October 28, 2005

Do ya know?

The theme from Mahogany, Diana Ross rendition is running through my mind this morning. While Dr. Lenny is a political animal, following prevailing wisdom in anything today is a sound method of losing your shirt. All the opportunity is funnelled into a narrow channel where rewards are orwellian, and when someone points it howdt, people nod, shoot the messinger and press forward business as usual. Facts, seem to be opinions based on facts, but every onion peeled back reveals another onion. Mockery is the only means of opposition and now we've made mockery of mockery.

Political correctness lives in both cities and small towns, and if you don't buy the local reality, we start whispering campaigns and discredit ourselves in the process. Which continues the cycle toward the mean spirited - where we have been so high an mighty for so friggin long that paybacks are going to be wholly hell. Violins - the curtain draws for the song of the fat lady. Why do people expect Kate Smith and 'God Bless America' when we need our thin lady Diana Ross and the 'Theme from Mahogany'.

October 26, 2005

Global Hot Air

Global Warming to do
Ventilation of gas
Particulate stored as
Solid earth resource
Reallocate temperature
In patterns of storms…
Modern culprit industry
Process chemistry
Requires unloading
Excess activation energy
When waste is wasted
What a waste…
Cascading reactions
Interstitially located
Towers of inebriation
Requiring unbridled
Trickle consumption
In a descending
Reallocated use accordian
Transparently fair
As lesser power seekers
Using lesser power sources
Undiffusing unaccumulation
While Gibbs’ ghost smiles
Hot air dissipates…

© 2005 lemme howdt

October 25, 2005

Look Ab-howdt

reality hardly seems real
belief in anything - why?
focus on imaginary constructs
models for models of models
games people play
learned over time
require unlearning
require unlearning
brain washed systems think
leading down the rightgeous
pathway of intuitively wrong
ordered frames of reference
based in homes of cards
revolving around a notion
an ocean under emotion
as people come to rediscover
humanity rests on a precipice
teetering over the edge
hard charging insanely
onto worlds of chaotic change

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

October 24, 2005

EH - 39 : What we believe

Humans need to make sense of situations in order to know how to proceed. But with data and input coming in from many different sources requiring affirmation of veracity, we develop constructs to replace the things we don't know. These black boxes hold the answer that we know and the nebulous input of jumble - facts, figures, ideas and the like - that when sorted out will lead to the proper answer. We based our desire to learn on a concept called truth, but we leave these black boxes unexplored based on a cursory projection on where that answer will lead and how it fits into our current way of looking at things. These leaps have gaps - the gaps should be filled in.

This essay on science discusses gaps between science theory and public knowledge. The public grasps sports very well - why not use the models of sports to teach science. Science is a means of thinking, of questioning facts and eliminating bad answers. Today when the information stream contains so mych disinformation and misinformation, we have to question our whole process of basing the future on the actions of the past. Historians may be good at figuring out the reality of the past, but the historic legends seem to be more myth than fact - and basing decision-making on myth - well... that seems to be the domain of science today.

October 22, 2005

work it howdt

people tellin people
what they gotta do
when they don't know
proverbial donkey
from whole of the wall
bear false witness
when smokescreen fits
serpents in the grass
must stop cold turkey...
knowing what it is
we don't know is
feat beyond compare
collective gossip refrain
while rolling up sleeves
get to work leaving
wine and complain
for festive times
neither somber nor ill
natural law does not
require rocket science
but common sense
sure helps out...

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

October 21, 2005

Jealousy ? Anger? Say Good Bye (or Good Buy)

This post is designed to demonstrate some of the intangible values that may be lost if the current Bush strategy to turn all value into cash takes effect. I'd love to read Mr. Pombo's bill before i make comment on it, but it appears that the congress believes it has the power to make the final call before consulting we the people.

But to add insult to injury - on the ground BLM policy has been to consult with the public here for ideas before putting anything together in a management plan. What are they doing, shopping for opinions to bolster their arguments? Why doesn't the BLM have BLM professional land managers suggest their plan and justify it using their skills as trained professionals and then let the public refine the plan.

Or we could let our public foresters design the plan and let the BLM kibbitz. But what is going on now is government by whim of Michael Hogan and proclamation of GWB and that just isn't America. So look at some of this stuff that i get to enjoy for only a short time longer unless we get our act in gear and decide that this is the stuff that is important.

After all, it filters the air we breathe and the water we drink. On the heel's of the new Amazon findings, isn't it time we managed the public forest rather than allowing it to be used as the king's ransom?

Help us howdt here - don't let congress modify the Endangered Species Act without having the professionals in the areas affected weigh in. Tell your congress critter to put Mr. Pombo back in his place.

