April 24, 2013

On the Nature of Water: v Phase Change

            We briefly mentioned the Water Cycle in the previous essay.  At the Gaia scale,  earth is a water planet.  We know water in each of its single phases – solid, liquid and gas in a way beyond the common substance.  We know also that there are some interesting thermodynamic properties of water that change as a function of temperature and pressure, and to a very limited extent, volume.  The volume of water makes a highly interesting case study – as the volume near the freezing point is not the linear response that we might expect.
            Let us arbitrarily walk the water phase diagram from the cold side to the hot.  We will start at -10oC for a start – the C refers to degrees on the Celcius scale, measured in centigrade units.  This scale is different from the Fahrenheit scale that we use in the United States and the absolute temperature scale measured in Kelvin units.  The three scales measure the exact same phenomenon, but have different range and utility.  Centigrade is a base ten metric scale that has set points at 0oC for the freezing point of water and 100oC for the boiling point.  This corresponds to 32oF and 212oF on the Fahrenheit scale – with an algebraic formula of  F = 9/5C + 32 for the conversion.  This places arbitrary measurement systems in conflict – a rite of passage in science. 
            The Kelvin scale is an offset of the Celsius scale to set the absolute zero at -273oC, such that the temperature measurement fit the same thermodynamic parameters as used in the calculations of entropy and enthalpy – giving absolute temperature rather than being relative to our earthly temperature frame.  Absolute temperature 0 K is where all molecular motion theoretically stops.
            At absolute zero – the mass is extrapolated to a zero point and all packing is tight, close and regular.  There is no vibration, no movement relative to other molecules – the lattice is continuous forever.  As we climb by adding heat, we see the atoms wiggle, but there is not enough force to move them – the hydrogen atoms each bridging two oxygen atoms, the tetrahedral oxygen surrounded by four hydrogen atoms.  One pyramid up, another down, about a central plane.  The location of the molecule in space is fixed by the arrangement of each molecule to other molecules also held fixed – the bonding is extremely regular.
            Back to water, now as a molecular solid at minus ten degrees C.  The bonding here is still very regular and tightly packed.  If the water droplets have a confirmed border, the alignment can be seen as a stacking process from the interior, moving out from being fixed at a point of nucleation, a physical center.  The first water molecule holds rigid as the molecular motion is constrained, and the molecules closer to this center are held tight – the ones further off are led less tight.  The molecules are attracted to each other by polar forces between the negative oxygen end of one water to the positive hydrogen end of the next water – as the temperature has climbed – the molecules begin to vibrate.  They cannot move out of the lattice – no translations or rotations are allowed.
            The vibration does not have enough energy contained at this point to break any of the hydrogen bonds.  The actual chemical bonds of water do not break until we use enough  energy to get hydrolysis of the water – the chemical breaking down of water to the component gases hydrogen and oxygen.  This happens at an electrode in a contained system – when in nature it can take the form of creating ozone via lightning bolt.   Hydrogen bonds hold water molecules together and are not like atomic bonds between elements.
     Things that are dissolved in water disrupt the lattice of molecules and cause freezing point depression and boiling point elevation.  The pressure is also a factor – but for solids and liquids, the volume is consistent and pressure is not a factor.  There are several different ice phases that have different unit cell packing, but the ice we know in the form of cubes has a regular structure similar to our current description.  The surface starts to melt as we approach zero degrees C (32 degrees F), due to the bending and stretching of the individual water atoms.  These modes can be controlled by frequency to vibrate in tandem and these characteristic frequencies tend to be harmonics of the bond lengths and angles.
