December 31, 2006

more odd ranting - HNY07

i have a conceptual problem with concepts. how people learn is a very odd phenomena, and much learning takes place at the skewl of hard knox, as opposed to a formal institution. therefore, when people are confronted with an idea or objective that fits their own personal preference, they suspend reason and logic and consider the after affects as things that can be dealt with by other people. who are these mystery other people that pick up after everybody and clean their messes back under the rug.

actions have ramifications and inaction is action by default. peace is a precondition for affable communications and building in the personal interest sphere as well as the public interest sphere. but the public is us and if we wish to be private in addition to public, then we have to govern ourselves. leaving problems in our wake for other people to deal with is definitely not going to get us anywhere in the long run. the short run is like well - here. just think - the wave of baby boomers starts breaching the system in 2008. the skewl of hard knox will be open for business - everybody eligible. mitigation requires skills - good luck in your aquisition of said skills in 2007.

as i said, i have conceptual problems with the focus of how people expect things to get done withhowdt the willingness to do much on their own.

December 30, 2006

Time to Tame the Mint

Government enforced lunacy is the reason that we the people have to act rather than listen. Commodities are a hot item because the supply is not up to the demand. There are better uses for copper, nickel and zinc for the business community than to have them tied up in some mostly useless media of exchange. But the story behind the story - mentioned in the first paragraph about the outlawing of silver Liberty dollars - implies that there will be a serious attempt at repression of the barter economy about the same time that the dollar economy has lost all it's purchasing power.

Metals are very useful commodities if you know what their properties are. Ductile, mallable, conductive, low heat capacity. Metal catalysts provide tweaks in the working structure that allow something different to occur. Almost all organic process chemistry has a demand for surface chemistry activation for thermodynamic or kinetic advantage. Metals lower activation energies, and in proper form are essential to plant and animal growth at trace levels. Chemistry need not be mystery nor misery.

Silver, Gold, Palladium and the Platinum Group metals are very much worth the investment - especially if you can have the materials in hand. The Liberty dollar concept - basing exchange on set value of silver coin appears legal to me on the surface and should be encouraged rather than illegalized. If anybody has a good reference article to the events - i have a few questions of 'how it got there' from when i last checked howdt on that debacle (mid-October).

December 29, 2006

The 2006 Cannite Award

Lennibus Cannibus is an old traveler from the late 70s - the forerunner for personal discovery of dragons and high clouds. His player was known as Cannite and was a bashing bashful sort that protected the wizard Bud the Wizer. Role playing has always been a creative part of the dr. lenny psyche, so as i achieve the next phase of interactivity betwixt life and gaming, I offer a freedom of voice award - the Cannite - to my friends and aquaintences inside the net. Anyone that has physically met Dr. Lenny in real context in real life during the calendar year is eliminated from consideration. The Cannite is awarded to constructive critics of compulsion with the ability to control one's self as a means for societal order. If we can discern truth and it doesn't matter to anyone in the scheme of things, then why pretend that we have a civil society. And when we can discern truth - then we have to pay attention to the fact and stop believing the farce. Speak truth to power and non-power alike and well - you may win the Cannite. There is no physical prize nor monetary award - just a heartfelt sense of thanks.

As this old year peters howdt - i'd like to recognize some of the best trains of thought that we've followed in 2006. Cannite's Crew alongside Captain Lemme Howdt: three top essayist are Paul C. Roberts, Mike Rozeff and Wil Alston ! top three blogs are all in the Cross Lynx - to herd or not to herd, St. George blog, and -!- Sunni Maravillosa and the Conspirators -!- . The three top essay info-sites are Counterpunch, Lew Rockwell and Strike-the-Root. Cartoonists are Tom Toles, Pat Oliphant and Gary Trudeau - who has made Zonker Harris into a surfer boy icon again. Game places are Scheming Mind , It's Your Turn and Flying Buffalo. The top single place on the whole web for howdtstanding bizarro, cut with the depthful search for truth in the maddening throng, the 2006 Cannite winner is Rigorous Intuition. Jeff Wells and his commenting cast of characters find the nits that bug everybody and needle them back in until they fester howdt truth and heal the need for more (for the next moment or two).

December 28, 2006


free is chaotic
randomness has order now
freedom isn't free

new revolution
seems to be in the cards now
oppressive rule-regs

change the power grid
pawns chase the king, queen away
seize initiative

December 27, 2006

'Public' Libraries

Awhile back i might have got a bit upset at this attack on science. But there are so many caveats to this one that i have to sort this one through. The EPA is the nanny of all nanny-state agencies and should be totally closed because there is no environmental clause in the constitution - regulation is reserved in the bill of rights to the states. The 'science' collated by the EPA is funded to support pro-state hypotheses and agendas and thus must be taken with a grain of salt - a great pyramid sized grain of salt. (A pinch of sea salt will have to do - put it on your dinner plate to enliven your tastebuds and get an adequate supply of healthful micro-nutrients.)

All the significant documentation contained in the EPA libraries is available to scientist types that have access to the materials on-line or through other less convenient public libraries in each community or the university system. Now if the EPA were found to be shredding one of a kind documents and burning books - my thoughts might not be quite the same, but this isn't Fahrenheit 451 here. The information housed in these costly relics is still available, the convenience factor is just lowered. I kinda like cutting back government to scale - and how many of us non-gubment types actually have access to such EPA libraries anyway. Next time you visit your friendly, local federal agency, check howdt how many locks you have to pass just to get in to talk to somebody about using their facility library for a research jaunt.

Water we doing here

The substance that is all over the place is all over the place. Water is not terribly complex chemically, so we tend to overlook the real utility of the substance. Water is the anomaly that makes things tick - because it can use itself to create different forms, like snowflakes - and because it can hitch a ride on many other items. Water molecules gather in packets small and large - but if you think that the world might be overpopulated with people, calculate how many individual water molecules there must be in the world.

Eitch two oh. Really, the medium, the carrier and the substance, all in one. Carbon provides the framework for life, but the integration with water is the mojo rising. Small quantity trace elements reside in water - it might be interesting to walk thru a dilution visually. Water maintains a temperature dependent equilibrium - movement of exchange occurs continually, but with reversibility - as one attaches, another one lets go. Rate - how fast it happens - is the bothersome feature - because we just assume time in constant forward units.

One of the fallacies that has me thinking is the difference between molecular properties and bulk properties. Emergent properties are things that arise out of a bulk material that just don't exist on a smaller level - one water molecule is not wet, one hundred water molecules are not wet, nor a million. But at some point the water becomes wet, so wetness is an emerging property. The sum seems greater than the parts by the additional value of the emergent property, unless there is a counterbalancing force that reenforces the conservation of matter and energy - the first law.
In the vast continuum of fractal life, perhaps there is another force to be identified - the one that enables water to produce electrical continuuity that enables thought in a carbon structure lattice.

