October 31, 2013

Bio-Char - History, Chemistry and Utility

Doc will allow Rob Lerner to provide today's bit o knowledge.  Namaste'

October 30, 2013

A question of governance

If where you are is where you will be - are you still here now?  The ability to 'see' the future is a matter of assessing the present moment of now and projecting the course of all the actions taken en route to being here.  History plays a distinct role in setting down the morphogenic patterns that base this current reality, which is displayed in holographic form, because that's what we are used to seeing.

Conversation on deep topics is at a premium these days because everyone caught in the rat race is too busy to get deep.  They take for granted what they are told and can repeat variations of a theme to an endless degree.  To expose themselves to novelty is painful, because then they have to accept something that wasn't and, well, cognitive dissonance wont allow that - their brains are full with how to make money to pay the rent and have enough left for the weekend buzz.

It seems to me that we are all legends in our own mind, playing hero games because of the endless repetition of the hero's quest story in our media.  It has to be David vs Goliath - no groups of sane people getting together for discussion - just battle, battle, fight, fight, fight.   Governance of the people needs to resemble this monty python skit.

The question becomes how to localize affairs to the most common denominator - to give peace a chance.  This is coming, no matter how much war - the handrighting is on the wall. And there is lovely filth for Dennis to play in.  But once the economy expires, then the plan is...   the plan is ...

The voting system doesn't work.  Russell Brand gets kudos for stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for the whole friggin mess - he is totally correct to say that voting is tacit compliance.  We know exactly who our leaders are - each and every one of us.  The days of vertical power structures are gone - reliance on other people is a thing of the now.  If you know somebody who knows what they are doing, you are well advised to listen to them.

This does not necessarily mean acting with them.  You are responsible to use your own judgment to decide whether to follow or lead in another direction.  Each choice is paramount toward creating an environment around you that you feel comfortable in.  Surrounding yourself with loving, kind people is much more effective for getting what you need than bitching and complaining about things beyond your purview to control.  Let it flow - you can't stop the river by telling it not to flow.  But you can always withdraw your consent.  You can stop the river, but not quell the tide.

New weighs always bring changes.  Embrace them and you'll feel a lot better in the here and now - the only time that really is.  There is much to be discovered in the writings of contemporaries - i now am ready Arcady Petrov - a very interesting free thinker from Russia who's works were first translated into english in 2011.  The book is called Save Yourself.  The Ringing Cedars series is another good location for words that are not in current context, yet show another weigh.  The more weighs we take - the more redundancy that we establish, such that we always have a back-up system.

Namaste'  ...   doc         PS:   I love you, too

PS   If you are game for an active discussion of the topics we address on this blog - consider joining OAK and/or ONRRI at NWETI.com .  We might all learn something.  

October 29, 2013

Midieval Help Desk

    This one had me rolling - thanx to BR

October 28, 2013

Personal Thyme Control

Sometimes i wonder what happens to all the time i spend when i'm into something and i look up and the time has evaporated.  The depth of thought of writing sometimes takes me into a deep internal place where minutes turn into hours without any note or forethought - it is easy to see how somebody with a full plate rarely has time for reflection.

It is simple to remain here, in the now, when there are few distractions.  The work that i do is very important to me, so i knuckle down and do it when i find i have the time.  I grok how deep i have to go and have learned to estimate the time frame that things should take, then double it.  If i don't have that much time available, i know better than to get started.  Turn off the phone, close the door and ...

Once i'm there, i slip into a pattern that allows me to look at the picture as a whole and set up the achievement points - the things that i know have to get done in a certain order that breaks the circuit into manageable parcels.  Each facet of the work requires a different type of thought process - i have the option of reaching any one of these points and stopping for the time being.  But until i know what the metrics are, i have to budget time for the whole 'once and done' project period.

After the outline is built and the time estimated, the next thing to do is to evaluate the status of where things are at.  Is there a deadline?  Is there a monetary budget?  What sort of tools are required?  Are they on hand?  How long a delay in ordering, shipping and delivery?  Are there back-ups?  Who else is involved in the task?  Is this new or on-going?  Are there other weighs to look at things?

Yes, there are.  Always.  Monoculture gives a particularly narrow point of view - the diversity of life is in the approach to perspective.  I have a solution to prepare - it requires scales, glassware, pure water, chemicals, stirrers or shakers, potentially with heat, safety gear, etc.   Then there is bottling the solution and labeling the bottle, writing an MSDS (material data safety sheet), instructions for use, necessary legal disclaimers, and other assorted BS as required.  Then we have sales, money handling, shipping and handling, customer service and marketing.

On the other hand - i can make the solution with the chemicals in a large 5-gallon bucket in the back yard and use a funnel to transfer to large containers.  I can sell the solution at that point and let somebody else deal with the delivery to the customer.  Depending on the costs and the quantities - I can make the solution in bulk fairly cheap and meter it out over the course of time - having a steady, reliable low level income.