Western Civ

In addition to his roles as scientist, philosopher, poet, scribe and bard, doctor lenny now can add artist to the repertoire. Western Civ is a statement on modern society, created from household materials that were replaced and are now reused - the creation of the final piece cemented via the eruption of flames makes a statement about conditions today that are similar to when marx penned das kapital. Evidence that the solution was wrong was demonstrated in 1987 - the yin to today's yang. Enjoy the artistry - the post to follow will demonstrate some of nature's handiwork.

Virtual Coffee - Talk Shop

While at While Away Books, sipping coffee and journalizing, i hatched another harebrained scheme.
Virtual Coffee !
Look howdt - the aromas generate free conversation by airing howdt ideas that can be borderline phenomenal. When you're on-line and not tapping keys from your favorite starbucks or java gem, you can still spend a few moments here and pretend. There will be a more interactive version 2.0 coming to a www near you.

If you wish to be in a pilot project that could blossom into an eight hour per month commitment, contact dr lenny through normal e-mail channels.

Winter 06 Freezings

Cold tempering might actually have some real utility in spontaneously generating order from chaos. Bird flu and heating oil prices, on top of the general anger, make for a vastly frozen wasteland of person comfort for most americans this winter - the start of the major lifestyle change as our economy grinds to a screetching halt (or achieves third world status, choose your term).

Or an opportunity to become interested in depth in something new because time is a valuable commodity. Slowing down life as we know it - also known as aka cooling one's jets - is not necessarily evil or good; it just reduces the amount of stagnant energy pumped into the system and gets to a more firm ground state. Chaos and order come together.
Interesting how the pop media and the deep media converge on the same target, although the pop media did it only as a novelty.


October 20, 2005

Expanding Horizons 38 - Vision

Politics is also about moving to a "target," about moving society from where it is to where one thinks it ought to be. Despite what anyone may insist, this isn't just about economics, but also society's "mental" and "spiritual" well-being. We each want everyone else to have our beliefs and values, and we're frustrated that they don't. And then we assume character defects in our opponents for disagreeing with us. (And, really, how can this not be true? It other people's values are disordered, how can their "character" not be also?)

James Leroy Wilson sets out the target for how a free market economy ought to work if he could have his way. The Doctor Lenny vision is remarkably similar in end status, althought the chaos necessary of how to get there from here is quite different in scope.

People have to be able to do what they realize they need to do, without worrying if somebody else notices or not. The people that need to draw attention to themselves run for public office and everybody else is content to remain in the shadows and gripe about it. Well folks - the curtain got pulled back on OZ and we had better decide individually where we are going and get there - because the means of go are going to be restricted by the availability of the key resources (which by the way, the PTB are grabbing violently).

So now is the time, if your not really happy, to bail on your unproductive life and run for political office and use the transparency of the system to hold the servants accountable for their deeds. They don't run the system, we the people do. Get howdt and change the world. Do something different. Do something. anything. Set a target and get there. But remember - the people that you deal with are all people - better to respect their vision and work cooperatively.

October 19, 2005

Who? is Doctor Lenny

Who is this doctor lenny dude? After being a professional student, i got to work as a research and development scientist, a lab supervisor for a mine and smelter, and as an educator based at a zoo. Currently - i voulunteer most of my time and get paid very little - the nest egg built while working real jobs extended very well. I am poor, but with all the creature comforts of wealth, simple joys. I do home science.
Dr. Lenny looks at things from a unique point of view - appreciating concepts like symmetry and volumnosity. (ie. How many atoms are required to make a cage that encumbers another atom? Or a hydrogen molecule?) The ultimate hydrogen fuel source is water - water we waiting for monkeying around with oil; why not generate a facile peroxide/oxide couple based on solar that stores energy as a hydride? - oops too much techie speak!!!
Now i wish to be a media star - but my sports talents are not that good and the only role that i can play as an actor is the bit part, but i can think. Perhaps i live in the world of Oz at times, but really, wouldn't you like to have that freedom. You can! Go to
http://www.quityourjobday.com/ and start again, without the excess baggage. But - this time invest your time and effort in developing the skill that you can market that makes you unique in the land of the sheeple. Uniqueness is a magnet that attracts social capital - if you don't burn that capital by turning it into something useless like money, it goes a long way.
I said i enjoy creature comforts - here is Rosencrantz checking the bathroom window for soundness. As long as the animals are fed and fresh watered, they share with me the passions that i have found for looking up and looking down. The more i deal with adults, the more i enjoy working with youth. The more i deal with youth, the more i enjoy working with animals.

We have to change the world, one person at a time, staring internally. If you wish to do better - do better. Start today.

October 17, 2005

Bio-Diesel - On-going Saga


Thank you for demonstrating the common excuses for regulating biodiesel, typically expressed in terms of concern that consumers accept the fuel. There is no question that consumers will accept biodiesel. They are eager for it, and investors are eager to supply it. If the industry is not well underway in the next five years you are likely to hear charges of intentional suppression and see people take to the streets demanding this alternative fuel.