December 26, 2006

Guessing Game

what happens when it rains for several days and the temperature changes from near freezing to mid 50s? line up the hills in the background to see how much more water is flowing today compared to late september.


which beat do you hear
cacophony of the obvious
subtle ding of a bell
symphony or solo guitar?
waves undulate motion
transpose scale to note
physical audio oblivia
in cognitive dissonance.
own drummer pays a piper
to set you off, lock you out
agenda of the time, this time
need be what we make of it.
as illusions topple
reality strikes a sordid blow
walls come tumbling down
step wisely amongst rubble

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

Music Lyrics

sometimes music sets the mood, at other times the mood sets the music. when the choice of music is in my hands - i try to stay with the beat of the conversation - usually shifting up-beat a notch to keep people alive. if i wish to think certain thoughts, i tend to certain artists and their lyrics.

when i'm down and troubled and need a helping hand, and nothing can turn out right - it calls for Carole King, or Joni Mitchell or even Crosby, Stills and Nash, with or without Neil Young. The old stand-bys like Big Yellow Taxi and Cathedral, or Al Stewart's Year of the Cat bring back feelings of being able to handle the chores of the mundane existance that we all lead on the side to pay for our lives. I'll see you on the dark side of the moon. She's twisted man, poop d'shoobee. Don't bother asking for explations, she'll just tell you. 25 or 6 to 4.

December 24, 2006

Snowflake Fractals

Well, well, Wells. Thanks Jeff for this picture link. This is what happems when you look closer and closer at a crystalline image of frozen water. It is very cool to be very cool. Happy holidays and we wish you a merry caramel.

Lemme Bach Een : Contrasts

thanks for the title suggestion steve - perhaps we can do a mets/giants game sometime in the next year or ten - see ya in the bleachers, and perhaps the pew.


commune nekate shunn brohk

lust gawn sauth agin agin
whut expecturate shunz
trans verse bye osmo, sis
ya gotta sey whut ya gotta sez

(c) 2006 lemme howdt


quietude in the face of loud

run away to isolation zone
where one can dissolve into
off-color spirit driven silence

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

Campaign 2008: why and how to bother

Gordon Smith (R-OR) is a very beatable senator, given all the incumbent protections that occur on the political scene. So it comes as no surprise that now that the senate Democrats and Harry Reid (D-NV) are war-mongering, that Senator Smith is the first Republican of note to climb howdt of the box and oppose the war. I encourage this behavior - opposing war - for countless reason, but this currying for political favor tells me that not only can we defeat Senator Smith, but he is already running scared. Oregon is a blue state only because the Portland/Eugene corridor has greater population than the rest of the state. That would be like Massachusettes (Massholes?) controlling all of New England.

Douglas County, Oregon is a single watershed the size of the state of Connecticut. Our house representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) is from Springfield - the low-budget half of Eugene on the other side of the River (just kidding - damn touchy springfield reader(s)). If Douglas County voted 100% against Rep. DeFazio, he would still be elected handily. Oregon is gerrymandered into five house districts, four Democratic districts with less combined land area than the one Republican district. But in blue/red terms - this state has mostly red territory, including all the rural areas. The green team is not really a factor, mostly because the personality necessary for political activity does not really appeal to members of the enviro persuasion. Ecotopia is an example of rural blue/green philosophy, perhaps viable if the powers would leave us alone to our own devices.

There's the rub. In this pay to play world, you have to play or they take it away. No opting howdt. If you don't vote, even a principled non-vote - the system still elects someone and the lemmings follow by their noserings. So if you really wish to opt howdt - be political on a very local basis by getting involved with your community on whatever level you are interested in.

This does not mean political parties or running for office. It means becoming an independent volunteer to set things the way you think things should be, in a microcosm of your own choice. If we start now, becoming active in civic organizations with the expressed purpose of making contact with other strong minded active agents of change, then the neo-independents (neo-conservative, neo-liberal - hmm : scratch that term), then a new thought process of individual responsibility with group support based via negotiable consensus and mutual trust might have the legs to react to campaign 2008 at the time the current political elite stop feeding at our red, white and blue trough.

December 23, 2006

Building (with Water) - an odd rant

when it comes down to what we as individuals do with our time and energy, most of us end up constructing a scenario where we are the major player in our lives. the common means to get more is to save what we have until something comes along that we can acquire to make more of what we traded away. as we replace things that have lost their luster with things that we currently value more, we are building toward a future where our immediate needs are fullfilled and our desires are being met. coming up with the cost of living depends on the image of what it is that we are building toward.

problem lies in the fact that we are playing with a stacked deck. what we want appears to be governed by the images of propaganda that we have been sold by relentless deceit. though originally the system might have accommodated the simple tastes of far fewer persons, today there are too many people each feeling that they not only can make a profit on every transactions, but also that every transaction requires profit. in a zero sum game that cannot be possible, but in a never ending growth model, building more on top of more is embedded philosophy.

as i have developed thought patterns howdtside the norm, observation of how nature accommodates errors into novel fabrications has fascinated me. what the result of the biologic process is, is what you get - and it goes on from there to fulfill some niche that grows or diminishes due to natural control. the role of each individual is important at some level in the total cyclic process that primes the life pump, no matter which scale of observation we take in the continuum. the level of sentience, of self-awareness is still undefined - my dog realises she exists, even though i think therefore i am never crosses her mind (or so we think). what about the large oak in the yard? the blade of grass? a water molecule? the up quark? at what level is an entity that functions in chemical biology as a cog in the process able to change that process to be something different?

the water molecule - hmmm. funny concept. water as a solvent is a continuum in itself - where the properties of the molecule combined in bulk are vastly different than the individuals that make up that bulk. we find water as water in so many places, that we forget that water is the single entity that makes up the majority of living beings. while we change our internal water supply daily, my guess is that we still contain much of the original water that we used to form our embryo - embedded in the organic structure of bone, tissue and organ matter. bound water has no means of exchange once it is used in a process that tethers biologic structure into function. i would hypothesize that if we could detect the age of an intact water molecule that has been bound in the labor of a biological function, that we would find a history of function that that molecule carries onto it's next bound destination. upon release from the current function, the water molecule gets a choice of where and when to tether next. The induction to make the choice may not be what we call free will, but it makes sense that water memory of past lives can contribute to its worldly experience - since water is really never created or destroyed, just used and unused from time to time.

if we look at the collection of people in the world today in similar terms to the collection of water molecules, perhaps we can develop a group handle that starts a way of thinking different from the pattern of thinking that has caused our worldly problems. Uncle Albert said that you can never solve a problem in the same frame of mind as it was generated - so let's just imagine.

December 22, 2006

Satyagraha 2 Elitism

I couldn't help but notice that this is the 1000th Dr. Lenny post on blogger. I hope to make it worth the readers while - so i'll get on with what i have to say.

In the course of human events, there have been some very potent ideas that have changed the direction of thinking and brought about a different culture than the one that preceeded it. The current amerikan culture suffers greatly when we allow the elite to manipulate. Satyagraha was ghandi's solution to the salt situation and it seems that perhaps the only way for we the people to force the behavioral situation is by full-hearted non-participation in any activity that specifically enhances the elite claim to power. In order to do this however, we have to understand what elitism is and what it is not - and not the picture painted by the media as to what is elite.