            Liquid water forms as the ice melts.  The temperature remains at zero C until all of the ice has melted to water.  The ice is less dense than the water at zero C and floats on the top of the liquid water surface.  This is odd for a liquid, but make the fish very happy, as they can reside under the ice in a lake or pond and live perfectly well.  If ice froze in a solid mass from bottom to top, then we would have frozen fish in history and empty oceans today.  Water has a minimum volume at 4oC, as the molecules slowly rotate their conformation when not fixed directly to the next water's atoms.  
            In the rising temperature liquid the water molecules can traverse past each other using rotational and translational energy provided by the energy as measured at higher temperature.  The water on the top surface exchanges molecules with the air – each temperature has a dynamic equilibrium value where the evaporation off the surface is equal to the landing rate on the surface – when there is more energy present, the temperature goes up and there is always excitement of chaos caused by increased molecular motion.
            Water has three individual modes of vibration – the bond angle bending, the symmetrical stretch of the two O-H bonds and the asymmetric stretch of the same bonds.  These modes have an infrared frequency vibration that is shifted when water is bound to a metal atom or an organic molecule that is not water.  This phenomena is concentration dependent and can be washed out in dilute solution.  As concentration increases, the direction of water is mitigated by what the water contains and the vibrations begin to take on characteristic frequencies of the substances dissolved in the water, rather than the spectrum of the water itself.
            In liquid water, we tend to get translational and rotational phenomena along with or vibrational energy.  Hot water spins the atoms around relative to each other and passing molecules cause friction, which generates more heat as heat is added.  The temperature rise is consistent with energy input – one gram of liquid water increases one degree Celcius of temperature in the heat measurement called a calorie.  This is one thousandth of a Calorie – the unit that we measure food energy content as a function of weight.  People spend too much time watching their caloric intake rather than exercising and using the energy of their food content.  Drinking water is a way of keeping hydrated and allowing your internal systems to balance themselves.
            Evaporation occurs at the air-water interface on any surface.  This is counterbalanced by condensation – where the air is saturated with water to the point where the gas condenses and rain falls, as a function of temperature.  When the air contains moisture and the light hits it from behind, a prism of color is generated – creating the rainbows that thrill us with their appearance.  This is a diffraction of white light into components in the visible region of the spectrum – the narrow band that contains the drummer whose beat we march to on the current scale.  The rainbow is a non-discriminatory form of sorting and separating – it holds no value judgment except for that occasional pot of gold at the end.
            When water reaches the boiling point, the molecules on the surface leave at a rate where they are not replaced in an equilibrium exchange.  Evaporation occurs at a rate proportional to the added heat and the temperature remains at 100oC (212oF) until all of the water is turned to steam.  The contained steam then rises in temperature and the hot gaseous water holds enough energy to do significant work.  The steam engine was a crucial invention in modern progress – as we transverse the reversal of the fossil fuel energy bonus, we will likely once again make use of all our water – not as a trash and sewage receptacle, but rather as an integral resource in the operating system of climate regulation for the populations of Gaia.
            The water of earth is the blood fluid of a larger conscious creature that operates on a different scale than we currently imagine.  If the entire scale of everything is mapped to a concrete form – the very largest things and the infinitely smallest things are all the same things – as above, so below.  Imagine a giant mobius strip that runs in a cyclic loop, embedded within another mobius strip with a larger loop, etc. – radiating in waves from a central infinity – a small crossing on a scale of one alongside a massive crossing on a scale of all, as one.
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April 22, 2013