The question is not whether consumers will accept biodiesel, but rather, who's going to control the industry. Is it going to be modeled on petroleum fuel, where it is dominated by a small number of giant corporations who are completely in bed with government, and regulated to the teeth as if it were high polluting and dangerous? Or is it going to be available from producers of all sizes, direct from farm or at city pumps? Will there be any disincentives for an independent producer to offer the product for retail sale (having to deal with multiple bureaucracies qualifies as a major disincentive).

ASTM and NCWM standards are already set for biodiesel. Producers who want any longevity in the industry will voluntarily comply with these. Larger producers and some small ones will get certified under the National Biodiesel Board's BQ2000 program. Consumers are perfectly capable of buying biodiesel that meets ASTM standards or is certified under BQ2000 if they have warranty or other concerns. For decades consumers have been savvy enough to know to put diesel fuel in their diesel vehicles and gasoline fuel in their gasoline vehicles. They can even handle their own car maintenance without the government's help. They can figure out to fuel up on certified biodiesel or make their own educated decisions on independent or small-scale providers. These smaller providers also have good incentive to help consumers understand performance issues like cold gel and clogged filters.

If the biodiesel industry is not artificially controlled, it will police itself very effectively. Biodiesel enthusiasts care deeply about the product's potential and will not sit quietly while some charlatan sells sub-par product that reflects poorly on the industry. Because price is the biggest obstacle for consumers, your biggest concern should be ensuring truly free competition in the industry. The ODA and the EPA aren't doing consumers or the environment any favors by regulating biodiesel. They do nothing but hold the industry back.

Angela Eckhardt Freedom Fuel: How and Why Biodiesel Policy Should Reflect Freedom

Dr. Lenny weighs in completely with Ms. Eckhardt, and graciously welcomes all interested to a newly developing bio-oil cooperative in Douglas County.

Chess Variants - Scheming Mind

For those of you who like your strategy complete with tactics - Scheming Mind has all sorts of chess variants. A chess variant is a completely different game with the same chess pieces that move the same way. Except for some that don't. At any rate - this is a very cool site if you like chess and keep getting beaten up by better chess players.

Blogging Events

Decided to add a link to Wally Conger's blog Out of Step (permission pending) http://wconger.blogspot.com/ - which fits into the general Howdt framework of the world. I also added the evil post checker device 'word verification' to filter out the spambots that attach and waste my time.

Time is the currency of the day and i value my time enough that it will not be given away any longer. Then again, when i choose to squander time is up to me. Some people seem to think that running for County Commissioner is squandering away my time, but Devvy doesn't think so. http://www.newswithviews.com/Devvy/kidd132.htm . Time to represent the intent of the constitution while we still can. I would be happy to get the word howdt for any independent candidate that runs without the D or R behind their name. Dr. Lenny Howdt (I - Green).

Finally, for the contemporary blog fanatic - Ender's Review of the Web - http://www.endervidualism.com/erev/ - should keep everybody up-to-date on the bloggomania of our times. Just remember - there are two non-computer geeks for every literate user, so the messages must find an extention beyond cyberspace. ERW should have a print complement to rival the parade propoganda every churchday morn.

October 16, 2005

EH - 37 : Global Warming

What if all the projections about global warming are wrong on the low side rather than the high side? Mike Davis discusses the chaos in the Tomdispatch article.

Use free speech rights - Get howdt and blog

One phenomena of note about bloggers - we like to talk back to each other in the comments. People get all huffy and puffy about what i said, but they won't put it up for public display and public access. They want to nit-pick other peoples points of view. Well, fine - i can debate in any forum anywhere, any time, nearly any level. I don't wallow. I may criticize behavior and belief, but everybody is entitled to their opinion. For two cents, I'll express anybody else's opinion on the Get howdt blog. You must however fill out your own single line item of the required paperwork disclosure that the state of Oregon enforces for campaign contributions over the $2000 limit. I hope to have enough people speaking howdt to bother that limit. Add your two cents today. (I'll even let you tally and owe me until we meet).

This is cross-blogged at Ali's Voice and i liked it enough to want it at my own site too. Where do you suppose thoreau would be taking refuge in the world of today? what would be his profession? What would the current authorities do with edgar allen poe? Would OSHA allow edison to work without harassment? The Zone today features a bit of last week's bio-diesel phenomena at the ground floor (i prefer underground floors - can we make the count go negative?)

Bio-diesel - You Be the Judge

You be the judge - Dr. Lenny's notes are in red. If you wish to be part of a southern oregon biodiesel group - please mention that when you make comment.