First - to be frank - if you are reading this post, you are very likely not elite. The middle ages and the chivalry that was established allow us all to be kings of our own domain and to know how to act when we have rightgeous elite recognition - all people in our own homes. But by elite - i mean those people who know the powers that be personally and have the ability to make decisions that affect the masses of chattle - not we kings of our homes. This system was built by people with self-interest and inventive skill, but has decended through time to be controlled by people with self interest and manipulative skill. Appeals to reason, logic and common sense do not so much matter as a primary interest in decision making - so long as elite status is retained. At least when kings ruled by devine right, they seemed to have their people foremost in their interests. Political rule is currently hopeless, because the playing field is poisoned from both within and without.

The way that i see it - the need to earn income in order to live here is nonsense. However, the ability to live at the standard of living that you prefer to live at, requires an income based on the means of productivity that you provide to others. People just don't like carrying slaggards - but if you contribute in some way to the health, well-being, happiness or value of your community, they will not run you out on a rail. But we have become too polite in a political sense and should remember the thoughts of Ayn Rand in Virtue of Selfishness, the Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged. Community, though, need be done on a personal level and community interaction with other community should be negotiated by trust and honorable dealings. Of course, this is a fantasy world view.

But - just think - if we valued our time more than the money and could exchange in real terms value for value - how much infrastructure should we support? How much do we really need? And are there better ways to provide the common services of life rather than the current - one for one and none for all approach? When you start worrying about degree of trust between you and your spouse, your children and your friends - based on artificial constraints on the ability to do what each of you feel you have to do - perhaps not doing anything to support the mechanism of the system of imposition is the best we can do. Satyagraha.

Person to person, let's develop trust by working on it. Find people that you know you can rely on and rely on them - while supporting their effort to be able to do the same for you. By looking at your own intentions, and finding support in small personal cliques - each individual controls the sum of her own motives and we begin breeching the trust barriers places in our path by major media and the elite powers that be.

An old joke suggests that the words trust me and fuck you are synonyms. Perhaps it has more truth to it than we know. Don't ask for trust nor trust blindly. Act how you need to act, be who you need to be - but realize that we can accomplish much more by finding a way to get howdt of this current mindset before the next political election - because the leadership demonstrated by the political elite has been absurd - it is not leadership so much as looting. The school system teaches one thing while reality teaches another and logic just doesn't carry very much weight. Finding somebody to trust and build with, will lead to finding more people to trust and build with and perhpas the ground up effort can cause some change. And if we do this right, we won't have the time to pay any attention to the elite and their manipulative games. Satyagraha

December 21, 2006

home again

Missus lemme howdt has made it back from the depth of the tank. A bad left turn compounded by a bunch of insanity from the police state because missus lemme insists on her second amendment rights. Kudos to our barrister and the district attorney in a different jurisdiction for considering compounded issues of illness and x-mas. I am so relieved to have her home - 12 days tracking two kids and trying to deal with work and home and getting her home was getting me physically worn. Much thanks for all the good will - the story still has to be held at vest closeness because the trials and tribulations have only just begun. Knowing missus lemme as i know her, i know that she will do what she needs to do. we need a better system. yesterday. stop the war on ______ ! (you can fill in the blank)

Fourth attempt

I'd better remain cowed and not speak howdt with what i was gonna say, because the power that be hold all the cards and what i say can and will be used against somebody else, just because that's the way things currently work. The rights that we have do not conform to any responsibilities and the state insists on being our nanny in so many social contextx, that non-conformity is treated as a criminal enterprise. If we can avoid getting into the system - hah - right. If they don't have something legit, they are perfectly willing to make it up. As Joe Jackson once wrote - Everything gives you Cancer.

The current cancer is the total abject failure of our school system to teach people responsibility. The agenda is to provide enough disinformation that creates a clear picture that the only resource available for any problem solving is the state. Logic, reason, ethics, common sense, morality - these are just philosophy terms for those who don't have to make a living. If you work, the state will control every aspect of how you do your job, from the ergonomics of your chair to the amount of wage you see in your check. However - the miasma is unstable.

When everybody seems afraid to bite the hand that feeds - no other sources of food are apparent. The great riches of life are not constrained to a nine to five cubicle. But high school indoctrination is mostly lost on the brain dead - most sophomores have the skills necessary to carry themselves through life - if they understood that their actions would directly lead to their life results. But the analysis of cause and effect, of application of knowledge for practical utility, has been usurped by the need to follow the minutae created to keep people in their place - out of the threat of harm TO THE PTB, sold however as the threat of harm to themselves. Hence the drug war, to protect our kids from the evils of those meth heads - by thumping those heads and inconveniencing the rest of us. Free thought - cause and effect - action/reaction - planning and follow through - are not encouraged in public school because inquiry leads to independent thought and god forbid we should teach our children to think. They might ask a question that makes us think. So by denying youth access to information, we give them a simplified picture of how it is, and put them out there to be taken advantage of, until they catch on. Our college system ensures that youth don't catch on until they are well teathered to the teat.

So what to do, what to do. Grab ankles? That of course is the statist solution. Expand your mind and learn what is real? Not really possible, since we no longer have the tools to discern truth from myth. Question the assumptions? Logic support would be necessary, but perhaps there is some hope on this front. Prepare for a fascist future? Unless you really are brain dead, you had better. But really - if you think about the inherent laws of nature compared to the laws of man, should they be parellel rather than perpendicular? If the economy doesn't collapse - what is the likely outcome of the wars on drugs, terror, iraq, afghanistans, mom and pop stores, peace and life? We will all be dead. If the economy does collapse - what is the likely outcome? The wars go away, people fend for themselves, and we will all be dead.

Seems if the outcome is going to be the same, and we're all going to die eventually, then perhaps the time is now to stand up and call for an end to the nonsense that has become from the powers that be in control of the state. Death always happens at the end of life. Why allow the medical profession to extract so much value in a failing attempt to avoid an irreversible outcome. Control yourself - do what you have to do - and help free everyone from the shackles of political correct mumbo-jumbo that passes for discourse. We had best attempt to solve some of the real problems our species face as we ensure that though individuals die, life on earth survives for others to play an even-handed game of life. Time to stop chasing dollars to live to make dollars and to look seriously at what passes for knowledge and achievement.

Desperately Seeking Lemme

Now that the blog moved - lemme howdt can no longer make posts - and there seems to be little way for him to shift to the new blogger, since he is the alter ego of dr. lenny. I'll likely register him anew and let him join as a team member - but while he is stuck in hyperspace, Dr. Lenny will take over his poetry posting.

December 20, 2006


I dunnit. I switch from old blogger to new blogger. This means that i can go thru the same headaches as all the other bloggers that work this system - as google figures out how to turn the screws and make more profit off of us. I have been tempering my remarks lately, mostly because of some personal challenges, but when the gloves come off, look howdt.