On the Nature of Water. iv Fractal Scales

    It is raining again, which I guess is par for the course in Southern Oregon. It rains so often in the spring that we call a light drizzle Oregon sunshine. It is good for the mushrooms and the plants – a bit cold for planting anything beyond greens – but the greenhouse is full of plants. The light catalyzed reaction between carbon dioxide and water is the essential step of photosynthesis, the chemical reaction that builds plant material. I like the weigh chemistry explains things in discrete relationships between small numbers of atoms in small molecules.
    Now small is a relative term – as we discussed previously water is a very small molecule, even in relation to atoms of other elements. When we discuss the topic of organic chemistry, the chemistry of living things involving the HONC elements, there is a three order of magnitude sized jump between the scale of the water molecules and the chemical system. Just to be clear on what three orders of magnitude is – go get a salt shaker and shake out a single grain into your hand. This is what we call a new fractal reality – the physical constants are consistent, but the manifestation do not have to be contiguous. In fact – only 12.5% of the there there is the same as the here here. (for simple math – 100/2 = 50/2 = 25/2 = 12.5) This is also the scale difference of the Mandelbrot zoom – close to 10%.
    Water is a clever molecule, and has learned to gang up to have access to all of the various fractal scales. The water uses the blood stream to get around and deliver dissolved solids to the organs that house the proteins and enzymes that are the next pair of fractal scale. We discussed how water solvates the surfaces of bio-molecules like proteins and enzymes. We can see where water serves as a carrier for ions that serve as the active sites of the synthesis process between amino acids and nucleic acids building blocks that form layers of surface. The surfaces can be hydrophilic and like water or hydrophobic and repel water – the water doesn't care because it can talk to the brother water molecules and create a swarm.
    When we go from the fractal layer of organs to animals – the whole collection of being relies on the collection of water molecules being replenished from outside, so that the water can exchange being and not wear out in the function – a single molecule can only take so much bending and stretching before the elasticity is gone and it before it becomes a crabby archaic relic ready for a retirement beach in a warmer climate. Water molecules and people think the same, as people are made up of mostly water molecules. There is no reason to believe that we are in control of our water – the water knows that the regulatory system works the other weigh around. Ask your plumbing who is in charge when you cannot go. Just try howdt running water.
    We tend to like our running water, so much that we have municipal water districts to govern the use of local water. Water rights is a big thing because the supplies of fresh water are limited compared to salt water. The water cycle on the earth is a very big picture of how water works on a sense of scale – with evaporative heating of surfaces causes the water to let loose from the partners and go for a new individual ride into the biological system of choice – where it operates as an individual and as part of a whole on a fractal scale. Thus – every intelligence source is working with water at some scale or another and water is really the seat of consciousness – the director of all things physical in the world. Architecture by great spirit – art upon water. Most of the time though, just another drop in the ocean statistically.
    I like water – from my shower in the morning to the pot that boils my coffee. As a little kid, I liked to high dive – until I got sense by scaring myself shirtless. The ocean was the beach growing up near the Jersey shore, but west coast ocean front is for surfing and diving – wet-suit water. The lakes and rivers are for fishing and water skiing and playing – watching their rise and fall based on last winter's snow-pack and this summers temperatures. I am in awe of natural springs, where geothermal activity heats underground water enough to soak away all troubles – as long as the drive is to get there.

   The ground water that feeds the wells is being fract to within an inch of its life. Fracking the ground is the latest way to squeeze out oil and gas to get that last bit to keep running the empire into the ground. Everything has been commoditized – bought and sold for monetary gain that the water had no say in creating. Water exchanges electron pairs with other water freely as a conduit of information, so ubiquitous that it occurs instantaneously – our quantum mechanics is only the most recent explanation on our scale for how water acts as a medium to shift concepts in time and place. Is it not interesting that there is suddenly great interest in water on Mars and in deep space? This is a solar system of water planets that manifest in a variety of forms.
    What if the planets represent the nuclei of a variety of cells of a human-type organism on a very large scale. The spacial arrangements of physical space as we imagine it should be the same: as above, so below. Why does every picture of deep space look exactly like deeper space, when we know that complexity increases with size in biological organs. In fact, the governance of Fibonacci based natural resource systems occurs at the base where two ones exist, the individual and the whole. Each mus be mastered in a yin/yang balance to be comfortable in your own skin – you know who you are and feel your place in the world of things.
    Nature exists with water as the currency. Each living thing takes as much water as it needs for self and returns its excess water back to the system for processing. This is the same thing that humans do with water – we clean it by a variety of methods that meet certain standards before we discharge it back into the stream for the next user to play the same game. Each of us receives a water bill for the processing cost of using our water as a drain and sewage system instead of a life support partner. In Oregon, water rights are assigned to the fish as of 1987 – by a landmark court decision that conformed to the arbitrary right of first come, first served, but only if you claim the right.
    Our life operating system should work like the computer disk operating system dos. The laws are control vehicles to keep the general order and there are specific instructions to operate for each ordered action. The rules are set to enable flow and can be overridden when emergency action is necessary – but otherwise need no enforcement or rigor – the flow is maintained by the mass – more latitude when not busy.
    We are stardust, just add water.    Namaste'    doc     041513

lemme's dream

Welkom to my 3-D whirled
the crazy zany mixed up place
of ordinary never was
that just happens to be