Would i be breaking the rules?  Badly!  Absolutely!  With intention!  The rules are set up by other people that wish to have control over what you are doing and who wish to disperse the profits of your work to themselves, the govt taxes - state and local in addition to federal - the landlord you pay for your workspace that cannot be your home space - the double set of utilities for work and home - and the number of other middlemen, banks, insurance companies, etc. that each have their hand out for providing a lame service that you cant get anywhere else, because they jobbed the system into only one pathway that will work.  Hear me E-bay?

The need to meet the rules is their control mechanism, and they expect us to enforce the rules upon each other.  Bull pucky on that.  I intend to create healing solutions that provide relief to those who are in pain or are in need of specific results to address a particular health crisis.  Doc prepares Ormus and we have discussed this product in the past - check with Mystic Earth in Roseburg OR for a one ounce sample at a greatly reduced price.  (Price will oxidize back up for the next batch:  ask for Ron or Michelle : 541-229-8899).  

As time changes and we find that we no longer have to race the rats to get our peace - the mechanisms of payment will change from dollars to in-kind.  We need to be kind to each other and slow down from the frantic pace.  In fact - think now about how to simplify your daily tasks and save your time for tasks that require your depth of attention.  We all have routines, that if we insulate from breakdown make us work better.  For instance - two cups of tea with morning typing.  I always have a box of 20 teabags in reserve on the shelf.

Being in a place where you have access to clean water is important.  I no longer trust municipal tap water - and i filter my well water through a Wu Wei natural action water filter.  It works on Schauberger principles.  If you want to know more about Victor Schauberger - NWETI is the place to inquire.   Let's just say that Vic is to water as Tesla is to energy.  

Okay - the purpose of this post is to get us to think outside the box about the things we need to have and to prepare for a return to simplicity.  We can keep our stuff, but realize that much of this stuff has no redeeming value, outside the current marketing based monetary system.  NESARA is on the weigh,  after the utter destruction of the current anti-competitive corporate slave system.  Time to do your own work.  You know what to do - just do it.

Namaste' ...  doc

October 27, 2013

Creating the New Weigh

     Plans get created and plans fall by the weigh-side.   The value of conflicting desires has to be teased out of the framework of existence - what means more to you may mean less to me.  There is an overriding sense of the need to have to all agree to be in unity and that is just not the case.  We can agree to graciously disagree and leave things open until more is known.  The 'i'm right, you're wrong' paradigm of life is over, done, kaput.

    The universe can complicate life, if we gather too much breadth and depth.  The idea is to have a balance of both - a certain depth of knowledge of all, combined with a much deeper sense of the things that you choose to focus upon.  Each of us is the world's leading expert in some field of our specific interest - but realize that ex means former and we all know what a spurt is.

     My traveling partner for the trip home made a few different decisions on Friday and spent the evening in the hoozgal.   The offense was to have the audacity to film on cell phone a shakedown between the thugs in blue and a hassled soul.  Doc did not get details - obstruction of justice was ruled - similar to the obstruction for the Cardinals in the 9th.  One night in jail, two bruised wrists and a lot of dates with our favorite liar (or is that spelled lawyer?)  So, we no go.

     Sometimes - we can drift along with the brain on autopilot and enjoy the day without conflict.  When we engage our minds to determine our senses of fairness or right/wrong - we inevitably add the perspective of our ego onto the will of our desire.  We have been conditioned to Do the Right Thing (thanks Spike) - yet the morality base is shoddy at best.  Practical reality dictates going with the flow over your better judgment, so as to not stand out and become the event.  Ego talks and things happen, then we get to deal with those things.

     The key here seems to be the attachment to a point of view.  As we are each one, we are all one.  The idea that we can stand alone to right the ills of society one by one is nonsense.  We are all heroes on our heroes journey, but we are never alone in a 'me vs all of them' scenario.  Your friends are always there to cover your back, as long as you haven't chased them off.  It is imperative that we consider each other as we do ourselves and provide the best we can for the greater good, by taking care of the lessons of the individual me, that we learn and sharing our adventure.

     Sometime - what is meant to be will be.  The apparent effigy of life is that it ends in a blink - what is there in the afterlife is a relevant concern of every religious being -- with no specific answer available.  We can look at the dynamic change of every day from our perspective here in the now, but the relative length of day is dictated by the concept of size.  We just do not know for sure what happens after death.  There is a lot of evidence that life doesn't end at death, but parsing words has made the conversation difficult at best.  The key is, no agreement is necessary;  the answer is there in truth;  there are many path-weighs that lead to the solution, not just one.  

      There is something there at the point source of an originating thought that has an indeterminate mass, because we cannot resolve matters beyond a certain point - the point of small.  If we continually take half the distance, we never reach our goal.  Emergent behavior is the process of creating something new out of the void.  It starts, grows, peaks and wanes.  If the wane returns completely to the origin, the spark goes out.  There is a regression that opposes progression and they eventually balance at some stage of growth - to then decide the next path.