December 19, 2006


"You don’t really know something until you can explain it to your Grandmother."Albert Einstein

December 17, 2006


I am a flake, lightly falling
amongst other flakes til we stick
white drifts grow as more flakes
fall from wet heights to cold ground.
We march offstep, listening
to drummers playing personal tunes
unique to our auditory canals
such that lock step never exists
diversity of opinion, blended thought
looking for change of means
to accomplish tasks of dreams
while remaining free of care.
Life is where ethics and morals dance
in practical utility of uncommon desire
to enable the riches of awe.
Interwoven good with evil, trying
to get for oneself a piece of
amerikan pie - as Don waves
bye bye to the chevy on the levy.
I am a flake - lightly falling
avoiding the worm at the bottle bottom.

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

December 16, 2006

Research Directed Learning

The Redile System is getting closer to implemented reality. Redile will pilot the current system this winter/spring by supporting a knowledge contest in environmental science, the Canon Envirothon. The 2007 contest will take place in Oregon at the Oregon Garden in Silverton in May and for the winners, nationally in New York in June. Five member high school teams testing and making a presentation on current concepts on bio-fuels and energy options. To participate - sign into as a student and enroll in the free general information course. We will also help train adult support mentors, so this is not a youth only program. The costs will be low, but there will be some costs.

The Redile system has a reliance on reteaching, which is a vague concept for most. If you have to teach a topic to others, it requires reenforcing what you know. The teacher does not have to know everything, but the students have to be able to ask that one question that tells each one that the expert knows what he is talking about and can be taken as truthful in context and valuable in skill. There also must be an off-line hands-on application of learned concepts, that reenforce the mechanism for use of the newly learned information.

There are many concepts of science that do not play in other fields of academic endeavor, though i don't understand why. Science is almost a micro-religion that requires firm believers with a fixed criteria of acceptible truth, with many fields of shade greys and conditions where the grey shades lighten or darken and turn useful. Reason and logic are applied concepts in modern science, but i wonder whether ethics was lost. You know what you know and build a system of knowledge based on stacked proof, but when an explanation requires undoing accepted belief, you must reinvestigate the assumptions and correct deeper that just the experiment of the moment. While the form of science application differs by field, the substance is mutual common ground.

December 15, 2006


Or whatever you like to call it when you can see snow from the kitchen window.


what to do, what to do

This article from STR compares the political ying to the political yang - USSR and USA. There are suggestions for the future that most folks will not appreciate. The format of presentation follows a talk seminar approach - something that can be available if the net remains, but where would the energy come from for the net to remain? donkey, bunny and pony poop won't cut the mustard, although they could allow you to grow your own mustard. Pass the canola.

December 13, 2006

Questions for Vache Folle

Who gets to deal with the pony poop? If we take the time to compost it, can we get to keep it? And why doesn't the blogger beta accept normal blogger comments?

the real story

There is a science fiction novel set by Donaldson (the gap series), where the first book The Real Story tells the official story and the next five book tell you what actually happened from the point of view of different characters. My crisis of the moment is to piece back a story that took place in April/May and attempt to figure out a sequence of events that i wasn't privy to and hence didn't pay attention to at the time.

Generally i am anal about collecting on-paper information in hard copy form that provides a trace of records, but yesterday was spent sorting files and digging for information that wasn't where it was thought to be. Slow computers, unexpected visitors and managing life aspects always need more attention on those types of days. Just one of those days of ineffectiveness, where buffetted by circumstance, you make your way through with as much optimism and clarity of thought as possible.

When Einstein's relativistic observer got sucked into the reference frame - somebody still had to play the narrator's role, right?
Life gets too comfortable when you don't have to deal with circumstance - distractions are available in many forms. i wish my postings could be more erotic than erratic, but that's how life works these days, for those of us who know better than to believe the real story.

December 10, 2006


Recall once there was a product called Screaming Yellow Zonkers. Popcorn, I think - not related to Doonesbury's friend. Anyway - i mentioned earlier that screamer was a political term. A political screamer is a person who is vocal and way howdt there, so that others with similar position may seem more moderate as negotiators. This person makes certain that the farthest left or right argument is in play and can be negotiated down into the final setting position. While the screamer's desire can be written off as a non-viable ultimate position, having one there makes sure all the points, no matter how politically incorrect, get across. Of course anyone may scream for any reason, and not all screamers have political end motives.


sometimes ya just want to scream, so ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

December 08, 2006

How to think

One of my favorite screamer* liberals is Kelpie Wilson at Truthout. Today she tries to warn us about global climate change. She even contains a graph, of average climate change by location, in multi color - Lemme likes the style. But she doesn't mention if the graph is mean temperature (most likely) and never once comes close to the reality of global warming. Yes - we are currently experiencing an increase in temperature, which correlates well to the increase in output of energy due to sunspots. No carbon fix or people regulation is gonna fix the problem. What will fix the problem is 1 - Adapting to the changes short term 2 - Allowing a natural sequence of weather process and 3 - Tendency of everything to gravitate toward the mean.

Dr. Lenny considers himself a natural resources scientist and a conservationist. The idea of adaptation would be to plan for the current climate change to dissipate over time and then reverse back toward cool when the solar inputs decrease. The when time frame is not really up to us. So now is the time for some southern oregon land managers to plant warmer grape varietals and perhaps citrus and olive trees - but that depends on the trend increasing. How do they measure average temperature? What is an average temperature anyway? If you have coffee and ice water at the restaurant at breakfast, when you plunge your hands into each the average temperature is 50 centigrade. Does that mean your coffee will not scald your hand? (Please do not try this).

But the example does bring up a point on how we measure things, including what we know. I wish there were reliability ratings on beliefs - like i can believe that water boils at 100 C with a 99.8% confidence level. But if i lived in Denver, the statement would be 100% wrong, due to the effect of altitude on boiling point.

There is so much that we know because it has been taught to us as baseline belief and fro me, because it integrates well with the system that i use to think about newly present facts. I also run the gamut of possibilities with what i hold to be true and then assign values to the new conflicts generated for thinking about in more depth later. When depends on how much the new belief disrupts the old system. Truth is where you find it, and where ever you find it, you have to choose to believe it as truth. When you do, then you have to accept it as such and go from there. To deny a truth that you truly believe is a form of insanity. But if the new valid truth conflicts with old valid truths, then one is not valid and i always feel that i must resolve these conflicts consistently within my thought system. That is one of the reasons i can paralyze myself in thought process and have to read a book like atlas shrugged in a week, while working on the conflict resolution and regaining personal growth capacity and productivity. It becomes difficult sometimes to function the way people expect when the shift of point of view is extreme.