Here in the land of 4/20 at 11:11
we use lemme land logic
whenever we want a convenient belief
to temporarily rest our hat
logic is the ego molesting the inner child
wonder what the kid never did
in the reality of the sphincter
kid never knew what hit em
until now, the raunchy now

Shock is how you wake em up
Alex tweaks the tweakers
into a manufactured rage
obsessions with a mythical pursuit
of a dying ideal based on phantoms
of missed beliefs – of fairness
and power and ethics and country
follow the money laughing
all the way to the banksters,
soon swinging from lampposts
in the cool morning dawn,
with Eric too big to address real crime

Four-twenty upon us with Boston cops
in full gear disrupting life as we know it
by turning the stage of everywhere else
to here, in the now, a reality
as buff as a dyke in heat with a new girlfriend
super caffeinated desk jockeys
playing shoot em up games
from remote locations somewhere totally else
sending drones reigning on the masquerade
parade of glistening Klinton logic
Obummer – wrong place to be

Target central right before your very eyes,
cooked in the basking glory of
Fukushima and Chernobyl
roasting away the tethers
of the strands that mutate life
Monsane distress to a new genetic cornucopia
in the same hot water pot
beans and rice targeted next
corn and soy and wheat are toast
you never know what you are eating
until you really know your pets
and your plants; get my drift

If not, look up when rain clouds abound
only lines of them sweep in a grid
crossing, teasing and bringing the gray
every afternoon by mitigating strontium
aluminum and barium and fluoride
in variety of combinations called geo-engineering
those driving that train can
swing with the banksters
waste filled air is another
dilution solution to pollution
not effective in the least
now at a level to keep you sick
Sick where big pharma can take care
of the parts of you that big farmer missed
with his ddt and gmo and all three letter words
have become dirty filthy words
to tame masses and they mean us
Feel tame yet? Thought so
so go take your pills
stare at the box that brings you
the latest tear jerk creation
manufactured as a false flag
a positive reason to take more pills

Pills run your life by getting caught up
with those doctor types
that have the feeling jerked out of them
by the game they play to get to be
who they are – the clowns that nod their heads
tell you to cut back on the chips
that we all know are addictive,
but no one can eat just one – can they?

Enuf bad, now good is that love has won
that turning our swords into plowshares
is the way it is done: the new world
happens when we escape the domain
of synthetic reality in three dee space
come into our own unique pie in the sky
this dream that when carried forth
allows you to blithly ignore the supraculture
'cept the views from subverts like Kunstler
the druid and raz: make you cry?

Cuz there is a different weigh
to survey the cleansing
too play different games
that mean so much more
to learn to deal with what is
instead of Hollywood creation
theater of the mind that bring
the misery of cashing in chips

Chips of the game; the tokens called stuff
that has to go because the game
banks print the money to loan you at interest
just aint gonna cut it no more – no sir
Go Dog Go's Big Dog Party is over
we did not like that hat!

lemme howdt 2013

April 19, 2013

On the Nature of Water, ii & iii

On the Nature of Water, ii Atomic Level Order

The nature of water is a case study in like dissolves like. Water molecules have an affinity for other water molecules. There is such a thing as pure water – it comes in the form called distilled water. This is plain water, pure and simple – consisting of nothing but water and water. The distillation process involves changing the form of water from a liquid to a vapor and then removing the vapor phase into a separate glass container. The impurities are left behind. This water is so clean that it does not conduct electricity – the conductivity of distilled water is nearly zero.

This would not be very good drinking water. The idea that there are no ions dissolved in the water clears the decks of minerals – the healthy things that our bodies use as catalysts in their biological systems. The idea of reasonably inert cations and anions swimming in your drinking water is not likely to be an exciting thought – but the quantities are limited and serve to resupply your existing system – water flushing is a major requirement for open living systems. 
Water atoms align with each other whenever they are in solution. The degree of alignment is very temperature dependent, as the water slowly approaches the freezing state called ice – the atoms of water come into alignment, either in great bulk as sheets of ice, or in smaller form like snowflakes. Dr. Emoto's work demonstrating the beauty of photographed crystals at peace is a work of art within nature. Water appears to sense vibration at a level that generates novel nucleation – crystal form grows emergent from crystal form. But what is really happening at the micro-scale level of crystalline chemistry?
Water like to share the hydrogen atoms it owns with other water atoms. In a gathering of water, the oxygen atom is surrounded by four hydrogen atoms in a tetrahedral array. In a liquid – there is free movement and exchange and the individual atom always retains its own two home hydrogen atoms, and constantly has different visitors in the other two positions. Each adjacent hydrogen that is not self, brings an oxygen atom from the water atom that is self to another adjacent water molecule. To refresh – elements are pure substances that exist as atoms. Atoms combine into compounds in small whole number ratios. A molecule is a collection of bound together atoms that has a stable recurrent form. Iron is an element, rust is an iron compound, hemoglobin has iron atoms as part of a complex organic molecule.

