October 18, 2013

Sowing the Seeds of Love

     Today is Love Loving on a Yellow Magnetic Star day.  Keeping track of an alternative calendar (or two) sets your resonance frequency into a different flow form.  The Mayan 13:20 Tzolkin is a rhythmic cycle that is a cog in the wheel of many other calendars - their time includes a 25,920 yr cycle just concluded on December 21, 2012.   That was a yellow cosmic star date also - lemme comes to life when the star days shine.  Lawoftime.org is the home base for Valim Votan's (the late Jose Arguelles) cosmological world - another different weigh of looking at things.

     Life is a multicolored rainbow of ever changing love ever present.  Our illusion has sent us into a fear response state - fight or flight and no other alternatives.  The time has come to stop running away and to lay down our arms - love brings other alternatives that duality pushes out of the perspective and then ignores.  To be sovereign is to think clearly for yourself and come to conclusions that are consistent and best for all parties concerned.

     The reason for this is because we are all parties concerned.  We are each individuals in the morphology that we currently call human.  Humans rarely recognize other morphologies because they are embedded in their own illusions of space and time.  Other living entities - all entities are alive - function at different frequencies that are harmonically linked at all levels of all scales.  These fractals are self similar, yet always different in detail.  There is a casual link between adjacent scales, but no real requirement that the physics of any scale be the same.

     Ah, physics - the science of seeing what is (or appears to be).  The physicists and the philosophers have had a tacit agreement not to piss on each others sneakers - thus science provides no context for real events that can not be measured.  As we have taken more and more depth in our scientific explanation in every field, we have necessarily lightened the outside breadth of every individual in that field.  Our protection for professions has given each a separate language that says the same basic thing as the other languages, but in a way that few outside the field can understand.  Think of all the medical and biological jargon for simple body parts.

     At this point, we do not share a commons - each of us thinks that we are separate from all the others.  The domain of love teaches us that we should love our brothers as ourselves.  That is because we are our brothers in addition to ourselves - even though we cannot recognize the hive mind - we still are a form of the borg.

     Science fiction was used a means for shaping our futures, but the authors of the mid-20th century went out to lala land and ignored the messages of the deep thinkers like kafka and marx.  We were presented with Star Trek and Star Wars and basically given the choice of moving rapidly into the age of the Jetsons or returning back to the age of the Flintstones.  Little did we know that we get a combination of both.  The hollywood format gives us the same hero story in every viewing - there are only so many themes to go around.  We should be filming our own stories - and interacting live with each other, not watching someone elses morality play.

     We are the folks working to be the change we wish to see.  If you consider yourself a lightworker, consider visiting the Galactic Free Press and joining the cause of unity.  This is not unity of everybody agreeing with the biggest bully and looking for individual profit - if you are still there, you cannot be here, now.  All you have to do is be true to you and love yourself and your earth allies and let things happen without personal attachment to specific results.  The world is awakening to find that Love Wins.  Grab your cosmic surfboard and ride the higher frequency waves with me.

     Namaste'  ...   doc

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