Free Market Solution

Government should step aside for biodiesel, study says a new paper on biodiesel policy suggests that eliminating government interventions is more important than offering incentives for the vegetable oil-based fuel."Biodiesel legislation has focused on financial incentives and use mandates, while failing to address major government-imposed obstacles.
In fact, biodiesel makes sense on so many levels that it doesn't need help from the government; it just needs the government to get out of the way," said Angela Eckhardt, author of Freedom Fuel: How and Why Biodiesel Policy Should Reflect Freedom.Eckhardt is director of the Rural Oregon Freedom Project at the free market think tank Cascade Policy Institute.
Two years ago, her family began making biodiesel out of used fryer grease at a cost of about $.50 a gallon. The retail cost of biodiesel is typically more expensive than petroleum diesel, due largely to the price of fresh vegetable oil. Eckhardt says the price of vegetable oil will come down as more farmers start producing oil crops, but farm subsidies encourage farmers to grow other crops or not to grow crops at all. She recommends an elimination of farm subsidies coupled with a thorough review and elimination of agriculture regulations that hinder farmers.(!?)
Biodiesel sales regulations and taxes also contribute to the higher retail cost, she said. "There should be nothing to stop a farmer from selling the excess biodiesel that he produces to his neighbors or community without government oversight," Eckhardt said, noting that the alternative fuel has been proved safe for vehicles and the environment.
Eckhardt said another major stumbling block for biodiesel is the lack of affordable diesel vehicles in America, caused in part by environmental regulations, such as California's emission control standards that Oregon and Washington are on track to adopt. "Instead of treating diesels like the scourge of the automotive industry, we need to consider the diesel engine's potential as an environmental and economic solution," Eckhardt said.
Eckhardt calls biodiesel a "liberating solution" and encourages all biodiesel-related policy to reflect that theme. "There is a reason the terms '#8216;fuel' and '#8216;power' also have political application. Petroleum can't be obtained by just anyone so it is ripe for control," Eckhardt said. "Biodiesel can literally put power into the hands of every American."
"Given the history of petroleum politics, it is imperative that today's policy decisions ensure a free market for biodiesel. Producers of all sizes must be free to compete in this industry," she said.
Freedom Fuel: How and Why Biodiesel Policy Should Reflect Freedom is available online at www.cascadepolicy.org or by calling 503-242-0900. Eckhardt may be reached by email at angela@cascadepolicy.org.

The bureaucrats response:

While we (the Oregon Department of Agriculture and other state agencies) share the enthusiasm for biodiesel shown by Angela Eckhardt and others, it is important that all parties have a common understanding of motor fuel quality. Some may feel this is restrictive, but for a new fuel to be accepted by consumers, it is imperative that it not cause problems, and biodiesel has some different qualities that are important to understand. Here's a note from ODA's Measurement Standards Division, responsible for ensuring motor fuel quality in Oregon:
* * *Modern diesel engines have more stringent operating parameters than their predecessors and thus the nature and quality of the fuel that they operate on is very important to provide satisfactory performance and not cause damage to the vehicle's fuel system or engine. The vehicle and engine manufacturers state in the operator's manual what fuel the engine is designed to operate on and what they will warranty and what they will not, which of course varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has established quality standards for biodiesel blend-stock (100% biodiesel). The reference for this standard is ASTM D 6751. This sets the minimum standards that 100% biodiesel blend-stock must meet and helps assure uniform quality. The quality of the biodiesel, or any motor fuel for that matter, is very important to vehicle manufacturers, engine manufacturers, fuel (biodiesel) producers, marketers, and consumers to help assure satisfactory performance and fair competition.
In similar fashion, ordinary petroleum #2 diesel fuel must meet ASTM D 975 quality standards. Again, this establishes minimum standards that #2 diesel fuel must meet for the same reasons as noted above for biodiesel blend-stock. It is expected that any blend of petroleum #2 diesel fuel and biodiesel blend-stock together meet ASTM 975 diesel fuel quality standards. In addition, the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) has adopted biodiesel fuel quality standards (which includes ASTM 975 and ASTM 6751 fuel standards), pump labeling requirements, and fuel delivery documentation requirements.
These are the model (?!) regulations for biodiesel fuel sold in commerce. By the fuels meeting the minimum quality standards, a level of assurance is provided to producers, marketers, vehicle and engine manufacturers, and consumers that the vehicles will operate properly on the fuel and fair competition for the businesses.
If you are producing fuels for personal use, then these standards do not necessarily apply, however, you accept the risk. If you are providing fuel to the public, these standards apply. I hope that this is helpful to you.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ODA's Measurement Standards Division:
Clark CooneyXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXTelephone:XXX503-986-4677
Assistant Administrator/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXFax:XXXXXXXX503-986-4784
Metrology Laboratory ManagerXXXXXXXXXXXTTY:XXXXXXXX503-986-4762
Measurement Standards DivisionXXXXXXXOregon Department of Agriculture