     Just because things are yin and yang, does not mean they always divide equally.  There is a give and take of pressure back and forth - one can dominate for a while but never transform 100% - the rate of approach to the limits is governed by the capacity of the system.  The more momentum - the more chance of crossing the barrier set by the limit and being beyond where you were able to go previously.  This sets a new unreachable limit somewhere out beyond where we can see - the next energy state, so to speak.

     Well, we are there, in the here, now : beyond the know of where to be.  Our here is still here, but it is not the here of before - our history was made up of stories of the past.  The future is indeterminate if you have free will; set if you believe in true will.  It is what it is, the whatever.  What we believe doesn't matter much - yet every thought is a new spark of light created at an aetheric point source, grown within a golden mean spiral.  The number of counts sets the level - we can measure that conveniently by judicious choice of metrics.   

     The key to knowing is being able to measure.  Each weigh is not the same - yet we must compare apples to apples, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  The cost of knowledge has become excessive - the sequestration of  key facts for material profit will not sustain us any longer.  The old way is over and the new weigh not created yet.  We now know what it is we have to do.

Namaste'  ...  doc

October 26, 2013

Transformatory Evolution

Spirals and swirls and circles alike
Spinning references to patterns of time
Light and dark coagulate when mixed
Producing light - transparency for sight
History rhymes over and over again
Suddenly changing at a strange attractor
Life unfolds between the aether seconds
As we transmit our frequency range
Embedded in the flow formed fit
Mass generated from the void by
Standing waves congregating as
The sum of the parts - emergent love
Has the power to quell alarms in the mind

Embrace Gaia as a new love found
Magick of nature abounds as we feel
Land creating noises that soothe souls
Bird song and wind howl and tree fall
(If we're not there to hear, does it make sound)
Driving currents of flowing water trickle
My mind clears to the flow-form of life
Insight into the ebb tide of chaos and order

The grand all is sentient at every level
A staggering golden mean form of scale
Where interactions adjacent are matched
By frequencies of harmonic resonance
Power of love resolves over love of power

So we trickle further inward downstream
Exploring the mind/body/soul connection
With fewer synapses clicking in and out

Sometimes we can't say what we feel
As we prohibit ourselves by censorship

Every now and then a point completes its journey

Yet even as it shrinks away it grows

... zero = void = all = love  @ nature ...

Another point rises on the waves of time

Finds itself alone, as everything and nothing; self

Things begin to clarify enough to recognize
Another party coming to the table - rejoicing

Interpersonal relationships renew again
A confluence of evidence by perspective
Recognition of new and novel means

The wormhole closes and imagination settles
Creating feelings of love for all that is matter
Water blues and ever growing greens
Elevate spirit for carnival display
Nature opens her pastures with emissions of peace

A small crowd gathers at a fork in a road
Debate of direction evolves heated display
As 'leadership' argues which course of path
A young man begins walking leftward
Deciding that his weigh will be determined
By action rather than talk - his dog follows
Then others choosing love begin to wander
Many new streams created as jaws wag

There is no fear in love - just choice enlightenment
Each soul listening to a beat that soothes
Energizing thought and action to begin once again
History evaporates with its future of despair
As changing point of view becomes the whole game
Allowing others to be as they (not you) wish to be
Minding the hints of sounds through the flow
Powering through mass of voids with clubs
Hearts, diamonds and spades - the cards predict
The end of an empire whose time has come
The start of changes that forever be
The sense of awareness that enlivens being
As nature creates spirals and circles and swirls

2013  (cc)  lemme howdt 

October 24, 2013

Learning Styles : Kids, radiation and radio

       I am listening to the podcast of USA Prepares with Vinent Finelli and Richard Alan Miller and Grace Thorne's 6th grade classroom from Ryan, OK.  The conversation is about radiation and microwaves - aren't kids fun.  The kids are asking Rick questions and the guys are talking about what they know.  This is a combination of new and old style education - a blending that allows experts in certain fields direct access to kids at the most curious age.

     Middle schools these days are comparable to adult prisons.  Lock downs and drills are commonplace - there is little room to pursue the interests of the youth.  This program is a change - I salute the school system for being open.  If all schools decided to become transparent and teach really skills, while the teachers are learning along with the students, then we get closer to where NWETI can become valid.

     NWETI is the Northwest Education and Training Institute - a place where people with something to teach can collect students that wish to learn.  We are attempting to offer credit - but the lockdown of higher education means that only continuing education credits currently can be earned.  We are negotiating, because the knowledge is valid - but this country really seems misdirected in what knowledge is for.  It is for prophet, not for profit.

     Talking about radiation - all wavelengths that exist are carrying energy.  We need to be careful about our interactions with all energy and that includes microwaves, cell phones and x-rays.  The interaction is embedded in all reality - the radiation excites the molecules and gives transitions that then interact to enable chemistry.  Chemistry is directional - it depends alot on right handed and left handed designations.  When the right hand and left hand are directly paired - there is no net optical activity - a chiral mixture results.  