Dr. Lenny does not support big environmentalism at all, but supports thoughtful recognition of ecology with land use. It took a while to work through the Greenpeace and WWF agendas and to watch the action path, to learn that the person on the ground matters more than all the scientific publications ever printed, when the decision is to be made on the ground. Most people carrying chainsaws and bucking logs for a living are putting their lives on the line to produce a product that american manufacturing needs to support the lifestyle. I went through the whole gamut on owls - from people who think they are tasty to people who feel that it should be a jailable crime to own a feather. There are many truths that are not commonly held.

I think it is time to look at what we know and re-evaluate the worth of the knowledge against some subjective measure based on a similar historical event. Perhaps some of our cardinal assumptions are wrong, just like the temperature statement in Denver.

* screamer is not a derogatory term, but an important political concept.

December 07, 2006


what happened
rate conditions
order array
double growth
some decay
look at weigh
mass balance
higher energy
molecular stores
until, until,
and so it went

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

December 05, 2006

Cereal Boxes

As a kid growing up, Dr. Lenny was a voracious reader. Sitting around at breakfast reading a cereal box was a great way to emulate dad reading the newspaper. Those FDA requirements that were met for iron and niacin were, well, super important facts: similar to the back of baseball cards. Eventually, as general mills and other companies realized that kids like me had this habit of reading the boxes, we began to get puzzles and free offers that committed our parent to buying stuff from those friendly folks providing flakes.

Now, the size of the box and the volume of cereal are quite disconnected. Lots of processed sugar and added 'nutrional value supplementers', which used to be called filler. Very little grain for a hugely inflated cost. The boxes are made of very short cardboard fibers, the kind that wont hold together any longer for pulp and paper due to overcycling. And now there is a use for this waste material that they ask you not to recycle - use it as a compost timer.

By taking pressboard and ripping it into pieces and scattering in my compost pile, it adds to the green material decomposing and also give me an indicator for when the process is done - i can't decipher the material. The strands are very short - the heat of the active anerobes in the center of the pile is enough to catalyze the reaction - plus it is a marvelous bug food source. Fungi like to infest it (though not near as much as fungi like corrugated cardboard), and the compost pile is just one set of bacteria finding food source on the heels of another set of stuff, continuing as long as the food source remains plentiful and the limited oxygen circulating can be used for metabolism. When the heat goes down, stir it up. when the boxes are gone - compost is ready to use. Supplements the propaganda value and returns material into the biological flux more rapidly.

Control and K.A.O.S.

Would you believe that I have the answer to all your problems? Would you believe that I have the answer to some of your problems? One of your problems? I have an old shoe phone that eusta work? Still in love with 99 - thanks Max. Oh - the post ...

Control yourself and most things that happen come about because you wish them to and are prepared for their consequences. Cede control and you are buffetted by the winds of whim - other folks that take control from your vacancy and apply your ministrations to them. Sell your time and they get to use it - addtional work for you, less for them, those ad-ministrators. I prefer chaos to control, keeping myself under my control, while observing the chaotic behavior of others, being manipulated by loss of control. Get Smart.

December 01, 2006

uh, huh, y'know

Effective oral communication is the ability to get your point across with your audience without the need to beat them over the head with facts. What is not said is often as important as what is said. The importance of effective written communication is in the documentation of the event for future reference, be it a contract, a historic tale or a journal essay. Summarizing information in a manner that allows effective knowledge to be jogged from memory at the association of a key word or phrase may be the hook that allows memory to embrace the idea presented. Direct action speaks louder than words and learning is impacted seriously by communication ability.

In the 'business' world, how you respond to a request for information can dictate the sequence of events that come down the pike. Competition is intense on the playing field of amerikan life, but between innings we should be able to catch a beer, trade notes and set about on tasks that productive for all involved. Cooperative association with people of complementary skills would mean that each one of us no longer has to reinvent wheels for himself. Effective communication enhances knowledge of who knows what and allows the proper pairings to use folks talents to build the value base. The teams of sport duke it out on the playing field; sometimes the rules get changed for the 'benefit' of the game. We need to turn off the game and work together to decide the focus of the effort - because the old game ain't working for the majority of us.

November 30, 2006

Global Warming, Eh

It snowed enough to stick here the other day.

Snow doesn't stick here very often - maybe once every other year. This is the first time i remember snow in November, but i've only lived here since 1990. This is an early morning shot of my kitchen window view.

November 29, 2006

Occam's Razor, rev 2006

Physics gives us the ability to apply mathematical relationships to physical properties. Manual Garcia demonstrates their application, with regard to the happenings earlier this century.

"The myths we construct to express our understanding of the realities we are immersed in are limited by the range of our knowledge.

Certainly, so long as there are more than two people on Earth, conspiracies will occur. But too often we invoke a conspiracy in constructing our story of the world because we lack specific information about the sciences, economics, history and other relevant fields of specialized knowledge. Experience has shown that if the evidence allows for several explanations to a given problem then the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions is most probably correct. This principle is called Occam's Razor and is attributed to the 14th-century English logician and Franciscan friar William of Occam (c. 1295-­1349) (2)."

escape or no escape

when i wander inside my mind, exploring cavernous expanses of tritely filled grey matter, synthesizing thoughts about nothing that pertains to real, images of holographic illusion appear. ideals of words of folks long dead spinning in modern jargon, problems which befell men of odder times, remain unresolved in dimensional arrays of immobile archaic goals, embedded in tradition, signifying nothing different transpires under systems unchanged by experience, time and effort. when i wander inside my mind, escaping dribs of drab reality to delve into the fantasy of creative effort that role plays some mythical creature of immense proportion, she takes out frustration on the lemming-like saps that violate transient space, relieving the boredom of their cubicle life tempered at the drive through on the way to the vidiot screen and couch potatoe nothingness. when i wander inside my mind, i tend to find few outlets that equivocate reality.

November 27, 2006


Over the weekend, i picked up an old copy of Ecotopia, the 1975 book by Callenbach that had California, Oregon and Washington seceding to form a wholistic nirvana. My thoughts about global climate change and its significance will be slightly amended to include some of this new ground philosophical basis set that i had previously allowed to linger upon my bookshelf. The pile of books in the 'to read' category is being worked through, thanks to a specific determination to limit the acquisitions. As the plan is to act and write rather than to read during the next spring season, this is planning time for collecting the effort and determining the costs, preparing the budget and writing the justification for spending. Seeing through the effort, accomplishing the goal of the task, is different than accomplishing the goal of just getting the grant. Setting the track record might catch eyebrows, but the attention is unwarrented without the means to accomplish the task, winning the big game.

Sports analogies can be applied deeper than we allow - if we think about the era in which they were developed. Tempered passions have a way of arising in unique form when suppressed via political disfavor. The creativity of the public to accomplish goals is the underlying theme behind the novel and the underlying belief behind the redile system. research directed learning requires investigation in a summary sense. Let's not think back to square one and reinvent the wheel a million times over - join the conversation on-line and express ideas for developing the framework for change. Let's use that sports analogy to compete vigorously in the tasks on hand while working cooperatively between the games themselves to make the targets of the endeavors worthwhile toward the governance ideal of our current constitution - self governance by a moral people.