October 15, 2005

The Crumbling Infrastructure

From Tom's Dispatch via lewrockwell.com

"Wetlands are often referred to as nature's kidneys. Most self-respecting scientists will tell you that, and yet [private] developers and officials [at the Army Corps of Engineers] wanted me to support their position that wetlands are, literally, a pollution source." Bruce Boler

I do not support the manner in which this purge has been perpetrated and I believe that every individual involved has been personally wronged. Yet - i can't help but ask how many of these people held jobs that should be in the private sector? The real crime is that a lot of these positions didn't disappear along with their agencies when the republicans promised us they would decrease the size of government. We are still waiting for one less department of education, one less department of commerce, etc.

We, the people, want federal politicians howdt of the local governing business !!!!!

Elect Doctor Lenny howdt for County Commissioner.

October 13, 2005

SpEk Howdt - (translation : Speak out)

If you don't like what you see or hear - tell me ab-howdt it. That is why there are comments on the blog page. I can admit that i am wrong in a whole bunch of areas if you point howdt valid peer-reviewed published data. I can admit that i am wrong in a whole bunch of areas if you point howdt a valid, well thought howdt explanation of an alternative to my proposed solution. Edison had how many renditions of the light bulb? This is the energizer bunny going howdt on the campaign trail - still blogging ... still blogging ... doesn't this dude ever shut the bleep up - node howdt - we get the load howdt!!!!!

So yammer back at me or else i'll think that i'm always right.

Dr. Lenny for Douglas County Commissioner Position #2 - Get howdt and be involved in civil matters - disobediently if necessary - stop the coercion - stop the wars - get howdt of iraq : get howdt of afganistan : get howdt of the drug of choice regulations business : get howdt of the war on terror - confine the bad guyz, not we the people - Vote howdt ineffective politicians! Vote 4 Dr. Lenny Schussel 4 change of priority - because the residents of Douglas County need to manage all the land in Douglas County!

EH - 36 : Forests

Matthew Koehler presents a report on the environmental industry's spin on Forest management. I happened to pick up a copy of the referred to report yesterday, so you can guess what my weekend reading material will be. We must objectively analyze the statements presented and look at whether they are true in context of what we know from living here first hand.

The fact that Oregon BLM land makes the top 10 and the Umpqua National Forest gets special mention is a stinging rebuke to me that as a conservationist; the environmentalists don't feel that i am doing my job here. Not that they given us any latitude to do that job, running to federal judges to lay down management strategy at the drop of a lawsuit. Koehler's spin on the US Forest Service is an explanation, but now identified, we can no longer use it as an excuse. The use of the categorical exemption lawsuit in CA to harass mushroom picking operations during chanterelle season in OR is punishing the public for a political pique by a bureaucrat. That ought not be tolerated!

If the forest service cannot get it together to manage this land for the economic, social and ecological benefits that multi-use implies, then it is time to allow the Umpqua off the grid of the northwest forest plan and let our local experience take over the management of this watershed in a 100 year stewardship contract split proportionally between the citizens of Douglas County and the Cow Creek Indian Tribe! The more voices represented at the table, the merrier. If everybody tries to do something different, then perhaps we will have enough diversity to find something that actually works.

October 12, 2005

EH - 35 : Rewards

Credit for finding the link goes to Chemical Ali at STR - Joseph Rowlands reminds us that we should promote people. The free radical tells us how we win when we look at the positive side rather than dwell on the negative side. As with anything - balance is needed, unity is the sum of both parts.

We need to look at wholes, to find holes in our fabric and patch our quilt of life.
Dr. Lenny Howdt

October 11, 2005

World Peace Dialog

To demonstrate thinking, i use this dialog with a friend over a game of chess. It is a response to yesterday's post. The text is repeated at Get Howdt - the political aspects of the zone found at http://howdt2.blogspot.com .

Dr. Lenny – some questions from Europe - Do you think world peace is a simple goal? It would be very nice if that would be so. But it's not. There will be always governments and people who won't like the peace and will start war. For what cause? It doesn't matter. For oil, water, peace or anything else. It doesn't matter. It seems mankind haven't learn anything from history.There were wars, there are wars and there will be wars. People died/are dieing/will die in stupid wars. Have you watched the movie Troy? At the beginning where only two best soldiers fight instead of entire army. All wars should be decided like that.

i agree with you both on the one-on-one aspect of ultimate war and the fact that we will never achieve the goal. But - leveling the playing field by giving all people both control and responsibility for themselves would go a long way toward fixing the problems. Governments have no right to tell their sovereign people how to do what to do. That’s what the people are for in the first place - to work out the hows and whys.