     When we get to our mollec hue cartoons - we will demonstrate this better.  We know that both heat and light can act as catalysts - wavelengths are carriers of energetics that are stored in chemical bonds.  All energy is used to create order from chaos - although the extent of chaos and order are yin and yang and the balance changes - it is not always 50% of each.

     Science is a process of asking questions and getting valid answers. When we get deeper, we have to revisit some other already answered questions in deeper form to have context to get deeper.  We also have to ask if we get wider, do the same answers still hold?  What are the variables?  Can we build a model?  Does the model follow reality?  If its not broke, then does it need to be fixed?  How do we know what we think we know?  Is it true?  Can we get there from other pathways?

    The kids are asking good questions, but they have no hypothesis - they are curious.  The questions really do need study - you can join me in the quest to question all answers and answer all questions.  The OAK will be open - ask aweigh.

Namaste'  ...   doc

October 23, 2013

Perspective : Philosphy

     When we look at life - do we grin and giggle or do we fret and frown?  The answer to the question depends entirely on the scale that we are working.  When you work on the scale of one - you can never be bored - you are always being in the now and focusing on what you need to do to be you.  Do you treat yourself well?  If you do not, then you are giving implicit directions to others to treat you badly.  Be good to yourself, love yourself for bringing you here at this time, the moment of now.

     Doc is blessed to be a part of the world of so many magnificent people.  He owes a lot of gratitude to good friends developed along the weigh and loves them unconditionally with full support.  What that means is that if you need my aid, i am there for you.  I will not unconditionally agree with your point of view - i will always take my own point of view with me and see how our different perspectives intersect to form a solution in new reality.

     Unconditional love without attachment to ego means that it is okay for us to disagree - i still love you.  My boundaries as a friend are simple - i tell the truth as i see it and you tell your truth as you see it and if we can't agree, we can agree to disagree and not allow it to affect other things.  The things that matter are people and their feelings, but not their egos and aggrandizations.  I love you, but if you are being an ass, i will call you an ass - in private, after we've got you howdt of trouble.

     To be there in the here and now, we follow our instincts.  The heart may say love and the brain may say crazy, but the guts firmly plant you in the sphere of right or wrong.  We are responsible for our own decisions, our own actions, our own thoughts.  We set a new point in the lattice of the aether each time we construct anew and standing by our senses is what enables us to make good decisions to allow that point to grow.

     Do I care?  Yes, very much.  Do I show I care?  Sometimes, depending on the situation.  Do I have common sense?  No - I am not common.  I do have sense.  I know exactly when it's Thyme to leave dodge, because the illusion begins evaporating around the seems.  When i get the feeling that something else is driving the agenda, I pack my backpack and head toward the next adventure.  I try to be welcome and say thank you and bring small gifts of immense value, like soap, herbs and healing solutions.

     Live and let live, with as gentle a footprint on the land is a reasonable philosophy.  The summer grounding at the hot springs allowed me to commune with nature and see first hand her enormous repertoire of critters, plants, mushrooms and forest duff on full display.  To be, in majestic presence was ossum - i lead a grand illusion of life when i choose to live in peace with joy outdoors.  Now back inside, doc has lots to say about reintegration back into 'normal' society - ain't gonna happen!  The world of doc and lemme will remain here in love, as other pick up the keys and drive the vehicle.

     When you get howdt here - I'll let you know.  Really - I will not have to - you will know for yourself.  Letting go and staying in the now means planning for a future you envision and working slowly toward personal goals that allow the achievement.  It follows to be supportive of every endeavor that your friends undertake - with a critical eye toward helping them achieve the goal on their pathweigh, not yours.  You do not have to agree - it is only your place to say your piece once and then bite your tongue - lessons have to be learned on a personal level, you can only save you.  You can help others - by listening and speaking truth.  Your truth.  A perspective on the truth.

     Is there absolute truth?  I think so.  Can we attain it?  Yes - from many different frequencies, the truth resonates true.  We can deceive ourselves, but truth becomes apparent as we gain experience and what we know now as absolute may be absolutely wrong, yet we don't know.  And that's okay, as long as you are here, now.  A philosophy is to a person, as a rudder is to a boat.  Choose one and live by it.

Namaste' .....  doc

October 22, 2013

Calculation of 'As above, So below'

     Yesterday dissolves into today when we remain in the immediate now.  Sleep is a ritual of exhaustion carried out at the end of the day by the drive to retire the mind - the quest for silence in a cluttered reality.  When we sleep, we may dream - our senses sharpen in nocturnal awareness and our minds play on an aetherial shipscape.

     The aether models the water, only at a fractal relationship similar to that between the water and us.  There is another model for something so big that we cannot even begin to conceive at that same fractal relationship - the concept of a multitude of universes combining into a sentient creature at ridiculously large scale - perhaps we can fathom the distance in orders of magnitude to get a picture of how big these intelligences may be.