Of course that may not be the goal of everybody currently playing the existing pyramid game. How long that theory holds sway will determine the actual work level for the future game at hand, where everything past is discounted under wysiwyg rules.

playing the life game

"We do nothing about the problem of big government because we feel helpless to change the system. We are not helpless. We have to recognize that major changes take time. Just as charity begins at home, so does reform. We cannot rearrange our governmental structure until we clearly understand that it is ethically flawed. We need to understand why it is flawed. We need to teach coming generations, one person at a time, the proper ethics to build a society upon. A few souls can make a large difference. In time as attitudes change, we and they will find ways to change government."
It seems that
Rozeff strikes a chord again within the timbre of Dr. Lenny's themes.

Personal ethics is often compromised by love and insight - therefore it is not ethical to rely solely on personal ethics. Group ethics kept people at bay for centuries at a time, and will again. But some things resonate right and ethics is knowing when not to choose the choice you are given. If you have no game, you play along with their game. Developing your own skill set gives you game, and we will need many folks that have their own act together to meet the fire and brimstones, or ice and hailstones that will come down the pike. Altitude is determined by aptitude with attitude. Look at what LeBron James does to opponents when they show up off their game.

Dr. Lenny's game is natural resources chemistry. If we take the sports attitude of hard driven competition on the field and strongly felt cooperative effort to build the game by all parties involved - then we should draw the respect for our effort that it needs for general acceptance. Do what seems to be right by applying the tasks that you can do well, and learn to do tasks that keep your interest and entertainment value. If understanding chemistry is a chime ringer - contact me by registering into one of my classes at .

November 26, 2006

A Necessary Evil ???

monetary system:
place your trust
in floating green.
underwhelming honesty
required 2 exchange
value 4 value
taxes lemming psyche!
must translate
everything 2 $$$.
as dollars fall
expenses rise,
tho real value holds.
intensity of interest
ups cost not wealth,
yet us too dim
2 barter services
until changed 2
dollar cents amounts
allows cream be skim
by lemming tamers
on marionette strings
with accordian song
2 big monied interests
of monetary system.

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

November 23, 2006

galts gulch 07

what if we took a page out of Ayn Rand and worried about ourselves only for an entire day. start with an introspection of what we really want howdt of life and whether the path we are taking now is actually going to get us near there. assume only that we may not coerce anyone else because they are looking howdt for themselves. we get to keep what we make (earn?) and trade if we wish, or build resources to make something grander, but you may not take anything that is not ours as a group to work with. could we actually get anywhere under this fantasy condition? a pure mental experiment, cuz the PTB aint gonna change nothin anytime soon. but one where it would be nice to dream abhowdt...

November 20, 2006

Migrane - Brain Strain 4 Gain?

Perhaps it's the change in the weather from dry to wet or warm to cold, but November seems to be my personal migrane season. Dr. Lenny usually can control the problems with medical marijuana and iboprofen - the only meds that he is willing to take. Today the symptoms are acute and askew.

The headache i'm working on now has some new novel symptoms - it seems centered in the fillings in my back teeth. My nerve system is going squeamish with constant vibration - i somehow super-sensitized the whole area. This has caused neck pain, so i shall shed the day - unlax and try to calm down the mechanism, so that Dr. Lenny can be functional tomorrow. I will neither get a rabies shot, nor visit an MD, but will continue the regular regiment of morning coffee, followed by more morning coffee. Migranes mixed with caffeine withdrawals are nasty fare.

Now imagine this type of stuff patrolling cranial cavities. This wood eating fungus does some serious damage to structures that happen to get it - this one grows between the loose paint and the two by four. I like to use my pocket knife to demonstrate size in photo points - but knife sizes vary, so we added a nickel too. Notice the fractal dimension of the mold fungus and also the tree pattern - another case of geometry at work in natural systems.

November 19, 2006

Get Howdt

Join me in a short tour of pool and waterfall, followed by this morning's daybreak - a peak at the clouds. Yesterday was a day where i had need to be away from all, so Tootsie and Dr. Lenny bagged chantrelles on the Coos Bay Wagon Road and visited the scenary of Dora, Sitkom and Myrtle Point.

November 18, 2006

Annoying small devices

Dr. Lenny refuses to carry a cell phone. I had no idea that GPS surveillance was as pervasive as this link makes it appear and i consider Dr. Lenny to be well connected to the information age systems. The internet places the tools for significant research in our hands at home - i could do the graduate work that i did in the 80's from home in less than a year with modern technology. But evaluating good information from bad is the key criteria, that requires supporting what is said to be within a framework of cobbled knowledge that is previously accepted.

But that's the catch - what does it mean to be previously accepted. Research of past times often involved newspaper cache on microfiche - if somebody called up today's NYT in 20 years - would they be able to tell history from propaganda. My theory is that placing an electronic device to your head is a very very bad idea. (any device beyond hat or fork). I dislike normal telehones too, because i have had too many high pitched squeals in my ear. Plus, the funky things that phones do nowadays, like collecting bugs, just gives me the creeps - i say very little unless talking technical - that way the buggers have to understanding the meaning of words.

Living in Alice's Wonderland (or Restaurant or Chi Space) means that words now say what i mean them to say - so people can use the same words in different context and interpret what they were meant to mean. As if they think about the real definition rather than what we are told they now mean. Like 'sustainable development' or 'peak' oil. Trust us, we're from the government and we are here to help you. Good Night, Gracie. Feel free to share any other terms, including oxymorons.

Point is, if you don't have an internal belief system, you have to use the external belief system offered. The masses have lost the ability to discriminate in their thinking as to what they really can believe and what is just not.
Perhaps it is time to identify and question the basic assumptions. The earth is round. OK The sun is hot. Sh*t happens. Still OK Energy flows downhill. OK People learn from public school. Ah - may have one here that is not valid. What to do, what to do? Get rid of cell phones and use the time to think.

It is rumored that a famous scientist once said - you can be part of the solution, or you can be left behind as precipitate. Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

November 17, 2006

keeping up

luv fits the glove
hand over fist
shepherding souls
thru fog shroud mist
tumbling enlightened
slow energy flow
into glorious reality
acceptibility show
she loves me,
she loves me not
flowers and chocolates
get me off the spot

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

November 16, 2006

Got my goat

I would like to know why when the goat chained to a tree gets tangled, it always seems to need to be led clockwise around the tree to untangle the chain? You would think that normally the goat would be tangled clockwise half the time, not always counterclockwise. Does this phenomenum have a logical cause, or should i do a better data collection to see if my observation is in error - i am not the primary untangler of the goat. But time was tight and boy had to catch bus for school, so dad got the job.
This goat is one of the most patient goats we have ever had - she leads well. We are all looking forward to goat milk, goat kiefer and goat cheese in the spring - if she is smart enough to make it through the winter. Goat on a chain is a popsical for wolves and other rural predators. But our dogs like the goat and the preds usually will not mess with a pair of large dogs. The dogs don't know that the goat will be larger than they are when it is fully grown, but will weight less. And it will hold its own, specially if i can fix the fence and get the goat off the chain. (Fat chance - fences don't usually hold goats.)