What does organic mean? Despite what your grocers might suggest – all their produce is organic by the strict chemical definition. Organic chemistry involves combinations of the four elements hydrogen H, oxygen O, nitrogen N and carbon C, supplemented by sulfur S and phosphorus P. The carbon structures provide several backbone chains that have becomes keys to explaining all biochemical life – known as proteins, enzymes, fats and lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids and many other forms. The jump between biochemistry and chemistry is mitigated by the presence of water as a form unto itself – we can liken it to the air that we breathe on a human scale. Everything small and living is all-contained by water.

Water is a solvent that aligns by nature of its polar character to form a hydration sphere around every different solubilized ion. Ionic compounds are solids that can generally be dissolved in water – the cations separate from the anions and each are surrounded by water molecules. The cations have a positive charge and attract the negative oxygen end of the water molecules, the anions have a negative charge (extra electrons) and attract the positive hydrogen end of the water molecule. 
The size and charge of the cations and anions determine how many water molecules appear in the cluster of waters that each ion carries as a hydration sphere. This serves in a buffering capacity – allowing ions to move freely about until the loss of water causes an attraction between the ion pairs. If done slow enough, one can grow crystals of a pure salt, simply by evaporating water to form a super-saturated solution and allowing it to cool about a center of nucleation.

Water is included in the crystal lattice in many cases – the chemical forms of these salts (ion pairs of balanced charge) are sold as hydrates. Chemicals that can pick up water from the air are called hygroscopic and should be stored in a dessicator. This is a closed system where a more hygroscopic molecule like P2O5 is allowed to take water slowly away from the other chemical – rendering it dry. Drierite is a commercial clay compound that serves the same function or those little packages of silica beads packed with electronics. Using dry chemicals in chemistry is very important, as the water can be involved in less than desired chemistry of organic syntheses. Water tends to get in the way – so drying is an important step of many chemical processes.

If you know where the water molecules are, you can figure out their role in what they are doing. Water is an essential ingredient in cooking – whether it be hydrating dried beans or the solvent for soups. Drinking water is different than drinking beverages containing water. I attempt to drink two glasses of water each day, in addition to the many cups of coffee and tea that are the functional drivers of my between-meal system. Seeing that the plumbing is working is a function of growing old – we can assume responsibility for our own medical status by tracking the flow of water through our systems – noticing color changes in urine as a function of concentration – the light color, the more flushing of the system. Vitamins and minerals tend to be water soluble and get conveyed to the organs where they are metabolized and restocked during the sleeping process, so to speak.

Thus ends the second lesson on he nature of water. Please feel free to ask questions about the concepts that may seem foreign – this is written as a primer for new students as well as old hands and should remain entertaining on several different levels. By dealing with the concepts of everything is a solvent with some water content, we can begin to create a think framework as a basis of thought – we are large sacks of water and the water itself creates the seeds of consciousness. All water is created equal, but the memory of water demonstrates that water in use has vastly different properties than water in bulk. I hope to investigate this thought next time.

Namaste' doc 040913

On the Nature of Water, iii Measurement in Water

First – a word from our sponsors. The Oregon Natural Resources Research Group is working diligently to form a new conception of everyday life, with the application of the scientific method of questioning everything we know, without assumption. ONRRI will work in tandem with the Organization for the Advancement of Knowledge to provide direct support to communities that are growing food on a local scale – in order to ease the transition from global scale back to local scale. OAK and ONRRI can be found on-line through NWETI.com – the Northwest Education and Training Institute. NWETI provides on-line classrooms to teachers and students who wish to prioritize learning by gaining common knowledge, as opposed to the current school system which illuminates relationships by sequestering information in the hands of a few.