Governments should provides infrastructure, not direction. It should protect freedom and liberty, not provide them. It should keep laws to govern structure, not laws to govern men. When rule of law turns to rule of man, we get Iraq, a war on those in poverty dubbed the drug war and an even more insane war on a tactic, terrorism. There is a reason that this country is becoming increasingly more isolated in world affairs, only world peace can fix this right now. We won't get all the way there, but the closer we can approach total economic chaos, the more successful we’ll be at securing peace in the next world order.

October 10, 2005

Lets do the time warp again

Since saturday will become my most prominant working day, dr. lenny has decided to change the days of the week to become even further howdtside the box. My saturday is now my Wednesday, which means that today moanday is really friday - a day that i can look forward to. Of course, getting up and doing work on Thursday morning to get the week started would have me facing people beginning to catch sight of their weekend. I wish to organize a team of youth to have an howdstanding time campaigning with me as we measure water quality all over Douglas County. Sunday will be thursday a writing day and organizing the tasks to set others going on their individual interests. We (global we) need to develop cooperative teamwork skills in a performance evaluated learning research and development environment. What a mouthful.

Errata - Global Warming - a new lemme howdt poem!

All great social movements get started by a single individual perservering in the face of adversity. whenever i give up hope, i go listen to joni mitchell, or read thoreau, ghandi, or invest time in my own interests. when i feel needed and wanted, i get back into the sphere of being confident and take the next path back towards my personal goal. simple goal - world peace.

Attended a conference on global warming at Marylhurst on Saturday and realized how detacted the university has become from communications with outside reality. It was rewarding to be able to discuss research with academic theorists and i am certain i added great thought into people's drive homeward. Some of the concepts i discussed one-on-one included the non-linear addition of wave-forms and the loss of matter in the process of dissociating things from a whole into its parts.

If global warming is real and the temperature front of heat is moving northward and southward, then the shift of growing seasons should enable longer growing seasons and earlier planting. Starting exotics now in anticipation of more heating may not be wise - it seems we are nearing some historic maximums. If the current trends continues for a few more years and then plateaus or begins a slow descent, then varietals of wine and agriculture will shift northward. We in southern oregon should be looking at north california's traditional staple agriculture base as our base for the next century or two.

We can start to enhance that base with good root-stock, heritage plantings, and by using MOATs [ metal-enhanced organic agricultural techniques ] including compost teas, pest predators as pesticides, and buffered stream areas with fish friendly habitat anchors.

Time to step even further howdtside da baax. here's lemme


(c) 2005 lemme howdt

October 08, 2005

Speakin Howdt

is the whole equal to the sum of its parts, or are particles lost in the combination of the pieces to the whole - emitted to form maximus glutemissions or other things that cause the system to sink into an energy well, which is defined as a stronger order. chaos always defeats order in the long run - a simple law of physics

science has snipped apart all the little pieces of everything and finds that by the continuum of fractals, there are always more little pieces. how about looking at big pictures and looking to see if there are some alternative frameworks to look at the bigger picture other than the economic serlingesque orwell scene we seem to find ourselves trapped in today.

chemistry waves have unique interactions of addition and subtraction. The combination of waves is complicated - hydrogen can be calculated, but helium may be in reach only if we double the capacity of the best chip. But there are rotational energies, translational energies and overall system energies that interact differently depending on what the inorganic glue in the middle of the organic lattice happens to be.

the nobel committee deserves a hail and well done on the awards to Richard Schrock and Teddy Grubbs. These guys established the basis for the field that allows me to be certain that i know what i'm talking about. Chemistry focused on organics is looking at the trees in the forest without considering the woods. I enjoy the diversity of the woods - who's woods these are, i think i know ...

the nobel committee deserves a strong rebuke for awarding the nobel peace prize to a government agency. bad agency, bad industry, bad power form, bad choice all around. cold fusion is promising nuclear chemistry, fission and dispersed uranium are baned to nature for long times to come. As the world evolves, the dispersed uranium will be a major player in altering the life on earth - and we have limited knowledge of d-orbital chemistry and f-orbital chemistry is pre-infancy.
uranium is super-big - mercury on steroids.

My laboratory is natural resources and i serve now as the 1st vice chair of the Southern Oregon Resource Conservation District. My role will be in fuels and wood. This is a volunteer position - it distributes the resources that the department of agriculture has had for conservation. One reason to end the three wars - Iraq, Drugs and Terror - is to remove the plug from the drain on all other spending. We are not efficient - government needs to be even more local. This is a federal/local partnership - but the local has to take the lead.

We need to look at the whole picture, not just the simple easy cherry pickings. We have to build enough energy to get out of the potential energy well that is the established order. hurricanes, tsunamis and volcanoes will visit us with more frequent occurrence until we improve our resource efficiency.

