at our rainbow. Which color can you relate to? Rainbows are reflections of water droplets acting as prisms at the concentration in air, perhaps a tenth of a percent.

Each color has its own frequency that it reflects and all the frequencies blend together such that the rainbow is always shifting color in dynamic equilibrium. The length of the regions is part of the harmonic - and this type of existence runs the same up and down all scales of life. If the functions of scale differ by the complexity allowed, then thought become less of an abstract and more of a dynamic. And that seems to be affected greatly by color.

Doc and lemme both like pretty colors. You might notice that the color of the blog changes and the hue has implications to the depth of the topic - lighter hues tend to be more joyful yet are harder to read. Color can be used as a guideline to set mood, similar to music. The look and feel of texture and shape are expressed in form, highlighted by the choice of color.

Treei concepts come in their own colors. Red is the power and yellow is the love.  Matter is everything, the full black, while void is white and the resting space between fractals. The blue flow follows the green form, while violet mind and orange sound each hold their own resonant frequency. The blending of these items creates a pattern of the 64 grid - which is part and parcel to the sacred geometry that governs the integration of style and function.

If, disclosure occurs on Friday, by some odd circumstance of fortune, then the weigh may serve as a guide to reconstructing a form of civilization that works from this particular foundation. The table is set, the journey begins anew or ends abrupt, pending your perspective. Nothing has changed, we are still going to be in the now, as we always have been. It just seems like the divergence of time has become an instantaneous reality.

namaste' ...  doc & lemme

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