October 16, 2005

Use free speech rights - Get howdt and blog

One phenomena of note about bloggers - we like to talk back to each other in the comments. People get all huffy and puffy about what i said, but they won't put it up for public display and public access. They want to nit-pick other peoples points of view. Well, fine - i can debate in any forum anywhere, any time, nearly any level. I don't wallow. I may criticize behavior and belief, but everybody is entitled to their opinion. For two cents, I'll express anybody else's opinion on the Get howdt blog. You must however fill out your own single line item of the required paperwork disclosure that the state of Oregon enforces for campaign contributions over the $2000 limit. I hope to have enough people speaking howdt to bother that limit. Add your two cents today. (I'll even let you tally and owe me until we meet).

This is cross-blogged at Ali's Voice and i liked it enough to want it at my own site too. Where do you suppose thoreau would be taking refuge in the world of today? what would be his profession? What would the current authorities do with edgar allen poe? Would OSHA allow edison to work without harassment? The Zone today features a bit of last week's bio-diesel phenomena at the ground floor (i prefer underground floors - can we make the count go negative?)

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