Using conservation biology, following the track of nature - a thousand points of light each doing what it does independently of the other points of light until the competition leads down to the most potential for adequate change to a system that defrays the power of the people to the people locally that are best fit to make decisions. I was john galt, now lemme howdt!

October 07, 2005

Why Oregon Appeals

Seems to me that Chantrelle hunting in the fall is one of the joys of life.
I have some good pictures but the upload doesn't seem to work.

EH - 34 Republicanism

Everybody's favorite shrill liberal Sidney Blumenthall takes the empire of DC to task.

earth manages

earth has been round
for how many billion years
seasons come and go
in the same perverse order
weather grates the plains
energy shifts forms
moves mass in the process
of quelling itself down
diminishing the force of blow

agency land managers
running like chickens
deheaded by the volume
of funding not received
in the future very soon
grasping for local wisdom
by conjectures with no teeth
search for useful things to do
when no option - nature's way
expresses economic indifference

energy spent on flapping jaw
is dispersed from the ecosystem
in quanta of expertise of minute
depthful insight arising from
multiseasonal observation
non-conventional wisdom
distributed one thought at a time
as people build on the diversity
of shared opinion of differing reality
coalesces into much broader consensus

yet generally today opinions
replace the in-depth search for truth
due to difficulties in the nature of seek
hide and seek was fun for hiders
but seekers needed encouragement
to continue playing when the hiders ran off
left on own device, other worlds invade
the bugs, the rocks, the tardigrades
all there waiting to be found without guile

counting is basic, so easy we forget
to add the numbers up to determine
whether the artificial reality created
matches the somnabulent whirled view
reality left in plain sight for those who look
all options of economic scale impact
dwarf logic, exasperate imbalance
of depth and breadth in conflict
without consideration of width or length of time
as harrison echoes all things must pass
his guitar gently weeps

catalyzed by univariant passion
leemings of breadth via social maneuver
grasp at straws that rightgeous wield
paper tigers rigging a system under tight leash
fraying into individual efforts that keep status quo
rather than sharing common tales
raconteuring our common heritagi
wheat people sharing red people caring
blue people smiling green people playing
rainbow children appreciating throes of death
as a rebirth to life in a novel complex order
created from the chaos of economic disintegrity

pass the scrabble tiles, push the pawns
invest in the knowledge yearning to be learned
new assumption, novel interactions,
strictures of clandestine economics melt
social justice and equity of choice to discriminate
brothers in color working ways cooperatively
based on individual unshared goals that allow
me to be me.

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

October 06, 2005

Dr. Lenny Wizdum

When people have different basis sets, they can be saying the same things and vehemently disagreeing. Dr. Lenny Howdt

Everything is inside howdt - visit http://www.howdt.com/ and http://howdt2.blogspot.com/ for educational and political opinion that is howdt ta'site.

EH - 33 Sports

Everything Walter Block says here is true - and he didn't even mention steroids.

Dr. Lenny is a sports fan and a statistics junky. Right now, he is working on scoring algorithms for performance measures. If you are interested in valid scoring systems rather than the pap coming from our school pretending that our kids are doing allright when they are not, then let me know and we'll have you test some of the metrix. I have already run into one snag, but it shouldn't be a game-breaker. Just need to figure out a basis for accrual.

October 05, 2005

Hubris Observed

Today's corporate businessman is a lot like the super underclass that stayed in new orleans and wouldn't help themselves; they couldn't believe that the world the way they see it is not the world the way it is.

Guess what - the tidal rollercoaster ride begins and we can either get out our surf boards and be on the crest of the wave of change or we can watch it all flare howdt with a wimper and not a bang. Anyone still play bugel? Watch the economic shinanigans that PTB try to pull as the whirled descends. Become part of the horizontal lattice - Get howdt while you can!

October 04, 2005

Mercury - Chemistry Explained

Mercury – What’s the real issue? – Dr. Lenny Howdt, PhD

Darn dam keeps tossing red herring at us, when people should focus on the primary issues at hand. The real deal of the Milltown Hill Dam is the cost/benefit analysis : where the money comes from and who makes howdt. The distraction is the Mercury in the water. Let’s talk Mercury.
The little silver balls that floated out of the thermometer that you broke when you were a kid were the metallic form of mercury. We pushed them around, watched them coalesce and ran them into one big ball that could be put in a jar and tickled for entertainment value. A little bit of sulfur quenches all toxicity of the metallic liquid element.
Mercury in the main ionic mercury form is a two plus cation Hg2+ found locally as cinnabar HgS and totally non-toxic. However, mercury bio-accumulates in fish, whatever that means, and hence is on EPA and DEQ’s *hitlist. Let’s look at some chemistry facts before we progress further.
Mercury (At #80) has 80 protons, 80 electrons and 120 +/-2 neutrons. It is a large molecule – atomic weight 200 compared to carbon at atomic weight 12. The chemistry of mercury is much like the chemistry of cadmium and zinc. These three elements are non transition metals. Mercury Hg2+ behaves like Barium Ba2+ - imagine giganto calcium. For those of you chemically literate folks, the outer configuration is 5d10 6s2.

