April 22, 2011

The Hedron

The time has come to start the first Gaia Village Game. This link will hop you out to the basic plan - you have to surf the sites to pick up the rules.

April 08, 2011

let's just call stop

peace, a piece of quiet
control the symptoms
of mind running away
from dyslexia forever
as we the people attempt
to rationalize behavior
controlled by misogyny
forever wasting every
little bit of life from all
our forests, lakes, streams
spraying garbage airborne.
forgive this bit of common
tragedy because we really
really want to believe
their lies, which never end

the time has come
to stop listening and to do
whatever it is that need be done
forget their commands
just roll up your sleeves
and accomplish by doing
felling, emoting and playing
we need to be happy
Ghandi said Satyagraha
Thoreau proposed
Civil Disobedience
Peace now, peace now
just stop listening
mebbe they will go away
we can only hope...