     Water is 55.5 molar - which means that there are 55.5 moles in a liter.  Since a water molecule weighs 18 atomic mass units ( one oxygen at 16, two hydrogen at 1 each), and a liter weighs one thousand grams (very conveniently, a gram of water is equal to a milliliter or a cc : cubic centimeter).  Thus a mole of water is 1000/18 = 55.5 waters.  Or a small furry critter.

     Amadeo Avogadro figured out that there are 6.023 x 10 to the power of 23 molecules (6.023 × 1023 ) in a mole of substance - this gives rise to a set of concentration units that express the amount of material dissolved in a fixed volume of solvent.  This quantitation gives us chemists solutions for how to balance chemical equations, such that atoms can be prepared and mixed in small whole number amounts.

    That Avogadro worked in the 19th century made this feat of calculation quite amazing.  That was a day when big numbers were beyond the comprehension of most people.  Today we drop our big numbers like the drop of a hat - millions (power of 6) , billions - (9) , trillions - (12) - and molecules of water work at the exponential scale of 24.

     Back to the fractal spacing theory of aether : water as water: man as man : ????  .  If we take our own volume in liters - we can calculate that a 200 lb man has 25 gallons worth of water weight at 8 lbs per gallon.  Since there is 3.8 liters per gallon - round to 4 and get 100 liters per doc sized person.  This is 2 orders of magnitude and takes our exponent number from 24 to 22.

     Let set the aether at the scale of one.  This places water at the size of 22, man at 44 and the ??? at 66.  Since I believe that nature allows wiggle room and i rounded grossly - 66 is close enough to 64 that i rest my grid of 64 case - life can be a mobius strip where the very large ???? resembles the very smallest aether - they are one and the same.  It would not surprise me at all to project this one round further and find that 88 has a supergigantic sentient being or that the planck constant (6.62606957 × 10-34 m2 kg / s ) is also caught up within the entire field.

     I like to use an accordion model at this point.  If the accordion is stretched out all the weigh, then we have the entire breadth of scale of the universe.  When the accordion is scrunched up - we have a microcosmic window of life that is sentient and acts of its own accord.  The key to sentience is emergent behavior - to create something new and different out of pieces already there, but not assemble in the proper format.  Like turning metal ore into metal structures.  We had to learn to refine before critical mass could come together.

     That's it for now, doc has hit his depth chart.  Consider OAK as a place to exchange valid points of view that lead us into alternative directions.   The cost is lite - enough to to run the site.

Namaste'   ... doc


October 21, 2013

Water and the Mollec Hues - Chemsitry Lite

     Imagine yourself as a water molecule.  You are surrounded by other water molecules - who look like you, act like you and team up to be you when you gather yourself together.  For the moment - you are only one of the molecules, consisting of three atoms - two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.  Life is good - except that you are bipolar.

     As a bi-polar water molecule, you have a positive side and a negative side.  Your hydrogen atoms are positive and strong and pulling in each direction - separated by 109.3 degrees of angle.   This forms the seat where your persona rides - the H-O-H arc provides an insiders view looking out.  Behind your seat is the rest of the molecule, the negatively charged oxygen atom.  The hydrogens are together 1/8 of the total mass - totaling 18 units.  

     The length of the Hydrogen oxygen bond varies as you move.  You find that you have two receptor sites where you can hang on to another water molecule next to you.  but that's not the weigh that water shares.  It holds the hydrogen atom from two different other water molecules, thus bringing their oxygen atoms closer to you.  It fact water is very much like Philadelphia - a city of brotherly love.  

     Every water molecule is attached to other water molecules in clusters - tetrahedral and octahedral arrays, plus ring structures.  Water itself forms a tetrahedral array with an oxygen atom nested inside four hydrogen atoms - two owned by self - two from each of two others.  This lattice forms with the positive ends aligning to the negative interiors to balance the charges. The geometry is simple - it is the relationship between small numbers of similar atoms in molecules.


     I wish to now introduce a set of characters that i will call the mollec hues.  Imagine them to be like homunculi - only representing the elements of organic chemistry.  Hydrogen is less than a tenth the size of the three other characters and hence is so small it gets between things and caps off the otherwise reactive edges of molecules.  It still takes up space and provides positive charge - but there is really not much mass there.

     The other three main hues represent Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen.  These guys are all near each other in size at 12, 14 and 16 weight units respectively.  If we think about the mnemonic HONC-1234 it gives the mass charges of these four elements to each other.  Thus to make compounds from these elements - it becomes a matter of stacking them and balancing charge.  Two Hydrogen and one oxygen make water - three hydrogen and one nitrogen make ammonia - four hydrogen and one carbon make methane.  Water, ammonia and methane are like building blocks for making larger organic structures.

