October 28, 2005

Do ya know?

The theme from Mahogany, Diana Ross rendition is running through my mind this morning. While Dr. Lenny is a political animal, following prevailing wisdom in anything today is a sound method of losing your shirt. All the opportunity is funnelled into a narrow channel where rewards are orwellian, and when someone points it howdt, people nod, shoot the messinger and press forward business as usual. Facts, seem to be opinions based on facts, but every onion peeled back reveals another onion. Mockery is the only means of opposition and now we've made mockery of mockery.

Political correctness lives in both cities and small towns, and if you don't buy the local reality, we start whispering campaigns and discredit ourselves in the process. Which continues the cycle toward the mean spirited - where we have been so high an mighty for so friggin long that paybacks are going to be wholly hell. Violins - the curtain draws for the song of the fat lady. Why do people expect Kate Smith and 'God Bless America' when we need our thin lady Diana Ross and the 'Theme from Mahogany'.

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