October 26, 2013

Transformatory Evolution

Spirals and swirls and circles alike
Spinning references to patterns of time
Light and dark coagulate when mixed
Producing light - transparency for sight
History rhymes over and over again
Suddenly changing at a strange attractor
Life unfolds between the aether seconds
As we transmit our frequency range
Embedded in the flow formed fit
Mass generated from the void by
Standing waves congregating as
The sum of the parts - emergent love
Has the power to quell alarms in the mind

Embrace Gaia as a new love found
Magick of nature abounds as we feel
Land creating noises that soothe souls
Bird song and wind howl and tree fall
(If we're not there to hear, does it make sound)
Driving currents of flowing water trickle
My mind clears to the flow-form of life
Insight into the ebb tide of chaos and order

The grand all is sentient at every level
A staggering golden mean form of scale
Where interactions adjacent are matched
By frequencies of harmonic resonance
Power of love resolves over love of power

So we trickle further inward downstream
Exploring the mind/body/soul connection
With fewer synapses clicking in and out

Sometimes we can't say what we feel
As we prohibit ourselves by censorship

Every now and then a point completes its journey

Yet even as it shrinks away it grows

... zero = void = all = love  @ nature ...

Another point rises on the waves of time

Finds itself alone, as everything and nothing; self

Things begin to clarify enough to recognize
Another party coming to the table - rejoicing

Interpersonal relationships renew again
A confluence of evidence by perspective
Recognition of new and novel means

The wormhole closes and imagination settles
Creating feelings of love for all that is matter
Water blues and ever growing greens
Elevate spirit for carnival display
Nature opens her pastures with emissions of peace

A small crowd gathers at a fork in a road
Debate of direction evolves heated display
As 'leadership' argues which course of path
A young man begins walking leftward
Deciding that his weigh will be determined
By action rather than talk - his dog follows
Then others choosing love begin to wander
Many new streams created as jaws wag

There is no fear in love - just choice enlightenment
Each soul listening to a beat that soothes
Energizing thought and action to begin once again
History evaporates with its future of despair
As changing point of view becomes the whole game
Allowing others to be as they (not you) wish to be
Minding the hints of sounds through the flow
Powering through mass of voids with clubs
Hearts, diamonds and spades - the cards predict
The end of an empire whose time has come
The start of changes that forever be
The sense of awareness that enlivens being
As nature creates spirals and circles and swirls

2013  (cc)  lemme howdt 

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