     The plan is to have the atoms colored and to teach organic chemistry from these simple basic starting materials.  The idea of how chemistry actually works seems to be frightening - the better for the Monsanity to get you, my dear.  The relationships are like ratios of small numbers - but we have set math up to be an obstacle to comprehension - we should teach chemistry to 7 year olds - they would get it just fine.  In fact - I would love to borrow a sharp seven year-old to be the moderator in the mollec hue videos and play with a Mollec Hue model set.

     Maybe I'm just dreaming - but i'm not the only one.  Lennon suggest that we Imagine and Einstein said that Imagination is more important than Knowledge.  It is time that we looked at things differently than we have been taught and that is scary.  Take in new knowledge with an enthusiasm for learning and then explain what you grokked to somebody who didn't get it.  Real organic learning.  Thyme for some character development - any cartoonists on board? If you would like a role in this game as it plays - let me know.

     Namaste'  ...   doc    (thanks to RAM for the homunculous link)

October 19, 2013

Poetic Advice 8-5-8

i am not the exception
I AM the rule
if it doesn't work for me
it doesn't work
if it works for you
then you know it works
still doesn't work for me
and that's okay

we can be in alternate realities
without imposing congruity
upon each others thoughts
i know you know differently
let's each let us be

fair is not really fair
listen as you approach
reflect through love
the harsh reality
of what you need
have happen ...
act with confidence
act swiftly, yet act

2013  lemme howdt 

October 18, 2013

Sowing the Seeds of Love

     Today is Love Loving on a Yellow Magnetic Star day.  Keeping track of an alternative calendar (or two) sets your resonance frequency into a different flow form.  The Mayan 13:20 Tzolkin is a rhythmic cycle that is a cog in the wheel of many other calendars - their time includes a 25,920 yr cycle just concluded on December 21, 2012.   That was a yellow cosmic star date also - lemme comes to life when the star days shine.  Lawoftime.org is the home base for Valim Votan's (the late Jose Arguelles) cosmological world - another different weigh of looking at things.

     Life is a multicolored rainbow of ever changing love ever present.  Our illusion has sent us into a fear response state - fight or flight and no other alternatives.  The time has come to stop running away and to lay down our arms - love brings other alternatives that duality pushes out of the perspective and then ignores.  To be sovereign is to think clearly for yourself and come to conclusions that are consistent and best for all parties concerned.

     The reason for this is because we are all parties concerned.  We are each individuals in the morphology that we currently call human.  Humans rarely recognize other morphologies because they are embedded in their own illusions of space and time.  Other living entities - all entities are alive - function at different frequencies that are harmonically linked at all levels of all scales.  These fractals are self similar, yet always different in detail.  There is a casual link between adjacent scales, but no real requirement that the physics of any scale be the same.

     Ah, physics - the science of seeing what is (or appears to be).  The physicists and the philosophers have had a tacit agreement not to piss on each others sneakers - thus science provides no context for real events that can not be measured.  As we have taken more and more depth in our scientific explanation in every field, we have necessarily lightened the outside breadth of every individual in that field.  Our protection for professions has given each a separate language that says the same basic thing as the other languages, but in a way that few outside the field can understand.  Think of all the medical and biological jargon for simple body parts.

     At this point, we do not share a commons - each of us thinks that we are separate from all the others.  The domain of love teaches us that we should love our brothers as ourselves.  That is because we are our brothers in addition to ourselves - even though we cannot recognize the hive mind - we still are a form of the borg.

     Science fiction was used a means for shaping our futures, but the authors of the mid-20th century went out to lala land and ignored the messages of the deep thinkers like kafka and marx.  We were presented with Star Trek and Star Wars and basically given the choice of moving rapidly into the age of the Jetsons or returning back to the age of the Flintstones.  Little did we know that we get a combination of both.  The hollywood format gives us the same hero story in every viewing - there are only so many themes to go around.  We should be filming our own stories - and interacting live with each other, not watching someone elses morality play.

     We are the folks working to be the change we wish to see.  If you consider yourself a lightworker, consider visiting the Galactic Free Press and joining the cause of unity.  This is not unity of everybody agreeing with the biggest bully and looking for individual profit - if you are still there, you cannot be here, now.  All you have to do is be true to you and love yourself and your earth allies and let things happen without personal attachment to specific results.  The world is awakening to find that Love Wins.  Grab your cosmic surfboard and ride the higher frequency waves with me.

     Namaste'  ...   doc

October 16, 2013

Sacred Biochemistry

     There is so much to learn, when we sweep away our biases.  The vegetable kingdom gives us intuitive insight into the workings of the human body.  These images set forth a pattern of morphogenesis that repeats itself in different forms at various stages and scales.  When we know, as above, so below , as a definitive truth, then we can see images that are fractals of nature.

     Our preconception of internal dynamics often leads us to erroneous conclusions.  The educational system bias toward established status quo gives us the ability to assume that we know things that are just speculation.  There is an urgent need to clear the decks - to take some of the fundamental truths and question the hell out of them.  Water is a good place to start.