November 15, 2006


One of my favorite fall sports is Shroomin. To take a rainy wet saturday and wander in the woods looking for sneaky peakers pushing up howdt of the ground, tickles my funny bone. It took a long while for the rain to come and wet the ground, but the chantrelles and russella's are howdt to be found. I also found this odd lichen covered burl. Wish i could take you howdt on a long walk - sometime in the future.


Ideas of how to apply things from one field into another field keep moving in and howdt of my mental vision sphere. Yesterday was spent wandering in the woods thinking howdtloud howdtside the box looking for means of creating the understanding that we had better individually have know how to do something that has some unique relevance to a larger body of people.

If we each can take care of ourselves (have the capablility of knowing what to do and the ability to do it), we can collect people with diverse skill sets and begin collating materials to operate production facilities. We will need food, clothing and shelter in the absence of 'grocery stores' to prepare to mebbe pick up after the economic fallhowdt in a shorter amount of time, if that is our decided goal. (It wouldn't be my goal, but i hear what other folks say and personal economics seems always on everybody's mind, (along with sex)).

Identifying raw material stockpiles and increasing the efficiency of their use is only the beginning stage of development. Lemmings not only don't seem to want to hear these ideas, but also wish to legislate against you speaking or using them. Today's
Rozeff is informative in this feature.

Dr. Lenny wishes to recognize the howdtstanding blogging and information exchange going on via the work of several dedicated people that aire howdt dirty linen on-line while attempting to resist enforced lemmingdom. The triviality of daily life for most lemmings creates walls in the society against speaking your thoughts in anything more than backdoor snickers and rolling of the eyes. People are aware, but the lemming operating system gives personal satisfaction for enforcing lemmingness to nannies who insist that rules are made to keep other lemmings in line. Step up by standing on another lemmings carcass, but not too high or whack-a-mole strikes. Of course they play their own version of whack-a-non-lemming - anybody not sharing group-think.

This orchestra conductor watches the puppeteer to learn showmanship. He doubles on the accordian. The players that sound their horns tend to make the spectacle a little more relevant for those of us observing, both from within the plane and withhowdt, add to the cacophony that will generate sparks of life. The cross-links on the side of the page are a good place to join the band and start gaining liberty on the road to freedom. Lemmingdom is for the lemmings.

November 13, 2006

Energy Loss = Elected Congress

Mike Rozeff and Doctor Lenny are on the same page on too many regs. The biodiesel analysis is key - because dr. lenny watched as an opportunity for a chemist got coopted by people with visions of dallar signs dancing in their head. And the need for BATF to issue a license to run a still for the production of alcohol, a remnant of prohibition.

(1) The legislative process is out-of-date, an Enlightenment device that is way past its prime. Once thought to restrain kingly power, parliaments and legislatures are past due; and we are paying exorbitant penalties that are compounding at a rapid rate. If the outmoded and outdated package is wrapped in new paper, a change of faces in Washington, will the contents be any less rancid when we open it? If we spray the outside of the bottle with Lysol, will the spoiled milk inside become more palatable?

(2) Certain energy agencies are instructed to favor biodiesel or hybrid engine technologies when they buy vehicles, the goal being energy efficiency. The lawyers in Congress have already decided what is cost-effective and what is not. The National Biodiesel Board that represents the biodiesel industry says that it "is currently tracking more than 160 pieces of biodiesel legislation at the state level. The bills include incentives, use requirements, point of taxation clarification, authorization of studies, state fleet use requirements, biodiesel promotion, and others." The individual states of this nation share the Congressional disease. Meanwhile Congress has enacted tax breaks for biodiesel and other of its favorites.

(3) What incredible grief is brought on by such laws! What an incredible waste of energy! The compliance costs alone outweigh any supposed energy savings. And we can be confident that society will experience no energy savings from these laws anyway. We can be certain of net losses in welfare. With Congress bypassing and disrupting free markets while subsidizing its chosen favorites such as ethanol, we can be sure that society is getting net losses in energy and welfare compared with Congress doing nothing at all.

If i post any more i should copy the whole article - well worth the read.

November 11, 2006

Analogy - it's a walk on a slippery rock

Concepts of how things could work swirl around in the miasma of my chaos. Setting up mechanisms to cover the realities of life such that every member has a value stake in their own life. Our culture treats everything as advance with no retreat and removes reflection time, so that we just hurry harried on with annointed tasks rather than think about the strategic big picture or the specific little picture of immediate concern.

If you think of the meiosis model of seventh grade biology - the splitting of the cell into two daughter cells - the behavior of the DNA strands is to become elongated and unravel, such that each daughter cell can have a complementary strand. It reminds me very much of spaghetti. If you take a clump out of the hot water, all the threads are ravelled together such that you have a blob that you lather with sauce and messily untangle while you eat. Somehow, the small rectangular box and the stomachs see the same volumes of spaghetti net in an orderly fashion - but you don't want to untangle it during the plate stage.

So in the accordian of life - you have the big picture stretched open in panorama, the little picture all narrow and well focused when squeezed together. These are exactly the two points where no music comes out of the box - we need our muddle in the middle. But we have to stop treating the horizontal and verticle components of life independently of each other, because during mitosis, the other growth model of seventh grade, the DNA cleaves and scrambles, whereas spaghetti does not. Dr. Lenny seeks to develop a third perpendicular coordinate to this picture, which should help integrate the focus over time.

But this world, based on financial derivatives is cooked, just like wet spaghetti. Get ready for a real turmoil, as the need to produce something more than paperwork to take care of yourself and your family becomes the central focus of daily life. The overstructure in decay and the individual drone lifestyle make those no music points catastophe central. Best to be Howdside da Baax, watching the festivities or even better yet, be the accordian player.

Look at images you know and translate concepts into those images. Life works like biology works - but not the sterile state-of-the-art book myth biology that they teach you after seventh grade. But if you measure the different pictures on each of the different scales, you find that the same sacred geometry underpins all. Doncha love fractals? Math with me - i want to be your partner dance with me. Doncha love making up your own music lyrics to popular songs. Carpe diem.


On a somber note - third party political operative Doug Freidline passed away at 49 the other day. I met Doug in Detroit at a Reform Party meeting, where we spent an evening in a bar with several other folks at a Reform Party convention in the mid 90's. Jesse Ventura was supposed to be at the event, but weather grounded his flight in Minneapolis. Doug was Ventura's campaign manager getting ready for the gov run at the time. I still have a 'Jesse Wants You to join the Reform Party' political poster.

People Dr. Lenny's age are not supposed to just pass out and die, but i guess if it's your time to go, you save your family tons in medical costs by going that way. My condolensces to friends and family - political reformers have lost a good friend.