Now back to water. Water does not live in a democracy – each water molecule is created equal, but undergoes a change of perspective that is completely different when bound to a biological system, rather than hanging out with his buddies in a bulk water system. Looking at the solution from he perspective of an individual water molecule, we will explore the nature of change in different environments to foster the idea of the ubiquity of possibilities of what change can bring.

As we discussed before, water bonded in water with other water molecules will have an average HOH bond angle of 109o and an oxygen-hydrogen bond length of roughly one point five angstrom units. 
The exact length is a measured average of many individual measurements and changes constantly with vibrations. The essential parameters of a water molecule are the HOH bond angle and the length of the two OH bonds. These bonds have a symmetric stretching mode – both hydrogen atoms far away from the oxygen together and near the oxygen together. There is also an asymmetric stretching mode, which has two identical pairs of possibility – left hydrogen near, right hydrogen far and left hydrogen far, right hydrogen near. These stretches produce characteristic frequencies in the Infrared Range (IR) of the electromagnetic spectrum. A Fourier Transformed Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR) is an essential laboratory tool for qualitative analysis of chemical elements – very high on the current wish list for the ONRRI lab. FLIR is a flight oriented Infrared scanning technique used to orient airplanes.

When water is attracted to ions – it shifts the wavelength of the vibration of the water molecule. The whole idea of spectroscopy is to measure the changes in spectra at different wavelengths and correlate it to changes in the physical environment of the atoms involved. When the solution color is in the visible region of the spectrum, you can use a different type of spectrometer – the UV-Vis , ultraviolet/visible light spectrophotometer– in order to hone in on the wavelengths produced between 200 – 800 nanometers. Cary makes the workhorse instrument – the Spec 20, that is a fixture in every high school chemistry lab in the land. If the tools of chemistry sequestered at the schools could be made available for general use, then people could learn hands-on that chemistry is just a means of measurement.

So let's get back to our water solution and let's now populate the solution with ions. Since Dr. Lenny worked in a Nickel mine – let's use the Ni2+ ion as the example. Nickel weighs 60 amu and is a transition metal – number 28 in the periodic table. The periodic table is the collection of all elements placed into a categorical form that allows for the prediction of chemical behaviors based on composition. It is a basic tool for understanding the language – each element has a symbol, a number and a weight that make the calculations easier to handle. Chemistry involves a lot of simple calculations like addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. More complex math can be very useful – but is not really necessary to being able to collect the information. We will try to avoid all math in this series, but realize that the numbers do have meanings beyond the scope of this simplified vision of water.

Nickel ions form a green colored solution with six water molecules that have a square planar geometry. [Ni(H2O)6]2+ . The oxygen of each water are oriented toward the central nickel atom, four in a plane about the circumference of the nickel – then one on top and one on bottom. The hydrogen atoms are oriented outward from the center – with the oxygen of other water molecules in the solution towards the center and the hydrogen arrayed outward. Recall that the weight of the nickel ion is about the same as three water atoms. The hydration sphere of the hexa-aquo nickel complex depends on the temperature – but is likely five or six levels deep – each level fits more molecules around those connected – so we have a sphere that is nearly 500 amu when two deep – you can see where the actual weight of solvated ions adds up real quickly.

Nickel forms a red compound with dimethylglyoxime. The formula is known to be Ni(dmg)2. By adding the nickel containing solution to a dmg solution, we can quantitatively precipitate the nickel and know exactly how much we had in solution. We can also measure the concentration of a solution and correlate it with the peak maximum of the red color in a Cary spectrophotometer.

The term aqueous solution is used to designate a solution that is based in water. Free ions in solution always have counter-ions in that solution to balance the charge. Thus the nickel started as NiSO4 or NiCl2 and the reaction with diglyme is a substitution type reaction. There are many different metals that form cations in solution – the whole world of coordination chemistry is a study of these types of systems.