     Water is shared all over the earth, by everything that exists.  Doesn't it make sense then that water is the scale where consciousness originates.  We limit our thinking to life as only living and breathing, yet we totally know that fields exist in natural abundance.  Sheldrake's concept of morphogenesis combined with Pollack's postulates on water can lead to much innovation in changing the current parameters.  Exactness is a math concept - nature has pizzazz.  And little bit of wiggle room created by the uncertainty within our measurements.

     To weigh is to judge.  To observe and take measurements is an act of establishing discretion.  When we think about things and compare them to what they appear to be, we find that symmetry and illusion are tethered together to create an object that we value.  The value of discrimination by thought is that we get the things of our desires, rather than just getting things.  

     Some people don't get it and seem to believe that whoever dies with the most toys wins.  I don't think we ever die, in the traditional sense.  Our karma runs over our dogma and eventually we are enlightened enough to ascend.  The difference between free will and true will is the change between night and day.  You can do whatever you wish, but your actions are always constrained by the allocation of effects - the human path is spiral and repeats itself in form, thought never exactly the same weigh twice.

     Doc wishes to start formal discussion groups to look deeper into each field of interest.  We can apply chemistry to any perspective and see if the analogy holds.  Then other can look through different colored spectacles (no - no rose colored glasses) to see whether the information holds up in a different format.  The collation of opinion from different perspective will create the next mass illusion for us to enjoy.  Perhaps we can find peace, joy and love embedded in the context of life.

     Enjoy today .... namaste' ....  doc


October 15, 2013


    At 11:11, there were 1111 page views on the Jefferson Agronomic blog.   Believe in the magic - truth has a strange weigh of manifesting when you believe that any thing is possible and live in the moment of now.  I am learning a great deal about a lot of different things as the energy fields changes.  There seem to be resonant frequencies that enable my thinking on a grand illusionary scale.  ah, Styx...

     Currently reading The Synchronicity Key by David Wilcox - detailing the hero's journey that sticks us back into the current motif.  Each movie is created in a form that flows to direct specification because we have all been here before.  Need some Crosby Stills in the headphones - Deja Vu.  Makes good reading music.

     Just heard that 17 admirals and generals in the military were relieved of command the other day, including the dude with his finger on the button.  Either the fear mongering is getting worse, or a preemptive strike has been made at relieving the fedgov of their power.  The power of love is stronger than the power of war.  My friend Richard Alan Miller inquired as to why if they have shut down veterans memorials, they still have $$$ to spray chemtrails.  It is a very good question.

     If we all do what we are here to do, then by being here, now, we are fading away from the control state that is dissolving as we speak.  The threat of anarchy is insincere - what we need is sovereignty based on responsibility.  You can march to your own drum beat and vibrate at your own frequency, but please get on board to the light and stop taking yourself too seriously.  It doesn't really matter what I think, but when i think, i place full effort into thinking.  If you carry a torch - let it expire.

     The world is deeper than we have ever thought it could be.  What we take as science today is a gospel of theories that have proved measurable effects, while ignoring all non quantitative effects as part of the void.  In reality aether inhabits the void and light connects us through love - a very non-scientific term.  Doc wishes to explore how we know what we know and take for granted - that maybe there are other explanations from different perspectives.

     Truth be told, I seek truth for its own sake.  Let's create transparency of action by being tolerant of everybody's individual point of view.  There is no need for each of us to have the very same picture - the flavors and the colors of true diversity resonate when we listen to their theme.  The goal is to set up a media of exchange to create a handle on what becomes ... because the current becoming is nearly nigh.

     Namaste'    doc

October 14, 2013

Getting Out of Time

   One of the weighs that we can control our own time is to make a conscious decision to change our personal calendar.  Doc currently uses two different daily calendars, the Mayan Tzolkin 260 day calendar, and Armando Busick's Treei 64 day calender.  I still attempt to keep track of standard days of the weak - I know that today is Monday morning;  the julian date is just a number - 10142013 - which adds up to 3.

   Numerology and Numeronomy are vastly different concepts of numbers outside the mathematical system.  In numerology, you add up all the numbers, then again to get a single digit number.  The date number for doc's birthdate is 31/4 - there are books and learned weighs that will get you farther down this path including how to interpret numbers.

   On the other hand, Numeronomy is a system developed by Bob Marshall, who worked with Buckminster Fuller in the development of life - 1960's flavor.  Marshall was a savant who saw how the prime numbers came together in a clik, clik, zap formation that fell into a sacred geometric pattern that resembled a spiral.  Doc is editing Marshall's work, getting it ready for lay-out on a book on this topic - early 2014.