November 10, 2006

Bird Photo


Okay - how can we the people come together in a meaningful way to reset the plate for the american political system in the next two years? Can we find a means to reduce regulation, offset the overwhelming advantage that people working the system have over everybody else and make it such that everybody is not just a drone wage slave to some massive corporation.

Actually - corporations suffer massively under this system too, as they constantly have to get bigger, cheaper, faster to keep up and avoid being swallowed by even bigger, cheaper faster mega-megacorp. Would the food supply collapse if Archer Daniels Midland went under tomorrow? If Monsanto collapsed, who would provide the round-up for all the roundup ready GMO corn, soy and canola planted across america's breadbasket? Now that we wave goodbye to Ford and GM, who next to bail on future committments?

When more people run to mama fedgov to save us from the system - mama fedgov has to collect her cut from all of us through the infernal revenoo sirvice. So we slave as they (we?) distort life away from observable reality to support the fictional economic world system, that makes us wage slaves to ourselves. Meanwhile the elected can do what they please, people having changed the color of congress without touching the flavor. We have two years - let's design our next government before the one we have is totally worthless. (no, it's not an oops too late - let's do something beyond talk.)

November 09, 2006

real means what?

Opening my mind howdtside the box and considering all fundamental assumptions wrong including all the things that they 'tell' you (we are they are we). Understand that fertile minds create science fiction based on extrapolation of apparently self-consistent principles to investigate universalness.

Of all the vast stories told, most are remakes of the same themes in different settings, taking values that we supposedly hold and working through a novel scenario. I guess other genres have similar themes in the stories - imagination comes in world design rather than conception of base novelty. It is rare to see an author pull off a completely workable different system in a single volume, as Rand did with Atlas Shrugged, but several trilogy sets - Foundation by Asimov, Tolkien's Rings and Heinlandocity (stories change setting, books have same ego feel) have covered so much ground that we start imagining that some of it could be real. Dr. Lenny enjoys ingesting novels when he can find the time. But i could always get back into reality and know it meant something and isn't fiction.

Now my mind is wide open, that i really really can't believe in this surrealistic world. So when presented with the idea that element 115, which by our current vogue chemistry says cannot exist for any 'real' length of time (half-life) is the alien energy source for using space time folding to travel vast distances - it just seems too fantastic (as in fantasy based) to consider spending time on. But in the context of everything the political system might ask you to believe - would it be worthwhile to pursue theoretically whether the physics of large matter elements in other solar systems with larger and multiple suns might have some keys to matter energy conversions that would make global warming a triviality (as if it wasn't already)?

November 08, 2006

Lemon/Lime Sky

Early morning sky the other day was anything but blue. Sunrise wasn't going to let overcast contain all the light - the yellow peaking howdt through green/grey is a bonus - seen only because the camera flash didn't go off. Color is such a nifty event. Had a conversation about vasoline glass, a collectible type of silica material used in the early 20th century. It contains 2% uranium oxide, which causes it to fluoresce under a black light. It likely produces low levels of radioactivity, but most of that goes on to do no harm. Or so we hope.

Can U See - serenity

This photo of the South Umpqua River south of Myrtle Creek is one of a series of photos take roughly every three weeks throughout the past year, from the same location. The first picture was during last December's floods, the latest is still on the camera. This is late October : Dr. Lenny will be very interested in looking at the collage crafted from blending the pictures and what these photo point might tell us about river process.

dialog between ends

Merika haz spokken -

Gridlock over Fascism. Will there be an orderly turnover before the bottom falls out of current empire, due to the advanced decay of the infrastructure and the vanity implied by attempting to believe all the lies offered as marginal excuses for running this system into the ground. Think skill set development : what you can do is what you can do!

Iffn ya don xpect 2 mush, ya won B2 dissa pointed, cuz yessidey ain gonna changa nuthin.

November 07, 2006

new world order

skill comes from practice, repeating the protocol over and over until you have it down and can act on rote knowledge. ability is applying the skill to a task in a setting where your partners rely on your ability to accomplish said task is crucial to remaining an accepted member of the group. individuals may distain being members of the group, due to internal politics and the need to play more than their individual role warrents, based upon an expectation that other individuals will not accomplish their roles and provide value. time demands are such that single point failures can impact a system - built in redundancy has been sacrificed for the illusion of efficiency. flying by the seat of ones pants might have worked in times past, but today, either you know your stuff or you have no value to the swarm. but if the swarm doesn't know enough to realize value, illusion is all that is necessary. skill should be developed to provide a necessary value, so when the hive implodes, membership in the new world can come with the provision of value exchange. wishful thinking.


History is a record of what happened spoken from a particular point of view. It tends to be rewritten by the controlling powers that be to spin themselves off in a brighter light. Once transcripts of the ages are released to posterity, after the principal players are no longer alive, the actual affairs tend to come out in sharp contrast to the generally believed story. The more published views of an event, the closer we get truth. But what really is truth?

Historical context has arisen from published media - yet newspapers and video these days is set for palate soothing rather than information transfer. Conversations tell the stories of the times, but technology can invent events that never happened, as in Forrest Gump. I wonder if the transcripts of everybody's bugged phones will ever be made available for the record. Archive mining will be a means of the future folks understanding our current times: i hope the blog fad is caught in the context of free speech by future historians. If truth matters in the future.

An Other View

A flag of colours four
in a quasi land with quasi rules
I pledge allegiance to colours three
In memory, no longer reality

Another colour, another spectrum
for our sight, what's to fight
Protect us from the fictions, control our addictions
Security is the key, they tell me on TV

(c) 2006 Karl

November 06, 2006

Something Fishy

From Fishlink:

12:15/08. NEW JERSEY MAN PLED GUILTY FOR FALSIFYING FISHERY OBSERVATION DATA. In 1976 federal law enacted a fishery observer program to accompany commercial fishing vessels and collect data on the fish landed. The data collected from the fishery observers provides invaluable information to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, which regulates the commercial fisheries, regarding health of the fishery. The data demonstrates the populations’ health and abundance by documenting: age, size, weight, sexual maturity, etc.

In a first ever case, John Depersenaire, from Margate, NJ, pleaded guilty to falsifying the fishery report information after he never left the dock on 59 trips between October 2001 and February 2002. Depersenaire pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years probation and must repay the government his salary of $29,541. Although Depersenaire did collect data, it was from the docks rather than from out at sea. NOAA fisheries officials caught Depersenaire when they realized that no fishing captains knew who he was.

The fishery observer program allows NOAA to collect large quantities of fishery data to base their regulatory decisions upon. If the data is being falsified then the Administration cannot make decisions founded in science to protect the resource in a sustainable way to ensure fisheries in the future. For more information see Richard Degener 28 October 2006 piece in the Press of Atlantic City at

My query : De person aire ? fictional government employee engaged in fraud. Hmmm. Why did this story come out now and how widespread is this practice? How could we tell - could a news media make this sort of thing up to influence people? How much of our data is jobbed by bureaucrats paid to keep themselves employed? How far up the food chain does ther behavior go?