May 31, 2009

Thyme Howdt

Things have become strange in the real whirled. The types of binding agreements that people need to move forward are nowhere to be found. I keep track of metal prices - 6 weeks ago silver peaked it's head back over $12 - this weekend it closed at $15.71. This indicates a drop in the value of the dollar of roughly 20%. Did anybody else notice this trend?

Dr. Lenny Thyme and lemme howdt have been broadcasting at this frequency now for 1400 posts. The time has come to reinvestigate our assumptions and to document the work that we are doing in a form that apprentices can follow. This query brings up a simple hypothesis - by observing nature and taking notes, we can find energy channels that provide new modes of power. The thought is to develop a scribe network that provides valid information across many distinct professions that otherwise do not cross-pollinate. I will gladly mentor anyone - but time to think in depth is required for a valid reciprocal relationship. We start by agreeing to cooperate.

Think about this - how can you describe nature without using language? Gaia has her own form and flow, her own language that speaks with hum: vibrational, rotational and translational frequency rather than words. The resonance of electron flow crosses space instantly, yet we retain a continuity between various related harmonic spectrums.

The release is coming : keep monitoring this site for further disclosures.

Spiral Patterns

The dog chases its tail
Spinning about as
Momentum builds
Change the mode
Contingencies require
Redefinition ...

Frustration crescendos
Another end of month
Push forward toward
Lemming Unconscious
Or dare to explore
Powers of thought

(c) 2009 lemme howdt

May 28, 2009

Open to Change?

If what you see is
What you know
You miss so much

Listen to what
You are told
Mindless robots
In a sea of scorn

Images form
Construct belief
Fractals away
Similarity sets

Related to being
Intent and action
Regulate flow

Alone in community
Thousand of lives
Desperately seeking
Fruitful interaction

Connect the dots

(c) 2009 lemme howdt

May 26, 2009

A Mushroom's Life

From Enviro-central: Projecting howdt into the universe

A Mushroom's Life

As a spore is reborn
Mycelium shrooming
Landing in fresh
Emasculated soil
Sets forth hyphae
Tethers to the world
Urgently seeking
Plant roots for
Symbiotic nutrition
Utility service function
Medium of exchange
Metal ions for sugars
Acting as intended
Siphon between lives

Find need to duplicate self
(Self, a human concept
Yet I as a spore
Inherit thoughts
(Or something like that))

Biology to the rescue
Fruiting bodies
Break ground softly
Once weather moistens
Allows sunshine to create
Mist from dew - waters
Exchange vantage points
When suddenly a vole
Takes a bite of cap
And runs with spores
Drippings from droppings
Sometime in the future
Fertilizing the land
As a spore is reborn

(c) 2009 lemme howdt

May 19, 2009

Thinking aloud

Reshape the belief system into another form. How do you know? What criteria do you apply to accepting knowledge? Must it remain consistent or is thought open to change? Subtle change or radical change?
Time has come to prepare for radical change by implementing subtle change. Let's review our primary assumptions and verify their legitimacy. Can we define the common ground of the paradigm shift that we would like to see? Look at the models developed in Atlas Shrugged, Ecotopia, Magik and the Harry Potter book series.
Dr. Lenny Thyme's Virtual Gridboard of Knowledge is an eight by eight construct that uses truth and wisdom to guide transformation of materials while respecting the spiritual connection with Gaia. Biomimicry involves modeling human system after natural systems. Group theory is being developed as a fractal concept that spans manyscales between mammals and molecules. It is time to expand the theory to larger things beyond.

May 09, 2009

Vast Space of Thought

Mechanism of intuition
Thinking of consciousness
Chocolate as a means
Of continual inspiration
Space is transient
Mind travels distances
While never moving
Out of body experience

2009 lemme howdt