   The Tzolkin calendar of 260 days has a partner calendar of 364 days, so that followers of the system can track the normal astronomical year.  The Treei 64 day calendar is a marvelous development, where we can approximate each 64 day cycle as the length of a single day of a tree.  When we take our own birthdate, calculate the number of days and divide by 64 - we get our current age in tree days.  We can then calculate the flavor of today, based on the remainder decimal as seen in the sequence of the dateline.

   The dateline in your personal day for today - Doc's today is Love Massing. To align oneself to a Treei calendar requires a grid of 64.  There are two axes on the grid - each has eight segments just like a checkerboard.  We are used to the terms vertical and horizontal for the frames - but in this case, I would prefer to use the terms top and bottom - for quarky reasons.

   The order of the sequence moves across the top and then down one bottom line and across again - not quite the back and forth of chutes and ladders, but a similar mobility concept.  The order of sequence begins with MASS, then moves to FORM and FLOW, then POWER and LOVE, followed by SOUND and MIND and ending in VOID.  (Note - highlight the space to read the term).

   Thus the bottom term is read first, followed by the verb of the top term.  The first day of the calendar - with remainder zero is Mass Massing.  Each day moves in sequence - Mass Forming, Mass Flowing, etc.  Thus for doc to be on Love Massing, his remainder after the division by 64 is 0.5000 - this is day 33 of the 64.  Each of us can be on any of the 64 days of the Treei tree day - there is an interpretation school that developed when Armando introduced the cards in 2009-2011.  ( Love to Armando, Ingrid and Libby from lemme ).

   There are also sounds and musical notes of the Treei grid.  Armando had a stroke and now uses the sounds of Treei as a major communication tool.  He lightens up my visits to Southern Oregon and tries to integrate into a society that differentiates us away, when we are no longer 'normal'.  That the norm is unachievable and really doesn't exist is another topic.

   The idea behind following a different calendar is to be on a different resonant beat.  The current society is chained into a 110V cycle that resonates unnaturally through the body.  We have waves at every frequency and the interaction of the big and little waves follow completely different patterns that we are led to belive by traditional mathematical accounts.  That math is 'perfect' and requires integrated proof is a liability when dealing with nature and natural resources.  Numbers mean more than just a device to count - there is quality in the fine structure that is missed completely when all you do is count.

   To be free - we have to think howdtside da baax (outside the box) - to get away from the controlled thought patterns that define the times.  Let go of reality that is illusion, create a new illusion to be your reality.  We can all live in our own isolated whirleds and not have to agree on facts, until we attempt to correlate our thinking.  Instead of a one size fits all package, in this form, we all get to have our own weigh.  Measure twice and cut once.  When we come to the same conclusions from different streams of thought, then we are ready to begin to answer some of the essential questions of our time.  Dump the Julian Calendar and start marching to a different drum beat.

October 12, 2013

Weigh the Options

   As we watch the angst grow, we have to release the attachment that comes with our thought.  If we are attempting to achieve a goal - for instance, remaining calm during the storm - then our task is to not allow the storm to rage in our inner sphere.  A storm is just a rapid change mechanism - afterwards come the sunshine, lollipops and rainbows that we all appreciate.

   Change is inevitable - how we react to being the change is our modus operandi.  Some people stress over every little thing, while others let it all roll off their back as though they live with a tortoise shell.  Which set are happier?  Achieving happiness through love does not mean disregarding the obligations of life, rather it means enjoying service as the pathway unfolds.

   The current system is breaking bad, yet passing through this discomfort does not have to be an upsetting task.   The people who really bother me these days are the ones who will not be happy unless i share their misery - we all have to be as upset as they are, because things are not working to our satisfaction.

   Guess what - the cosmos does not operate for anyone's satisfaction.  (Well, maybe Mick Jagger excluded).  To be happy, we accept love over fear and guide our resonance to a pathway that we appreciate.  Frost called it the Road Not Taken.

The Road Not Taken

By Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.
     Trust your instincts and take the path that your heart desires - your mind has become entranced with imagery that no longer holds mettle, when we look deeply at the is that is.  To be is to be as you are, not somebody elses round peg stuffed into a square hole.  Leave the fear of tomorrow to the powers that used to be - their lame stream media sings songs of untruth; whereas our gut, head and heart can combined our work to set a form and flow that we can handle.

      The future is what we make of it.  Time is an illusion that plays with our thought - we are told that time flows linear in a single direction; we have our system set to prove that point, by exclusion of all other operators.  The cosmic physics is that of a strange attractor in chaos theory - something that changes the pattern from yesterday to tomorrow.
      That moment is the now: here and now.  Be here, Now (thank you Ram Dass).  To dream is to envision what you would love to see - To act upon that thought is your purpose here today.  You are sovereign in your free will; dependent in your true will.  Keep your power, with a smile on your face and do the things that you have to do; to make the cosmos into the place you wish to be, because you are here, now and your wish is our command.  Take control and allow love to be the initiator and the answer to your prayers.  Join me on the path less taken, in the light, with sunshine and rainbows.

Namaste'     doc   10/12/13