For those of you who are lost and/or need a refresher– I can offer a $25 on-line chemistry for beginners in our on-line classroom YC.C with a critical mass of 20 people.
Mercury should always be kept in tightly closed containers and handled only in well ventilated areas. It may be generated in, and escape from, solutions of its salts due to adventitious reduction and/or disproportionation of Hg2 2+.
Mercury (I) Hg+1 does not exist – mercury I always occurs as a dual charged dimer – two atoms of mercury that share a pair of electrons and are two electrons deficient. There is a serious enthalpic (energy) advantage to sharing filled 6s orbital. But all counter-ions which promote precipitation in water solutions, cause disproportionation. The most toxic mercury compounds are organo-mercury(I) compounds.
Fish tend to be bio-accumulators, which means they collect mercury in their body tissue. This is actually part of the normal chemical transfer chain and when the fish spawn and die, the mercury gets distributed and scattered, to each react another way. There is speculation that fish can stabilize labile organo-mercury, but given the toxicity, I would speculate that the fish would die. Disproportionation renders the two mercury harmless after the separation event.
All the molecules of mercury that have ever been here, are still here, and will always be here. Mercury thiolates are known in nature and could potentially be transportation and/or storage receptacles for biological bodies to remove mercury from their system, via active transport in the bloodstream to the nearest hair follicle for expulsion.
For those of you who want to stop the dam – talk about water quantity and water quality and salmon spawning issues and other storage methods. A whole lot of small ponds connected with a satellite gating system, that have the depth to allow a helicopter bucket fill would give fire protection and resource water to the streams via late summer release programs. Keeping water in the streams year-round will help everybody, landowners, fish and wildlife, trees and forests. Let’s listen to the merits of all knowledge and make an informed decision at Milltown Hill.

[1] Cotton, et al. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 6e (1999) John Wiley & Sons, Inc. p.600

Time howdt

Our morning
gets earlier
each morning
as the sun falls
a ball of fire
making waves
on earth
where people
monkey with
time pretending
clocks matter
toward when
we spend time
witch - in the end
cannot be saved
is always spent
stop toying
with our time
our mornings
get earlier
each morning

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

from STR

"There is more religion in men's science, than there is science in their religion." ~ Henry David Thoreau

October 03, 2005


Would you believe 99ed? A tribute to Maxwell Smart - inventor of the cell phone! Gee 99 was gorgeous. Missed her by this much. Last week Don Adams - voice of Inspector Gadget and Underdog - joined Gilligan (Bob Denver) in that great sitcom in the sky.

October 02, 2005

Wacked howdt

It appears that there is more turbulence in my mind and my life lately. My agitation level is very low and my stubbornness quota seems high - and that is now common for all the people i regularly deal wit at home. Yesterday, I travelled out to the woods and felt much better, but when i came back into town, my head just filled with meta-noise. I am going back howdt today - i managed to leave a journal howdt to get wet, but perhaps the anger and frustration that i have been dealing with in synthetic and unnatural. I live in a valley right next to the hill where all the microwave and cell phone towers have sprought forth. Is there anyone else that share migraine headaches and audio brain irritaions?
I think my brain waves have too much excitation. I use an incredible amount of antioxidants - vitamin C, caffeine, THC - the migraines blast me when i lower consumption levels. But - time to wean down on coffee - just because it will be tougher to get this winter. And time to invent some wave noise filtering earplugs.

Unrandom Words widd Nonwordz

dantz aground
widd howdt apple cation
wishin twood go aweigh
space sans stub since
no pen pallette
4 raisons baste infact
witch seams absent
widd howdt leaf census
work for nothing
nothing for work
humor less monotone
kulchure coal lapse
quicker D bettor

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

October 01, 2005


Our countries investment needs to be reconfigured to benefit the American people. Our states investment needs to be reconfigured to benefit the people of Oregon. Our counties investment needs to be reconfigured to benefit the people of Douglas County. The land base in Douglas County is worth a lot of money – there is no reason for Douglas County to be struggling for income in the bottom 10 per capita income of all US counties in the county (prior to Katrina – there are now counties that aren’t even in our country anymore).

Federal land management on a large scale is an absurd concept. Let’s Get Howdt and fix our problems. Locally first, then in the state, then in the nation, before it’s too late.

Get Howdt

Virtual On-line Political Strategy Discussion 6:30 pm PDT Oct 2,2005