When you consider the forces of polarity on the micro-sphere scale – they appear to work the same way as the forces of polarity on the human scale. Like attracts like in the form of polar compounds like polar solvents – ionic compounds dissolve in aqueous solution. The concentration of the solution is a measure of the stuff dissolved in the water – this involves converting the chemicals into moles, such that each chemical has it's molecular weight factored into the chemistry equation.

Water does a lot more outside of the chemistry lab than it does inside the lab. In the next nature of water episode, we will explore the place where we find water. The differences between lakes and streams and oceans and rivers will be explored with a large grain of salt, in terms of what the water is composed with and how the water thinks of itself.

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April 10, 2013

On the Nature of Water

    Sometimes, the things we know best are the things we know least. As we shift into a world that has different meanings, the time has come to rediscover what we believe we already know. The simple substance water is not nearly as simple as we profess and the thyme has come to explore water at a deeper level. Let's make a swan dive into the deep end, then swim back to the surface level to integrate the picture.
    Water is a molecule that consists of three atoms – a central oxygen atom attached to two hydrogen atoms. In basic chemistry, we learned that hydrogen has a weight of one atomic mass unit per atom and oxygen has a weight of 16 amu. This means that water weighs 18 amu – thus it has 18 grams per mole. This mole is a furry rascal who does chemical accounting – he keeps track of atoms on a small ratio basis.
   The nature of chemical geography suggests that bound atoms arrange their shapes to give all other atoms enough breathing room. The nature of chemistry is such that atoms repel each other based on the arrangements of electron pairs about a central nucleus which is made up of protons and neutrons. Each nuclear subatomic particle, proton and neutron, contributes one amu to the weight of an atom. The electrons have no mass on the amu scale, however they govern the arrangement of atoms in space.
    Let's talk about atoms in space. We know what space is, because we are all stardust and space cadets who stare up at the sky at night and ask what it is all about. We can see the stars and they are far out there way far away from us – and we wonder sometimes. On the scale of chemistry – the space units are likely just as far away from each other as the stars are away from each other on this scale. When we consider all that we know on many frames of the scale, we tend to draw parallels between the things we know and the things we don't know. This is convenient, but not proper.
    We need to say, 'I don't know' when we really don't know, instead of making things up as we go along based on other things that we think we know. Adjacent fractals have to be similar to each other in order to get a blend in continuity, but as you move between Fibonacci numbers, you find that the transitions are sharper at lower numbers. Chemistry and sociology both work best when following group theory, which is a math method of setting point groups in space. Sacred geometry holds many answers to the questions of nature at all levels of scale – the systems look the same but act very differently – based on relative weight of participants.
    Now getting back to water – water has a bent shape where the angle between the HOH bond is 109o . This is quite different from the CO2 linear arrangement that has an OCO bond angel of 180o. This is because water is based on a tetrahedral shape – the same basic structure as carbon has in organic chemistry with four bonds available. Water uses the extra two bonds available to attach to adjacent water molecules. Water molecules tend to cluster with other water molecules, because, we water molecules are little guys in the total scheme of things. Water is not called the universal solvent because of its charm – but because of its strangeness – its quarks have quirks – but that pertains to physics more than chemistry. Let's just say that water is ant sized in relation to most biological entities that it deals with.
    The chemical composition of the ocean and the chemical composition of the blood stream are very similar in the as above, so below sense of things. Each has many dissolved salts that are ions conducting an electric flow path that integrates entities that rely on the water for sustenance. Water comes in swarms and attracts based on the polarity of molecules – the distribution of extra or fewer electrons to distribute balance between ions. A negative ion, called an anion, has extra electrons that balance out atomic charges within a molecule, while a positive ion, called a cation, has donated the electron to the anion and does not wish to receive it back.
    Water solvates these ions and allows them to separate from each other, as long as the electrostatic charge between the two (or more) ions allows for the dissolution. There are measured tables of activity constants and electrochemical potentials that suggest the relative inorganic chemistry – the solubility product of an ionic compound can be looked up conveniently. Aqueous chemistry is a field that deals with mostly ionic compounds and is the basis for qualitative analysis – the idea of analyzing the composition of a mixture of things.
    We conveniently call these ions minerals and stop our chemical investigations because we fear to tread into areas of biochemistry and medicine. This is foolish because we assume that doctors actually understand chemistry before they learn biochemistry – in reel life that happens and we are addicted to movies. This life is just like a movie and you are the supreme director – the more truth that you really know, the better equipped you are to make good decisions that affect your immediate future. This is enough chemistry for one sitting – if you integrate the concepts here – the next edition of the world of water will be more illuminating.

