October 04, 2013

life as Poker as Life

Open the door
the games begin
lifetimes are set as
single term events
missions of light
illuminate patches of dark
as a battle of cards
unfolds again once again

this time is different
this deck is not stacked
events precipitate events
each turn awaits 
a friendly card

your hand starts soft
a pair of threes
two chips, a raise, call
stick around to draw
three cards come
another pair of threes
your bluff dissolves
in for the full count

more wagers and bets
still all aboard
too many chips, too little table
betting odds are very clear
this deck is not stacked (or is it)

six raises to the call
cards to be shown
a flush beats two pair
full house zips the flush
your two pair 
threes and threes
Marv lays his hand down 
slow drama builds within

the diamond ten, 
then diamond jack
queen and king follow
deep breath, then
the ace of hearts drops

four threes conquer
the near straight flush
chips all fall upon you
to redistribute back
amongst the players
shuffle up and deal
or to walk away rich
and change the tune

2013  lemme howdt   

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