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April 05, 2013

Fibonacci Dreaming

Fibonacci Dreaming

You wake up, alone. Here you are and here, there is nothing there.

You wake up, alone again. Again you are here and here is nothing here. But this here feels different than the other here. You note that.

You wake up, alone again and you are back here again, the first here. There is still nothing here, but you feel more comfortable this time, like you've been here before. And, y'know it makes you wonder, what's going on. You feel like Neal Young, and glance about for David and Graham. They are not here – there is no space here – no time. You like it here, and could get used to spending time here alone – with nothing but your imagination.

You wake up and it is cold. You look around and there is nothing here. You are still alone. The path again resembles a place where you may have been, but not like the deja vu that you recently remember having. You have a sense that you are in a place where there is a lot of space and you feel as though you are not alone, even though you are indeed alone.
You imagine that if you ever got to feel the Void, that this is what it would feel like. The there is there, but the clock is not running. The weight of nothing feels like there is something in the nothing, but your senses only detect the ambiance. Given time, you'll get by …
Open up the gates of the church and let me howdt of here – too many people have died in the name of Christ for anyone to heed the call … so many people have died that I can't believe it all and now I'm standing on the grave of a soldier that died in 1799 – and the day he died it was a birthday and I noticed it was mine …

You wake up and she is lying there beside you. She – you gave her most of your life – who is she? She is both comfortable and familiar, yet this is not anything that you remember. She is still asleep and you notice now that you are in a place, a bedroom, with all the accoutrements. There is a vanity with a mirror and an array of bottles and tubes – make-up that follows most females of the human species to transform into that 'presentable' state. A swoosh once philosophized that image is everything – feeding the vanity of the race.
As you skirt the room, you notice a window and an outside. You take a peek at a sunshiney day with a few round clouds floating in the sky. Picture yourself on a boat on a river, with tangerine lakes and marmalade skies. Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly … She is now awake on the bed. Come back to bed, sleepyhead. You rise to the occasion, glad that one has become two. You can make this work, this thyme.

You wake up and are alone again, naturally. Gordon had his songs – that one was overplayed on the radio, but sill brings memories about some whens and wheres. You expected normality after you drifted off and instead, you woke up with nothingness – alone in your comfort zone. Let the memories of the last dream be the first thing that you think of, when you open up your eyes from dreaming dark-star.
That is now where we start – back to one. Was she real or imaginary – is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality. Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see … See what? There is nothing here, nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about. SFF.
Strawberry fields – Let me take you down, cause i'm going to strawberry fields. Philosophy, it's a walk on the slippery rocks, religion, is the cry of a dog. I'm not aware of too many things, I know what I know and I know what it brings … Only, you don't know, we don't know, but the fool on the hill sees the sun going down and the eyes in his head sees the whirled spinning round.

You wake up to the smell of bacon. This time, the room has a door and you can see that you are in a house. The smells are familiar and the bedroom is in fact the same bedroom as you noted the last time. You glance in the mirror and find that you have form and substance. Seems that you are male this time around – mid-thirty, ethnic and fairly good looking.
Two doors on the left, one open to the kitchen, a yellow room streaming with light; the second being a water-closet. You roll out of bed and choose the closet first – you can feel yourself slipping into a morning routine – deja vu all over again. You see things like razors and toothbrushes – always in tandem, pink and blue. If this is your life, you sure don't remember anything like it. Nick Cage did this in a movie one time, so you can pull through in Hollywood style.
Not !!! You are not an actor in a roll – you are not sure of who or what you are. This is different, like a drop-in role in somebody else's life. You wonder if you can mess anything up. But the next thing coming is likely the room with no space – the comfort zone that you keep getting dropped back into. So you take a chance, you've lost your ticket, so you'll have to stay on. You can only hope that it works out as well as a Year of the Cat.

...   Namaste'     doc